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Cao Zhang

Cao Zhang (189 years - 223 August 1st), Zi Zi Wen. Pei Guo Qiao County ( Anhui People in Bozhou. Three countries period the Wei state of the Three-Kingdoms Period Imperial clan, general, Wei Wu Di Cao Cao and Empress Bian, Wuxuan Second sons and Wei Emperor Cao Pi Brother Chen Cao Zhi Brother.

Cao Chang, Wu Yi, passed away. When Cao Cao asked all his aspirations, he said "good will do", so Cao Cao appreciated him. Its beard is yellow. It is called "yellow beard" by Cao Cao. Before the weak crown, the tiger is fierce. Jianan twenty-one years (216 years), Yanling Hou. Jianan twenty-three years (218 years), Cao Zhang was appointed as the North Zhonglang, the general of the chivalry, the rate army to seek Wu Huan, and to conquer Liaodong. Xianbei Adult Ke Bi can After Cao Pi ascended the throne, Cao Zhang and the princes came to the country. In the second year of Huang Chu (221 years), he became a public. The next year was called the king of the city.

In the four years (223 years) of the early years of the Yellow Emperor, Cao Zhang saw in Luoyang and died in the Mansion because of illness. after death Posthumous title It is also called "Wei".

Paul Mauriat's History

Young martial arts

From childhood, Cao Zhang was good at archery, driving and arm strength. He could fight the beast with his bare hands, and he was not afraid of danger and difficulty. Following Cao Cao's expedition several times, his ambition was generous and high spirited. Cao Cao once criticized him and said, "you do not yearn for reading and learning the sages, but you can ride horses and fencing. You can only deal with one person. He urged him to learn " Book of Songs "," Shang Shu " Cao Zhang said to the people around him: "a great soldier should be able to play the role of a General Commander like a defensive youth and huo qu disease, and lead one hundred thousand of the people to gallop in the desert. non-Chinese peoples of the north and west Where can we make a doctor? Cao Cao once asked his sons about their hobbies, so that they could tell each other their aspirations. Cao Zhang said, "willing to be a general." Cao Cao said, "what does a general do?" Cao Zhang answered, "wear a firm armor, grasp a sharp weapon, face danger, ignore yourself, take the lead, reward meritorious service, and guilt will be punished." Cao Cao laughed.


Jianan In twenty-one years (216 years), Cao Zhang was named Yanling Hou.

Jianan twenty-three years (218 years) in April, Dai North Wuhuan Without ministers (rebellion and so on), Cao Cao appointed Cao Zhang as the North Zhonglang, and exercised the duty of the general. Before the departure, Cao Cao warned Cao Zhang: "we are father and son at home. We accept orders as monks and ministers. We must act according to the king's law and act as one." Cao Zhao North entered the territory of Zhuo County, and thousands of cavalry soldiers of the Wumen clan attacked. At that time Cao Chang's soldiers had not yet assembled, only one thousand infantry soldiers and hundreds of horses. Cao Zhang used Tian Yu's strategy to stand firm. When the enemy fled and fled, Cao Zhang pursued and fought against the enemy himself, and the arrow shot at the enemy's side, and he joined the string before and after the sound. After playing for a long time, Cao Zhang's armor had several arrows, and the momentum was more vigorous. He went on to win the chase until the Sang Gang river was more than 200 Li from the Dai County. The history of the military commander and the masses will all think that the troops are coming from a long distance, and the troops are tired, and there are orders not to go to the generational counties. Cao Zhang said, "the rate army is only fighting to win, why is it restricted? If the enemy has not run away, they can defeat them if they catch up. It is never a good man to run an enemy by obeying orders. " Then he mounted the horse and ordered the troops to "cut behind the enemy." Catching up with the enemy one night and one night, the attack was won, and thousands of prisoners were beheaded. Cao Chang rewarded officers and soldiers more than usual, and the whole army was not unhappy. At that time, the leader of the Xianbei nationality, Ke Bi, could lead tens of thousands of people to see the strong and weak sides. When he saw Cao Zhang struggling to kill and invincible, he asked for obedience. So the north is calm. At that time, Cao Cao was in Changan, calling Cao to his camp. Cao Zhang passed from Yejun to Dai County, and the prince said to Cao Zhang, "you have just made a contribution. Now go to the west to see the Lord. Be careful not to be proud and boast, and to be modest in answering questions." Cao arrived in Changan, and in the light of what prince said, he attributed all his merits to the masses. Cao Cao was very happy. He stroked Cao's beard and said, "Huang Xu is incredibly big!"

In September of the same year, Cao Cao fought against the Shu army in Hanzhoung at that time, while Liu Bei lived on the top of the mountain. Liu Feng Downhill challenge. Cao Cao then scolded, "you son of a straw sander sent your son to resist me, ah! Look, I call myself (my own). Yellow beard Come on. " He ordered Cao to support the war. Cao Zhang went on day and night, but when he arrived west of Changan, Cao Cao had returned from Hanzhoung. After Cao Caodong's return, Cao Tsao hung was riding the general and staying in Changan.

