Changqing Huayang Scenic Area

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Changqing Huayang Scenic Area

Huayang Scenic Area is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, located in Huayang Town, Yangxian County, south of Qinling Mountains, 76 kilometers away from the county seat, with an average elevation of 1700 M. Landscape scenery is characterized by "high, cold, strange, dangerous and beautiful", "a mountain has four seasons, ten miles and different days", which is a vivid portrayal of its diverse climate change. It is rare for crested ibis, giant pandas, golden monkeys and antelopes to breed in the same area. Huayang Ancient Town formed a market town in Qin and Han Dynasty. Tang and Song Dynasties were all set as county governments. It is known as "the first town of Qinling in the thousand-year-old ancient boat city".

Huayang Scenic Spot has been named by the state and Shaanxi Province as "the best cultural and ecological tourism destination in China", "China's famous cultural and tourism town", "National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot" and "Shaanxi Party History Education Base".

Introduction to scenic spots

Yangxian Huayang Scenic Spot is located at the southern foot of Qinling Mountains, which is known as China's Central Park and is the best ecological environment area in the same latitude area in the world. It is one of the ten key tourism construction projects in Shaanxi Province, one of the ten natural landscapes in Shaanxi Province, and an important development area of the eco-tourism sector to be built in the next five years.

Yangxian Huayang Scenic Area is located in Huayang Town 76 kilometers north of Yangxian County, Taibai County and Zhouzhi County in the north, Liuba County and Chenggu County in the west, Foping County in the east, and Changqing National Nature Reserve in the east, West and north. The scenic spot is composed of Changqing ecological scenic spot and Huayang ancient town humanistic scenic spot. It is an ecological tourism scenic spot which integrates humanistic landscape, natural landscape, leisure vacation and tourism.

The average elevation of Huayang scenic spot in Yangxian County is 1700m, and the highest point is 3071m, the first peak in southern Shaanxi. The climate changes vertically with the elevation rising. The average annual rainfall is 813.9mm, and the average temperature is 14.5C. Changqing Ecological Scenic Area is known as China's "Treasury of Animal and Plant Ecological Resources". The natural scenery of the ecological scenic area is characterized by "high, cold, strange, dangerous and beautiful". Climate change is diverse. "A mountain has four seasons, ten miles and different days" is the true portrayal of this area. "Four treasures of the Qinling Mountains" - crested ibis, giant pandas, golden monkeys and antelopes appear at the same time in the same region, which is rare at home and abroad. After investigating and researching, Yuan Chunqing, the governor of the province, made a penetrating summary of the scenic spot with two sentences: "Feel the flavor of ancient town, enjoy Changshanshui".

Huayang Ancient Town is located in the mountains around, is a rare small basin in the mountains of Qinling. Chengji Town in Qin and Han Dynasties and county government in Tang and Song Dynasties have a history of more than 2000 years. The ancient Daoluo Road, which began in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties, is called the four ancient roads crossing the Qinling Mountains together with the Baoxie Road, the Meridian Road and the Chen Cang Road. Huayang Ancient Town is a famous ancient road post station, ancient military stronghold and ancient economic and political town on Daoluo Ancient Road. During the Revolutionary War, the Red 25th Army fought and lived here. It is an integral part of provincial patriotic education base and 100 national Red Tourism classic scenic spots - "Sichuan-Shaanxi Revolutionary Memorial Hall". At present, there are 1 provincial key protected cultural relics and more than 10 county-level key protected cultural relics.

Primitive forest air is fresh, rare birds and animals are densely distributed, waterfalls and springs are numerous, alpine meadow flowers and weeds are exotic, glacier remains are built in heaven and earth, ship-shaped ancient town has a long history, Daoluo ancient road crosses its border. Ancient road posts, red ruins and four treasures of Qinling Mountains create a secret world. A trip to Huayang in Changqing will make you linger and forget to return.

Tourism information

External traffic

Self driving line

1. Xi'an-West Han Expressway-Longting Exit (via National Highway 108 into Yanghua Highway) - Huayang Scenic Area;

2. Hanzhong-Hanyang Expressway-Longting Exit (via 108 National Highway into Yanghua Highway) - Huayang Scenic Area;

3. Hanzhong-National Highway 108-Yanghua intersection of Longting Town-Yanghua Highway-Huayang Scenic Spot;

4. Xi'an-Xibao Expressway/National Highway 312-Taibai County Town-Huayang Scenic Area;

5. Xi'an-Zhou Zhi (National Highway 108) - Foping-Longting Town of Yangxian-Yanghua Highway-Huayang Scenic Spot;

Yangxian Huayang Scenic Area is 3-5 kilometers away from Huayang Ancient Town.

Internal traffic

Bus route

1: Tourists enter Xi'an and take a bus from Chengxi Passenger Station to Yangxian, which takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to Yangxian, and a bus from Yangxian Passenger Transport Company to Huayang Town, which takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to the scenic spot.

2: Tourists enter Xi'an via National Highway 316 to Taibai County, and from Taibai County into the scenic spots.