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Chaohu University

Chaohu College (Chaohu University), located in Chaohu, Hefei, Anhui, Chaohu half soup hot spring health resort, is a Anhui provincial full-time undergraduate institutions, local application oriented institutions.

The predecessor of Chaohu College was the Chaohu special class of Anhwei Normal University, founded in the autumn of 1977. In 1983, 2 menstruation approved by the State Council formally established Chaohu Teachers College; in 2002 4, the Ministry of Education approved it, upgraded it to an undergraduate institution and changed its name to Chaohu College.

As of September 2018, the school covers an area of 1324.5 mu, with a total construction area of 330 thousand square meters, a total of 175 million yuan of teaching and research instruments and equipment, 3 million 244 thousand and 600 volumes of Library and literature resources, 13 two level colleges and 53 undergraduate specialties, and 847 Teaching staff, including 255 people with higher professional titles, 696 master's degree or above, and 1 professors from Wanjiang academics, 53 Provincial Academic and technical leaders and reserve candidates. There are 16483 full-time students (78 specialists).

Historical evolution

In 1977, the Chaohu specialist class of Anhwei Normal University was founded.

In 1978, it was renamed Anhwei Normal University Chaohu college.

In February 1983, Chaohu Teachers College was formally established.

In April 2002, approved by the Ministry of education, it was upgraded to an undergraduate institution and changed its name to Chaohu College.

School running conditions

Department specialty

As of September 2018, the school had 13 two level colleges and 53 undergraduate specialties, covering 9 universities, namely, classics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management and arts.

Teaching construction

· quality engineering

As of September 2018, the school had 1 state-level specialty construction sites, 1 state-level university students' practical education bases, 9 provincial featured specialty construction sites, 5 provincial comprehensive professional reform pilot projects, 6 provincial demonstration experimental training centers, 4 provincial level outstanding talents education training programs, 2 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 5 provincial school enterprise cooperation practical education bases, 1 provincial level personnel training mode innovation experimentation area, 3 provincial quality open courses, and 10 provincial quality resource sharing courses.

Construction of national characteristic specialty Inorganic nonmetallic materials engineering

National University Students' off campus practice education base Chaohu College - Anhui Sanlian Pump Group Engineering Practice Education Center

Provincial characteristic specialty construction point : Law, radio and television science, inorganic nonmetallic materials engineering, electrical engineering and automation, electronic information engineering, computer science and technology, marketing, tourism management, animation.

Provincial Comprehensive Pilot Reform Tourism management, public utilities management, inorganic nonmetallic materials engineering, physical education, international economy and trade.

Provincial Demonstration Experiment Training Center : Electrical and electronic engineering training center, film and television animation training center, network engineering practice training center, Chaohu College chemical experiment center and so on.

Provincial excellent talent education and training plan Mechanical design and manufacturing and automation "excellent engineers" education and training plan, excellent legal talent training plan, excellent marketing talent education and training plan, software engineering professional excellent engineer education and training plan.

Provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center Network communication and security virtual simulation experiment teaching center, VBSE economic management virtual simulation experiment teaching center.

Provincial school enterprise cooperation practical education base Chaohu College: Anhui Huaxing Chemical Limited by Share Ltd engineering practice education center, Chaohu College Anhui winery Group Co., Ltd. practice education base, Chaohu College, Zhuhai century Dingli communication, Polytron Technologies Inc mobile Internet Collaborative Innovation Center, etc.

Provincial talent training mode innovation experimentation area Entrepreneurial education oriented experimental area for training mode of automatic talents

Provincial quality open Courses Introduction to Mao Zedong thought and theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, basketball and hotel Secretaries

Provincial quality resource sharing course Introduction to Chinese art history, inorganic and analytical chemistry, world cultural history, development psychology, microeconomics, organic chemistry, ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis, outline of modern Chinese history, tourism management information system practice, and Marx's basic principles.

· Student achievement

As of September 2018, nearly three years, school students were granted innovative entrepreneurship training programs above the provincial level 368 items.

(143 national level), and 1946 Awards (561 national level) of all kinds of competitions at provincial and ministerial level. Among them, the SIEMENS Cup China intelligent manufacturing challenge, the national university student mechanical innovation design competition, the national information technology application level competition, the "innovation and entrepreneurship" national management decision contest, the national college aesthetic education achievement exhibition, the National University beach volleyball elite competition and other major events won the first prize. The first employment rate of the graduates is maintained at over 90%.

