Changshan Cheerful Ballads

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Changshan Cheerful Ballads

In Changshan, the custom of applauding when marrying and bridging a new house has been popular among the people since ancient times for the sake of luck. The content of applause for marriage and Shangliang is different, each has its own characteristics, forming a folk song with regional characteristics.

On November 11, 2014, Changshan acclaimed ballads were approved by the State Council to be included in the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists.

Historical evolution

Changshan's applause ballads have a history of more than 400 years and have also spread to Jiangxi and other places. At present, it has more than 1000 color words. Successfully selected the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects in 2014. The selected "Changshan Applause Ballads" belongs to the "Folk Literature" project, numbered I-155.

Characteristics of Ballads

Changshan belongs to the immigrant area, although there are some differences between the townships and townships, they all have common points: first, the applauders are the local high-esteemed people; second, the last word of the sentence before and after the applause ballad is basically rhymed; third, the number of words before and after the sentence is the same, the rhythm is strong; fourth, the applauders and the people who watch lively echo each other, often leading the crowd and the atmosphere is warm.

Changshan applause ballads express the local people's desire for a happy and beautiful life, and have a certain mass base. Applause and songs are all in Lishi dialect, such as when the wedding greets the bride before entering the hall, singing: sunrise East sunrise, happy family; relatives and friends to congratulate, one by one invited to Baxiantai.

Ballad biography

As a kind of folk literature, Changshan applause ballads are inherited from the people's mouths and ears, and do not need any tools. But there are still many rumors about applause:

Zeng Xiangtai collected and collated a pamphlet of applause, named "Applause - Fuxi, OK!" 》 Changshan County Applause Ballads compiled by Changshan County Non-Heritage Protection Center; Changshan Folk Customs Collection - Applause Ballads compiled by Changshan County Committee of CPPCC; Non-Heritage Collection and Folk Customs Grand View compiled by Changshan Historical and Cultural Series Compilation Committee; Zeng Xiangtai's second son, Zeng Ling Jun's folk applause custom.

Inheritance and development

At present, the main inheritor of Changshan applause songs is Zeng Lingbing, 49 years old. Zeng Lingbing was born in an ordinary carpenter's house in Zhaoxian Town, but this ordinary family is the inheritance family of Changshan applause songs. In the pedigree of inheritors, Changshan applause ballads have gone through a century of wind and frost, one continuous line, never interrupted. The first generation of descendants has no trace because of their age. The second generation of descendants is his father Zeng Xiangtai's grandmother and grandfather (born in 1898 in Jiaqing) and Zeng Lingbing. There are six generations of inheritance of Changshan's applause ballads.

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