Century Happy Park

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Zhengzhou Century Happy Park is developed and constructed by Zhengzhou Century Park Development Co., Ltd. It is located in the southeast of the central city of Zhengzhou. The intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and Petrochemical Road is close to the Longhai Railway Line. It covers an area of 660 Mu and invests 680 million yuan. It opened its garden in the Spring Festival of 2004. Century Happy Park is the world's first and the only large-scale railway culture theme park in China. It is a cultural theme park that integrates the exploration of train culture and the feeling of Disney's joy. It is a key project of Zhengzhou Municipal Government. With the background of train history and the connotation of large-scale comprehensive amusement projects, the park integrates train culture, popular science education, leisure and entertainment, and catering services. It provides a public park for tourists to witness the history of train culture, to understand the development process of train and to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

In June 2017, Zhengzhou Century Happy Park was disqualified as a 4A-level scenic spot.

Park Location

Zhengzhou Century Pleasure Park is located at the intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and Petrochemical Road in the southeast of Zhengzhou City. No. 1 Petrochemical Road covers an area of 660 mu. It is a large-scale theme park of train culture, popular science education, leisure and recreation, catering services and other functions. The locomotive model exhibition hall provides a place for people to understand the history of railway and train development and popularize railway knowledge.

Suitable for crowd

Challenge Paradise for Youth: 20-metre-second "sounding shuttle", 120-metre-high "giant Ferris wheel", 888-metre-long crazy "old gold mine roller coaster", 48-metre-high can take 36 people's "high-altitude flight" at the same time, in steep and winding steep slopes, long and tortuous track of 325-metre "spinning trolley", running without orientation and free rotation. The height of 17.5 meters brings you 360 degrees of graceful and wild dancing in the air, the "extremely fast windmill", 24 meters high with continuous jumping movement lets you feel the thrilling excitement of "jumping clouds" alternating weightlessness and overweight, "crazy big pendulum", "4D cinema", "magic peak", "drifting surfing", "pirate boat", "rotating tulip", "flying over Amazon"... Threatening peak, happy infinite!

Children's dream paradise: "Magic Castle", "Merry-go-round", "Tribal Storm", "Frog Bungee", "Happy Bee", "Unbalanced Cabin", "Oriental Express", "Chasing Car"... Bring children a dream childhood!

Parent-child paradise for middle-aged people: accompanying family members and children to experience "merry-go-round", "London Eye", "bumping into cars", "hiding the sky and crossing the sea"... Let the middle-aged people regain the joy of childhood, let the children grow up in the joy of teaching!

Old people's leisure park: rich train culture, let the old people recall the extraordinary years of the 1950s. More than ten different types of steam, internal combustion, electric locomotives, VR locomotives and Song Qingling locomotives with memorial significance, to understand the old people's train situation. Six stations, exotic customs, 80 acres of happy lakeside blue waves, is a good place for the elderly for leisure and recreation! uuuuuuuuuuu

Main attractions

Century Center Station

Century Central Station is located inside the gate of the park. The starting and ending stations of the Huanyuan sightseeing train are located on both sides of the square inside the gate. The departure station echoes the industrial atmosphere of London Station District, highlighting the artistic taste of the park; the center of Inner Square displays a set of steam locomotives, which constitute the theme background of hip-hop performance, photography and visiting study; from the gate to the central point of the park, "Century Ding" as the axis, the space shuttle revolves around the sky, that is, on the axis; the Century Center Station mainly builds happy mood. It reflects the fantastic progress of science and technology and human vision for the future. This station has three major amusement items: the round-the-park sightseeing train, the celestial rotation and the 21st century interstellar flying saucer.

The sky and earth were spinning round

Also known as space-time flight, this is currently one of the most innovative and technological entertainment equipment in China. It is displayed in front of you with its unique appearance and operation mode, which indicates that the manufacturing level of our amusement equipment has improved a new level.

Spatio-temporal flight is mainly composed of mechanical part, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and computer control system. It is 7.3 meters high at rest and can ride 24 people, covering an area of 12 *14 square meters. During its operation, it can reach up to 14.5m, the maximum lift angle of the arm is 70 degrees, the speed of revolution and rotation are 5.2 and 12 revolutions per minute, respectively, and the running time is 180 seconds. Under the control of computer, the chair rolls in three-dimensional and multi-speed, and the symmetrical rocker arms rotate 360 degrees forward and backward respectively. The thrilling transportation makes you feel the spiral and exciting. It not only brings excitement to the people on the seat, but also shocks, thrills and excitement to the visitors. It makes people memorize endlessly and forget to return.