School Honors

The school has been awarded the "advanced unit of national spiritual civilization construction". The title of "party building and advanced ideological and political work in Anhui", "garden type school", "civilized unit", "civilized unit pacesetter" and "advanced health unit" have been selected as the advanced collectives and pacesetter units for graduates of Anhui ordinary universities.

In 2009, the school was awarded the title of "national civilized unit" in the universities of Anhui province. In 2014, it was awarded the "model school of innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students in Anhui province". From 2014 to 2017, it was awarded the title of "the national excellent technical secondary school student volunteer summer" three rural "social practice activity excellent unit", "the three outstanding rural activity unit" in the national lens. In 2016, it was awarded the advanced unit of student financial assistance in Anhui province; 2015, 2016, 2017 for three consecutive years were awarded the "good" grade in the comprehensive evaluation of the provincial Party committee.

academic research

Scientific research platform

As of September 2018, the school had 1 key research bases at the provincial humanities and Social Sciences, and 21 scientific research institutions at the university level.

Research findings

As of September 2018, in the past three years, teachers have undertaken more than 100 vertical research projects at the provincial level and above, published more than 1000 academic papers, published 13 monographs, edited and translated works, and carried out thematic studies on the history, culture and tourism industry, ecological environment and ecological civilization, creative culture and economic development in the Chaohu rim region. In recent years, 106 subjects have been approved at the national, provincial, ministerial and municipal levels. 240 papers have been published, and 10 related publications have been published. Among them, 106 were awarded the two prize of Social Sciences in Anhui in 2018, and two in the 2011.

Academic resources

· Collection resources

As of January 2016, the school library had 3 million 244 thousand and 600 volumes of Library and literature resources, including 111.39 volumes of paper literature, 1 million 95 thousand and 500 volumes of electronic books (including 79.5 books of electronic books, 30 volumes of electronic journals), 103.51 papers, and 1188 periodicals and 30 newspapers. Complete Library of Four Branches of Books "," Continuation of four Libraries There are 56 Chinese and foreign database resources, including China's HowNet, superstar e-book, superstar academic video, reading scholar academic search, Wanfang Data, VIP intellectual cube service platform, Chinese classical Epub library, FiF foreign language learning resource library, online reporting hall, silver character examination question bank, national research network, founder Apabi e-book, legal big data analysis platform, Peking University magic weapon, Ku Ku music, CSSCI, CSCD, Springer, EBSCO, NextLib and so on. "FiF"

· Academic journals

" Journal of Chaohu College "Is a comprehensive academic theoretical journal, bimonthly, founded in 1987. The main columns of the Liberal Arts Edition of the journal include politics, law, economics, management, literature, art, history, culture, language and writing. The main sections of the science edition include mathematics and statistics, computer science, physics, chemistry, engineering and technology, sports, etc., and also have special research columns such as "Chaohu rim research" and "innovation and entrepreneurship research".

The journal is " Full text database of Chinese Journals (CJFD) "included periodicals," Wanfang Data "(China Info) source journal," China's core journals (selection) database Included journals, "Taiwan Huayi CEPS Chinese electronic journal services" included journals, and "Chongqing VIP database" source journals.

Cooperation and communication

As of September 2018, the school, based on the "knowledge alliance" of Applied Undergraduate Universities in Anhui, carried out inter school cooperation to achieve credit recognition and sharing of resources. In international exchanges and cooperation, it established cooperative relations with 15 institutions in South Korea, the United States, Ireland and Taiwan, and launched a cooperative project of "2+2" with undergraduate education in visual communication design at Hanseo University, South Korea, and launched the 3+1 cooperation project with the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland. The school maintains a cooperative relationship with the more than 100 enterprises and institutions, including Anhui airlines, Whirlpool (China), Fu Huang, Fu Wei Group, Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry and Chaohu people's court.

Cultural tradition

Image identification

The school name is identified as Zhao Puchu's book "Chaohu College".

The emblem is a concentric double ring embedded in Chinese and English school names, the time of school establishment, and the circular logo of a sailing boat consisting of English letters C and H.

Spiritual culture

School motto The combination of morality and learning is unity of knowledge and action.

School spirit Civilization, harmony and self-improvement.