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Cai Ze

Cai ze The birth and death are unknown. The Warring States Yan Guo Gang Cheng (today) Hebei All men are good at argument, wisdom, and lobbying. Cai Ze was in a desperate position to enter the Qin Dynasty. Fan Xie Recommended Qin Zhao Wang Ren Wei Xiang. Xiaowen of Qin , Qin Zhuang Xiang Wang , First Emperor of Qin The four dynasties served. After King Hui Wen, Qin Zhao was killed and killed. Eastern Zhou Dynasty A few months later, because of being attacked and afraid of being killed, he resigned from the meeting and sealed up the outline. During the more than 10 years when he lived in Qin state, he was sent to Yan state at the time of Emperor Qin Shihuang. Cheng Jun Gang stay Philosophy On the other hand, they tend to be Taoists and emphasize the idea of "success and retreat" of Taoism.

Paul Mauriat's History

Early experience

In his early years, Cai Ze traveled around the country to learn from teachers, and sought official positions for many large and small princes, but he did not get credit.

Once he asked Tang Ju Face to face, say, "I heard that Mr. Li Bi In the face of it, he said, "will you master the power of a country in one hundred days?" Tang Ju replied, "there is this." Tsai said, "what do you think of people like me?" Tang looked at it carefully and said with a smile, "Sir, Nose to nose Shoulders and forehead. flat nose , Bowleg I heard that saints are not in appearance, but they are probably gentlemen. Cai Ze knew that Tang Ju was joking with himself. He said, "wealth is what I had. What I don't know is the length of life. I hope to hear what you say." Tang Ju said, "the life span of a gentleman is forty-three years from now." Cai Ze smiled and thanked him and walked away. Then he said to his driver, "I am carrying rice and fat meat, driving the horse and cart, holding the golden seal, and wearing purple ribbons, which is respected in front of the people and enjoying Rong Huafugui. Forty-three years should be enough." Then they left Yan to come. Zhao But it was chased by Zhao. Go The Republic of Korea , Wei On the road, a robber took away his cooking utensils and so on.

Wisdom and argument

Cai Ze heard Ying Hou Recommending Zheng An Ping and Wang Ji All in the Qin state A great crime should be committed. Fan Xie Ashamed, he could not lift his head. Cai Ze came westward to Qin Kingdom. Cai Ze is going to visit. Qin Zhao Wang First, send someone to speak up before the official. Yan state Cai Ze, a guest of insight, is a man of great intellect.

As soon as he sees the king of Qin, the king of Qin will put you in a difficult position and deprive you of your power. Hou should listen to these words and say, "I am familiar with the principles of the three emperors and the doctrines of the hundred generations. I can convince all of them that they are so clever and eloquent. How can this man embarrass me and take my place?"

So they sent for Cai Zelai. Cai Ze came in and made a bow to him. He was unhappy and waited for Cai Ze to see how arrogant he was. He then rebuked him and said, "you once threatened to take the place of me." Xiang Bang Is there such a thing? " Cai Ze replied, "yes." Hou said, "let me hear your story." Cai Ze said, "yo! Why do you know how to be so slow? In the spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the seasons change, and their missions automatically recede. Is it not a scholar's wish that all parts of the human body are strong, hands and feet flexible, ears can hear clearly, eyes can see clearly, and minds are intelligent. Hou said, "yes." Cai Ze said: "benevolence is the foundation, justice is upheld, the right way is put forward, and we are committed to giving full play to benevolence, so that we can realize our aspirations in the world. All the people support and respect and admire him. They all want him to be a monarch. Is this not what the wise and wise people expect?" Hou said, "yes." Cai Ze added: "it is a glorious honor to govern all things, so that they can all be in their place; they live long and live long without a premature death; all the world inherits his traditions, sticks to his cause and goes on forever; the fame and reality are perfectly perfect; Enze has praised him for thousands of miles away from generation to generation for ever, and is as long as heaven and earth: is this not the result of carrying out the right way and giving full play to virtue, and what the sages say is auspicious and good?" Hou said, "yes."