Interstellar flying saucers

The 21st century interstellar flying saucer is conceived to operate in space, it has advanced design, reliable performance, and a luxurious appearance. It mainly consists of mechanical part, hydraulic control part, electrical control part and computer control part.

Its operating equipment is automatically controlled by computer to complete rotation, rotation and rapid lifting. The amusement machine itself is 11m high, the cockpit can rise to 12.8m, and can seat 30 people. The rotation and rotation are 6 and 3 revolutions per minute, respectively. The running time is 180 seconds. With so many attractive equipment and conditions accompanied by wonderful music, people have a feeling of being in the vast universe of flying objects, sometimes being lifted to the sky, sometimes falling into the abyss, so that you can enjoy the full and vivid sense of weightlessness.

Huanyuan sightseeing train

The park is paved with a 3,000-meter-long circular railway. On the circular railway, the imitation of the old steam locomotive leads the sightseeing train and carries tourists to the six main stations for sightseeing.

Industrial London Station

Located in the east of the park, Industrial London Station is based on the strong industrial atmosphere of the British Industrial Revolution in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Entering the Industrial London Station is like being in the wave of the Industrial Revolution, with collapsed walls, scattered gears, broken ore, dark sleepers and sweating workers. Take history as a lesson to show the era background of industrial revolution. In front of the station is a small London Industrial Square. On the left is the "highest" Ferris wheel in Asia, 120 meters, and on the right is the Collision Arena. The symbolic London Big Ben and the ancient British architecture, the small street scenery along the London Station, the waiting area is designed to have the industrial atmosphere of the 18th century London block, chimneys stand up, pipelines cross-connect, "cast iron" big gear inadvertently scattered around the corner houses; correspondingly, the design of the collision waiting area is industrial traffic accident: an old car broke through the wall and came out, The collapsed walls make three sides of the collision venue empty. Tourists can feel the lively scene of the collision game. The design of the large-scale amusement facilities "Flying in the Air" is located in the "Maintenance Workshop" of industrial London. The rotating amusement facilities are packaged into huge "industrial wrenches". The wrenches rotate constantly in the air, "knocking" the "locomotive head" and "jingling". The "Happy Train" with a circumference of more than 400 meters is an extension part of the Industrial London Station and a supplement to the Industrial London Station. There are also small musicals, bagpipes, western food, coffee and so on. This station has four amusement items: London Eye, Oriental Express, Flying in the Air and Collision Car.

Eyes of London

The London Eye is also known as the Ferris Wheel or the high-altitude sightseeing car. Romantic Englishmen will call the Ferris Wheel erected on the city square the London Eye. The park's Ferris Wheels are 120 meters high, 88 meters in diameter, 56 hanging baskets, running for 30 minutes a week, can send more than 300 people to high altitude at one time. Each hanging basket is equipped with cold, warm and air-conditioning. The comfortable six-person transparent hanging box takes you into the blue sky with a clear view and a pleasant view. Take relatives and friends, invite friends, sit in a comfortable and transparent hanging basket, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Zhengzhou, whether in the daytime or at night, the highest Ferris wheel in Asia is your best choice.

Flying in the air

Flying in the air is the first computer-controlled entertainment machine in China, which integrates mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical computers. When running, the arm rotates 360 degrees with the cockpit at the same time. The maximum height of the cockpit is 12.8 meters, and the running time is about 3 minutes. It can take 23 people. It consists of a base, a pillar, a seat, a boom, a cockpit, a platform and a control room engine room. It runs like a flying swallow in the sky, and moves like a fixed-point gyro, flying in the air, so that you can realize your dream of flying in the sky.

Orient Express

Oriental Express is mainly composed of power device, transmission device, driving device and body. It has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, safety and reliability. Its speed is 7.8 kilometers per hour, the gauge is 900 millimeters, it can ride 26 people, and the effective braking distance is 5-8 meters. Sit on it, you can personally play the departure whistle, it will take you all the way Mercedes-Benz, appreciate the collapsed walls and scattered gears of the industrial atmosphere, to bring you a wonderful enjoyment beyond words.

