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Cai Yong

Cai Yong (133 to 192 years), Zi Bo. Chen Liu Jun Xian county (now Henan Qixian County South) People. Eastern Han Dynasty Famous ministers, writers, calligraphers, talented women Cai Wenji Father.

Cai Yong refused to court in early years and was later recruited as a sage. aides and subordinates of an official Ren river is long and long. Long Zhong , Lang Lang He joined and wrote " Dong Guan Han Ji And engraving Xi Ping Shi Jing After the crime was exiled to the Shuo Fang, after several twists and turns, refuge for twelve years in the south of the Yangtze River. brutal militarist who dictated policy in declining years of the Han dynasty When we are in power, we call Cai Yongwei strong. Sacrifice Within three days, he served as a servant of imperial history, ruling books and serving history. Shang Shu , Waitresses The left Zhong Lang will wait for the post to be named "Cai Zhonglang" by Gao Yang Hou Hou. After Dong Zhuo was killed, Cai Yong was in charge. Wang Yun He was sent to prison, and soon died in prison, sixty.

Cai Yong Mastery Temperament Brilliant, well known scholar. Hu Guang Besides calligraphy, calligraphy and calligraphy, and calligraphy, Lishu is especially good for calligraphy. Official script The most profound attainments are the evaluation of Cai Yongshu's courage and integrity. Created " Flying white The style of calligraphy has great influence on later generations. Book break It has been rated as "wonderful and extraordinary. His life library More than ten thousand volumes, and four thousand volumes in old age. There are twenty volumes of literature. Ming Dynasty Zhang Pu A collection of CAI Zhong Lang Ji. Post Han Chinese His works are also included.

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Filial piety

Cai Yong's six ancestor, Cai Xun, likes the Yellow Emperor and Laozi Art, Emperor Ping of Han The county magistrate was appointed. Cai Ling, his father, also had a clean conduct. After his death, he was called Zhen Ding Gong.

Cai Yong was very filial to his elders. His mother had been ill for three years. Cai Yong did not solve his clothes in spite of the severe summer weather and climate change. He did not sleep for seventy days. After the death of her mother, she built a house next to her tomb, and lived in it, moving and quiet. A rabbit is very gentle and hopping along the side of his house. There are also wooden branches. People far and near find it strange that they come to see many people. He cohabitation with his uncle and uncle brother, and the three generation did not divide his family. Everyone in the village praised him for his good conduct.

From Hu Guang

Cai Yong was very knowledgeable when he was young. Hu Guang I like literature, numerology, astronomy, and I am good at music. Emperor Huan of Han Regular service Xu Huang , Zuo Xi etc. Five Hou When he heard that Cai Yong was good at playing the drum, he told emperor Huan to order him to set out. Cai Yong had to go. Yanshi Pretend to be sick and return home.

Cai Yong does nothing at home, plays antiques, and doesn't go with people. suffer Dongfang Shuo " Guest difficulty And Yang Xiong , Ban Gu , Chu Wei The inspiration of self doubt is to draw hundreds of words, affirm the correct ones and correct them.

School Book East View

Jianning In three years (170 years), Cai Yong was arrested. Qiao Xuan Call up for aides and subordinates of an official The bridge is very generous. Later he became the prefect of the river and was called to worship. Long Zhong In Dongguan School books, promotion Lang Lang

At first, the court held that State county They will collude with each other and gang up, so they are ordered to be married families and two states. Later there were Three reciprocal method It is stipulated that marriage and family members and two states should not be interacted as officials. It is not easy to choose officials. There are thirteen states in the world, and eleven of them can not serve as the official posts of two or two states. Cai Yong Shang Shu suggested that the emperor should abolish the near prohibition, and not interfere with the interaction between time and three. But the emperor did not pay attention.

