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Cao Xiu(? - 228 years). Pei country Qiao (now Anhui Bozhou People. Three countries the Wei state of the Three-Kingdoms Period General, Cao Cao Clan.

Cao Xiu began to defer Dong Zhuoshi to go to Cao Cao in the army. A thousand li " Cao Cao treats him like a parent and leads him. Tiger leopard ride palace guards Battle of Hanzhoung At that time, Cao Xiu broke through. Zhang Fei Stratagem, defeated Wu Lan. After the establishment of Cao Wei, he took charge of Cao Wei's eastern line, repeatedly defeated Wu Jun, and induced Wu Jiang. Official to Sima, seal Chang Ping Hou Taihe In two years (228 years), Cao Xiu was in Wei Wu. Battle of stone pavilion He was defeated in the middle and died shortly after suffering from a poisonous attack on his back.

Paul Mauriat's History

Early experience

Cao Xiu is Cao Cao's. Clan , Cao Hong My nephew. Cao Xiu's grandfather Cao Ding has been in the river. Wu County Prefect, Chief Imperial Secretary At that time, all the clans of the Cao clan dispersed and left the countryside. At the age of ten, Cao lost his father. He carried his father's coffin alone with one of the guests and temporarily rented a cemetery to bury his father. Then he took his old mother to shelter in the Wu River and was taken over by the prefect of Wu County. In the official residence of Cao Xiu, he saw the old guard, his grandfather, on the wall. Cao Ding The portrait of Cao Xiu sat down and wept on the ground. At that time, the people sitting there were all praised and regretted by him.

Ping Zhong Six years (189 years), Cao Cao in Yanzhou The Crusade brutal militarist who dictated policy in declining years of the Han dynasty Cao Xiu then changed his name from Wu, a thousand miles away, to Jingzhou through the north to the Central Plains, where he saw Cao Cao. Cao Cao said to the left and right people at the time, "this is our home's great steed." So let him live together with Cao Pi, if he is a parent. Later, Cao Xiu often followed Cao Cao to collect all kinds of land. Tiger leopard ride He served as the host of Su Wei.

Distinguish the Wei and the Wei

Jianan Twenty-three years (218 years). Liu Bei Leading the generals to attack Hanzhoung Another general. Wu Lan Attack and identify. Cao Xiu was appointed as baitalabure hafan , and Lang Lang Xin pi Together as commander in chief Cao hung. Join the army And sum Partial general Cao Zhen , Yongzhou Governor's history Zhang Yi Wait for Cao Hong to march into the expedition. Before he went to the battle, Cao Cao said to Cao Xiu, "although you are called a soldier, you are actually the commander of this army." Cao Hong After hearing this order, Cao Xiu was also entrusted with military affairs. At that time, Liu Bei saw Cao Jun go in and down, Yu Shiqian. Zhang Fei Stationed in the Gushan area, claiming to cut Cao's back road. After deliberation with Cao Hong, all of them hesitated about whether to continue to March, "Cao said. enemy soldiers If you really want to break my grain road, you should act covertly and hide in secret. But now it is a bluff, which shows that this is just a plan for Liu Bei and others. Our army should destroy the Wu Lan as soon as possible when the enemy has not yet identified the army. once Wu Lan Being defeated, Zhang Fei's suspect will be meaningless. He will surely withdraw himself. " Cao Hong followed his advice and went to the army to break Wu Lan.

Jianan twenty-four years (219 years), Liu Bei army in Ding Jun Shan Commander Cao Jun Xia Hou yuan Cao Cao went on his own. Hanzhoung But Liu Bei insisted on the danger. Cao was hard to conquer. More and more soldiers fled. Soon after, Cao Cao had to order all the troops to quit Hanzhoung. Cao Xiu returned to Changan after her army was awarded. Leading Army One post.

Beat Sun Quan

Huang Chu The first year (220 years), Cao Pi Emperor Cao, who was promoted to the rank of leader general, was awarded the post of Dongyang Ting Hou. General general Xia Hou Tang After that, Cao Pi appointed Cao Xiuwei. General of Zhen Nan The bogus Festival is governed by various military affairs and is replaced by Xiahou Dun in the county of Ru'nan county. king of Wu in the Three Kingdoms Era Before Cao Xiu took office, Cao Pi drove to visit her, and sent a farewell to Cao Xiu. At that time, Sun Quan dispatched the general officers to Liyang, and when Cao Cao came to power, he immediately broke down the army and sent another soldier to cross the river and sneak up. Wu Jun Located in Wuhu Thousands of barracks. So moved to General East Concurrently Yangzhou Governor's history Seal in Anyang Township Hou. After the death of Cao's mother, Cao Huben was a filial piety. Observe mourning for one's parent I can't eat well during the period. Cao Pi knew and ordered the servant to take off his mourning clothes, and ordered his diet and meat. Cao Xiu had no choice but to eat after the imperial edict, but his body became more and more haggard. Then he asked Cao Pi to ask for his return home. Qiao County Buried mother, Cao Pi sent again Yue Qi Xiaowei Xue Qiao Feng Zhao to comfort him not to worry too much, so Cao Cao home to mourn. Cao Xiu finished his work only once. Funeral And then return to the post immediately.

