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Cao Bin

Cao Bin (931 - 999 years), Zi Guohua, really decides Lingshou (now Hebei). Northern Song Dynasty The founding fathers.

Cao Bin is the queen of the Zhou Dynasty. Guo Wei The nephew of imperial concubine Zhang. Post Zhou Shizong At that time, he gave instructions to the imperial edict. Wu Yue The officials were introduced to the government. Cao Bin was strict in governing the army, especially in military discipline, and was influenced by Song Taizu. founder of the Song dynasty Trust has contributed greatly to the unity of the Northern Song Dynasty and the neutrality of war. In two years (964 years), chin Tak took part in the attack. Later Shu It is famous for its no killing. Kai Po seven years (974 years) led the army one hundred thousand attack. the Southern Tang dynasty The next year, Jinling. He also decided to cut down the north and attack the Liao Dynasty. Privy Council Chief Executive in late Tang Yongxi three years (986 years). emperor taizong of song The three way is to attack Liao, and Cao Bin is the main commander of the East Road. He was forced to withdraw from the army because of the lone army. Battle of Qi Gou Guan The defeat led to the collapse of song army, and was reduced to the right general. Then resume Waitresses , Wuning governor emperor song zhenzong After his accession to the throne, Cao Binfu was appointed as the Privy Council.

In two years (999 years), Cao Bin died in sixty-nine. Confer posthumously Zhong Shu Ling The king of Jiyang, the posthumous title "Wu Hui".

Paul Mauriat's History

Be modest and modest

Cao Bin's father Cao Yun, Ren Chengde army, knows all the soldiers and horses. When Cao Bin was one year old, his parents put all kinds of toys on the table to see what he took. Cao Bin took the right hand in his left hand and grabbed the beans on his right hand. After a while, he took one side of the seal. Cao Bin was very generous after his senior years.

Later Han Dynasty Qian You During the year, Ren Chengde tooth will. Cheng De Jun Jie Jie Wu Xing De When he saw that he was careful, he pointed to him and said to the people around him, "this man is ambitious and talented, not ordinary."

Cao Bin's Aunt Zhang was married in the Han Dynasty. Guo Wei ( Later Zhou Dynasty ) Guang Shun In the first year (951 years), Guo Wei established himself as emperor. Later Zhou Dynasty Regime, Zhang was named princess. Guo Weizhao and Cao Bin returned to Beijing, under their adopted son. Chai Rong ( Post Zhou Shizong In the army, and from the guard of yuan yuan, he served as an official and became a river. Metropolitan prison In the middle of the river Wang Ren Hao Because of Cao Bin's special status, he was very courteous to him. Instead of being arrogant, Cao Bin was more respectful. When he held a banquet, the government held a heavy attitude and never looked at it. Wang Renhao said to the officials: "I think I have been slacken from morning to night, so I can feel my dispersion when I see the guards being strict."

Virtuous virtue In three years (956 years), Cao Bin was converted to Tongguan. military inspector He was promoted to the west gate.

In five years (958 years), Cao Bin was ordered to give orders. Wu Yue Kingdom When he completed his mission, he returned immediately and refused to accept the gift of Wu Yue. Wu Yue sent a man to take the property to him by boat, and Cao Bin repeatedly refused to accept it. After a while, he said, "I refuse them at last. It's a close invitation." So accept. After returning to Beijing, he registered all these properties and sent them to the government. Chai Rong forced him to give it back. Cao Bincai thanked him for it, and gave it all to his old friends and relatives.

Later, Cao Bin went out to Jinzhou. Troops and horses One day, Cao Bin sat with the chief General and guests in the field. When they met the neighbors, they would ride with their letters. The envoy never knew Cao Bin, and secretly asked, "who is Cao Jianjun?" He was identified by Cao Bin. The messenger thought he was deceiving himself. He laughed and said, "where are the close neighbors of the state and the people who wear a robe and sit in a simple bed?" After half a day's observation, the messenger believed that it was Cao Bin. Post promotion Importing

Be lucky to be transported

Original, Check the front of the hall. founder of the Song dynasty ( Emperor Taizu of Song The soldiers are very powerful. Cao Bin is impartial. He never visits a public office. He seldom takes part in social banquets.