Bumper car

Collision car is a new type of amusement machine without Skynet electrodes. Its power supply electrodes are on the floor, driven by DC motor, driven by pedal switch and driven by steering wheel. Each car can ride two people with a maximum speed of 9.5 kilometers per hour. The configuration of lights and music makes your eyes confused. The collision between them makes your blood surge. It can remove fatigue and reap unlimited joy.

South American Rainforest Station

South American Rainforest Station is located in the north of the park, where ancient civilizations meet and collide with myths and legends. The Mayan Sun God tells you to slow down and find treasures and reliefs in the forest under the cover of dense trees, and be careful to guard against poisonous arrows from cannibals. The South American Rainforest Station takes the Mayan cultural relics of South America as its means of expression. The Mayan style, thick and elegant, forms the main body of the railway station. The amusement facilities in front of the station, such as "jungle flying squirrels" and "torrential brave advance", are close to the Mayan cabin built by tree roots, the ancient stone components occluded under the tree roots, and the environmental characteristics with the characteristics of tropical rainforest, forming a complete relic of ancient civilization remaining in the tropical rainforest. In this environment, tourists can live in the vicissitudes of life, the changeable sigh, draw tourists endless reverie. There are seven recreational items in this station, namely, torrential valiant advance, blue tribal storm, rainforest flying rat, Tomb Raider 4D cinema, pyramid auditory room, horse race course and archery course. Among them, horse race course and archery course are charged items.

Suspension roller coaster

The suspended roller coaster has a total length of 780 meters, a track height of 33 meters, a lifting speed of 1.6 meters per second, a maximum speed of 85 kilometers per hour, a single running time of 135 seconds and a carrying capacity of 20 people. The suspended roller coaster has changed from the traditional cabin pulley structure to the suspended open pulley structure. "Suspension" as its name implies is to suspend the car body and bearing facilities outside the closed track, so that the rider's body gravity point has no attachment, known as the king of roller coasters, is deeply loved by young people, exciting and thrilling entertainment projects. During the ride, there is a sense of speed, elegance and weightlessness in flying overhead. Compared with the traditional roller coaster, the ride is more thrilling in length, height and speed. In terms of safety, after a long period of empty-car test run, it has passed the inspection of China Special Equipment Inspection Institute and has been qualified.


Also known as Flying Amazon, it is a large-scale amusement equipment loved by tourists and friends. It integrates surface drifting and high-altitude taxiing. It mainly consists of waterways, wharfs, cruise ships, pumping stations, primary and secondary lifting stations and consoles. It is connected by waterways. The total area of the equipment is 6250 m2, the length of the waterway is about 370 m, and the cycle time is one week. For 4 - 6 minutes, there are 10 cruise ships, each boat can take 4 tourists. The first lift is 4.5 meters high, and the second lift is 14 meters high, which is three times the height of the first lift station. After the cruise ship slowly rises to the highest point, the smooth track slides rapidly at a speed of 10 meters per second, making huge waves. The cruise ship has a novel appearance and a good safety device in it, so that tourists can safely experience passion in the process of playing, as well as the joy of successfully returning after going through difficulties and dangers.

Rainforest flying squirrel

Rainforest flying squirrels are novel in shape, unique in shape, compact in structure, safe and reliable. They are composed of lifting device, tail number device, brake device, trolley and main wheel sliding system. It has a speed of 3 kilometers per hour, a maximum height of 8 meters, a track length of 280 meters, and an area of 40 x 30 square meters. It runs like a flash of lightning. Closing your eyes, you can feel the rushing sound in the forest. Opening your eyes, there are meteors flying. Romance is full of endless excitement.

