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Cao Ren

Cao Ren (168 - 23 May 6th), Zi filial piety, Han nationality. Pei country Qiao (today) Anhui Cao Cao, Bozhou From younger brother (from ancestor). The famous heroes of the Three Kingdoms period.

Cao Ren was good at archery and horse riding. He did not practice examination when he was young, but he became strict when he became senior. From Cao Cao for many years, Wei Chao made great contributions. broken Yuan Shu Cao Ren has gained a lot. Tao Qian The army and Tao Qian's Ministry captured Lu Yi, conquering Yang, and catching alive. Lv Bu Ministry Liu He , Battle of Guandu In the hidden strong defeat Liu Bei The battle between the army and the chicken fell. Yuan Shao Army.

Battle of Chibi After the defeat, Cao Jen stayed in Jiangling. Zhou Yu After a year of stalemate, abandoning the city. Break down in Weinan Ma Chao Between rivers and rivers Suber , Tian Yin Broken in Wan Cheng Hou Yin In the battle of Xiangfan, Cao Renshou, Fancheng, LV Chang Guarding Xiangyang, all two cities are blocked. Guan Yu The siege. Also with Xu Huang A total of Chen Shao, stationed Xiangyang

Cao Pi ascended the throne queen Wei, Cao Ren Bai riding a general, commanding officer. Jingzhou , Yangzhou , Yizhou Military, Jin Feng Chen Hou. Cao Pi Cao Renwei was built in the Han Dynasty. General general And move again Great Minister of War Later, Cao was able to attack soldiers and not to listen. Jiang Ji Persuaded, finally defeated. Zhu Huan Soon after he died in the army, he was fifty-six years old.

According to " Redords of the Grand History of China · Posthumous title Jie Yun: "to be trusted is to be loyal. Risk is not difficult. "Loyalty" is a posthumous title. Xia Hou Tang Cao Ren was second to the American posthumous title. Sima Division " Zhong Wu "

Paul Mauriat's History

Fight for Heroes

Eastern Han Dynasty In the last year, when the world was in chaos, Cao himself gathered thousands of youths to swim in. Huaihe , Surabaya Between the team and the following team. Cao Cao Sima, the other member of the Ministry, took the lead in Liwei.

In the fourth year (193 years), Cao Cao and Yuan Shu In the campaign, Cao Renda had gained. Levy Xuzhou Cao Ren often took the lead in the army and served as the front runner. And don't attack Xuzhou. Tao Qian Ministry Lu You Destroy the enemy troops and join forces with Pengcheng to win the army of Tao Qian. After attacking Feixian County, Hua county, Jimo, Kaiyang (all of which are counties under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou), Tao Qian dispatched subordinates to the first aid counties, all of which were defeated by Cao Ren.

Xingping two years (195 years), Cao Caozheng Lv Bu Send Cao Ren not to attack Yang, succeed in pulling out the city, and catch Lv Bu's general Liu He.

First year of Jianan (196 years), Cao Caoping Yellow towel After greeting Emperor Xian of Han Fix all in Xu county And he has a military merit with Cao Ren, and he is worshipped as Guangyang prefect. Cao Cao attached great importance to his heroic military strategy, so he did not make Cao Renshou County, and let him take the position of "Yi Lang". Qin Dynasty set up, palm discussion. Governor.

Jian an three years (198 years), levy Zhang embroidery Cao Ren did not attack the surrounding counties. There were more than three thousand people in the city. At the time of Cao Caojun's return, Zhang embroidery's pursuit of troops was disadvantageous to Cao's army, and the soldiers were disheartened. Cao Renqi, however, urged the soldiers and soldiers to make great efforts. Cao Cao was strong in his work and finally broke up Zhang embroidery.

Jian an four years (199 years) in February, Zhang Yang For the Ministry Yang ugly Killed, Yang ugly was again Sui Gu To kill, to lead the public Yuan Shao Tun Yu Shooting dog In April, Cao Jun marched into Linhe, and Cao Ren and Shi Huan, Yue Jin, Yu Jin, Xu Huang and others crossed the river. Gu Gu makes Zhang Yang long history. Xue Hong Kochi Oomori mshang He left behind to shoot the dog, but he sent the troops north to find Yuan Shao for help. However, he met Cao Ren and others in the dog city. Cao Jun wins the battle between the two armies. Shi Wan Kill and kill the people.