Cai Ze said, "as far as Qin Dynasty is concerned, Shang Yang , Chu state Of Wu Qi , Yue Guo Doctor record type Can their miserable ending be envied? " When Cai Zeyao knew that he had blocked his mouth with these words and persuaded himself, he deliberately quibble, "why not? That Gong sun Ma Serving affairs Duke Xiao of Qin In life, there is no ambidextrous, and no one cares about itself for the public, and the sword and sawning torture is used to forbid the treacherous and evil. In reality, we reward the punishment to achieve the national peace; reveal loyalty, show the true feelings, suffer the resentment and accusation, deceive the old friends, catch the Wei Gong Zi ang, make the state of Qin stable, and the people gain profits. Finally, we will catch the enemy for the Qin Kingdom, destroy the enemy troops, and exploit the Xinjiang city which is thousands of miles away. Wu Qi King Dao of Chu So that the private can not harm the public, and the bad guys can not hide the loyal ministers. They do not agree with each other, do things without restraint and protect themselves, do not change their actions because of danger. In this way, in order to make the monarch achieve his hegemony and make the country strong, he must not evade calamity and danger. Doctor record type The king is still loyal and free from all kinds of hardships, even if he is humiliated and humiliated. Even if he is faced with the problem of subjugation, he will do his best to save and not leave. king of yue It is not arrogant to brag, but to be rich and not indulgent. Like these three gentlemen, this is the standard of moral justice and the example of loyalty and integrity. Therefore, the gentleman died for the sake of righteousness and death. The scholar should have the ambition of sacrificing his life to achieve fame, so long as it is for the existence of great righteousness, there is no regret even if he dies. Why not? "

Cai Ze said, "it is the great blessing of the world to be a monarch and a wise man, and a gentleman to be virtuous and able; a wise gentleman and a righteous official are the blessings of a country; his father's kindness, his son's filial piety, his husband's honesty, and his wife's loyalty are the blessings of a family. therefore Bi dry Loyalty is not guaranteed. Yin Dynasty , Zi Xu Many schemes cannot be preserved. Wu kingdom ; Shen Sheng Filial piety but Jin state during Spring and Autumn period Chaos. These are examples of loyal courtiers and filial sons, instead of national ruin and chaos. Why? It is because no wise father or wise father can listen to their voices. Therefore, people all over the world think such a monarch and his father are shameful and pity their courtiers and sons. Now it seems that Shang Yang, Wu Qi, and the scribe of the doctor are correct, and their monarch is wrong. Therefore, the world claims that these three gentlemen have made achievements, but they can not be rewarded. Is it envious of them not being dead by the king's observation? If we only use death, we can establish a loyal name. Neutrino It can not be called Ren Ren. Confucius We should not be called saints. Guan Zhong It can't be called a great person. Do people not expect to grow up? It is superior that one's own life and fame can be preserved. This is second class, which can make future generations follow the example and their own lives can not be preserved. Fame is humiliated and life is preserved. This is inferior. " Here, we should praise and speak well.

