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Cao Mao

Cao Mao (241 November 15th - 260 June 2nd) Zi Yan, Pei County, Yuzhou City. Anhui Province Bozhou City People, the Three Kingdoms period the Wei state of the Three-Kingdoms Period The fourth emperors (254-260 in AD). Wei Wendi Cao Pi Sun, Donghai Ding Wang Cao Lin The son of his son was promoted to the highest rank before the throne.

Jia Ping for five years (254 years). Sima Division Waste King Cao Fang Later, Cao Mao was established as a new prince as Cao Pi's living grandson. He was very dissatisfied with Sima brothers' domineering and domineering, and summoned five years (260 years) of mandew. Wang Jing And others said to them Si Ma Zhao The heart is known to the passers-by, "and personally beat the horse. The matter is released, Cao Mao is Jia Fu Instigate Cheng Ji Killing is only 20 years old. After death, he was discarded as a common man. He was buried in Northwest Luoyang.

Cao Cao is good at poetry and writing, creating a nine character poem. The article is handed down. Combination of injury and soul "," Yan Zi theory And so on. A good Confucian scholar raised some questions on Confucian classics in Tai Xue, and wrote another "Chunqiu Zuo Shi Yin" (lost). Through painting, one is the first emperor to become a painter in China. Tang Zhang Yan Yuan " Famous paintings in past dynasties Cao Cao is a medium quality product.

Life experience

Cai Hui and Cheng Cheng

Cao Mao was born in the first two years (241 years). The first five years (244 years) were sealed. Tan county Noble townships. Jia Ping died in December two, when his father Cao Lin died. Jia Ping for three years (251 years). Sima Yi Suppress Wang Ling After that, all the princes of the royal clan of Cao Wei were placed in the city of ye for surveillance. Cao Cao was also transferred to the city of Ye. Cao was a good scholar when he was young. He was early in life and had the style of his grandfather Cao Pi.

Following the bulk

In the first year of Zhengyuan (254 years), Sima abolished Wei emperor. Cao Fang He intends to push the son of Cao Cao and the king of Pengcheng. Cao Ju For emperor, Cao Mao was Wei Wendi Cao Pi's Shu Changsun in the world and Cao Lin, the eldest son of the East China Sea. Guo Wei, who worried about Wei Ming emperor Cao Rui's offspring and seniority as a reason, insisted on the establishment of emperor Gao Cao, who was Emperor Wei Wei. In October 4th of the same year, he arrived at the basalt Museum of Mangshan, Beijiao, Luoyang. The group of Ministers invited him to live in the front hall. Cao said that the former hall was the first emperor's bedroom hall, and dared not go over the courtship, so he stayed in the Western chamber. When the Ministers greeted him with the gift of the emperor, he still disagreed.

On the five day, Cao Mao formally entered the capital of Luoyang. All the officers and men went to the west to Yemen. The Secretary said, "according to etiquette, you are the son of heaven, and you do not have to answer your courtesy." Cao said, "I am someone else's courtier at the moment." Then he answered the courtesy of the ministers. At the stop door, Cao also has to get off and walk like ch. Both sides are discouraged: "as usual, you can always go in by car." He said, "I am called by the empress dowager, and I am not sure what I am going to do now." Or get off the bus and walk to Taiji East Hall. The Empress Dowager met him there. On that day, he was officially promoted to the throne in the front hall of Taiji.

Cao Tsai said, "the three wise emperors of this dynasty are emperors. But Cao Fang, king of Qi, went on willfully and willfully after taking the throne. He did not follow the rites of law, and even lost the virtue of being a king. The Empress Dowager took the state as the most important and accepted the advice of the courtiers, and sent me to Kyoto to replace the king of Qi who lost his virtue. If I were young, I would be placed on top of many princes and courtiers. It really made people feel uneasy, for fear that they would not be able to follow the founding of the Han Dynasty, and accomplish the important task of Zhongxing Wei chamber and unified world. Fortunately, the central and Western officials gave me the support of the four sides to give me strong support with the help of the humerus stock. I can achieve the long-term stability of the country and achieve the goal of peace in the world by relying on the virtuous ministers of my ancestors. Listening to sages and saying that the people who are the masters of a country should be virtuous and thick like heaven and earth. Enze is everywhere in the four seas. It is based on caring and loving kindness for hundreds of millions of people in the world, showing that they are good or evil, and then set a good example for the people from the hundred emperors. Although I do not have too many benevolent virtuous, I can not understand this truth deeply. I just want to work together with all sages in this direction. The book of books does not mean: if the king gives Enze the people, the people will be deeply indebted and unforgettable. Then, amnesty, Cao Fangjia changed his name to Zhengyuan, and ordered to reduce the cost of emperor's carriage and harem, and to eliminate the useless things in court and government.