From Ping Hebei

Jian an five years (200 years), Cao Cao, Yuan Shao Stalemate public ferry Ru'nan thief liu pi In response to Yuan Shao's rebellion and harassment of Xu Di, Yuan Shaoqian and Liu Bei attacked and forced the counties. To the south of the county, officials and people are very upset. Cao Cao also takes it as a worry. At that time, Cao said, "the southern counties thought that our army was in urgent need of Guandu at the moment, and they could not be rescued, but Liu Bei was forced by the army at that time, and their betrayal was normal. But Liu Bei, who had just led Yuan Shao, could not have used it. He could break it with one blow. Cao Cao agreed with her words, so Cao Renqian drove him to attack Liu Bei and beat him away. Later, Yuan Shaoqian will not. Han Xu He wanted to break the Cao Jun Xi Road, but was Cao Renpo to chicken Hill. Yuan Shao did not dare to dispatch troops again. Cao Ren and Shi Huan cut off grain trucks and burned their grain.

Jianan ten years (205 years), established in Hebei, Cao Ren from the surrounding high Huguan At that time, Cao Cao ordered: "after the city falls, the enemy will be laid." The result lasted for months. Cao Ren admonish to Cao Cao: "besieging the city, we must declare to the enemy." Valve This is to create a way for them. Now the Lord is announces to the enemy that the city will sink and die, and that the enemy will take heart and defend it. Moreover, if the city is strong enough for food, to attack, the soldiers will be tired and wounded, and they will keep up for a long time. If such a soldier is under the strong city, it will not be a good plan to attack the soldiers who are dead. Cao Cao listened to his words, and indeed the city stood down. So he collected Cao's military skills before and after his death.

Jiangling war Yoga

Jianan thirteen years (208 years), from Cao Cao to Jingzhou, Cao Ren became the general of the south. Battle of Chibi After that, Cao Cao left Cao Ren to stay in Nan county (Jiangling).

Zhou Yu and Cheng Pu led tens of thousands of people and stayed together with each other. The two armies have not yet met. Zhou Yu First faction Gan Ning Go to occupy Yiling There was basically no Cao Ren in the city of Yiling, so that Gan Ning just got there, and immediately got Yiling. Cao Ren had to part of his troops to attack Yiling. Gan Ning rushed to Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu adopted. LV Meng The strategy left behind Ling Tong Guarding the rear, personally took the troops to save Gan Ning, and broke the battle of Yiling. Zhou Yu took the opportunity to cross the Yangtze River, garrison the north shore and hold a close relationship with Cao Ren.

Jianan fourteen years (209 years), Zhou Yu rate army tens of thousands of attacks on South County, its forward thousands of people have arrived, Cao Ren Deng City far hope, raised three hundred people, so that the trilogy will be Cow gold Challenge to the army. But Wu Jun was so numerous that he was surrounded by numerous gold and gold. Cao Ren and Chang Shi Chen Jiao In the city, see three hundred people such as Niu Jin are not in danger, all the people are scared. But Cao Ren was angry and angry. He called the horse to take the horses. Chen Jiao and so on knew Cao Renyu was saving the gold in the lower city. So he pulled Cao Ren together and said, "the thief is strong and powerful. Why don't you give up hundreds of people, but the general will go with him! " Cao Ren should not, the armour on the horse, leading his powerful men to ride out of the city dozens of times. From Wu Jun's distance, he approached the city gully, Chen Jiao and so on. He thought that Cao was only living on the ditch and supporting the bull. But in the enemy's circle, the rest of the crowd had not yet done so. Cao ran again and again, pulling out the remaining soldiers from the surrounding area, and killing Wu Jun several people, and beat Wu Jun back. When Chen Jiao first saw Cao Jen rushing out, he was afraid of nothing. Until he saw Cao Cheng returning to the city, he had to sigh, "general is really." Heaven and man "!" The three army admired him for his bravery. Cao Cao valued him more and turned back to Anping Ting Hou.

Later, Xu Huang arrived in Jiangling to fight Zhou Yu with Cao Ren. Zhou Yu also agreed to date the battle with Cao Ren. Zhou Yu was wounded by a stream of missiles and seriously wounded. Cao Ren heard that Zhou Yu could not get up, and personally supervise the troops to Zhou Yu's position. Zhou Yu rose and went to the barracks. During a year long battle, Zhou Yu suffered a great deal of damage to Cao. Sun Quan appointment Zhou Yu It is the prefect of South County, Jiangling.

Resist excessive rebellion

Jian an sixteen years (211 years). General levy West Xia Hou yuan All the soldiers in the middle of the river will be reversed. Cao Cao in West Guanzhong, Cao Renwei General Who Stabilizes the West The governor will refuse to defend Tongguan and destroy Ma Chao in Weinan. Between Hejian suber and Tian Yin, Cao Ren went on a tour of the general, and the seven troops of the governor tried to break the Bank of Tian Yin.