Cai Ze grabbed the gap of the so-called "good", and took the opportunity to say: "Shang Yang, Wu Qi, doctors, and their devotion to loyalty as a courtier, it is admirable. Hong Yao Serving affairs King Wen of Zhou , Zhou Gong Assist King Cheng of Zhou Is it not wise to be faithful? According to the relationship between monarch and minister, Shang Yang, Wu Qi and doctor's literature are admirable than those of Hong Yao and Zhou Gonglai. Ying Hou said, "Shang Jun, Wu Qi and doctor are not comparable to Hong Yao and Zhou Gong. Cai Ze said, "in this case, your people are benevolent, benevolent, loyal, loyal, loyal, honest, honest, and unforgotten. Their wisdom and wisdom are closely related to those who are able to understand Dali. Duke Xiao of Qin What about Chu mourning king and Yue king? When he answered, he said, "I don't know how." Cai Ze said, "now your Lord is close to loyal officials. King Dao of Chu You will be able to solve the danger, overcome the danger, eliminate the disaster, widen the territory, grow the grain, enrich the country, enrich the people, strengthen the power of the people, enhance the status of the country, show the noble of the royal family. No one in the world dare to invade and attack his own people. The power of the Lord overwhelms all the princes. The four sides of the sea are shocked by the power of the people, and the credit goes to thousands of miles away. The fame is brilliant, and the flow is endless. In these respects, how do you compare with Shang Yang, Wu Qi and doctor's literature? Hou said, "I can't match it." Cai Ze said, "now your Lord is close to your loyal official, and you will not forget the old love than Qin Xiao Gong, Chu mourning king and Yue King Gou Jian. Your achievements and trust and favor are not comparable to those of Shang Yang, Wu Qi and doctor. But your official rank is very high and your own family is over three of them, and you do not know how to retire. I am afraid you will be more disastrous than the three of them. As the saying goes, "when the sun rises to the center, it will gradually skew." When things develop to the height of prosperity, they will decay. This is the rule of everything in heaven and earth. It is a common sense for saints to keep pace with the changes of the situation. Therefore, "the political clarity of the state comes out as an official, and the political darkness in the country is left behind." The sage said, "Ming Jun is in office, and those who have deeds should be assisted to give play to their promises." "The riches and riches obtained by improper means seem to me like floating clouds." Now your revenge has been vengeance, Ende has already rewarded, satisfied, but no contingency plan, I secretly think you should not take this attitude. Besides, Kingfisher , Swan , Rhinoceros , Elephant The location of these animals is not not far from death, but the reason why they die is that they are confused by bait. image Su Qin , Zhi Bo That kind of resourcefulness is not a way to avoid humiliation and death, but the reason why they die is that they are confused by greed. Therefore, it is necessary for the holy people to make ritual laws, control desires, and collect property from the people. The use of the people should be controlled according to the season. Therefore, the mind should not be overly demanding, the action should not be arrogant and unreasonable, and everything will be strictly followed by the principle of etiquette and abstinence, so the world will continue to follow their cause and never break it. Once upon a time, Duke Huan of Qi For nine times, the league's rulers stopped the fight to make the world correct. Sunflower Hill At the time of the League meeting, he was arrogant and arrogant. As a result, many countries betrayed him. King Fu Chai of Wu The army is invincible in the world, relying on brave and strong and despising all the princes. Qi State Jin, finally killed by himself and destroyed by the state. Xia Yu A great cry can frighten the troops away, but finally they die under mediocrity. All these are the scourge that can not be returned to the conventional principles and can not be self restrained and self restrained. Qin Xiao's statute decrees all over the country, prohibiting the origin of evil and evil, advocating the system of rewarding the evil, rewarding the meritorious service, and punishing the right, the unity, the quantity and the quantity, regulating the commodity and currency circulation and so on, eliminating the crisscross fields, allowing the people to live in peace and common customs, encouraging the people to cultivate, and making the land benefit. A family does not operate two industries, and endeavors to grow grain in the fields, usually exercises military battle array. Therefore, the army can expand the territory, and the army can make the country rich if it is complete. Shang Yang is The success of the work resulted in the death of the car. The kingdom of Chu has a radius of thousands of miles, with millions of soldiers. White The army, which led tens of thousands of people, fought with Chu army, and conquered Yan and Ying for the first time. Yiling Ancestral graves, the second war was annexed in the south. Shu Han Area. Later, he crossed Korea and Wei to attack the powerful Zhao Kingdom and killed Ma Fuzi in the North pit. Zhao Kuo The army slaughtered about four hundred thousand people under the Changping City, blood flowing into rivers, blood and water roaring like thunder, and then besieged Handan, making the Qin state a king's cause. Chu and Zhao are powerful nations in the world, but they are the enemies of Qin. Since then, Chu and Zhao Guodou have yielded because of fear and dare not attack the Qin state again. He conquered more than 70 cities in his own right, but he finally succeeded. Du mail He was given a sword to commit suicide. Wu set up decrees for Chu mourning king to reduce the power of the ministers, to remove the mediocrity, to remove the mediocrity, to remove the useless, to eliminate the dispensable officials, to eliminate the patronage of the aristocratic aristocracy, to set the customs of the state of Chu, to prohibit the peasants from wandering freely, to select peasant farmers who could farm and fight, and to collect Yang Yue from the south, to annex Chen and Cai two small states to the north, and to uncover the useless arguments of the vertical and horizontal tactics. The work was completed, but in the end it was dismembered and died. The doctor's literary work foresighted the king of Vietnam and avoided the danger of being trapped in the fortified state of subjugation. He adopted the strategy of bending down and falling down to conspire to survive. He gained the glory of reunification by humiliating the monarch and his officials, reclaiming wasteland, recruiting vagrants to enrich the cities, opening up farmland, planting grain, and leading the people of all parts of the country to gather up and down forces. Gou Jian Such a virtuous King reported the hatred between the enemy and the enemy, and finally destroyed the powerful Wu Guo, making Vietnam a hegemon. He was praised for his achievements, but Gou Jian finally ungrateful and killed him. The four gentlemen, however, did not leave their official posts, but they were so miserable. This is what we mean by stretching and not bending. Fan Li Understand this truth, so he detached himself from worldly affairs and avoided worldly affairs. name of an immensely wealthy 5th-cent. B.C. ex-minister Haven't you ever seen those gamblers? Sometimes you need to make big bets and sometimes small bets. Now that you are the state of Qin, you do not have to leave your seat. Planning does not have to go out of the court. Sitting and commanding can control the princes, seek the land of three rivers, and expand the power to enhance. Yiyang Strength, get through Sheep Sakamoto Road Natural danger, clogging Taihang Mountain The way to cut off the main roads of the Han and Wei dynasties, such as fan and Chung hang, can not unite the six kingdoms, and the plank road is continuous for thousands of miles to reach the Shu Han area, so that all the princes of the world are afraid of Qin, and the desire of the Qin Kingdom is satisfied. You have reached the peak of your achievements. This is the time for Qin to divide up small stakes. If you do not retire at this time, then you are the ending of Shang Yang, Bai Qi, Wu Qi and doctor. I have heard of such words: "water is used to look at the mirror, you can see clearly your face, and draw lessons from others, you can know the fierce things." " book On the other hand, it is impossible to stay long after success. Why do you need to go through these four disasters? Why don't you send back the seals at this time, give it to the virtuous people, retreat yourself and live in the mountains and rivers. Bo Yi The name of integrity and integrity, long for the Marquis, called for generations. Xu Yuan , Yanling Ji Zi The reputation of being modest is like Wang Qiao. Red pine nut The same longevity, what is worse than the end of the disaster? So what kind of situation do you think is good? Patience can not automatically leave, hesitate to self determination, will certainly be the disaster of four gentlemen. " Book of changes It is said that "the Dragon flies too high to the point that it can neither rise nor fall, and regret it." I hope to consider this question carefully! " Hou said, "OK. I have heard that "desire without knowing satisfaction will lose desire; possession and ignorance will lose possession". Mr. Cheng taught me to listen. So he asked Cai Zeru to sit and wait for the guest.