Juvenile ruling

In the first year of the first year of Zhengyuan (254 years) in October 7th, a group of servant officials around Cao Mao school came to China.

Around the world, we visited the emperor to understand the local people's worldly feelings, condolences to local officials and people, and to investigate whether there were any injustices or officials' dereliction of duty. Eight, awarded generals Sima Division Commanding the power of the national army and horses and the army inside and outside the capital, and making sure that the great generals do not have to walk in small steps to express their respect for the emperor. When they play the king, they only call the official posts without calling their names, and they can wear shoes and sabre. Thirteen days, Ye Cheng Huanglong appears in a well. On the nineteen day, Cao Tsai Li officials assessed the contributions of the courtiers in the process of abolition of the emperor, and rewarded them with varying degrees according to their merits.

Zhengyuan two years (255 years) on the twelve day of the first lunar month, the general of the town of Dong no Chu, Yangzhou history. Wen Chin The army began to condemn Sima. On the twenty-five day, the commander of the great generals, Sima, and the governor of Huainan, sought for Taiwan. After several fierce battles, Sima died in battle, and Wen chin fled to Sun Wu. However, in the war, Sima was shocked by eyeball of Wen chin and his illness was ill. Shortly after the "rebellion" subsided, Sima division was dying in Xuchang. He sent for Sima Zhao from Luoyang and told him, "I reckon I can't do it. You take over my grand army seal." Without saying that, Sima's teacher died. The news spread to the palace and Cao Mao was delighted. He realized that this was a good opportunity to seize power. So he went to Xuchang to make a letter. Fu "The six army is returning to Beijing". Court coup Unexpectedly, Sima Zhao saw Cao Cao's strategy, and he led the army back to Luoyang. As a result, Cao's plan fell to nothing. In order to avoid causing more serious trouble, he had to accept the established facts and make Sima Zhao a general. Since then, Sima Zhao has taken the sole power. A valuable opportunity to turn around was missed by Cao Mao.

Zhengyuan two years (255 years) February 12th, the general of Soochow Sun Jun The rate army is known as one hundred thousand open to Shou Chun. General Commander of town east Zhu Ge's birthday The rate Department responded, killed general Wu Zuo, and sent the news to Kyoto. In March, the queen Bian was appointed to amnesty. In April 3rd, he was the father of Bian Bian, the father of Bian. On the twenty-three day, Wang Chang was appointed general of the army. In July, Hu Zun, the general general of the eastern part of the army, commanding general general Zhuge to be the General Commander of the army. In August 2nd, the General Commander of the Western Sichuan Jiang Wei The rate division invaded Didao, Yongzhou governor. Wang Jing The leading soldiers met in Tao Xi and defeated, and had to retreat to di Dao Cheng. On the twenty-three day, the court appointed Chang Shui, a school Wei, and Deng AI, general of Anxi, and general levy. Chen Tai The troops are against Shu. In September 19th, he sent another Tai Wei. Si Ma Fu Rate of elite troops reinforcements.

Zhengyuan two years (255 years) in September 21st, Cao Mao finished his studies. Shang Shu "To the master of lectures." Zheng Chong Waitresses Zheng Xiao Tong They were rewarded separately. On the twenty-five day, Jiang Wei returned the troops to the Shu area. In October, Cao Mao said, "because of my youth and lack of benevolence, I can not suppress the tyranny of the enemy, so that the thief and the Tao defeated. Thousands of soldiers were killed in the battle, or they were thrown into the battlefield, and the evil spirits were hard to return, or they were defeated and captured and left in foreign lands. With this in mind, I feel deeply grieved. My heart is always mourning for those who died. It is now specially requested that the families of the fallen families, the peasants in the counties, and the two army guards, and their officials, be sent to their families to consolate them, give them a pension, and save their families from taxes and labor for a year. In the battle, the victims who fight heroically and heroically will be rewarded according to precedent, and must not be omitted. " In November 27th, in view of the successive military disasters in the four counties and the city of Jincheng, many people fled to the Shu area, and the families and relatives who remained in the homeland were in a state of fear. In December 16th, Cao said again, "some of our officers and men died bravely in the battle of Tao in the west a few months ago. Some of them were unwilling to be captured and drowned in Tao Shui, and no bones were left in the wilderness. I often feel sad about it. Today, the two generals of the West and Anxi were told to clean up the bodies of our officers and soldiers in the old battlefields and nearby rivers, and to bury them in order to comfort the dead.

Praise for Shao Kang

Cao Maochang and Si Ma Wang , Shen Wang , Bee show , Zhong Hui And other ministers in Taiji East Hall lectures and banquets.

Literary theory, also known as Pei Xiu, is "Confucian Lin father-in-law", Wang Shen is "Mr. Wen Ji", Sima Wang and Zhong Hui have their own names. Cao looked very anxious. He asked people to come and hoped to get there quickly. Because Sima looked out of the palace, he gave him a chasing car and five warriors. Whenever there was a rally, he gallop.

