Cao Tiancheng

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Cao Tiancheng

Cao Tian Cheng, Sui Dynasty people. According to the history of Sui Dynasty in the twenty four histories, Cao Tian is also known as "Tiancheng". Ask for advice Bo Yang, Jiangxi. At the end of the Sui Dynasty, in 616 ad, the uprising of the uprising took place. Yu Zhang Jun From Yuan Yuan to Xingwang, Jian Yuan Shixing. His name has been included in the book. Chinese emperors dictionary "Brilliant history", and won eternal honor for Cao.

Uprising process


In the twelve years (616 years) of the great cause, the county people began to revolt against the Sui Dynasty, and he responded positively and soon became the backbone of the army. This is the practice of asking for advice. used in place names County Xinyi fuck (now belongs to the golden pan Ling township) people, born of farmers, temperament and generosity, strength and strength, love to fight against each other. He read books for several years, and later cultivated fields with his father and practising martial arts. His village was located on a plain surrounded by mountains, which was often harassed by bandits. For this reason, he consulted with the villagers, opened up training ground and Racecourse in the village, organized young villagers to train troops. At the same time, the village gate is built to prevent the enemy from coming.

Sui Renshou four years (604 years), prince ascended the throne. execrated last emperor of the Sui dynasty Change the cause. After the accession to the throne, Daxing was commissioned to build a large number of civil servants. Luoyang The canal was dug again, and again the expedition to the Gao Gong Li. The ruler, regardless of the life and death of the people, will arouse the resistance of the people. In the seven years (611 years) of the great cause, Wang Min of Shandong first set up the flag of uprising and opposed the oppression of the Sui Dynasty. Then, all over the country, peasant uprising spread rapidly. In the twelve years of the great cause, in summer and autumn, Lin Shihong It has also risen to the ground. Jiangnan The people send out signals of revolution.

Reasons for uprising

He was strongly dissatisfied with the rulers of the Sui Dynasty and had antagonistic feelings. When officials come to new meanings, he never gives lip service. Gradually, he became the object of the government's removal. After eleven years of great undertaking, Yang Guang began to strengthen the "encirclement and suppression" of the peasant army after ending the war. The following year, the South China Sea ruler Liu power crossed Poyang, and the imperial court ordered it to "beat the thief" on the spot. When the government is pressing the people to oppose it, they are determined to seize the opportunity and launch an uprising immediately with Lin Shihong. Lin Shihong had a peasant force at that time and was in the southern part of Poyang. The common ideal deepened their friendship. The two peasant armies quickly converged and marched to the county town, openly declared war on the Sui Dynasty, and the poor people responded to the wind. The uprising army increased to more than 10000.


At that time, the city of Poyang was not equipped for military purposes. There was a man named Yuan Bin who defended the war and took the initiative to defend the residents in Ju Guo. This man is somewhat skilled in military affairs, rather skilled in Wu Yi, and he is actually responsible for the work of urban defense. However, he did not fully estimate the strength of the peasant army. Once fighting, he could not support it and had to abandon the city and run away. Small and medium-sized officials in the city saw that the county town was not guaranteed, and they took their families and soft ones with each other, and fled in panic. The rebel army won a brilliant victory in its first battle. He immediately ordered to appease the people, open the warehouse and give relief, and carry out training for the troops. In October of that year, he called himself "Yuan Xing Wang".

Then, the uprising army took down neighboring counties such as Fuliang and Pengze. In the twelve year of the great cause, in the autumn of the last year, the rebellion was launched by the rebellion to Jiangxi, the town of Yu Zhang (today's Nanchang). There, Lin Shihong was appointed by the Ministry of education as the General Commander, and he decided to expand the area with the Yu Zhang as a stronghold.

The loss of Yu Zhang brought great shock to the Sui Dynasty. Suiti, who is now visiting Jiangdu, ordered an urgent order to punish Liu Shi Yi, who was a soldier of the imperial army. Liu Ziyi, a native of Pengcheng, was once a general in the middle of Qi in the Southern Dynasty. He had rich military experience, and then led the troops to the Henan chapter. At the same time, the troops were fighting against the outside of the city. In battle, he died before he died, but he was killed in the middle. The marshal suddenly lost the marshal, and the army was shaken and began to retreat. Lin Shihong made a decisive decision and stepped forward to lead the troops to fight against the enemy bravely. At this time, the main force of the peasant army in the Sui Dynasty "encirclement and suppression" had collapsed, and Liu Jun's support was unmanned, and the fighting spirit of the sergeants was very low.

Lin Shihong was a loyal comrade in arms, and he was in danger. He was always thinking about how to complete the unfinished business of the rebel army. He could see that the armed forces of the Sui Dynasty in the south of the Yangtze River had Liu Ziyi, a fighter with a fighting capacity, to wipe out Liu's Ministry cleanly and thoroughly, which could not only serve the purpose of vengeance, but also boost the morale of the whole army.


After the idea was taken, Lin Shi hung adjusted and deployed, concentrated some people's frontal defense, and tied up the enemy. Some other people set up a contingent of water forces to give full play to the superiority of the water operations, while sending people to spy on Liu's news and catch the fighters. In November 616, Lin Shi hung and Liu Ziyi army fought against Peng Li Hu (later Poyang Lake). The rebel army fought with each other and fought bravely, and most of them grew up in the rivers and lakes, and gained the geographical benefits and became familiar with the water. Therefore, soon after the war, Liu Ziyi was defeated and defeated, and Liu himself was killed by the rebel army. At that time, the peasants and peasants in the counties and counties joined in the rebel army rapidly.

Establishing Chu state

In December of 616 ad, Lin Shihong established the state of Chu, calling himself Emperor, setting the year number as "Taiping" and taking the year as the "first year of peace". He appointed his subordinate Wang Rong as Si Kong, led the troops to attack Jiujiang, Linchuan, Nankang (formerly devout state), Yichun and other counties, where all the brave men in these places rose up to kill the officials of the Sui Dynasty, and attached them to Lin Shihong, and soon unified the whole province of Jiangxi. Then, sending troops to attack the counties of the South China Sea (now Guangdong), where the army went, the women looked at the bamboo, and the officials of the Sui Dynasty fled. Therefore, "north to Jiujiang, South Panyu, Guangzhou (now Guangzhou), know its land", that is, the world of the rebel army.

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