Seven things

Emperor Ling of Han He loved writing poetry and wrote "Huangxi chapter", so many people were appointed because they could write chapters. Serving wine Loosen , Jia Hu A lot of people who do not have a tendency to go all the way. Hongdu Gate School He likes to talk about local customs and small things. He is very happy and doesn't promote them by reason. And dozens of small town people, who lied about themselves as Xuan Ling Xiao Zi, were all awarded to the middle school. Prince Edward Official position. There were often thunderstorms, trees and trees, earthquakes, hailstones and locusts. and Xianbei It also violated the border, and the people suffered from taxes on labour.

In the past six years (177 years), Ling Di reproved himself, and ordered the ministers to talk about feasible measures to control state affairs. The seven things that Cai Yong should say are:

1. Ming Tang Monthly order According to the Spring Festival, the beginning of summer, the beginning of autumn, the beginning of winter and the season of summer, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty greet the five emperors on the outskirts of the Ming Tang. In order to guide the spirit, seek good fortune and harvest. Qing temple worship, filial piety ancestor, endowment teaching, tell people to observe etiquette and vulgarity, these are emperor's great cause, ancestor strictly abide by. And related departments often cause Vassal state There is loss, intrauterine fertility, and Clerks Illness often occurs taboo, but not enough. Only see Southern suburbs There is no shortage of fasting and offering sacrifices. As for its sacrifices, there are different claims. Is the southern suburb humble and respected? Emperor Xiao Yuan's imperial decree said: "etiquette is not respectful to the sacrifices, so it is for the purpose of expressing its respect to pursue it wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly." and Emperor Xiao Zhang The old events of the yuan and the Qing Dynasty once again affirmed that the group was sacrificed to pray for good harvest. And now, replace Tai Shi Forget the great things of respect, and allow taboo books to be popular. According to " ceremony "Wives and concubines have sons, fasting, not entering the door of the side room, and there is no provision to abolish the sacrifices. As for the occurrence of death and death in the palace, in March, no sacrifice was made. It was said that the ordinary people had only a few houses, and many people lived together to hold sacrifices. Does it mean that the court is vast. Ministers and concubines Can many people not sacrifice? From now on, the system of fasting and offering sacrifices should be answered according to the previous laws and regulations.

2. When the minister heard that the country was going to flourish, he often heard good suggestions. You can know your governance situation and understand the mood of the people out there. Therefore, although the wise emperor is wise and wise, he consulted extensively and inquired about the reason why politics was acquired and why it was lost. And because of the disaster, we should pay attention to those who live in seclusion. The virtuous Founder, honest and honest. adhere to principles of truth and right The examination. Speak frankly and dare to admonish. Since his Majesty's administration, disaster has happened year after year, and no one has heard that the imperial edict calls for virtuous talents. We should follow some good measures in the past and let the loyal ministers play the spirit of daring to dare to speak. Yi Chuan The words "Political Paradox" should not be popular.

3. There is more than one way to visit a virtuous person. Some people are famous for their good morals. Some people are praised for their outright admonition. Nowadays, people in the court are not rewarded for their loyalty, but they are often killed by slander and slander. So the ministers shut up and dared not speak. Zhang Wen, a former man, had the courage to direct his advice. His majesty adopted his advice and rebuked him. Three Division The courtiers were delighted and the common people were delighted. The minister thought that Zhang Wen should be promoted as an important post, so as to exhort the faithful people and propagate to the sea and open up the road of wise politics.

4. Si Li Wei The duty of the prefectural governor is to supervise the lawless, to inform the bad people, and to distinguish between right and wrong. Yang Xi, Yizhou governor, Pang Zhi, and Liu Qian of Liangzhou, each of them has the heart of abiding by the law and abusing bad people. Yang Xi and other prosecutors do the best. Some of the rest do not pay attention to it. Some of them are not competent. Some people have their own faults or mistakes, which are the same as those listed below. The law and discipline were corrupted and no one was exposed. In the five year, the imperial decree was sent to the eight leaders to make history. At this time, law-abiding people were pleased to succeed, and those who had done evil were worried and dying. But I don't know why this thing stopped suddenly. before Liu Xiang "People who make decisions hesitate to open the door for ordinary villains," he said. "People who have become indecisive habits have attracted bad guys who flatter and slander." Just now I heard a little good governance, and in the twinkling of an eye, I changed my mind. In vain, the people of the world conjecture politics. Eight should be followed up for the purpose of exposing unlawful people and things. At the end of the year, be right. three counsellors of state Assess good or bad. Let hundred officials know that law-abiding is a blessing, and malpractice is a curse. In this way, the source of disasters can also be blocked.