The first year of manna (256 years) February Bing Chen On the other day, Cao Hao invited the ministers in Taiji East Hall, and discussed the Xia Xia Kang and Han Gao Zu Liu Bang with the Confucian scholars. At first, Cao Mao and his attendant Emperor Xu Shang Shu Chu Chan , Yuan Liang , Chung Yu In the middle of the book Yu Song When we talked about the ceremony, we talked about the difference between emperors and kings. Cao Mao's admiration Si Shao Kang Then he asked Xun and others: "Xia has been decayed, killed, Shao Kang gathered in the summer, the achievements of the restoration of Yu; Gao Zu in the field in the crowd, driven by the handsome hero, to eliminate Qin, Xiang. Dominate all life These two sovereigns can be said to be all great virtuous men with special talents. Who should be ahead of their merit? "

Xun Yi and others replied: "the heavy weights of the country under the heaven are granted by the king, and the virtues of the sages follow the opportunity, so that we can accept the destiny and establish the foundation. As for the achievements of the former generation, it is different to re create the old achievements, create and attack. Although the merit of Shao Kang is good, it is still the king of ZTE, and the emperor of the Han Dynasty (emperor Guang Wu). reigned as Guangwu Di It's OK to mention it in the same breath. As for Han Gao Zu, Chen and others think he is superior to Shao Kang.

Cao said: "since ancient times, kings, deeds, deeds, speeches and deeds have their advantages and disadvantages. They are not necessarily good at starting a business. Although Tang, Wu and Gao were all ordered by heaven, the difference between sage and saint was very different. Shao Kang and Yin Gaozong ( Wu Ding The beauty of ZTE. Xia Qi and King Cheng of Zhou The prosperity of keeping the script, comparing the achievements of virtue to the Han Dynasty, and comparing it with the Han Dynasty, I saw that the former was long but did not hear the former. Shao Kang was born after the death of the country, and his status was reduced to a slave of the princes. He had to trek around and run away, and only saved himself. (but later) he could give his virtues and use his strategy. Finally, he destroyed and destroyed Da Yu. He succeeded in restoring his achievements, sacrificing his ancestors and offering sacrifices to his ancestors at the time of offering sacrifices, not losing old objects, but not great virtues. Han Gao Zu took advantage of the collapse of the Qin Dynasty and relied on the power of a moment. He made great achievements by virtue of his resourcefulness and force. Most of his actions violated the sage's law. As his son, he repeatedly put his father in danger. As a monarch, he was imprisoned by the wise prime minister. As a father, he could not protect his son. After his death, the country was almost extinct. If he interchanged with Shao Kang, he might not be able to revive the achievements of Dayu. From this point of view, we should take Xia Shaokang as a high figure and think Liu Bang is in the top. Ladies and gentlemen, discuss this carefully. "

The second day is Ding Si, and the lesson has been taught. Xun, Yuan Liang and others said: "in ancient times, the three generation of the state was founded, and the land was divided to govern the country. When they were in decline, there was no collapse of the situation. They could use morality to embrace the world and not conquer the world with force. Until the Warring States period, the law of the jungle is far away from morality, and only by means of resourcefulness. Sho Kang Bushi is a hero in benevolence, and Gao Zu is a hero in the wise by force. The difference between benevolence and wisdom is that the two sovereigns are quite different from each other. " Book of Songs " The Book of History Yin Zhongzong and Yin Gaozong are all listed in Elegance There are more than two lines of merit in sho Kang's performance. Shao Kang is better. It should be like what you said.

Cui Zan, Zhong Yu, Yu Song and others argue that "Shao Kang has accumulated benevolence and virtue, but has borne the Enze and happiness left by Dayu." Cold spell Evil does not bring virtue to the people, but not the people who are close to each other. Therefore, there are conditions for Shao Kang to have a state. As for the Han Dynasty, the rise of the people from the commoners and the mob led to the achievement of the emperor. The assessment of virtue is so much better than that of Kang, and the merit of the Han Dynasty is better than that of the Han Emperor.

Cao Tsai said, "Ai Qing commented that Shao Kang had created the capital from scratch, and indeed he created it. But you do not know that in the three generation of ancient times, it was so difficult to accomplish the task by virtue of virtue and virtue. Moreover, the most important is Li De, and the second is meritorious service. Han Gao's contribution is high, but it is not as good as that of Shao Kang. Moreover, benevolent people must have courage to kill the tyrant. They must use force. Only the ancient books in the Xia Dynasty were scattered, and the old characters were missing. Wu Jun Roughly stated the general situation, he said that it is not wrong to restore the achievements of Xia Yu and follow the ancestral industry of his ancestors. If we let the three grave and five classics remain behind, the deeds of Shao Kang are recorded in detail. Is there any objection? "

Speaking of this, the ministers were convinced. Zhong Shu ordered Yu Song to come forward and say: "Shao Kang is far away from the present age. There is no understanding of ancient Chinese prose. Therefore, critics have not talked about it since ancient times. Since you have learned from ancient times, you have passed through the past and the present, and you have also spoken good words, praised the excellence of Shao Kang, and made his brilliance shine in the long history. You should write down your words and become the eternal descendants forever.