4D cinema

4D cinema is developed on the basis of traditional three-dimensional cinema, and it is a new form of cinema that emerged in the early 1990s. 4D cinema uses the combination of stereoscopic pictures and special effects hardware to bring the audience into the virtual scene, so that what happens in the scene will naturally affect the audience, and make the audience feel novel and exciting. Using computer stereo imaging technology, the film generates parallax images of left and right eye bands, and then outputs the images to 35mm film respectively. When projecting, two projectors are used to synchronize the projection, and the audience wears polarized eyes to watch stereoscopic films. Audiences sit in seats with special effects equipment (which looks the same as ordinary seats) to watch the film. The special effects equipment controlled by remote computer and the projection of the film are synchronized, so that the implication of the special effects is fully coordinated with the plot of the film, and the audience is wholeheartedly integrated into the plot. Vibration seat synchronization with the motion effect of the lens in the film, water spraying facilities with the effect of animal sneezing in the film, fan equipment with the effect of forest burning, sound equipment with bees flying to the ear buzz, etc. Film pictures can produce the following three-dimensional broadcast effects: precious butterflies dancing in the flowers, flying to the audience's eyes, staying on the audience's Nose Tips for a while and then flying; extinct birds flying in the woods, flying to the audience, flying over the audience's head; endangered animals in the forest trail, walking to the audience, stretching its clumsy head to the audience. People sneeze at the audience with their noses; giant snakes put their heads in front of the audience to frighten you; beautiful flowers appear in front of you as if they could be reached. In order to enhance people's immersion in the virtual ring, further enhance people's participation in entertainment and excitement, so that the audience wholeheartedly into the plot, in the safety of the sense of thrilling excitement. The main building of Pyramid 4D Cinema is one floor underground and one floor above the subsidiary building. The structure is brick-concrete structure and steel roof truss. The total building area is 988.9 square meters, of which the height of the big Pyramid is 17.5 meters, the square side length is 35 meters, covering an area of 1225 square meters; the height of the small pyramid is 15 meters, the square side length is 25 meters, covering an area of 625 square meters, and the depth of the underground part is 4 meters.

Blue Tribal Storm

Blue Tornado, also known as the Blue Tornado, is a small and medium-sized amusement machine specially developed for children under 12 years of age. It covers an area of 25 m2, has a height of 2.1 m, rises and falls seven times per minute, rotates clockwise, with a rotating speed of 6 laps per minute. It has four cockpits, each cockpit can seat two children. When children sit in the cockpit, they will feel as if they are riding in the real one. Helicopters, not amusement machines, will rise and fall, which will make children feel very happy and excited and have wonderful music accompaniment, but also give children a sense of floating uncertainty.

Arab Castle Station

The fourth stop is the Arab Castle Station, which is a remote and mysterious country. An ancient Arab castle, covered with a flying carpet, blue devil from the flying carpet reveals a fierce face, seems to set out on the world's most vicious incantation... To make the first sensory impression of tourists in the Arabian Castle Area, that is, to melt into ancient myths and legends. In the double-decked castle corridor, the tour route composed of various mythological symbols with the theme of mysterious exploration for tourists is launched in conjunction with mythological stories, such as "Arabian Flying Blanket", "Modern Avati", "Water Warriors". There are flying blankets to avoid the pursuit of the devil, and the exploration of the devil's treasures, so that tourists can experience the Arab mythology and legend beyond the excitement of adventure. Mysterious experience. This station has three amusement items: modern Avati, water knight and Arab flying carpet.

Modern Avati

Modern Avati, also known as the self-control aircraft, is a very participatory entertainment machine. It revolves around the center of the vertical axis and can be used to control the fighter with a machine gun backhand. It is mainly composed of base, cage, arm, cockpit, pneumatic system and electrical control system. The total height is 7.5 meters, the diameter of rotation is 12.7 meters, the speed is 6 revolutions per minute, and the rated personnel in each cockpit are 2 persons (one adult and one child). When you sit in the cockpit of a chic air fighter, revolve around the central rocket, push the machine gun handle in flight, and release all hatred and anger in the fierce battle.

Practise deception

Also called overhead bicycle, it is a kind of unpowered recreational equipment. The track is 4 metres high and 280 metres long. Each of the two people has a car. It mainly consists of platform, overhead track and flying saucer bicycle. There are 10 bikes here. Traveling on overhead tracks covered by lakes, tourists'relaxed trips, dense fruit trees, cheerful fish, and jewelry from Arab castles? Let's fight for it! It will make your ride infinitely interesting.