Jianan eighteen years (213 years), the group of Ministers persuaded Cao Cao to enter Wei Gong, and received Jiuxi, "the general Chien Ping Hou Ting Ping Hou Ting Cao Ren" is also in the list of persuasion.

Jianan twenty-one years (216 years) in October, Cao Jen followed Cao Cao for Sun Quan.

Jianan twenty-two years (217 years) in March, under the attack of Cao Jun, king of Wu in the Three Kingdoms Era dispatch an envoy Xu detail Please ask for peace. So Cao Cao took the lead in returning to Beijing and stayed. Xia Hou Tang , Cao Ren, Zhang Liao And so on. Yangzhou Domestic Nest

Return to Jingzhou

Later, Cao Ren left. Yangzhou Domestic Nest And once again, the general of the south, the holiday, stationed in Fancheng to take charge of the town. Jingzhou The important task.

Jianan twenty-three years (218 years), Yanling Hou Cao Zhang When he was in the north, he was his brother. Cao Pi Cao wrote: "should we be law-abiding, like Cao Ren?"

Cao Rentao Guan Yu can be offensive or defensive. ) Therefore, Cao Ren exerted a lot of military service in Jingzhou. In October of the same year, Wancheng officials in Jingzhou finally could not endure much of the service. As a result, Wan Cheng defended Hou Yin and officials and civilians, and plunder thousands of people in nearby counties and counties, and Guan Yulian and others. Cao Ren rushed to battle and began to besiege Wan Cheng in the month.

Jianan twenty-four years (219 years), Cao Ren led the army to Wancheng four months of siege, and finally, Tu Wan City, chopped. Hou Yin He returned to Fancheng and was formally appointed as general.

In the same year, Sun Quangong Hefei All States have deployed troops. Yangzhou Stationed. Cao Cao's army is far away. Changan Suffer from Hanzhoung War. After entering the rainy season in the Han River Basin in Jingzhou, he did not make long-term preparations. Guan Yu Take advantage of profits and attack LV Chang Fancheng, a Xiangyang and Cao Ren.

Cao Ren ordered Pound's troops to be stationed in northern Fancheng. But the terrain in northern Fancheng is relatively low. It is easier to be flooded in the rainy season, and master Cao Renzhi has prepared a "boat" in northern Fancheng. The enemy has a "big ship". )

After Guan Yu's army arrived in Fancheng, Cao Cao planned to dispatch. Cao Zhi The army helped Cao Ren. But, because Cao Zhi Drunk, so Cao Cao no longer dispatched. Cao Zhi Leading the reinforcements. Cao Cao again Yu ban Another seven troops, 30 thousand people, came to Fancheng. At this time, Fancheng has not yet been surrounded. There is no "inside out". Cao Ren still commands. Yu ban The 30 thousand men were stationed in northern Fancheng.

In the autumn of August, heavy rain lasted for more than ten days, and Hanshui surged and spilt. The 30 thousand army and Pound's troops were flooded. Guan Yu took advantage of the boat to attack. Yu ban Surrender to Guan Yu and destroy the whole army. Pound He waited for the "boat" to return to Fancheng, where Pound was captured by Guan Yu.

Thousands of soldiers were guarding Fancheng, and the water almost flooded the entire city. Guan Yu took a boat to attack the city, surrounded several floors, broke messages in the city and outside, and there was little food left, but the reinforcements had not yet arrived.

Cao Ren was besieged by Guan Yu in Fancheng. LV Chang Besieged by Guan Yu Xiangyang The situation is at stake. Full favour To Cao Ren, he said, "mountains and rivers come and go, and hope will not be too long. Hearing that Guan Yu sent other generals to the south, the people were worried. Guan Yu did not dare to attack. He was afraid that our army would become horns behind him. If you run away now, Hong River The place south is not owned by our country. Please wait for it. " Cao Ren said, "that's right." He has drowned his white horse and vows with the soldiers. Cao Ren also declared the public with the heart of death. The officers and men were moved by their spirits, and they were all defending the city. Soon, when Xu Huang arrived with reinforcements, the flood gradually subsided. Xu Huang attacked from outside to Guan Yu. He finally broke back Guan Yu.

Under the siege of Guan Yu, whether he was in Fancheng, or by CHO Ren himself, LV Chang Xiangyang has not been defeated by Guan Yu.