Jianlong In two years (961 years), Cao Bin was recalled from Pingyang. Zhao Kuangyin said to him, "I used to want to be close to you in the past. Why do you always alienate me?" Cao Bin kowtow and apologized, saying, "I am a close relative of the Zhou family, and I am appointed to the post of the palace. I am upright and official. I am afraid of mistakes. Where do I dare to commit myself?" Zhao Kuangyin gave him the opportunity to save the province. Wang Quan bin , Guo Jin Led the cavalry to attack. Northern Han Dynasty Leping county ( Xiyang, Shanxi today ), the enemy dropped Wang Chao, Hou Barong and so on one thousand and eight hundred people, captured the enemy more than 1000 people. Soon the thieves would join the army in reinforcements and defeat the enemy in the three battle. The court was changed to Leping to build it. Ping Jin Jun

Qian de In the first year (963), Cao Bin was elected general Zuo Shenwu. The next year, song army conquered Liao state. The northern Han Dynasty wanted to recover Liao state by Liao army, and the sixty thousand cavalry of liaojun to attack the Ping Jin army. Cao Bin and Zhao Yi Jun Jie Jie Ji Shun Li The sixty thousand troops were fighting against the Allied forces in the city. Shortly afterwards, Cao Bin served as the Privy Council. Tenet

Even the two countries

· After Shu Ping

In the two years (964 years) of Qian De, Zhao Kuangyin struck down. Later Shu Liu Guangyi was appointed. Namely Liu Ting Rong Cao Bin was appointed Deputy Director for the former army of the state camp. All the counties in the gorge were conquered, and all of them wanted to show their desire to kill through the slash of the city. Only Cao Bin had ordered his men to converge. Zhao Kuangyin heard that the underground edict awarded him a prize.

After the destruction of the Shu Dynasty, the former army of the Xichuan camp was deployed. Wang Quan bin He waited day and night to feast his eyes, and he did not sympathize with the sergeants, and his men kept fishing. Cao Bin repeatedly asked the class teacher, Wang Quanbin and others did not listen. Soon, later Shu would be old. All teachers and men And others gathered in the army to make up one hundred thousand people. Cao Bin and Liu Guangyi also defeated the enemy troops in new ways, and finally settled the chaos of Shu.

At that time, Zhujiang took more children and women, but Cao Bin had only books and clothes in his clothes. After returning to Korea, Zhao Kuangyin handed Wang Quanbin and others to the law department to punish him. He believed that Cao Binqing was honest and well appointed. Yi Cheng Jun Jie Jie Cao Bin went to court to see Zhao Kuangyin. He declined to say, "all the officers and men in the West were punished. I was granted a reward alone. I am afraid I can not express my exhortation." Zhao Kuangyin said, "you have great merit, and you do not boast of your merits, even if you are a little bit wrong. Ren Fu Wang ( One of the generals of Shu Shu Where is it worth mentioning? I don't have to give up to enforce the exhortation minister's loyalty to the common rule of the country.

· Northern Han Dynasty

In six years (968 years), Zhao Kuangyin sent Li Jixun and his guards to command. Party advance The equal rate army cut down the northern Han Dynasty, and Cao Bin served as the former army commander. Cao Bin defeated the Han Army in the cave whirlpool, decapitated more than 2000, and captured many northern Han soldiers.

shake out dice In two years (969 years), Zhao Kuangyin prepared to go to the northern Han Dynasty, and appointed Cao Bin as the former army supervisor. Cao Bin stationed in the army valley. Southeast Qixian, Shanxi Chen Tingshan, general leader of the northern Han Dynasty. He also fought against the North Han Army in the south of Taiyuan and approached ho bridge, winning more than 1000 horses. When Zhao Kuangyin arrived, Cao Bin had set up a camp on all sides, and he was in charge of the north.