Country entry

Jianan twenty-five years (220 years), when Cao Cao arrived in Luoyang, he was seriously ill and made the post horse to call Cao Zhang. But Cao Zhang has not yet arrived, and Cao Cao has passed away. Cao Pi That is, the throne, Cao Zhang and the princes go to their respective countries, and Cao Pi issued the imperial edict, saying: "the ancient emperors' way of making their relatives harmonious, and the separation of their mothers and brothers, the establishment of the state to inherit the family property, so that they can defend the bulk, resist aggression and prevent disaster. Cao Zhang was ordered before the northern expedition to settle the land of the Shuo Fang, and the grand meritorious service brought him five thousand more families, together with ten thousand families in the past.

In the second year of Huang (221 years), Cao Chang was a public servant.

In the three years (222 years) of the early years of the Yellow Emperor, Cao Zhang was appointed king of the city.

Sick Mansion

In the four years (223 years) of the early years of the Yellow Emperor, Cao Zhang went to Beijing for pilgrimage. During that period, he had an acute illness and died in the mansion in June 17th (August 1st). confer a posthumous title upon Wei Wang was thirty-five years old. At the time of burial, the court gave him one hundred people, such as Luan long banner and tiger heart warrior, imitating the king of Dongping in Han Dynasty. Liu Lan Old examples His son Cao Kai Inherited the title.

Anecdote of wild history

Concubine changing horses

Yuefu Poetry and ancient poetry have been handed down with the word "love concubine changing horses". " Exclusive ambition "In the late Wei Dynasty, Cao Chang was a man of character. Once I saw a horse, I loved it very much, but the horse owner also cherished it. Cao Zhang said, "I have a concubine to exchange with you." The horse owner appointed a prostitute, and Cao Chang exchanged with him.

Later, it describes the behavior of the rich and the so-called "bold and unrestrained" behavior of the rich people, and also uses them to chant concubines or chant horses.

Old king of Ren City

Wang Cao, who was strong and firm in his hour, learned the doctrine of Yin Yang family. Divination Number of recitation Six Classics "," Hong Fan And so on. father Cao Cao Plan to attack Wu and Shu Cao asked about the knack of marching in the army. Cao can turn left and right, and in the hundred steps, he broke his beard and hair. at that time Lelang Commandery A tiger was put in. The texture was spotted and closed with iron cages. All the soldiers did not dare to look at it. Cao Tun grabbed the tiger's tail and wrapped it around his arm. The tiger stuck to his ears and didn't dare to make a noise. Everyone admired his courage. later Nanyue Kingdom Offering a white elephant to Emperor Wu, Cao Zhang pinched his nose with his hands.

Like a boy, he would not dare to move on the ground. God of Literature Cao Pi Cast A thousand kilograms of big bell hangs in Wenhua hall and wants to be placed in another place. But the one hundred people are unable to move, but Cao Zhang can lift the clock back and walk away. When the four sides heard his courage, they kept their soldiers in self-protection. Wen Di said: "take the king of the city, Xiong Wu, swallow up Bashu, just like Owl Kill a mouse! Later Cao Chang passed away, compared with the Eastern Han Dynasty. King of Dongping Funeral burial. During the funeral, hundreds of people cried in the air; the mourner said that the soul who had died in the past because of the war had no coffin, and Wang Renci had been buried in the bones. The dead have spirit in the ground, and the heart knows gratitude, so praise their kindness. The three volume of "the old king of Ren City" was written in the history of the state.

Redemption Wen Ji

According to Liu Tingji's "in garden magazine" written by Qing Dynasty, when Cao Cao redeemed Cai Wenji, he sent Cao Zhang to the north and threatened the South Huns.

Examination of illness

Liu Song in the Southern Dynasties Liu Yi Qing " A New Account of the Tales of the World "The death of Cao Zhang is because Cao Pi is afraid of Cao Zhang's Wu Yong and uses Cao to poison him. Although Cao Zhang was a fierce fighter, he was very glad to play chess, and Cao Pi did exactly what he wanted. Cao Pi had seen the wind in the middle of the game. At this time, he told the servant girl who was waiting on the side, "it's not ready to bring the jujube." Thus, the two men played chess while eating jujube, and looked at the affection and harmony. In fact, the vicious Cao Pi had already poisoned some jujubes, and secretly made a mark to pick up the food that had not been poisoned. Cao Zhang was kept in the dark. After a while, Cao Chang felt his head was heavy and his eyes were straight. Before he could say a word, he fell to the ground. Earlier, someone told the Empress Dowager Bian that he finally failed to save Cao's life. The chessboard was finally splashed with Cao's red blood.