Cao said: "my knowledge is not broad, I know it superficially and narrowly, and I fear that I am not right. Even if there is something worthy of adoption and material that is consistent with reality, it is still unworthy of attention. To record, I am afraid that I will bring jokes in later generations, and show my stupidity. So the servant Zhong Hui After retirement, the rating is recorded.

Discussion on Tai Xue

Manna In the first year (256 years) in April 10th, Cao Mao came. Tai Xue Ask the scholars: "the ancient sages were inspired by the gods, observing the heavenly principles and observing the human world, thus promoting the Yin and Yang eight diagrams. Later the sages developed into sixty-four hexagram, and pushed out a large number of them. But the name of the book varies from place to place. In summer, it was called Lianshan. Yin called it "Gui Zang", and Zhou Dynasty was also called Zhouyi. What is the book of changes?

Dr. Yi Chun Yu replied: "in ancient times, Fu Shi created eight diagrams based on the image of Emperor Sui, and Shen Nong evolved it into sixty-four hexagram. Since then, Huang Di, Emperor Yao and Shun emperor have changed each other, and the three generations continue to complement and perfect it according to the development of society. So the "easy" person is the transaction. To call it Lianshan is to describe it as if the mountain is huff and puff and connect the heaven and the earth; it is called "Tibet", meaning that everything in the world is hidden in it.

Cao asked again, "if Fu Xi is the founder of the book of changes according to the design of the Sui emperor, why did Confucius not say that Fu Xi after the Sui Dynasty made the book of changes? Chun Yu Jun could not answer it. Cao asked: "Confucius made a biography of the book of changes (" biography "and" biography "). Zheng Xuan wrote notes for the book of changes. Although they were sages of different times, they explained the meaning of Jing Jing in the book of changes ten times. Now, Confucius's "biography" and "biography" are not combined with the text of the book of changes, but are linked to Zheng Xuan's notes. What are the reasons? Chun Yu Jun said: "Zheng Xuan combined Confucius's biography with his own notes, which is probably easy to learn and understand.

Cao Maowen: "Zheng Xuan said that the combination of biography and annotation is to facilitate and understand the book of changes. Why did Confucius not combine his biography with Wang Jing's book of changes? Chun Yu Chun replied: "Confucius is afraid that his biography and the book of changes will cause confusion, so he did not do that. This shows that saints are modest.

Cao Maowen: "if a saint is modest, why is Zheng Xuan not alone?" Chun Yu Jun said, "the meaning of the ancient classics is very deep, and what you ask is so profound and profound. It is not a subject that I can explain clearly."

Cao asked again: "the Ci" in the book of changes says: "Huang Di, Yao and Shun fall down on clothes and govern the world." In ancient times, Fu Xi and Shennong did not have any clothes, and the sages were enlightened by virtue. Why are they so different? Chun Yu Jun replied: "in the ancient three emperors, there were fewer people in the world and more animals and birds, so the feather of animal skin was enough for people to wear. In the age of emperors, people became more numerous than animals, and people had to make clothes for different seasons. Cao asked again: "in the book of changes, dry represents heaven, and then it is gold, jade and old horse. Is that not the same as tiny things?" Chun Yu Jun said, "saints take their images, so sometimes they are far away and sometimes they are near." The nearest takes all sorts of things, far from the world.

After talking about the book of changes, Cao Mao ordered scholars to say "Shang Shu". He asked, " Zheng Xuan He said, "ancient times are the same as heaven. Wang Su said, "Yao Shun goes through the ancient road." The three meaning is not the same. Which one is correct? " Dr. Yu Jun replied, "first Confucianism has its own emphasis. It is not right for us to be a courtier. However, "Hong Fan" said: "three people divination, from two people's point of view." Since Jia, Ma and Wang Su thought that "Shun Kao Gu Dao" is, then according to "Hong Fan", Wang Su's view should be excellent.

Cao asked again, "Confucius said," only heaven is great, but Yao is the only thing. " The reason why Yao is good and beautiful is that he follows and refers to the providence and follows the ancient practice. Now we explore its meaning to define Yao's holy virtue, which is the author's meaning. Yu Jun replied: "ministers only follow the instruction of teachers, and do not understand the deeper meaning. As to how the two statements are unified, it also depends on their own judgement.