Arab Flying Blanket

The Arabian Flying Blanket is a horizontal axis amusement machine with unique structure and amusement. Its main structure is composed of seat, main drive, column, rocker arm, cockpit, seat and electrical control. It runs at a height of 8.65 meters, with a rotary diameter of 7 meters and a rated crew of 40. Its unique way of exercise is thrilling, moderate and stimulating. In operation, it can make you feel the rippling childlike interest, and the stimulation of vertical circumferential rotation, as if entering the mythological world, floating in the vast blue sky.

Dutch Style Station

Dutch style is a sunny feeling in Nordic style, where there are brilliant and lively buildings, towering Dutch windmill, cartoon decoration. The large-scale recreational facilities here include "frog bungee jumping", "flying tulips", "pirate boats", etc. More than 40,000 square meters of Happy Lake ripple, charming scenery, sightseeing boats slow on the water, giving tourists more fun between Dutch windmills and waves. Frog bungee jumping, rotating tulip, pirate boat, happy bee, water bicycle, sightseeing boat, foot collapse boat up to seven recreational projects.

Turmeric tulip

It's also called swing umbrella. It's a product for all ages. It's entertaining, interesting, thrilling and exciting. With its magnificent appearance and luxurious decoration, it has become a highlight of amusement park. The maximum height and rotation diameter of the device are 12m and 17m. It takes about 3 minutes to run once and can take 48 passengers each time. When it runs, it is like an open umbrella, with the top turntable turning in reverse, inclined, rocking and moving up and down along the slideway. Tourists sit on their seats, like swallows whirling in the clear sky, floating like spring breeze and drinking alcohol, bringing us endless pleasure.

Frog bungee jumping

Frog bungee jumping, also known as "frog jumping", is the latest development of vertical lifting tower entertainment aircraft. The total height of the equipment is 9m, the fastest speed of cockpit improvement is 0.6m/s, the running time is about 3 minutes, the rated load is 420 kg, and six people can ride each time. When its seat rises into the air, it will jump down and everyone will jump in it, just like sitting on the back of a big frog. The frog jumps in the field gracefully and smoothly. You can experience the wonderful taste of jumping in the mountains by jumping in the frog.

Happy Bee

Happy Bee is also called automatic bee machine. It is a new type of advanced entertainment machine designed and developed by introducing advanced technology from abroad. The total height of the cockpit is 3 m, and each cockpit can be raised to 2 m during operation. Running along the vertical axis, it will drive six arms up or down. Running once for 3 minutes, the fastest speed can be 2.85m per second, which will make you feel slightly dizzy. It has six bee-like cockpits, each can sit 2 people, can freely control the ascent and descent, each cockpit is equipped with two laser guns, when the laser gun hit the induction light in the rear of the front cockpit, it will automatically descend.

A pirate boat

This is the third pirate boat in this station. It is a large-scale recreational machinery that makes the hull oscillate to and fro by the comprehensive action of external forces. The total height is 9m, the rotation radius is 7.5m, the pendulum angle is 60 degrees, and it takes about 3 minutes to run once. Pirate ship first appeared in the Netherlands in the 18th century. It is a large-scale recreational machinery that makes use of external forces to make the hull swing back and forth. You will feel the thrill and excitement of fighting against the stormy waves, the alternation of weightlessness and overweight, and enjoy the pirate's ancient vicissitudes of life in the shuttle of time. It brings you not only thrills but also relaxation.

Play suggestion

Highlight features

1. A cultural theme park that integrates the exploration of train culture and the experience of Disney's joy.

2. Let you experience the joy of "traveling all over the world by train and playing all over the world every day".

3. Zhengzhou Century Pleasure Park is a happy paradise for all ages!

Play guide

How to play in the Century Pleasure Park?

There are six main stations in the park, including Industrial London Station, South American Rainforest Station, Arab Gubao Station, Dutch Style Station, West Cowboy Station and Russian Style Station. They also display various kinds of locomotives and carriages which are representative in different ages. Two ancient steam locomotives haul trains carrying tourists to appreciate the scenic spots of various countries, enjoy six major themes of pleasure, so that tourists can experience the feeling of "traveling all over the world by train, playing all over the world every day".

Best Tour Time: Spring and Autumn

Matters needing attention:

1. Friends who like equipment, I suggest that you go to Happy Garden from Monday to Friday. There are fewer tourists and there is no need for long queues. You can ride all the amusement facilities in a short time.

Local Route 1: Enter the door and go left.