5. Chen heard that in ancient times, officials elected officials must be elected in three years. Old Gong Emperor Xiao Wu At the same time, in addition to the election of Xiaolian, the county should also select virtuous and literati. As a result, famous officials appeared one after another. The man of the great man is only counting the roads. As for calligraphy and painting, it is only a small skill to govern the country. When your majesty has just taken the throne, he is the first to stress. Sutra To deal with the leisure time of government affairs and to read literary works for rest. Nowadays, the game of chess is not the basis of education and talent selection. and Zhu Sheng There are many people who make mercenary deeds. A little bit more clever, he also quoted some words of training and advice; the lower class made up some common slang, which was similar to making fun and laughing; others plagiarized others' works and fake their surnames. Chen often receives advice from Sheng Hua gate, and if he is admitted, he will not be accepted. He will also arrange work with him. It has been enough to give grace, and it is not enough to recycle. They should not be allowed to govern people and to be officials in the state. Emperor Xiao Xuan stay as state canon Gather together Confucian scholars, Emperor Xiao Zhang White tiger view The convening of the public and the interpretation of the classics is a great career and a way to uphold the principles of culture and martial arts. As for ordinary small energy and small good, although there are also merits, Confucius I think that if we do big things, we will get stuck. Therefore, a gentleman should aspire to do great things.

6. The duty of the county magistrate is to govern the people, and they should work diligently and diligently. It is a merit to do good deeds to the people. Rewards and punishments should be clear, and now there is nothing left to retreat, most of them are appointed to the posts of Lang Lang and Lang. If talented people are good, they should not be allowed to be redundant. If they are guilty, they should be convicted. Is it possible to plead guilty to fear of interrogation instead of asking to be transferred and imitated? There is no such rule in the system of emperors and emperors. We should check the authenticity and abolish the cleanliness.

7. The minister saw many people appointed as the prince's son in the name of Xuan Ling Xiao Zi. The minister heard that Emperor Xiaowen's imperial edict was mourning for thirty-six days. Although he was a king who inherited the throne, father and son were close relatives, the ministers of the Qing Dynasty had to control their feelings and obey the imperial edicts and not dare to overstep. Nowadays, the hypocritical villain is not a relative of flesh and blood, nor has any special kindness. Lu Shi But expressing grief and yearning, what is the basis of this kind of grief? They gathered at the side of the tomb, saying that they could not hide their hearts, but they had no basis in righteousness. There are even criminals hiding in it. Queen of Huan Si When the court sacrifices and the coffin, East County has stolen the wife's fleeing in filial piety. False and filthy. Moreover, those who came first could be appointed officials, but later they were sent away. Some perennially in the mausoleum, they were left out for a while; others used to be agents, and they also received favors. Quarrels and resentment, noisy and unreasonable on the main road. The officials of the prince should choose those who are virtuous. Do they use only some ugly graves? Nothing is more unlucky than that. They should be sent back to the fields to expose their hypocritical fraud. "

After playing the book, Ling Di himself held a welcome in Beijiao. PI Yong Ceremony. The imperial edict was appointed to be the prince's son in the name of Xuan Ling Xiao Zi. Cheng Wei

In July of the same year, Wu Wei Huan, a school captain. Xia Yu Shang Shu asked for the expedition of Xianbei, while the criminal punished by the Qiang Qiang Wei. Tian Yan In order to atone for sin by Emperor Zhong Fu, he asked Wang Fu to agree to send troops. Cai Yong was dissuaded, but Ling emperor did not listen. In August, Ling Di, Xia Yu, Tian Yan, Zang Qi South Huns Tu Teru's corpse is alone. And so on, more than 10000 cavalry attack, the leader of Xianbei. Pink Pearl Three subordinates Adult He was badly beaten and suffered heavy losses.