And then he talked about the four Yue Dynasty in Yao and Shun era. Cao Maowen: "as a monarch of a sage, we should have both integrity and integrity. Today, Wang Su said, "because Yao did not understand, he was tried." In this sense, saints have shortcomings in observing characters and considering problems, don't they? " Yu Jun replied, "although sages are very talented, they have their own limitations after all. So Yu said, "a good man is a philosopher, but it is very difficult for an emperor to do well." But Yao finally corrected his own mistakes and passed his throne to shun, so he was worthy of being a saint.

Cao said, "if there is a good beginning and a good ending, it can only be done by a saint; if a good beginning is not enough, how can we call it a sage?" Yu said that it was very difficult for emperors to run this matter well, but in the end, Yao emperor still abolished the unworthy people. The Scripture says that knowing a person is a sage and can choose a man of merit to be an official. If Yao is not sure about his moral character, how long can he be regarded as a sage after nine years of trial? Yu Jun replied, "I read the Scriptures," saints do not do anything wrong. So there are four fatal mistakes of Emperor Yao's credit, Gong Gong, Dou, Miao and so on. Zhou Gong misused the rebel ministers such as Guan Shu and Cai Shu, and Confucius made mistakes in dealing with the slaughter.

Cao Yao said: "Yao appointed water to control water for nine years failed to achieve results, instead of making the world's river a mess.

Bring pain and disaster to the people. As for Zhong Ni's mistake, it is a matter between the words and deeds of the prime minister, and is essentially different from Yao's mistakes. Speaking of the complex relationship between Zhou Gong and Guan and Cai Zhijian, it was recorded in the Shang Shu. As a doctor, you should know clearly. Yu Jun He said, "these things are not what the sages can say clearly, and it is even harder for them to study their merits."

Next, Cao Mao and Confucians explored the meaning of "the saying" Yu Shun Yu Shun "in the book of Shang Dynasty. Cao Maowen: "in the era of Yao's leader, the world was flooded, and four of them were in a state of abuse. At that time, it was urgent to select and appoint a wise monarch to rescue the suffering people. Shun had some influence in the society at that time, and people all over the world knew he was a virtuous person with benevolence, but he could not get reused for a long time. Why? Yu Jun replied: "Yao also consulted the four Yue to solicit the sages, and wanted to let his throne be sung. Four Yueh told him that if you pick a person who is not virtuous enough, you will dishonor your throne. Yao also recommended them to those poor and obscure sages, so they recommended Shun. Therefore, the main reason why Shun is cited by the four Yue Yue is Yu Yao. Yao is doing this to make everyone in the world satisfied. Cao Yao said, "Yao has heard the name of Shun and not promoted, but he has not reused some loyal ministers. At last, he only promoted the four Yue when he commended the poor and obscure sages." is it not that Yao is not eager to use the sages to govern the world to save the suffering people? Yu Jun shook his head: "this is not a question that fool ministers can answer."

Then Cao Cao also made scholars talk about the book of rites. He asked: "the book of Rites" says "too much Lide, followed by Shi Shi Bao". The same is to govern the world. Why are policies and means different? What methods and policies should be adopted to achieve the goal of establishing virtue and giving no notice? Dr. Ma answered: "the so-called" Tai Li Lide "means that the ancient emperors and emperors and emperors used their virtues to influence the people and govern the whole world. The so-called" second application "means that the later Yao, Shun and Yu era governed the world by etiquette. Cao asked again, "the two emperors in different times have different civilizing ways to the masses. Is this because of the conduct of the emperors themselves or the times?" Ma answered positively: "of course, they are the result of their respective times. Just like human development has primitive period and civilization period, so the emperors' enlightenment is naturally different.

In May of this year, the city of Ye and Shang Luo were called "manna", so the first year of June was changed to manna. In August 26th, the great general of the army, Sima Zhao, was the governor of the Dadu army. He was only presented to the government for his official name, but he was awarded the title of Huang Yue, who commanding all the army and horses in the country and the army inside and outside the capital. Twenty-nine, appointed Tai Wei Sima Fu as Tai Fu. In September, he appointed Szeto Gao as Tai Wei. In October, Feng Si Chong was a Szechwan, and Shang Shu left Yu Lu as Si Kong.

In two years (257 years) in May 1st, Cao went to the Sinology hall. Waitresses and waitresses, Chen Qian and others waited for their time when they wrote poems, and they took charge of the official training of cultural education. Cao said, "I am not a very smart person, but I am very fond of elegance. Today I let the ministers express their wishes, but I want to learn about the gains and losses of the political affairs. But you can't understand my intentions. This time we forgive him and others. From now on, all ministers should seriously study the meaning of ancient books and clarify the meaning of classics so that I will be happy. In May 5th, Zhuge launched the king of Qin in Huainan. He was in pursuit of Sima Zhao. He took charge of Cao Mao and Guo Tai's expedition to Huainan, and suppressed the birth of Zhuge in the following year.