Kai Po six years (973 years), Cao Bin promoted to Calibration Tai Fu


Kai Po seven years (974 years), the court prepared to crusade. the Southern Tang dynasty In September, Cao Bin received instructions from imperial edict. Li Han Jun , Tian Qin Jie Go ahead Jingnan Warships, Pan Mei Led the infantry and set off. In October, the imperial decree appointed Cao Bin to deploy the horse March army warship on the Southwest Road of Sheng state. Chizhou Continuously conquering two counties in Dang Tu and Wuhu, stationed in Quarry In November, a floating bridge across the great river to cross the force. The army of the Southern Tang Dynasty broke out in December. Egret Island ( This is the west gate of Nanjing, Jiangsu. )

Kai Po eight years (975 years), and in the new Lin Gang broke the Southern Tang army, in February, the army stationed. Qinhuai In the Southern Tang Dynasty, about one hundred thousand people in the southern and Tang Dynasties were defeated by the army in the Southern Tang Dynasty, killing and capturing more than 10000 enemies. After the construction of the floating bridge, Song Jun sent troops to resist in the Southern Tang Dynasty, and defeated the Southern Tang Dynasty in Bailu Zhou. From March to August, he defeated the enemy forces repeatedly and conquered run Zhou. Jinling City was surrounded by a total of three hours. The way of firewood cutting was cut off, and the Southern Tang army was defeated repeatedly. Li Yu Extremely critical, sending his minister. Xu Hyun Zhao Kuangyin sent a table to the court and begged for a cease-fire.

Before that, the song army was arranged into three villages, and Pan Mei was guarding the north, drawing the war situation to Zhao Kuangyin. Zhao Kuangyin pointed to the North Zhai and said to the envoy: "the Southern Tang Dynasty must dispatch troops to attack at night. You hurry back and order Cao Bin to dig the ditch quickly to consolidate his position and not to fall into the enemy's tricks." When the deep trench was dug up, the Southern Tang army came to attack at night. Pan Mei led his troops to resist the new ditch and defeated the Southern Tang Dynasty. When playing the War newspaper to the court, Zhao Kuangyin said with a smile, "so it is."

In the long besieged city, Cao Bin often slowed down and hoped that Li Yu would surrender. In November, Cao Bin sent a message to him: "this is the case. It's a pity that the people of a city, if you can surrender, is the best policy." When Jinling City was about to be conquered, Cao Bin suddenly felt ill and did not deal with affairs. Cao Bin said, "my disease is not cured by medicine, but as long as all the people sincerely swear that the day of the city is not killed, it will automatically heal." All will promise to burn incense together. The next day, he claimed to be slightly better. Another day, Jinling City was captured. Li Yu and his more than 100 ministers went to the barracks for a crime. Cao Bin comforted him, received him with the guest of honour, and asked Li Yuru palace to change his clothes. Cao Bin sent only a few cavalry to the palace gate. His subordinates secretly said to Cao Bin, "if there is something wrong with Li Yu entering the palace, what should I do?" Cao Bin smiled and said, "Li Yu has always been weak and unable to be decisive. Since he has surrendered, he will not commit suicide." Li Yu's monarch and his ministers were finally saved, and from the beginning of their mission to the triumph, the soldiers were afraid of him and did not dare to act rashly. When he entered the palace, he called himself "to return to Jiangnan by law".

At first, Cao Bin commanded the army, and Zhao Kuangyin said to him, "after conquering Li Yu, you are appointed. Make phase " Assistant Pan Mei congratulated him in advance. Cao Bin said, "no, this action depends on the Print-Rite and the strategy of the court. What can I do for it? What is more to make it the best? " Pan Mei said, "how do I say this?" Cao Bin said, "Taiyuan ( finger Northern Han Dynasty "It's not yet settled." Back to Korea, hold Offering prisoners Ceremony. Zhao Kuangyin said to Cao Bin, "you were supposed to give your permission, but Liu Ji Yuan ( Emperor of northern Han Dynasty "No attack, wait for some time." After hearing this, Pan Mei peek at Cao Bin's smile. After finding out, he asked why he laughed, and Pan Mei did not dare to hide it. Zhao Kuangyin also laughed and gave Cao Binqian two hundred thousand. When Cao Bin retired, he said, "why do we need to make a difference in life?" Soon after, he was appointed. Privy Council Chief Executive in late Tang Checking, Tai Wei, Zhong Wu Jun Jie Jie