Light and In the first year (178 years), Ling Di was set up. Hongdu Gate School Among them, Confucius and his seventy-two disciples were painted. Lower imperial edict State county The three officials chose to recruit all kinds of students. Some of them took charge of the imperial examinations and the imperial guards, some entered the imperial court to serve as ministers, and some of them were Hou Cijue. At that time, the phenomenon of evil phenomena often occurred, everyone panic. In July, Ling Di summoned Cai Yong and Guang Lu doctor. Yang Shu Counsellor Ma day Zhang Hua, Tai Shi Ling Mono To the golden gate, enter the hall of worship, let the central regular service. Cao Jie , Wang Fu I asked them what they should do about the calamity and the elimination of misfortune. Cai Yong answered with care.

Ling Di and special edict asked Cai Yong: "what's the cause of the recent calamity? The court was anxious, and I was afraid. I would like to hear some sincere advice from the group of public officials. They are all secretive. Because you learned a lot, so I specifically asked you, you should clarify the gains and losses, pointed out the main points of politics, do not be modest or suspect fear. According to the answers, in order to confidentiality, we must use them. Soap sac Seal it. "

Cai Yong then said that the intervention of women and eunuchs in politics was one of the reasons for the strange occurrence and impeachment of Tai Wei. Zhang Hao , Guang Lu Xun Wei Zhang, Long Shui Wei, Zhao Xuan, Tuen Qi Wei, and so on. a military rank Guo Xi, Guang Lu, doctor Xuanqiao, former Tai Wei. Liu pet I think we can consult with them about affairs of state. After seeing the memorials, Ling Tai sighed and rose. go to the toilet When the memorial was peeked by Cao Cao, all the contents were leaked to the left and right people, causing the matter to leak. Cai Yong's memorials believe that those who should be dethroned hate him very much and try to retaliate.

Avoid rivers and seas

Before, Cai Yong and Szeto Liu Wei Disagreement, Cai Yong's uncle Wei Wei Cai quality And he will be a great master. Yang sphere Bad relationship. Yang ball is a regular service. Cheng Huang Son-in-law. Cheng Huang let people write anonymous accusations against Cai Yong and Cai Qi for several times because of private affairs to ask for Liu, Liu He did not promise, Cai Yong then hate. Determined to frame up Cai Yong, Ling Di therefore sent the imperial edict to the Shang Shu and asked Cai Yong to question him. Cai Yongshu plead for himself, but he and Tsai Chin were sent to Luoyang prison. The relevant departments believed that two people should be put in. Abandoning Market Regular service LV Qiang Pity Tsai Yong's innocence, and then pleaded with him for Ling di. The emperor also remembered the words before Cai Yong, so he was exiled from the imperial edict and exiled to his family. Shu Fang Jun You shall not be exonerated for pardon. Yang ball assassinated Cai Yong assassin, assassin was moved by justice of Cai Yong, not used for Yang ball. Yang ball also bribed officials to poison Cai Yong, but those who were told told him the news and asked him to be vigilant. Cai Yong was safe and settled in Wuyuan Anyang county.

Cai Yong before Dongguan When, with Lu Zhi , Han said Et al. Dong Guan Han Ji It is being exiled, so there is no time to write it. Therefore, he wrote the ten meanings of the book. The first head was attached to the end of the book. ) Emperor Ling loved AI Tsai Yong, who was just second years of amnesty. He was granted forgiveness of Cai Yong and allowed him to return to his native place. Cai Yong had been exiled to amnesty for nine months.