In the three years (258 years) of September 4th, Cao Mao said, "respecting the virtuous old people and carrying out education, this is the ancient and lasting policy of Yao, Shun and Yu in the three generation. The court should recommend highly respected three eles and the five honors and give them high honor. They are constantly invited to give guidance to national affairs and political affairs, to record their moral deeds, and then the whole nation imitated them, so that they can receive enlightenment. Now we should find out the elderly with such benevolence and virtue as the candidates for the three elder and the fifth. Guan Wang Xiang in Guan Dynasty has always cultivated himself with benevolent and righteous standards and is gentle and gentle. Zheng Xiaotong, temperate, frugal and courteous in line, are all famous sages nowadays. The court decided to elect. Wang Xiang by county official in charge of culture Zheng Xiaotong is Five more " After the release of the imperial decree, Cao Chao personally courted courtiers and held appointing ceremonies in accordance with ancient customs.

Nine pieces of jade

Cao Mao felt very resentful at the weakening of his power. In the six night of five years (260 years) in early May, he was ordered to deploy Jiashi from mausoleum Li Zhao, Huang men from Guan Jiao Bo to Ling Yuntai. And summoned the attendant. Shen Wang The king of Shang Dynasty and his servants. the empire And said to them, "Sima Zhao's ambition is known to all the pedestrians on the road. I can't wait for the humiliation of being deposed. Today I will go out with you to beat him. " Wang said: "in ancient times, Lu Zhao had run away because he could not endure the monopoly of Ji's family, and had lost his country. Now that power has been in the hands of Sima Zhao for a long time, it is not a day for the court and the ministers of the four sides to work for him instead of the adverse ones. And the vacancy in the palace is very weak. What does your majesty rely on? And once you do this, do you want to get rid of the disease instead of making it worse? The scourge is perhaps unpredictable and should be restudied in detail. " Cao Mao then took out the yellow silk imperial edict from his arms and threw it on the ground. He said, "this has already been decided. Even if there is something terrible about death, it is not necessary to die." Then he went to the inner palace and told Guo Tai. Wang Shen and Wang Yepao went out to tell Sima Zhao to ask Wang Jing to go with them, but the king did not go.

Five years in early May, seven years in June 2nd (260 years), Cao Cao drew his sword and went to the Imperial Palace, led the palace guards and the servants to shout out of the palace. In the East, the car door encountered Cao Mao's line and met Sima Zhao's brother Tuen Qi. Si Ma And all the people, Cao Tsao's angry people scold them, and Sima Zhou's soldiers are scared away. Chinese guards Jia Fu From outside, he fought against Cao Tsai on the south side of the palace. Cao Cao himself fought with his sword. Everyone wants to retreat, Jia Jia Jun will be defeated, ride the governor to become the prince of the prince, and give up his family to help him. Jia Chong said, "Sima raised you guys just for today. There is nothing to ask about today's matter. " So Cheng Ji immediately pulled out the Long Ge and assassinated Cao Mao and killed him in the car. Cao die's fashion is less than 19 years old.

Sima Zhao heard the news, surprised, he fell to the ground on his knees. Tai Fu Sima ran past and cried Cao Cao's head on his leg. He cried and said, "Your Majesty is killed. It's my fault."

After death

After Cao Cao died, Sima Zhao entered the temple and summoned ministers to discuss it. Chen Tai, the left servant of Shang Shu, does not come. Emperor Xu Go and call him. Chen Tai said, "people say that my Chen Tai can compare with you. It seems that you are not as good as me today Chen Tai." But the children forced Chen Tai to go inside and outside, so that they had no choice but to enter the palace. When they saw Sima Zhao, they were very sad. Sima Zhao also cried to him and said, "what are you going to do with me, Xuan Bo?" Chen Tai said, "only if you kill Jia Chong can you be slightly sorry." Sima Zhao thought for a long time and said, "think of other ways." Chen Tai said, "I can only say these things, I do not know anything else." Sima Zhao stopped talking. Because of too much grief, he soon died of spitting blood.

Immediately, Sima Zhao threatened. Guo Tai Hou The purpose is to say: at the beginning, Cao Cao was in favor of "good books and sparse articles, but Ji Ji Ji". But he did not want to be "cruel and cruel, but the sun and the moon were very heavy." my empress dowager's several times of censure didn't work. Later, he talked with the general Sima Zhao that he wanted to abolish it. The general Army thought he was young and ignorant, but he could also carve it out and look after it. But I did not expect him to push his foot and shoot my palace with arrows and arrows. Dozens of times before and after I let the general army dispose of him, Cao Tsai knew that he even bribed my people to poison me. Later, when things were revealed, they would send troops to Nishinomiya to kill me. Fortunately, the General Commander knew in time, and he himself was mixed up among the soldiers and killed by the generals. This child is "rebellious and unwise, but has fallen into a great calamity". He should "dispose of the crime as a common man, and this child should also be buried with the people's rites". Because Cao Mao was deprived of the emperor's title after his death, his number during his reign was a year of noble townships.