Famous earthquake East

Huang Chu In three years (222 years), Cao Pi went to war with Sun Quan, and three troops were chosen to punish Cao Xiu. False yellow Tomahawk Governor General Zhang Liao General of Zhen Dong Zang Ba , Yuzhou Governor's history Jia Qu , Yanzhou Governor's history Wang Ling And so on, and more than 20 troops from all counties and counties attacked Dongpu from the east line. Another army general, sergeant, really attacked from the west line. Jiangling The great general Cao Jen from the midline attacked the Xu Kou.

On the eastern battleground, Eastern Wu Dispatch already Pseudo section Former general Lü Fan Commanding the five army, the army of east Wu resisted Cao Xiu. At that time, Cao Xiu was full of ambition and hoped to establish meritorious service. So he said on the table: "the minister is willing to lead a brilliant teacher to cross the river at once, and the great army will step into the south of the Yangtze River to gain food and supplies from the enemy. If your minister dies, please don't worry about your majesty. " but Zang Ba Cao Pi was not allowed to take the risk of the isolated army, so the plan was shelved.

One night, the storm broke off. Lü Fan The cables of the fleet and the blown Wu Jun boats drifted to the north shore of the Yangtze River. Wei Jun took the opportunity to fight, killed thousands of Wu Jun, captured a large number of boat boats, and achieved great victory.

So Cao Pi ordered Cao Xiu's army to cross the river immediately, but Eastern Wu The rescue fleet soon opened up and gathered the scattered soldiers and returned to the south of the Yangtze River. Cao Xiu ordered Zang Ba to lead more than ten thousand people to take the light boat five hundred pursuit, attack. Xu Ling Wu Jun killed thousands of people. Subsequently, Wu Jiang Quan Cong , Xu Sheng Rate army counterattack Zang Ba, repel Wei Jun Chasing the Zang BA's Ministry will kill hundreds of Yin Lu. At that time, the three armies were eliminated. Cao Xu After the great victory, Cao Ren Cao Zhen failed to achieve real results in Jiangling, but Cao Pi ordered the withdrawal of troops. Cao Xiu was worshipped. Yangzhou pasture Stationed at the southeast border to prevent Eastern Wu Invasion.

In the seven years (226 years) of the early years of Huang Dynasty, Cao Pi collapsed. Generals of the Town Army Chen Qun Cao Zhen, general of the Chinese army and General Commander of Fu Army Sima Yi Four were supported by the imperial edicts. Emperor Ming of Wei Cao Rui After taking the throne, Cao retired. Chang Ping Hou At that time, Wu would be stationed in court. Anhui city Cao Xiu broke it down, slandled him, and reduced Wu. Han comprehensive Zhai Dan and others. Sui Zeng four hundred, and the first two thousand and five hundred households, moved Great Minister of War To become the supreme commander and governor of the army of Cao Wei. Yangzhou Just like that.

Hate to die

Taihe Two years (228 years). Eastern Wu Of used in place names Prefect Zhou bream According to Sun Quan's idea, he pretended to offend King Wu and abandon Wu Wei Wei. So Cao Xiu led the cavalry and infantry to one hundred thousand. Anhui county (now Anhui Qianshan county) to catch Zhou bream. Wei Mingdi dispatched separately. Jia Qu Former Governor General Full favour Wait for four armies. Xiyang Direct attack on Dongguan. Sima Yi Lead attack Jiangling Shang Shu Jiang Ji To Wei Mingdi, Wu will be stationed in the upper reaches. Zhu ran It may be attacked from the rear of Cao Xiu, and Wu Jun may go eastward at any time to cut off Cao Cao's retreat and suggest sending troops to rescue Cao Xiu.

Wei Mingdi edict Sima Yi stopped marching, let Jia Kui go eastward and Cao Xiu together. Lang Xie Sun Li He also advised Cao Xiu not to go deep into the army alone, but he did not listen. Then he went to stone pavilion and met there. Lu Xun , Zhu Huan , Quan Cong A surprise attack of about ninety thousand people, Cao Xiu did not guard against, after the first day of the war, he hurried back. Before Cao's retreat, the line of March was backed by lakes and by the great river. Wu Jun followed closely, and the Wei army did not want to fight. They were killed and killed. Cao Xiu broke through to stone clipping, but the way back was blocked by Sun Quan. Before the death of Cao Jun, there was no retreat, and then he pursued the army. In fear, he gradually defected, and Cao Xiu's troops almost broke down. At this time, the support troops of Jia Kui's troops came forward in a hurry after they got ready to go along the way. Wu Jun thought that the rescue troops of Wei had arrived, and they quickly withdrew from the battlefield. Jia Kui later brought out the army of Cao Xiu with grain and military supplies before Cao Cao was saved from annihilation.