Xie Zan Bei Zheng

Taiping Xingguo The first year (976 years), Song Taizong Zhao Guang Yi Accession to the throne, plus Cao Bin. Ping Zhang Become Make phase Zhao Guangyi deliberated with the ministers on the northern Han Dynasty and asked Cao Bin Lai to ask: "Zhou Shizong and Tai Zhu ( finger founder of the Song dynasty (all). Northern Han Dynasty "Why can't we overcome it?" Cao Bin said, "when Zhou Shizong, Shi Yan Chao In the stone pass, the soldiers died, and the army was disturbed. So the troops were stationed in the liquorice area. They were caught in the heat and rain. Most of the soldiers were infected with diseases, so they stopped halfway. Zhao Guangyi said, "now I intend to levy in the north. What do you think?" Cao Bin said: "with the best soldier in the country, the North Han's solitary base is cut off and dried up. Why not?" Zhao Guangyi then decided to go out.

Taiping Xingguo three years (978 years), Cao Bin carry on calibration. Imperial College With Zhao Guangyi, the northern Han Dynasty was added. Waitresses Taiping Xingguo eight years (983 years), Cao Bin was Mo de Chao Framed, dismissed as commander in chief. More than 10 days later, Zhao Guangyi came to realize that he had been more and more generous in entering the kingdom of Lu.

Qi Gou Guan's defeat

Yongxi In three years (986 years), Zhao Guangyi edicts Cao Bin to lead the army and the army of the former army marching in the Yu Zhou camp, and to go along with the northern expedition of Pan Mei and others. In March, defeated the Liao army in Guan, conquered Zhuozhou, the reinforcements came to reinforcements, and Song Jun defeated the reinforcements in the south of the city. In April, and Mi Xin Together defeat the Liao army in the new city, killing two hundred enemies. In May, Cao Bin waited. Battle of Qi Gou Guan Defeated in the middle, retired to Yizhou and faced the camp of Yi Shui. Zhao Guangyi heard that he quickly dispatched the generals to divide the troops and guard the border towns, so that the northern expedition would be returned to the north.

Before that, Message map Zhao Guangyi and others said: "Qidan Lord ( shengzong "Young, maternal dictatorship, ministers favor the use of things, please take advantage of its calamity, take the game of Ji." He sent Cao Bin and Yan Jin Cai Mi shun from Xiong Zhou. Today's Hebei Xiongxian ) Tian Jin Jin Flying to fox, Pan Mei started from Yan men and dispatched together. Zhao Guangyi will tell Cao Bin when he starts, "Pan Mei first goes to the clouds, and the two states, and you will take the one hundred thousand states to claim you. Today's Beijing But we must not be greedy for utilitarianism. When the enemy heard that the army had arrived, the army would have saved Yang and had no time to save the mountain. Soon, Pan Mei's troops first attacked the world such as Huan, Shuo, Yun, Ying, and so on. The field began to move forward and captured fox, Lingqiu and Weizhou. Many of them came to harm the mountain. Cao Bin also attacked the state and county again and again. Every time the memorial arrived, Zhao Guangyi was surprised that Cao Bin had marched too fast. When Cao Bin was stationed in Zhuozhou, he ate for ten days, so he returned to Xiong state to replenish food and grass. After hearing, Zhao Guangyi said, "where is the enemy in front of us, it is a mistake to turn back the army to replenish the grain and grass." He sent the envoys in advance to stop him from moving forward and let him lead the army along. Baigou River To join forces with michan, to keep up with the army and to keep up the strength of the Western army. After Pan Mei and others took over the mountain area, he joined the field and joined forces to the East. At that time, Cao Bin's general staff heard that Pan Mei and Hetian had rebuilt their military skills repeatedly, but they could not take any action with their heavy hands. Cao Bin had no choice but to take food and grass to attack Zhuozhou again. At present, the Qidan army was at a time when the weather was hot, the sergeants were sleepy, and the food and grass were about to run out. Cao Bin hurriedly withdrew, and the army was in disorder.