Hate Xu Chu

In the twenty-five months (220 years) of Jianan, Cao Cao returned to Luoyang after losing Guan Yu. Cao also came from Jingzhou. At that time, Cao Cao still did not come out in his bedroom. Cao met Xu Chu outside the hall. Xu Chu Go sit next to the room and sit down and talk. Xu Chu only said "Wei Wang is coming out" and turned back to the palace. Cao Ren therefore hated Xu Chu.

Xu Zhu was asked: "the general of the south, Cao Ren, is a minister of the imperial clan, condescending to speak to you. Why do you want to decline?" Xu Chu replied, "though Cao Ren is a heavy family official, he is the one who will defend his foreign powers." But Xu Chu is the interior minister who is in charge of internal affairs. We should speak in public. Why do we go indoors and speak privately? After hearing this, Cao Cao appreciated Xu Chu more.

Salty and helpful

In the first year of Yung Kang (220 years), Cao Pi ascended the throne of Wei king, worshiped Cao Ren as a general of the chariot, commanded Jingyang, Yizhou military, entered Chen Hou, Zeng Yi two thousand, and the total number was three thousand and five hundred. Later, when he was guarding Xiangyang, Cao asked to return to Tuen Wan City, and Cao Pi agreed. When Cao Renlin left, he burned Fancheng and Xiangyang.

king of Wu in the Three Kingdoms Era Generals Chen Xiao Occupy Xiangyang Cao Ren's purpose was to fight against Xu Huang and to break Chen Shao. Xiangyang General. High migration The uncivilized people who migrate south of Hanshui to the north of Hanshui River.

In the second year of Huang Chu (221 years), Cao Pibai and Cao Ren were the general generals. Another imperial edict made Cao Ren beg for defecting. Zheng Kang They moved to Linying, moved to Sima, and the governors and soldiers kept Wujiang and settled in Hefei.

Be defeated

In the first three years of the Yellow Emperor (Wu Huangwu's first year and the 222 year), in October, Sun Quan rebelled, and Cao Pi paid his own attention to the army. Send Cao and Ren to ride tens of thousands of offensive weapons. Battle of Ru Kou Kou ) Jiang Ji Attack Xi Xi, Zhu Huan was inducted by the enemy to send reinforcements to Xian Xi.

In the four years of Huang Chu (Wu Huangwu's two years and 223 years), the battle of Ru Kou Kou is still continuing. At this time, Cao Ren has several tens of thousands of people to ride on stage, while Wu's coach Zhu Huan has only 5000 troops and horses. Therefore, Zhu Huan We decided to wait for the rest of our lives, and said to our subordinates: "the battle between the two armies depends on the ability of the generals rather than the number of soldiers. Look at Cao Ren's troops. How can Cao Ren's command ability compare with Zhu Huan? The art of war says that only half of the strength of the defender can withstand several times of enemy forces. This means that in the plain which can not rely on the city, the outcome depends on whether the people are brave or not. Now, Cao Ren is not wise and brave. His army is timid, trekking and exhausted. And we defend the city wall, the south facing the great river, the North Mountain mausoleum, and wait for the rest of the country to serve the host. Even if Cao Pi came to the national power, there was no need to worry. What's more, what's happening now is Cao Ren's incompetent. So Zhu hung down the drum, pretending to be weak and tempting Cao Renlai to attack. Cao Ren was so calculating that he sent his son. Cao Tai Sudden Strike Moisten the needs The city also dispatched generals to Zhuge Qian, Wang Shuang and others, and attacked the central continent by oil tankers in the morning. The central Zhou is the place where Zhu Huan's wives and children are located. Cao Ren himself led ten thousand people to stay in Ligu Gao as a backup for Cao Tai and others. Chiang Chi raised an objection to Cao Ren's practice: "Wu Jun occupies the West Bank and puts the battleship on the upper reaches. If the troops are attacking the lower reaches of the island, they are in danger of losing themselves." However, he did not listen to Chiang Ji's good words and relied on many soldiers. He insisted on breaking up the army to attack central Zhou. Wu Fang coach Zhu Huan personally resisted Cao Tai, and sent General Yan GUI to resist Chang Zhao and others. By March, Zhu Huan had broken Cao Tai. After Cao Tai's withdrawal, he was already in a dilemma with an oil tanker who went deep behind Wu Jun. Zhu Huan turned around and fought back. Yan GUI , Luo Tong The chief commander of this road is Wei Gong and others. Regular carving Deputy general Zhu Ge Qian They were all led by the owl. Wang Shuang Be captured alive.

At this point, in this campaign, the loss of Cao Tai facing the city must not be counted. However, the 5 thousand men who attacked the middle Zhou by the Wei army were completely annihilated, and more than one thousand officers and men were killed and more than 3000 people were captured. Wei army had to withdraw completely. Cao Ren died shortly after he lost the battle. He was fifty-six years old. The Wei army led by Cao Rensuo is from Dong Zhong Lang. Jiang Ji Acting collar. Cao Ren was chased by the court as loyal.