Later, Cao Xiu wrote an apology for Wei Ming's mission. Tuen Qi school Yang and Xu's consolation, the gift of etiquette is more grand. Cao Xiu was very bitter, so his carbuncle and his back were not long ago, but his posthumous title was called Zhuang Hou. Son Cao Zhaoji.

Four years (243 years) in the beginning of July, Wei Emperor Cao Fang Following the imperial sacrifices to the late great Sima, Cao Xiu, the twenty outstanding officials of the Wei Dynasty were the ancestral temples of Cao Cao.


In the early years of Huang Dynasty, Wei Wei emperor Cao Pi wanted to grant Jia Kui Fu, and Cao Xiu stood by and said: "Jia Kui has a strong personality and always despises Cao Pi." Governor One side. " Cao Pi then dismissed the idea of using Jia Kui. later Battle of stone pavilion Without the timely rescue of Jia Kui, Cao Xiu must be completely annihilated. But when Cao Huai was rescued, he complained that Jia Kui was too late to rescue him. Great Minister of War In the name of the imperial decree, Yu Kui, the governor of Yuzhou, helped him pick up the battle. Jia Kui thought he had no doubt in his heart, so he said to Cao Xiu, "this is for the country to be the governor of Yuzhou, not to pick up the war for the big Sima." It was returned by the army alone. Subsequently, Jia Kui and Cao Xiu each other to impeach each other. Emperor Ming of Wei Although Jia Kui knew that he was upright, he still had to rely on Cao Xiu, who was the Minister of the imperial clan. So he decided that two people were not guilty. After that, Cao Xiu still resented Jia Kui for these things, but Jia Kui did not quarrel with Cao Xiu in the end. Jia Kui was praised by people at that time.

Historical evaluation

Cao Cao: This is my home.

Zhu Huan: Hu Ben and his relatives will see him.

Full of favors: Cao Xiu, despite his bright fruit, hoped to use his army.

Cao Zhi: Yu Mu nobility The imperial clan of Wei. Ming De heir, Yi Shi pure. Yan Hong's universal love and benevolence take things together. Art is Chinese, but body is bright. He did not have a weak crown in the year. Gao Yi, a famous teacher, has a speech. Eastern summer However, it is called "Yue". Dragon light Poverty without complaint is fear. Sigh with me nobility Again, it's safety. Do not delay the world. Good Pippen Shu, Gan this ladle. The worry is beyond the constitution. Correction of public servants does not make it difficult. He scolds the three armed forces. The foot knives are white and the hands are connected to fly dysprosium. Finally, I will defend Huainan.

Chen Shou Xia Hou and Cao Shi are the marriages of the world. Therefore, they are very valuable in their work.

Family members


Cao Zhao Cao Cao's eldest son, long thinking of his words, haw Chang Ping Hou, Cao Wei riding a horse and riding a school, he died. Beginning During the year, he was awarded the general Wei.

Cao Jie Cao had little son. Wei Wendi The three hundred families were divided into Cao and Huai. They were compacted as Cao Hou.



Cao Xing The son of Cao, Zhao long.


Cao, general of the right army.

Cao Cao The son of Cao Zhao, Jin Xiangcheng Prefect South Sima.

Great grandson

Cao Hui Cao Xiu's great grandson, Cao's son.

Seven generations

Cao Mo Cao Shibiao's grandfather.

The nine generations

Cao Shi table The word is elevated to the East Wei county.

Historical records

Three Kingdoms, volume nine, Wei Shu 9, Zhu Xia Hou Cao Chuandi nine.

A burial

In May 17, 2010, Cao Xiu's tomb was found in Southeast village of Mengjin village, Luoyang, Henan. Eastern Han Dynasty On the eastern side of the imperial mausoleum, the tombs are composed of east-west, long slope cemeteries, and multi circle rooms. Ear room It consists of anterior chamber, posterior chamber, north side room, south side room and so on. The tombs were 50.6 meters long, 21.1 meters north and south, 10.5 meters deep, and scattered bones were found in the tombs. They were identified as 1 men and 1 women. The males were about 50 years old, and the females were about 40 years old. Xiuyan jade Cicadas fall, copper stamps 2 centimeters square, tile buttons. Seal character Bai Wen Cao Xu "Two words.

Artistic image

Literary image

In the novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Cao Xiu "Cao Cao banquet". The Assassins At the time, he took the lead in shooting and robe. Cao Xiu and Cao Cao went around to attack Shu. Hanzhoung War, felling Wu Ru Xu Kou All the wars were put on the stage. Ling Tong The horses then helped Xiahou Dun calm down. Luoyang Arson rebellion, commander of the Imperial Army, assist Cao Pi Dai Han. In the period of Wei Emperor Wen, Cao Xiu took part in the three way of felling Wu and was led by Wu. Lü Fan Defeat and no return (as opposed to official history). Emperor Ming of Wei After taking the throne, Cao retired. Great Minister of War By Wu Jiang Zhou bream To deceive and deceive Lu Xun When he was defeated, he became ill and returned to Luoyang.

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