Cao Bin and others returned to the imperial court. Chancery Interrogation, Hanlin bachelor Jia Huang Zhong And other punishes, Cao Bin and others confess against the law. Loss of temperament Sin. In turn, Cao Bin was demoted to the right general.

Starting from the real

Yongxi four years (987 years), Cao Bin was used for Waitresses , Wuning military command

Chunhua Five years (994 years) Ping Lu Jun Jie Shi.

Up to the road Three years (997 years), Song Zhenzong Zhao Heng Ascended the throne, resumed Cao Bin's position in the imperial examinations. A few months later, Cao Bin was recalled to the court and served as a privy officer again.

Died of illness

In two years (999 years), Cao Bin was ill. Zhao Heng himself visited him, took his medicine and gave him platinum.

Zhao asked Cao Bin about his funeral. He answered, "there is nothing to be played by the minister. The two sons of the minister. Cao can , Cao Wei Only then can he be appointed, Minister if Internal lifting They are all capable of being appointed. " Zhao Heng asked them who was superior or inferior. He replied, "Cao can't be as good as Cao Wei."

In June of the same year, Cao Bin died at the age of sixty-nine. Zhao Heng himself cried and paid a sacrifice. When he told Cao Bin about the ministers, he must shed tears and cry. In the middle of the book, the prince of Jiyang Posthumous title It is "Wu Hui", and gives his wife Gao Shi as the wife of South Korea; he appointed his more than 10 family members, family members and pro school officials as officials. Later, Cao Bin was given many copies. Imperial College , Chief Imperial Secretary They are tired of King Ji and Lu Wang.

Main achievements

Cao Bin was strict in governing the army, especially in military discipline, and was influenced by Song Taizu. founder of the Song dynasty Trust.

Southern Tang Dynasty Kai Bao seven years (974 years), Cao Bin as the commander in chief, the rate of water army one hundred thousand South levy. The next year, kking Ling died. the Southern Tang dynasty

After attack Two years (964 years), Song Dynasty two roads. Later Shu Cao Bin and Liu Guangyi ( Namely Liu Ting Rong The county of Lian Ke gorge is famous for its no killing.

Levy North Han Dynasty : Jianlong Two years (961 years), Cao Bin and Wang Quan bin , Guo Jin Wait for conquering Northern Han Dynasty Leping county ( Xiyang, Shanxi today He defeated over three thousand enemy troops and broke up the North Han reinforcements. Qian de In two years (964 years), the northern Han introduced sixty thousand cavalry to attack the Liao army. Ping Jin Jun ( Leping County ) Cao Bin and Zhao Yi Jie Jie Ji Shun Li The equal rate army sixty thousand met the great leader of the Liao army. In the past six years (968 years), Cao Bin used to be the leader of the army in the north of Li Jixun. The next year, Zhao Kuangyin went to the northern Han Dynasty, and Cao Bin took the lead. Southeast Qixian, Shanxi Chen Tingshan, general leader of the northern Han Dynasty. And then encircled the capital of the northern Han Dynasty, Taiyuan. emperor taizong of song Zhao Guang Yi After his accession to the throne, Cao Bin praised the northern expedition. Taiping Xingguo In three years (978 years), Taizong took the northern Han Dynasty and conquered Taiyuan.

Felling Liao state Yongxi three years (986 years). emperor taizong of song The three way is to attack Liao, and Cao Bin is the main commander of the East Road. He first broke the Liao army in Guan and other places, conquered Zhuozhou, but eventually, because of the lone army's advance and the army's lack of food, the withdrawal of troops was achieved. Battle of Qi Gou Guan Defeat led to the collapse of song army.