When Cai Yongzheng was about to leave for the county, Wang Zhi, the ruler of the five lands, saw him off. After drinking enough, Wang Zhiqi dance advised Cai Yong and Cai Yong to ignore him. Wang Zhi was the younger brother of Zhong Fu Wang Fu. He was very proud of himself. He lost face and laughed at the guests. He broke into Cai Yong and said, "criminals dare to insult me!" Cai Yong shook his clothes and went away. Wang Zhi hated him very much, so he told him that he had put up a complaint and defamed the court. The emperor's favorite people also framed him. Cai Yong was afraid that he could not escape, so he fled for the river and went away. Wu Hui In the land, he spent twelve years in Taishan, relying on Yang's family.

Respected by Zhuo

Ping Zhong In six years (189 years), Ling Di died. brutal militarist who dictated policy in declining years of the Han dynasty Ren Si Kong, specializing in politics and hearing about Cai Yong's reputation, called him up, and Cai Yong said that he could not go because he was ill. Dong Zhuo was furious and scolded, "I have to destroy people. The three family The power of Cai Yong is nothing but pride. It is urgent for the state to call Cai Yong to the government. Cai Yong had no choice but to be appointed as deputy. Sacrifice Dong Zhuo is very much respected. Be cited as high place on the list of successful examinees Successive generations Imperial service To rule books, serve history and Shang Shu, and walk within three days. Three stations He became a prefect of the Ba County and was retained. Waitresses

Initial level In the first year (190 years), Cai Yong was worshipped as the left middle Lang. Emperor Xian of Han Changan moved to the capital and was named Gaoyang. Rural Hou Dong Zhuo's guest family wants the court to respect Dong Zhuo. Tai Gong By comparison Shang Fu Dong Zhuo asked Cai Yong's opinion, and Cai Yong said, "Tai Gong Fu Zhou is ordered to destroy business, so the special number is Tai Gong. Now your Wade is high, but I think it is not enough to compare with father. Wait until Guan Dong is calm, his majesty returns to old Beijing, then discuss this matter again. Dong Zhuo listened to what he said.

In the first two years (191 years) of June, an earthquake struck Dong Zhuo. Cai Yong said to him, "the earth movement is caused by Yin invasion, invasion of Yang, and the failure of the litigant to observe the state system. Before the Spring Festival, the public took the bus ride, the Jinhua green cover, the paw drawing two boxes, far and near do not think it is appropriate. Dong Zhuo changed to soaping the car. Dong Zhuo valued Cai's talent and was very polite to him. Once a banquet was held, he often encouraged Cai Yong to play the piano, and Cai Yong also worked hard. But Dong Zhuo's disposition is self willed. Cai Yong hates his words rarely for Dong Zhuo's adoption. He told his cousin Cai Gu: "Dong Gong's character is tough and easy to do evil, but it can't be done after all. I want to run east. Yanzhou But the road is too far away to reach the Shandong area. Chui Gu said: "your appearance is different from ordinary people, walking on the road, watching people gathered, so that it is difficult to hide." Cai Yongcai dismissed the idea.

Innocent murder

In the first three years (192 years), Dong Zhuo was killed and Cai Yong was in situ. Wang Yun Sitting on the floor, unwittingly speaking of Dong Zhuolai, and sighing, his face changed. Wang Yun flew into a rage and scolded him, saying, "Dong Zhuo is a great thief in the country. He almost overthrew the Han Dynasty. As a courtier, you should hate each other, but you think of your courtesy and forget your integrity. Now that God has killed the guilty man, you feel pain for him. Is this not a thief with him? " And then Cai Yong was put in custody to Ting Wei. Cai Yong apologized for his resignation, requesting the punishment of ink stained and cut off his feet, so as to continue to complete the history of Han Dynasty. Most of the literati sympathized and wanted to save him. After hearing the news, Wang Yun, a great master, hurried to say to him, "Bo is a brilliant wizard in the open world. He knows a lot about the Han Dynasty. He should continue to write down the history behind it and make it an important ancient book. Moreover, his reputation for loyalty and filial piety has always been notable, and there is no reason for it to be convicted. Is it not a loss of prestige to kill him? " Wang Yun said, "in the past, Emperor Wudi did not kill. Sima Qian Let him write defamatory books and spread them in later generations. Today the country is on the decline. regime It is not stable. We should not let the evil and obsequious courtiers write beside their young masters. This is neither to gain the benevolence of the Holy Spirit, but also to us to be defamed. When Mari left, he told people, "Wang Yun probably won't last long. A moral person is a national discipline; writing is a national classic. Will it be too long to abandon the discipline and classics? " Cai Yong died in prison. Wang Yun regretted that it was too late to stop him. Cai Yong was sixty years old at that time. Post Han script Mistaken for sixty-one years old. The ministers and scholars did not cry for him. Famous classics Zheng Xuan After hearing the death of Cai Yong, he sighed and said, "who is going to test the Han Dynasty?" The image of Cai Yong is painted in Yanzhou and Chen Liu Jun to commemorate him.

