Canton Tower

Home Scenery 2018-10-12

Canton Tower is also known as Guangzhou new TV Tower, nicknamed little waist. Located in Guangzhou Haizhu District (Yizhou Island) near the Chigang Tower, 125 meters away from the southern bank of the Pearl River, and the Pearl River New Town, Huacheng Plaza, Haixin Sand Island across the river. Guangzhou Tata main body is 454 meters high, the antenna mast is 146 meters high, and the total height is 600 meters. China's tallest tower, the world's second tallest tower, after the Tokyo Clear Sky Tower, is the national AAAA tourist attraction.

Guangzhou Tower 168 meters - 334.4 meters with "Spider-Man Trestle Road", is the world's tallest and longest air walk ladder. The revolving restaurant is 422.8 meters away from the tower. It is the world's tallest rotary restaurant. Ferris wheel is at the top of the tower 450~454 meters, it is the world's tallest Ferris wheel. Antenna mast 455 meters to 485 meters with "extreme speed skyline" downhill amusement project, is the world's highest vertical downhill amusement project. The 488-meter antenna mast is equipped with an outdoor photographic viewing platform. It is the world's highest outdoor viewing platform, surpassing the 442-meter outdoor viewing platform of the Khalifa Tower in Dubai and the 447-meter "Sky Cover" of the Canadian National Television Tower.

Guangzhou Tower is subordinate to Guangzhou City Investment Group. It is constructed by Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Construction Group. The total construction area is 114054 square meters. It is completed in September 2009. It is officially opened to the public on September 30, 2010. Tickets are officially sold for tourists on October 1, 2010. Guangzhou Tower has five functional zones and a variety of amusement facilities, including outdoor viewing platform, Ferris wheel, speed skyscraper amusement projects, two sightseeing halls, suspended corridors, ladders, 4D and 3D dynamic cinema, Chinese and Western cuisine, exhibition facilities, shopping malls and popular science exhibition hall.

The 2011 Spring Festival Lighting Concert in Huacheng Square was held every night from February 13 to March 2. The concert is centered on Guangzhou Tower every half hour, with the night scenery of both sides of the Pearl River and the new central axis as the background. The concert joins the live music of Huacheng Square to perform large-scale city lighting performances and create a festival visual feast.

The Chinese name is "Canton Tower". Most of the world's TV towers are named after place names, and Guangzhou TV towers also need to be named after place names. Overseas surveys show that among pure foreigners, Beijing and Shanghai are the main cities in China, and Guangzhou is relatively unfamiliar to them. At times, Guangzhou is not known where in China. Therefore, the naming of the Guangzhou TV Tower is not only a naming problem, but also an important factor in spreading the concept of "Guangzhou" to the whole world.