Central Radio and Television Tower

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The Central Radio and Television Tower, now a national 4A scenic spot, is located on the west side of West Third Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing. Near the Space Bridge, it faces beautiful Yuyuantan Lake and famous Diaoyutai in the east, Princess Tomb in the South and Fucheng Road in the north. The Central Radio and Television Tower was built in January 1987, completed in September 1994, and officially opened on October 1. The CCTV Tower covers an area of 15.4 hectares and is 386.5 meters high. It is 405 meters high with lightning rods and weighs 50,000 tons. This is a multi-functional modern landmark building, which can transmit 8 sets of television and 10 sets of radio. It is the third tallest tower in China, the sixth tallest tower in the world, the member tower of the World Tall Tower Association, and the member tower of the China Radio and Television Association.

Tour items

The tower consists of a radio exhibition hall, a film and television exhibition hall, a concert hall, a video hall, an open-air music teahouse, a music fountain, a dome film, a high-end video game, a recreation center and other services, as well as catering and tourism merchandise sales.

The CCTV Tower is near the trestle square of the tower base, which is a good place for roller skating.

The first and second floors of the CCTV Tower are the entrance and exit of the East Hall, the cafe, the VIP Hall and the corridor. The gallery can hold exhibitions.

On the first floor of the East Hall, there is the largest indoor color granite fresco in China, Landscape Cloud Tree.

It is 20 meters long and 8.7 meters wide and has an area of 171.4 square meters. According to Xu Xiake's Travel Notes, it depicts the most distinctive mountains and rivers in China. The Gallery covers an area of 400 square meters on the second floor of 11.8 meters. It has a picture exhibition of towers all over the world and a central radio, film and television exhibition.

This paper introduces all kinds of knowledge about CCTV tower. The Gallery holds various exhibitions and exchanges of scientific knowledge, culture and art all the year round.

The palace lamp-shaped tower has VIP hall, revolving restaurant and balcony (238 meters above the tower body), with an area of 6000 square meters.

Tourists climb the pagoda and look around, giving a panoramic view of Beijing. There are revolving restaurants and sightseeing halls in the tower.

The eighteenth floor is a revolving restaurant, 221 meters high, which can accommodate 250 people to eat at the same time. The revolving restaurant of the CCTV Tower is truly "the highest restaurant in Beijing". The nineteenth floor is an indoor viewing hall, 225 meters high. The 22nd floor is an open-air viewing platform, 238 meters high, overlooking the scenery of the capital. The open-air viewing platform of the CCTV Tower is the largest in the world.

The 23rd floor is Liuyun Hall, 242 meters high. It specializes in entertainment and celebration activities for reception groups.

There are the tallest revolving restaurants and teahouses in Beijing on the CCTV Tower. Rotary restaurant is the real "highest restaurant in the capital", mainly engaged in Chinese and Western buffet, there are nearly 200 kinds of food for you to choose and taste.

The restaurant has a dining area for 200 people, sitting for 90 minutes a week, enjoying delicious food while viewing the three-dimensional panorama of the capital and looking around the city.

There is the highest air post office in Beijing in the indoor viewing hall. Postcards can be sent and stamped with the air post office and souvenir badge.

The open-air viewing platform of CCTV Tower is the largest one in the world. It can overlook Beijing City 360 degrees.

And 20-fold self-adjustable telescopes are free for visitors to watch.

Close to the platform wall is a row of white low stools, which is also one of the humanized services of the CCTV Tower - this row of low stools is specially designed for children to step on and overlook the scenery.

Looking from a distance, we can see the high-rise urban area, Chang'an Street in the southeast and Summer Palace in the northwest at a glance.

The Pacific undersea world exposition under the tower is a collection of marine science popularization and entertainment.

Visit the comprehensive exhibition hall in one, visit the museum, you can learn about the life of marine life, watch the performance of penguins, experience the feeling of submarine diving. On the north side of the tower, the "Senavel City Cardin Club" is an indoor racing arena for car enthusiasts. It is a collective sports, training and competition.