The first year of Qing long (233), May, Ren Shen day, Cao Ren and Xia Hou Tang. Cheng Yu Suffer from work Cao Rui Courtesy at Cao Cao temple.

Historical evaluation

Chen Jiao: the general is really heaven and earth.

Wen Hui: today, the army is not far away from the army.

Zhong You It is strange that the general of the south is transported to Tian Shan, who is angry and angry, and is fighting with Xu Huang. Both inside and outside, should be caged.

Cao Pi: in order to uphold the law, it is improper to levy South evil.

Cao Zhi Culture and brightness, wisdom and wisdom. Luxury is nothing but frugality. The royal family, the emperor's stock. To be a Hou Bo, to help the East Xia people, Cao Da Sima also.

Zhu Huan Benevolence is neither wisdom nor courage.

Chen Shou (1) Xia Hou and Cao Shi are the marriages of the world. Therefore, they are worth paying attention to. (2) when a person is young, he or she will not practice examination, and will be strict with the law.

Fu Xuan Cao Da Sima's courage, (MEng) Ben, (Xia) Yu Fu Jia also.

chu liang Jintan's Qishen is so wrapped up in its arms that jade can't take care of it and sacrifice to obey Confucianism.

Li Shangyin Let's go ahead and let everyone travel. Xu Bo is going to rub and spin. Without any calculation, when he was attacked, he did not know Dan. When the sword breaks, the jade box is left empty, and the horse dies and hangs gold.

Hao Jing The heart is the gas city, the soldier is the city city, the heart is solid, the gas is solid, the soldier is solid, the city is solid. It is quiet and dedicated to the outside world. In the city! They will also be equipped with weapons and equipment. Enter Guo Wai, retreat and stop obstacles. Far from rescue, you have a Hou. Spare time and spare time, reward with caution and caution, caution and discipline, and stop wrong. Blood is thin, so it must die. Cao Renzhi Shou fan, Hao Zhao Zhi Shou Chen Cang, Zhang Ji Shou new city, are also.

Member of family


Cao Bao Mr. Cao's grandfather.

Paternal generation

Cao Chi The father of Cao Ren.

Cao song Cao Cao's father, Cao Ren from his grandfather.


Cao Chun Cao Ren's younger brother.

Cao Cao Wei Wu Di, Cao Ren from his brother.


Cao Tai , Cao Kai , Cao fan


Cao Chu The son of Cao Tai.

Artistic image

Literary image

In the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms "When Cao Ren started his army in Cao Cao, Cao Hong They came together and joined Cao Cao in the battle of Dong. After levy, Yuan Shu, Lv Bu, Zhang embroidery Take part in the battle of Guandu, and make many achievements. Cao Cao settled down the north after he decided to go south, and Cao Ren's army attacked Liu Bei first, and tied eight gold lock array to enemy Liu Bei, but the tactics were defeated by Xu Shu, and thus failed; Fancheng was also taken by Liu Bei, Cao Renbai returned. After Xiahou Dun lost his fortune in Bo Wang Po, Cao Cao went to the South with his own army, and Cao Jen moved forward to Xinye as a striker. At that time, Liu Bei had moved out of Xinye's army and people. Zhu Geliang The fire meter rushed out of the city and was attacked by water in the White River, and its army was defeated. Since then, Cao Cao was defeated by fire in Chibi, and Cao led the army from Jingzhou. At the end of the battle of Chibi, Zhou Yu fought to win the battle against Jingzhou, and fought with Cao Jen, a guard in South County. Cao Jen used Cao Cao to cheat and lead Zhou Yu into the city. After that, Zhou Yu was defeated by the anti Middle East military officer. After Cao Rensui and Cao Cao, Ma Chao went west. Han Sui Calm down Hanzhoung and resist south. king of Wu in the Three Kingdoms Era After the attack, he was responsible for guarding Xiangyang. Battle of Hanzhoung Later, Guan Yu promoted Xiangyang and Fancheng, and Cao ran to Fancheng. After that, he ordered the crossbow to play arrows and shoot. Guan Yu The right arm. After Cao Cao sent for help, he finally solved the confining of Fancheng. Cao Pi proclaimed emperor Cao Ren as Sima. Battle of Xiaoting After that, Cao Renfeng and Cao Pizhi entered the camp, but they were beaten to death by Zhu Huan. They returned to Luoyang and died shortly afterwards.

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