Character evaluation

General comment

Cao Bin was a man of kindness and kindness, never in the imperial court, nor in other people's faults. After the Crusade, the Shu and the Southern Tang did nothing. Being equal to others is not different from others. When encountering a scholar bureaucrat on the road, he must evade the vehicle and do not address the name of the official. The government officials must talk about their affairs first. As an official, the salary is allocated to the clan without surplus products. After settling back to Shu Dynasty, Song Taizu calmly asked the good and evil of the officials, he replied, "beyond the military administration, I should not smell it." Repeatedly asked him, he only recommended transport for the army. Shen Lan Clean ends are available. When he knew about Xuzhou, he had an official who had committed a crime. He had closed the case, and only a year later he beat him. People did not know why. Cao Bin said, "I heard that this man had just married a daughter-in-law. If a stick hit him, his parents would think that he was a daughter-in-law husband, and whipped and insulted her on the night, so that she could not live. So I was slow to punish, but there was no law. " After losing the law in the north, Zhao Chang Yan The above table requests him to enforce military law. When Zhao Changyan came back from Yanan, he was impeached and could not see Song Taizong in the palace. Cao Bin asked Song Taizong for him at the slaughter house, allowing Zhao Changyan to see him.

Past appraisal

founder of the Song dynasty (1) do not deceive his master, only Cao Bin. 2. I have to be a man.

Zhao Heng The generals of the Republic of China can be self reliant, not to fall behind, but (LI) and Cao Bin.

Ren Fu Wang Clear and modest, not afraid of his Majesty's Messenger, but Cao Bin alone.

Lee Chung Ying The benevolence of benevolence and benevolence is not clear. Expo is hard to remember, beautiful talk, plain clothes, and the same Confucian. You can't accumulate money. Cutting two countries, autumn is nothing. The same position does not differ from others. Those who make their doors are all names. The next official is not a champion. There is a wide range of bloomer and a good mood. In the name of the first prize, the emperor really praised his famous virtues.

Song Jie (1) Lu Wu Hui, Wang Zhixing, Gong Gong Meng Fu, and he is in charge of Dagon. To save the saints is the best. To catch up with the heart, Wang is very important. We must be modest and modest in our work. From Tai Tai, Song Zongchen. Today, let's talk about Wang's family. Second, we should be honest and sincere. Birds, Wu Shu Shu, help the world. Yi Liang, three saints, pawn for the elder, and seek out a tent. The flag is often overflowing, but the master is not respected. It's the first time to show your heart.

Tian Kuang Cao Ji and Wang Bin are lucky to be lucky. All of them will be able to compete for money and goods. With fear and fear, the Tang Dynasty returned to the capital, but the prison gate was returned from the official business of Jiangnan. And the reputation is prosperous, and the name is also favours. Every town is humble. In the case of the inspection department, the Ministry of inspection, though the location of the prefecture and the province, is also far from the left. The messenger sees it without fear.

Ou Yangxiu : Cao Wu Hui Wang, a famous national champion, has a great success in the field of meritorious service.

Tao Bi : search for four soldiers to solve the king's binding, and teach sons three ascends the general altar.

Wang Tao Cao Bin, Pan Mei Tong Wang Ping Nan. Two, we will know that soldiers are good at fighting.

author of the history Zizhi Tongjian Cao Shizhongbin is a man of mercy and forgiveness.

Wang Po Zhi Cao Ji and Wang Bin, the former and the handsome teachers took charge of the four kingdoms: Jiangnan, Xichuan, Guangnan and Hunan.

Wang said Cao, Pan Erwu Hui, with all the generals and materials, generals and generals, flee four grams, Le Gong Di Ji. But the buck is honest and thick, and the vows will not be killed, and the king will be able to cut down. The father and son are equipped with the food temple.

Wanli Yang In this dynasty, Wu Wu is entitled to the emperor's ancestor, and Mu Mu is a member of Ren Zong. Han Zhong is dedicated to Ying Zong. Father and son deserve to be enjoyed.