1. Gate Russian Style Station Dutch Style Station Arab Castle Station Ancient Egyptian Civilization Station Industrial London Station Gate

Gate gate double-decked luxurious horse rotation double-decked luxury horse rotation sounding shuttle (jumping machine) mobile ice and snow city VR train driving chasing chariot frofrog bunbunbunbungee jumping happy little bee spirspiral rotation double-ring roller coaster chivalor feafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeafeats (brave turning disc) Western Knight (revolveriding riding) )Pirate Boat_Drifting Surfing_ CS warships on water concealment of the sea water suspended roller coaster water hanging roller coaster Magic Castle 8594; Magic Castle Magic domain peak flying at high altitude 858585modern Avati  Wheel Interstellar UFO Oriental Express train flying in the air lunar pulley bumper car Magic Castle (hand shadow recognition, head-controlled mouse, unbalanced cabin) gate

Route 2: Enter the door and go right.

Enter the door and go right (especially recommended). [Gate Russian Style Station Industrial London Station Ancient Egyptian Civilization Station Arab Gubao Station Dutch Style Station Western Cowboy Station Gate Recommendation Reasons: Avoid Peak Crowds)

Gate CentCentury Centre Station Industrial London Station Industrial London Station South American Rainforest Station Industrial London Station Arab Castle Station Netherlands Style Station West Cowboy Station Gate is the most recommended route: door to the left, door to build steam locomoomotive 8594Shaoshan No. 5 electric locomoomotive spin to rotation Song Qingling train rotary wooden horhorhorse bullfighting old gold mine roller van The results of this study are as follows:1. Bees Bees Bees Pirates Pirates ships Pirates ships Little Pirates Water Knights Frog bungee jumping 8594; Turtulips Arab FlFleecarpet  Collision Flying in the Air Oriental Express Interstellar UFO Gate

Stimulation point selection of stimulator:

Roller Coaster Stimulation Site-Two Front Positions

Pirate Boat Stimulation Sitting Point-the Position at the Two Ends

Rotating Tulip Stimulation Sitting Point-Outermost Position

Arabic Flying Carpet Stimulates Sitting Point-the Position at the Two Ends

Flying Amazon Stimulation Sitting Point - First Seat

World-renowned Ferris Wheel Height Ranking:

Beijing, China - Beijing Chaotian Wheel (208 meters)

Singapore - Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel (165 meters)

Nanchang, China - The Star of Nanchang, Ganjiang Civil Park (160 meters)

London, UK - British Airways London Eye (135 meters)

The Ferris Wheel (120 meters) of Helong Sports and Culture Center, Changsha, China

Tianjin-Yongle Bridge Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel (120 meters)

Zhengzhou, China - Zhengzhou Century Happy Garden Ferris Wheel (120 meters)

Fukuoka, Japan - Sky Dream Fukuoka (120 meters)

Chiba, Japan - Gexi Linhai Park Diamond and Ferris Wheel (117 meters)

Tokyo, Japan - Palette City Ferris Wheel (115 meters)

Wuxi, China - Taihu Star Ferris Wheel (115 meters)

Osaka, Japan - Tianbaoshan Ferris Wheel (112.5 meters)

Yokohama, Japan - Cosmic Clock of Yokohama Universe 21 Ferris Wheels (112.5 meters)

China Heilongjiang - Harbin Amusement Park Ferris Wheel (110 meters)

Shanghai, China - Jinjiang Paradise Ferris Wheel (108 meters)

Taiwan, China - Kaohsiung Dream Age Shopping Mall "Kaohsiung Eye" (102.5 meters)

Taiwan, China - Taipei North American Lihua Paradise Ferris Wheel (100m).

Practical information

Admission ticket

Adult ticket 160 yuan, height 1.2-1.5 meters and 50-70 years old people (with valid certificates) 80 yuan.

Opening Hours

10:00-17:30 (November 1-January 31), 9:00-17:30 (February 1-October 31).

Traffic information

Take bus B15, B16, 35, 59, 215, 216, 262 in Zhengzhou city and get off at "Meijing Tiancheng - Century Park" stop.

2. Friends who like large-scale activities are better off experiencing the festival atmosphere and delicious food in the Happy Garden during the Golden Week, so that you can have an unforgettable holiday.