Changsha window of the world

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Changsha window of the world

Changsha World Window is located on the Liuyang River in the northeastern suburb of Changsha City, Hunan Province. It is a cultural theme park jointly invested by Hunan Radio and Television Media Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Overseas Chinese City Holding Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong China Travel Group.

The Window of the World of Changsha was built in 1995. It is located in Jinying Film and TV Cultural City, covering an area of 400,000 square meters. On October 1, 1997, the trial operation is a comprehensive large-scale theme park which integrates pioneer fashion activities, large-scale equipment recreation, architectural wonders around the world, Wuzhou style song and dance performances, film and television shooting bases.

Thematic activities

As the leader of theme parks in the central and southern regions, Changsha World Window has its own style in creative theme activities. The 20 major creative fashion activities are staged in turn throughout the year, integrating ornamentality and experience, leading the national leisure tourism trend. Annual New Year's Day Red Nose Festival, March 8th Women's Day, Valentine's Day, Children's Day, Labor Day, Water Sprinkling Festival, National Day, will deduce fashion and extend happiness through special activities. Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, with innovative ways to interpret traditional culture, Halloween, Christmas activities have become entertainment gathering places for young people in Changsha.

Amusement equipment

After 20 years of development and growth, Changsha World Window has realized the integration of land park, water park and children's park. The world's top amusements represent 45 top amusements such as roller coaster, skyscraper, pendulum, high-altitude flying, pirate boat, star-shifting, wing-to-wing flying, skyscraper flying, luxury double-decker merry-go-round and so on. VR virtual reality, VR ski shooting hall and other high-tech equipment are newly joined, and the types of entertainment are diversified.

New Concept Water World

The "New Concept Water World" created by huge investment adds new colours to the summer paradise. The cool waters of Wanping are cool and cool. The Thai Water Sprinkling Festival creates a unique and refreshing happiness. Super loudspeakers, wave pools, elf jellyfish maze, Caribbean water stockade and other aquatic equipment are joining us to enjoy the refreshing stimulation in the scream. Standard swimming pools are a must for swimmers in summer.

Fine-haired Children's Paradise

The Hairy Children's Paradise, which opened in 2015, is the only vegetable theme indoor children's hall in China, specially built for children under 12. It has 10 parent-child equipment, such as insect climbing bicycle, small pilot, Mini Ferris wheel, Haha bounce car, frog jump and so on. It is widely favored by family tourists. Naughty Castle, Ocean Ball, Children's Excavator and other projects for young children to create a happy paradise.

Film and TV shooting base

Changsha World Window is not only a large garden with high level, high enjoyment and high taste, but also a first-class film and television shooting base in China. Hunan Satellite TV will be famous for its "Super Girl Voice" and "Happy Boy Voice" all over the world. Where is Dad Going"and"Idol Coming"are all popular programs that have been shot here. Hunan TV Golden Eagle Art Festival and the fourth Pan-Pearl Forum Large-scale events have been held here, and accidental encounter with stars has become the "normal" of the park.

Transport line

Railway Station Changsha World Window 136, 158 Bus Direct

Zhongshan Pavilion Changsha World Window 501 Bus Direct

Bus No. 132 from Huangwan Town, Hexi to Window of the World, Changsha

Starsha Changsha World Window X104 Road, 216 Road, 701 Road, 704 Bus Direct

Central South University Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street Changsha World Window 358 Bus Direct

Huanghua Airport Changsha World Window 20 minutes drive

Dongtang-Changsha World Window 915 Bus Direct Line

High Speed Railway Station Changsha World Window 30 minutes

Yanghu Wetland Park New Opening Riverside Scenic Belt Pozi Street Wanda Square Changsha World Window 222 Bus Direct

Basic criteria

Pay attention to safety - parents and accompanying adults should take care of the safety of minors in the park. When choosing amusement equipment, please first confirm whether minors can ride according to the safety tips of the equipment.

Weather - In order to ensure the safety of tourists, some recreations and activities will be cancelled temporarily under the severe weather conditions such as rain and snow. No refund will be provided. Please understand.

Photography - No unauthorized commercial photography is allowed in the park. After entering the park, tourists have the right to use the photos or images of tourists as their propaganda purposes on behalf of the park.

Line-jumping - No line-jumping is allowed in the park. When you leave during the queue, you have to queue up again when you return.