Huang Zhen The four countries of lower Jiangnan, Shu, Guang and Hunan have never been killed. Naturally, Yi Zu, with benevolence for the world, Jed, Takemegumi Nosuke. In all his life, he did not know how to call him, although he could not bear to hurt his life. The three prizes can be awarded to the three armed forces.

Liu Qing Zhi Cao Bin is loyal and generous.

Luo Da Jing (1) Han only Zhao Fu Guo Tang Weiyi Wang Zhong Si The only Cao Bin in this dynasty has three generals. (2) as for Cao Bin Zhi Ping Nan, his work is not too thin, but it makes him divide, and ends up grudges and ends up giving money to millions. The husband of emperor Tai TSU will not be satisfied, but Cao Bin will not be satisfied. The British and royal friends are far from being aware of micro rights.

Building key : Art ancestor ( founder of the Song dynasty Takemegumi Noyuanhoon can not be praised. People think Wu Hui is a bear. He does not know how to use a soldier to do a good job.

Li Ye In the south of Jiangnan, no one should be killed. Uncle Fang , Summon tiger Yes. Han Han, Peng, Wei, Huo, regardless of.

Kublai Khan In ancient times, Cao Bin was the only person who took the southern part of the river.

Xu Heng The emperor will be his wing. It's a great atmosphere. The thunder goes out and the sky clears. No pity, no pity.

Liberation Cao Bin used his knowledge to know the Tai Zu. Living in a flat place, it can not bear to be hurt by the hundred insects. Wu Yue was sent to the government to give his money without knowing how to give him money. Two people ( Cao Bin and Pan Mei All the posthumous Wu Hui, both with the matching, two sons and grandchildren, can set up, enjoy wealth. And Guang Xian ( Ci Shengguang presented queen Zhang Huai ( Empress Zhang Huai After all, they are not accidental. A gentleman says benevolence is forgiveness and prudence. He can protect fame and honour.

Hu Zhu The Dragon sees and knows not its master. Under the high ambition, we should be thick and thick. Ping Wu Shu Shu, the most prosperous industry. Come to the right and end well.

Sun Cheng en Yi Mei Jiyang, benevolent and respectful. The general master is dedicated and the martial arts are competing. It is not fair to kill a righteous man. A generation of Yuan Rong, loyalty is faultless.

GUI you Guang Song Tai Zu was subjected to the five generation of war by Zhou Zhi Chan, which brought peace to the world. Zhao Pu Pan Mei and Cao Bin have their brains.

Li Ting Ji Cao Bin's chief soldier has no injuries.

Huang Dao Zhou Cao Bin is different from the others. Benevolence should be imposed on the masses, while honesty should be taken care of. Feng Zhao Shu Shu, the book self sealing. I am not proud of it, Kamika Ko. The south of the Yangtze River, the total army of life. When the city is threatened, it will suddenly become ill. Vow not to kill, but to attack. Li Yu pleads guilty. Let's make a difference. But if you get more money, you must be respected. If we wait for differences, we will eat the poor in the northern expedition. Before the performance, the position is good.

Zhu Shi In ancient times, the head of the state was in the same position as a general manager. Yi Zu Xing Xing, Wu Hui Jie Festival, between the military and military forces, to make a bow, not to spare time, but can be benevolence and forgiveness oriented. The rule of integrity is not only a matter of courtesy but also a bow.

" Song Hui manuscripts This father and son ( Cao Bin, Cao Wei Two people are worthy of meritorious service.

Aixinjueluo Sho In the Song Dynasty, when the battle of Liao Dynasty was cut off, everyone blamed Cao and pan on the two principles. At that time, why did the veteran army come to this army? I do not know that the two people have inherent evasions. The suspicion of Tai Chung nature, the battle of sorghum, the shame of abandoning the army, the old ministers of Cao and pan Xian, if they were to enter the state of yin and Zhou, would be avoided by Emperor Taizong. Two, he will know his meaning very well, so the teacher of Jiyang has arrived in Zhuolu, but he is eating in the anti Xiong state, though he knows the soldiers will not. And he did not know what to do. So did Pan Mei.

Zhu Wen Han Bingshi fought hard and attacked the city, crossing the unpredictable river.