Tai Fu Si Ma Fu The grand general, Sima Zhao, and Gao Wei, such as Gao Rou, and so on, said that they thought that Wang Lizang could be taken by Gagan, so they buried the noble village in the northwest of Luoyang thirty miles. When we get off the train, we do not set up a flag, and the people gather together. Or to weep and be sad.

Shortly afterwards, Sima Zhao killed the Cao Jing's confidant king with the excuse of "abetting the holy ones" and "alienating heavy ministers". The author of Wei Shu, Wang Shen (Wang Changzhi's nephew), died of the first meritorious service because of the whistle blowing. Because of the two thousand days in which he lived in peace and peace, he had been killed for more than 20 days. Cheng Ji The three generation, the Cheng Ji brothers did not plead guilty, ran naked to the roof, swore at Sima Zhao, and was shot by a sergeant from a confused arrow.

Historical evaluation

General comment

Although Cao Cao had not been successful, he did strive for a few percentage points with one hundred percent effort. Under the threat of political humiliation and death, Cao Cao had no weakness, humiliation and concession, but dared to face up to it and fight hard. In ancient China, there were few emperors who had similar experiences. He is an unambitious emperor and a worthy fighter. He has an arrogant personality. He has strong blood. In order to live up to the dignity of the emperor and to live up to the nobility of human nature, he is willing to fight against the cruel fate at the cost of life. With his heroic death, he won the dignity of the emperor and won the respect of the world. Better to die than to live in isolation.

Past appraisal

Sun Sheng " Wei's spring and Autumn Period "Gong Shen Ming Handsome De Yin Xuan Lang.

Zhong Hui Only with Chen Si, Wu Tai Tai.

Chen Shou The nobility and the wisdom of the wise and the wise, the good and the poor, and the wind of the emperor.

Stone bud (1) very people. Second, Emperor Wu's rehabilitation.

Liu Xie (1) few masters are still noble and elegant. (2) noble townships, though they are small, are very good.

Emperor Xiaozhuang of Northern Wei It is better to die as a nobler than to make a living.

Wang Bo The name of the noble township is more than enough, but the depth is not enough. Its great talent and broad vision, longitude and latitude, seek the number of kings, do not take.

Zhang Yan Yuan (1) Cao Gao's traces are Wei Gao. 2. The picture is called posterity.

Li Ye: when the picture of beauty is on the horizon, if Shen and ye do not speak as the classics, then they will succeed. They must be punished first. Wei Zuobi will not be tilting. Sima will also have no self.

Ye Shi Public age is fifteen and talent is just like that of Shao Kang and Jin mourning. Alas, alas.

Hu Sansheng The emperor has a strong ambition to do nothing, but he can not hide his anger.

Zhang Hui History is called Gao Hui CAI and Hui Cheng Cheng. He is good at asking Shang CI. Since ancient times, the last king of the world has been more refined. If Sui Yang, Chen and Tang are the two masters, they are the most beautiful. Deep into the classics, Mo is noble. There is no need to sigh for the learning of man and the Lord.

Zhou Shu Chang The emperor is impatient, and the letter is in evidence. After that, we must not suffer from impatience. With the emperor's talent, and keeping the time to hide, and diligently manage the picture, Wei Zuoqi can hardly afford to do so.

Li CI Ming (1) the nobility of the township government was written by the law, and the teacher was careful in his work. He was always mindful of his political affairs. He often used Xia Shaokang as his recite. After the three dynasties, he did not see much of it. He decided to ask Sima Zhao as a hero. The later generations saw their defeat, and said that they were gentle and gentle, which was the continuation of Lu Zhao Gong. I do not know that Chu Zhuang Wang's fighting pepper, uncle Sun Zhaozi's discussion of vertical cattle, Wei Xian Gong's discussion of Ningxi, Han Huan emperor's request for Liang Ji; at the same time, if Wu Jing Di seeks sun, then if the emperor of Song Dynasty is seeking Xu Fu Xie, Zhou Wu's emperor wants to protect Yu Wen, and all of them are risking their efforts to fight and die. The meeting of things will not happen at all times, and it will be the first thing to do. Later generations of people, who are tolerant of the noble matter of Lu Zhao, will be able to make a great deal of trouble and win a lot. Nobility speaks for itself, and death does not fear death. The two language is so intense that it is still alive to read thousands of times. 2. Noble and wise, eager to learn, see cruel and backward ministers.

Cai Dong Fan Wei master is bold and reckless. It is like Sun Liang, bright and unable to kill. Nan Guan's murder is not his own ear.

Lu Bi (1) if the nobility of the township is to keep a secret or avoid being a poison, it is far from admired by Shao Kang. (2) the nobility of the nobleness of the township government asked him well, and he became famous for his self narration and brilliant literary talent. They are being subjected to power and rape. They must be deeply jealous.