A modern high-end entertainment venue integrating entertainment and catering. "Big Windmill and Naughty Cat Children's Paradise" is an indoor children's entertainment world. The project is based on the program "Big Windmill" of CCTV. It carries out a variety of unpowered physical fitness training projects. It has a training facility and is a children's paradise.

The night scenery of the Central Tower is solemn and elegant, magnificent, warm and lively, which adds a more splendid and colorful scene to the city of Beijing.

Climbing competitions

The fifteen session

On November 1, 2009, the 15th CCTV Tower Climbing Competition of Amway Nutrilite in 2009, jointly organized by Beijing Sports Bureau and Beijing Sports Competition Management Center, will begin in CCTV Tower Trestle Square.

As a traditional mass sports event in Beijing, the CCTV Tower Climbing Competition has been successfully held for 14 sessions since 1995, and has attracted more than 15,000 people to participate in it. It is deeply loved by the people of the capital and widely concerned by all walks of life. At the 14th CCTV Tower Climbing Competition in 2008, for the first time, there were foreign fans of tower climbing.

The sixteen session

The 16th Amway Nutrilite 2010 CCTV Tower Climbing Competition, sponsored by Beijing Sports Bureau, opened on October 31, 2010 in CCTV Tower Square. At that time, more than 300 Chinese and foreign enthusiasts will climb the 1597 steps 225 meters high of the challenging CCTV Tower. They will overcome themselves with tenacious will, surpass themselves, strive upward, and experience the perfect feeling of fitness and leisure.

The theme of this CCTV Tower Climbing Competition is "Health, Climbing, Beyond". In order to attract more sports enthusiasts to participate in this traditional mass sports brand event in Beijing, the 2010 competition continued to be held in four groups, including "young men, young women, middle-aged men and middle-aged women". According to the China economic net reporter, on this basis, the organizing committee will also invite outstanding players from Taipei to participate in the 101 building climbing, and Shanghai's Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Tianjin radio and TV Tower, Heilongjiang radio and TV Tower, Sichuan radio and TV Tower, Shijiazhuang TV Tower and other similar TV Tower to pick up the climber of the TV tower to participate in 2010 climbing central television. Ta Elite Challenge Team Competition.

Tourism information


No. 11, Central Road, West Third Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Public transportation

40, 64, 74, 77, 323, 368, 374, 394, 437, 617, 624, 631, 631 Express, 658, 944, 968, 977, TE8, TE8, TE8, TE8, TE8, TE8, TEM 102, TEM 103, TEM 108, TEM 201, Shuttle Bridge South or take the subway Princess Tomb to travel north to Lake Bayi.

Boarding fare

90 yuan

Tour time of climbing tower

Visit time: 8:30-22:00

Stop ticketing time: 21:30

Rotary Hall Buffet Lunch fare: 198 yuan - 228 yuan (70 yuan for full visit to the tower)

Business hours (noon) 11:00-14:00 (stop ticketing time 13:30)

Rotary Hall Buffet Dinner Ticket: 298 yuan (70 yuan for full visit to the tower)

Business hours (late) 17:00-21:30 (stop ticketing time 21:00)

Elegant Room: Only one. Standard: 600 yuan per person, 1200 yuan per person, 1800 yuan per person, up to 12 people per person

Favoured policy

(1) Birthday guests are free of meals with valid certificates. (Birthday guests are required to purchase a tourist ticket to the tower, pay extra for drinks, and have at least one adult accompanying them for consumption. Lunch and dinner are valid.)

(2) Free meals for children less than 1.2 meters (with at least one adult accompanying them) and half-price discounts for children between 1.2 and 1.4 meters.

(3) All guests who come to the Rotary Hall for dinner on their birthday can enjoy a special birthday cake or longevity noodles free of charge.

(4) Dining guests can exchange their meal vouchers for free 3-hour parking tickets and enjoy 3-hour free parking in the parking lot on that day.