Case: Shi Shuo Xin Yu belongs to the novelist. Florence Chia-ying Yeh It is pointed out that in the four years of the early years of the Yellow Emperor, the time of the coming of the king came to the lunar calendar in May. At this time, the dates were not yet ripe, and it was impossible to poison Cao Zhang with dates. The way of Emperor Wen's restraint on the kings was not yet to be adopted. Cao Zhang died of violent illness. Moreover, after writing Cao Chang's death, there is such a paragraph: "I want to harm Dong'e again." the queen mother said, "you have killed me, and do not harm me in Dong'e." Cao Zhi was sealed up as King of Dong'e In the three years of Wei Ming emperor Taihe, the Empress Dowager Bian could call Cao Zhi in Dong'e in the four years of Wei Emperor Huang early.

Therefore, Liu Xiao Bao Citing Wu Rensunsheng's " The Wei and Jin languages "To another explanation:" first, ask questions. Imperial seal There will be ambitions, so there is no way to see them.

Character evaluation

Cao Cao : Yellow beard What a great surprise!

Cao Pi With Wang Zhi - Wu, she swallowed up Ba Shu, such as the rotten rat ears.

Cao Zhi 1. Two. Zowen Denier Wing Wu. Yu Huai Wang, Wei Zhi Yuan. It will be Chong Yi's trace, equal number Qilu. How to die suddenly is not the same as life. The benevolent mourning is not the same. I can not grow old. He has a balanced mind. Like the soul God, love the tomb. A man loves his life, and a great man enjoys fame. Although Wang is good, he works well. Who is not? There is no voice left. Second, the young have the quality. Xiao Shu min, Yi Da joined the business. Wen Wen is gong. The heart is built, the royal family is the Kuang. Correction of the yuan Rong, thunderstorm rain. The swamping generation will deter Bei Hu. He ran away and fought against Gao Liu. Liu Wang is the leader of the army. For years, royalty will always be guaranteed. How to die suddenly? The alliance drank tears, and his colleagues praised him.

Chen Shou Wu Yi is strong and energetic.

Wangjia Ren Cheng Yuan is brave and wise. Zhou Xiangyi, though he comes to the boat and Peng Meng, shoots well and cannot add.

Xu Ling Zhan Yan Ma Jun, with the power of long right, recalled Cao Zhang, the prisoner of Kwu pill, and the former king's son, if he was so proud, he would be overcome by shame.

Ouyang Xun Wang often ridicules Yu wing, making the white face of the talent, deeply admire Cao Zhang, sigh Huang side can be.

Li Yuan Zong Yonggan, the king of the new Wei Dynasty, was the enemy of the imperial army.

Wang Wei When he was fifteen, twenty, he won the horse ride on foot. He killed the white forehead tiger in the mountains.

"Ming Wen Jie": Cao Zhang is like an elephant.

Hu Ying Lin The force of Shu Zhihui is outstanding. How can he grow up? The son is so, Sun Zhongmou generation is full of Tao!

Kang FA Xiang Yellow beard is strong and ambitious.

Kinship members


· Father: Cao Cao Meng De, founder of the Three Kingdoms regime. Posthumous posthumous King Wu. After Cao Wei was founded, he was revered as Emperor Wu, the emperor of the temple.

· Mother: Bian's, Cao Cao's step room, posthumous title the queen of Wuxuan.

Brothers and sisters

· Brother: Cao ang , Cao Pi , Cao Zhi , Cao bear , Cao song , Cao Chong , Cao Ju , Cao Yu Wait for twenty-four people.

· Sisters: Princess Qinghe , Cao Jie Wait for six people.


· Sun Shi, Sun Jianzhi Sun Ben Daughter.


· Son: Cao Kai The king of the city of Ji'nan was rebuilt.

· Female: Cao Shi, married to Dongping, Wang Chang.

· Sun: Cao Fang (this is doubtful). Zi Lan Qing, the Wei state of the Three-Kingdoms Period Third emperors (239 to 254 years in power). Later for Sima Division After the establishment of the Western Jin Dynasty, the Shaw Lingxian County Gong was changed. The posthumous posthumous title is Li Gong.

Artistic image

Literary image

In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao's life is roughly the same as that of the official history. Wu Yi Skilled, can fight with the beast. From childhood, he was determined to be a general. He enjoyed Cao Cao's appreciation. Jianan twenty-three years, instead of North Wu Huan (no) Chen Di and so on rebellion, Cao Zhang Bai North Zhonglang will take the general chivalry, leading the army to discuss and return. Later, he sent troops to assist Cao Cao in Yang Ping, and Cao Chang made a long halberd defeated Liu Feng and killed Shu Lan. Later, Cao Cao died of illness, and the son of Cao Pi succeeded his throne. Cao Chang, who left Yanling for Hou Hou, and learned that his father died of illness, brought one hundred thousand armies from Yanling to Luoyang; however, she was defeated by Cao Pi. official in charge of admonition and arbitration Jia Kui, with a few words in mind, returned to Yanling to defend himself after he joined the army horse in the palace.

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