Li Dong Fang Cao Cao is more qualified to be emperor of Wei Dynasty than Cao Fang. Because he is another good example of Cao Jia's Guu Ca, which is well read. Cao Mao is a young man with high intelligence. Tha's "puzzled" and "doubtful antiquity" are better than those of Tang Dynasty. Liu Zhi Ji A few hundred years ago, maybe it was. Wang Chong Written by Heng Heng The influence. 3. Cao Cao unfortunately was born in a royal family. Otherwise, with his ability, a safe and comfortable university professor can definitely do it. He is also unfortunate and highly intelligent. Otherwise, if he is a muddle headed man, everything will be listened to by Sima Zhao, and Sima Zhao may be forgiven without death.

personal works


" suishujingjizhi It is recorded that Liang Dai still had four volumes of the noble Township official collection, which had been lost in the Sui Dynasty. There are also three volumes of the left and right voices in the spring and Autumn period. Zhao Yi Qing From " Classical interpretation "Zhuang 24 years" Liang Qiao Citing Cao's "side marriage opposition" in the spring and autumn Zuo's sound transmission, it is speculated that the Tang people may still have seen Cao's voice in the spring and Autumn period (see "Yan's family motto volume seventh"). ), and Historical records of the old Tang Dynasty There are still two volumes in the collection of noble townships. Yan Ke Jun All three kingdoms There are twenty-four articles, including "Fu", "Zhao", "theory", "Syria" and so on. Combination of injury and soul " "Self narration begins with Sheng Xiang" " Yan Zi theory " And so on. Guo Shan Bing There is "Cao Fang and Cao Huancao's collection of notes."


Cao Mao's poems have only two remaining poems.

One verse: the eastern expedition, the long expedition. There are thousands of boats and thousands of battalions in tun Wei.

Residual poem two: go with the wind and ride on Qi Yan.

Song Dynasty Yan Yu He thought Cao Cao was the founder of nine character poetry, but Cao Mao's nine character poems did not pass. According to the "Han Jin spring and Autumn Period", Cao Mao once wrote " Hidden Dragon poem One


"Zu two Shu Tu", "stealing plantlet diagram", "the Yellow River flow", "Xinfeng put chicken and dog pictures", "Ling Ling Zi", "Qian Lou couple map" and so on.


Public security in noble Township

After the founding of the Jin Dynasty, Jia Chong had a banquet with the royal banquet, and Yin Yu Chun of Henan was drunk and argued with Jia Chong. Jia Chong said, "your father is old, but you do not go back to your hometown, do you think heaven and earth do not see God?" Yu Chun said, "where is the noble Township official?" Jia Chong was ashamed and angry, and applied for the lifting of his post. Yu Chun also impeached himself.

To punish a minister by killing a ruler

Jia Jia said to Sun Hao, the last emperor of the Wu Kingdom, "what kind of punishment is it when you hear your eyes digging in the South and peeling your face?" Sun Hao said, "it is a punishment for him to be a courtier, but to kill his monarch and a dangerous, treacherous and disloyal person." After listening to Jia Chong, he was silent and ashamed, but Sun Hao did not change his countenance.

Jin Zuo must not be long-term

During the Ming and Jin Dynasties, Wang Dao , Wen Hui The reason why Jin Ming emperor asked Emperor Wen Ming how to unite the world in the past generations. Wen didn't answer. For a moment, Wang Dao said, "Wen is young, and he is not familiar with this paragraph. Please allow his minister to explain it to his majesty." Wang Dao told them one by one. Sima Yi When we start our business, we kill our reputable families and cultivate and approve of them. Si Ma Zhao In the later years, he killed the noble village. After hearing this, Emperor Ming Ming hid his face on the bed and said, "if you say so, how can the Jin world last long?"

Family members

Family background

· Grandfather: Wei Wendi Cao Pi

· Grandmother: official rank for ladies in the imperial palace Chou Shi

· Father: Donghai Ding Wang Cao Lin

· Brother: East Sea King Cao Qi


· Empress Bian , Bin Ping Great granddaughter Bian long In the two year (255 years), she became Queen. The murder of noble townships is the last thing.


· Cao Ba Later, Tang Xuanzong, the painter of the Cao age, was able to draw good works, officials to left generals and Du Fu. Dan Qing Yin "And" Wei Tsai, general of Cao Cao, painted Ma Tu. The two poem expresses its admiration for its art of painting.

· Cao Xueqin (Cao Cao's sixty-four generation grandchildren) )

· Cao Zhu Yi (Cao Cao's seventy generation grandchildren)

Artistic image

Literary image

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The novel "later Han Dynasty romance"

Film and television image

1994 TV drama "Romance of the Three Kingdoms": Ji Chen Mu plays Cao Mao.

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