Zheng Guan Ying In ancient times, the so-called "generals" were called "Confucianism," and "generals". Hanxin , Feng Yi , Wang Meng , He ho Bi , Li Jing , Guo Ziyi Cao Bin, Xu Da The general will also be raised.

Huang Peng It is to be quiet, to be generous, to be willing to take part in things, to manage the army for the festival, to be poor and not to steal, to be rich, not to overflow.

Cai Dong Fan Song Chu Jian will first be Cao Bin, followed by Mo Pan Mei, but bin is more modest, and wisdom and bravery are not enough. A brave man is not a wave, but a broken one is courage.


Tender law enforcement

During his command, Cao Bin served as a local official in Xuzhou. Once, a young official of his family broke the law, and the cases had been verified. But Cao Bin turned a blind eye to the matter and closed his eyes. Because Cao Bin has always been strict in law enforcement, and is strict with subordinates. He never indulged his subordinates, so everyone felt strange about it. He did not understand why Cao Bin was a peacemaker in this matter. But one day a year later, Cao Bin suddenly ordered the subordinate to catch up and beat dozens of boards, saying that it was a punishment for his crimes committed last year. The people even did not understand, and asked him, "since the man committed a crime a year ago, and it was verified at that time, why did he not punish it at that time?" Cao Bin explained: "a year ago, when the crime of this man was verified, I learned that he had married a daughter-in-law. If he punished him and beat him, his parents would think that the new daughter-in-law would be scolded and beat at night. The new daughter-in-law would also feel bad about himself. Therefore, I only deliberately left this case in a year's time to punish it. " Everyone listened to Cao Bin's admiration and praised him for his painstaking efforts in law enforcement.

Later status

Xian Ping Two years (999 years), August 25th. Hanlin bachelor's purport Song Bai And so on, Song Zhenzong Zhao Heng Imperial edict by Cao Bin and Zhao Pu worship along with Confucius Emperor Taizu of Song Temple Court.

Baoqing Two years (1226), Song Lizong Yun Zhao Picture twenty-four heroes are like Chao Hun court Cao Bin ranks among them.

Hongwu Twenty-one years (1388), Ming Tai Zu Zhu Yuanzhang Take the ancient and modern heroes thirty-seven people to enjoy Temple of the Past-Ages Emperors Among them is Cao Bin. to the Qing dynasty At that time, Cao Bin's statue was also invited to the temple of the emperor to become one of the forty-one courtier, sharing Royal sacrifices with emperors of all dynasties.

Kinship members


Cao Yun, from the official to the German army, knows the army and horses and seals the Wei king.


Gao is a Korean lady.


· Son

1. Cao can The official to the Heyang, the same as Ping Zhang, the posthumous Wu Yi.

2. Cao, married the king of Qin. Zhao Ting Mei The daughter of Xingping, the official to Zhao Xuan.

3. Cao Cao Official to Zuo Tibetan library deputy.

4. Cao Wei Officer to Zhangwu army JV, posthumous Wu Mu.

5. Cao, the official to the Shang Shu Be Toro, followed the king of Wu.

6. Cao, the official to the East.

7. Cao Tong From the official to the west gate.

· daughter

Cao, who married Xiangzhou defense, made Zhao Yue.

· Grandson

1. Cao Yi The son of Cao Tsao, officer to Yaozhou observation.

2. Cao Cao, the son of Cao Cao, went to the Imperial Army and Jisu, and he was in charge of the king of Jiyang.

3. Cao Fu, son of Cao.

4. Cao Cao, the son of Cao Tun, made the imperial city and the state of Jia defend.

· granddaughter

Ci Shengguang presented queen Cao, Cao Qizhi, Emperor Renzong of Song Queen.

· Great-grandson

1. Cao commentary, the son of Cao, the official to command and to make the most of the mission.

2. Cao Tsai, the son of Cao Cao, is an official to observe and make a decision.

3. Cao Shi, the son of Cao, married Song Renzong's daughter. Princess Dagon

Historical records

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