Main achievements


Cai Yong was the last one in the Han Dynasty. Ci Fu Everybody. Most of them are made up of Xiao Fu They are diverse, close to life, fresh in language, often express their feelings, are full of human nature, and are very artistic. His representative work is " Statement Fu " The whole Fu is short and vigorous, with deep emotion, deep criticism, and good feelings. Lyric Fu Masterpiece. The themes of his little Fu are various. He even uses the expression of love between men and women, bold and frank in style. " Tsing Yi Fu "Is a very touching work. In this little affections, he truthfully reveals his love for a pretty girl who is of humble origins, and shows the conflict between human feelings and feudal etiquette by sincere feelings.

Cai Yong Prose Longer than Tablet Inscription It is neat and yellow, and it uses many kinds of parallelism.

According to the biography of the late Han Dynasty Cai Yong, Cai Yong collected history of the Han Dynasty and did not see it written down for later history. Only the "Ling Ji" and "ten meanings" are added to the forty-two biographies. li jue Most of the confusion was lost. The poems, odes, tablets, inscriptions, inscriptions, praise, beads, proverbs, suspends, arguments, dogmatism, persuaders, Buddhism, Syria, female training, seal cutting, Zhu Wen, Zhang tables and secretaries, all 104 articles spread to the world.

There are more than 400 poems circulating in Cai Yong. However, due to the chaos of the war, the original manuscripts were not handed down, and all of them were from their daughters. Cai Yan With amazing memory and silent writing.

Cai Yongsheng likes to collect books for more than ten thousand volumes. In his later years, he donated all the books he had collected. Wang can There are more than 4000 volumes in the book.

" Book of Sui There are 20 volumes in the collection of classics. Ming Dynasty Zhang Pu There are two volumes of CAI Zhong Lang Ji. Ding Shaoyi's all Chinese poetry volume seven also contains his works. Yan Ke Jun " Post Han Chinese Volume 69~ Volume 80 contains many works such as memorials and so on.


artistic creation

Cai Yong Gong Seal character , Official script It is famous for its official script, its character structure is strict, its painting is pitching and its body style is changeable. The emperor of heaven repaired the Hongdu gate, which was called the Royal Collection in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The craftsmen used the broom brush to write on the wall, and Cai Yong was inspired by it and created " Flying white book " This kind of writing style, the white silk in the strokes, is written in dry brushes. It is a unique style of calligraphy and has great influence on later generations. Tang Dynasty Zhang Wei "The book break" commented Cai Yongfei's white book, saying that "flying white is wonderful, and it moves together".

Market quotation

Cai Yong was famous for his reputation, so later generations put some inscriptions and treatises together in the name of Cai Yong. It is said that its authenticity was rare in Tang Dynasty.