Qin state as a phase

A few days later, Hou should go to court to speak to Qin Zhao. Shandong The guest was called Cai Ze, who was a very eloquent man. He knew all about the three kings' deeds, the performance of the five masters and the secular changes, and the great rule of Qin could be entrusted to him. I saw so many people that I could not catch up with him. I venture to report this to you. " Emperor Qin Zhao summoned Cai Ze and talked with him. He liked him very much and gave him a post. Hou took advantage of the opportunity to ask for a sick request to send back the seal. The king of Zhao still tried to make him a deacon. Fan Sui was relieved of his official positions. Zhao first appreciated Cai Ze's plan and appointed Tsai Ze as the state of Qin. Xiang Guo Destroyed in the East. Zhou Dynasty

Cai Ze spent a few months in the state of Qin, and someone was hurting his words. He was afraid of being killed, and he was sent back to seal the disease. He was given the title "Gang Cheng Jun". Cai Ze lived in the state of Qin for more than 10 years. He served as king Zhao, Xiaowen Wang and Zhuang Xiang Wang. In the end, Qin Shihuang, who served as Yan state for Qin, was three years later. Crown Prince Dan To hostage in Qin state.

Character evaluation

Sima Qian : Han Fei Zi People who have long sleeves are good at dancing, and those who have lots of money are good at doing business. This is very true. Fan Sui and Cai Ze are a generation of people who argue. However, those who lobbying their wives until they are grey haired do not meet their bosom friends. When the two of them came to live in Qin state, they could get the status of the Qing Dynasty one after another. The reason for the spread of their fame and fortune is that the situation is different from that of the state. But there are occasional opportunities for the orator. Many people who are virtuous like fan Sui and Cai Ze do not have enough opportunities to display their talents. But how can the two of them work hard if they do not suffer hardship?

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2001 TV series Legend of Lu Wei Wei ": Ying Tao Liu Play Cai Ze

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