Confucian classics

Xi Ping In four years (175 years), Cai Yong felt that the Scriptures were far away from the writings of the sages. So the dragon and the officials will be Tong Xi Dian Dr. Guang Lu Yang Shu Counsellor Ma day Yi Lang Zhang Min , Han said Tai Shi Ling Mono Wait for the appointment, please play Zhengding. Six Classics The text. With the approval of Ling Di, Cai Yong wrote the inscription on the tablet in person with red pen, so that the workers could carve it up. Tai Xue Outside the door, this is China's first stone classic "Xiping stone Jing" (also known as Han Shi Jing, an integrated stone passage). Later Confucian scholars used this as the standard Scripture. When the monument came to view and imitate, there were more than 1000 cars in one day and the streets were blocked.

Character evaluation

Ma day Bo is free from the world and knows more about Chinese affairs. And loyalty and filial piety, but sitting in a nameless place, is it worth losing hope?

Lu Ji That's the way to cut it. Therefore, the wisdom of Nepalese is wisdom, but wisdom is the fool. I am sure that the channel is not strong yet. The child's protection has become effective. The distant day of Jizheng River, forget the short years of the morning dew.

Fan Ye (1) the sense of the spirit should not be forgotten. The flow of fortune is shared by life and sorrow. When the beholder holds the tongs, he moves to the distant land, but does not see the sun and moon. Candle The wind and dust are not allowed to pass. And torture clothes, channeling Europe and Vietnam, dive boat River gully, do not know its distance, the pace of deep forest, still bitter not dense, I hope the North first old Qiu, the first ridge of the body, but also get? Once Dong Zhuo entered the imperial court, he began to write the book first, and then he lost his fortune. He moved to the throne three times. To guide and guide both sides of the border, to make repeated changes in the past, to invest in the first number of the same person, and to get the blessing after the north. Is there any regret for his repeated celebrating? If a gentleman breaks a sentence, he will not give it up. Governing is the pursuit of resentment. Child length After slander the book, put it to kill. 2. Yong Shi Mu Jing, heart refined words. Liang Huaidong was criticized as a businessman.

Pei Song Zhi Tsai Yong is not only a party but also a party. I do not know that the evil and evil of Zhuo are poisoned by the world. It should not be reversed that Wang Yunzhi sat down. Si Xie Xie takes a false record.

Zhang Yan Yuan This is divided into three ancient times to set the high and low prices, with Han and Wei Three Kingdoms as archaic. Zhao Qi Liu Xie, Cai Yong, Zhang Heng , Cao Mao , Yang Xiu , Huan fan , Xu Xu , Cao Bu Xing , Zhu Geliang The stream is also.

Yao Yin Such as Liu Xiang, Sima Qian, Yangzi cloud, Tokyo two class, Cui, Cai's disciples, are all the talents of the world, the way of descending descendants, Zhang Da de ye, Hao Ran boundless.

Chen Pu (1) when Shiqu is in the Ming Dynasty, it will be empty. Heaven seems to put the poet's play and his father's son in the belly. Long live, when the gold wants to disperse, the kting flair is still blowing. For a time, there are countless people.

Huang Bo Si " Dong Guan Yu "Wen Rong ( Liu Kuan The high wind, playing the middle Lang (Cai Yong) wonderful Kai.

Ying Lin Wang Cai Yongwen, there are ninety articles in existence today, while Ming Tombs are half of them. It is called "tablet", "Ming", "God", "sad praise". Since cloud is "Guo Youdao tablet", it deserves to be said. The song Hu Guang and Huang Qiong are simultaneous interpreting the old and the Han. If they follow the history of Han Dynasty, will they have the pen of Dong and Nan?

Xu Jun The piano can be adjusted when it comes to bosom friend. Zhuo is not good at listening to Tura. If you know that you are going to be killed, how can you die?

GUI you Guang Jia Sheng's understanding, Cai Yong's literature, Zhang Heng's refined thinking, Zhuo Maozhi's good faith, Li Ying's high score, Huang Xian's elegance, Deng Yuzhi's merit, there are two things that can not be counted.

zhi Cai Yongku and Dong Zhuo are all right today. However, it is excusable. Every man dies for his friends. There are people who are in favor of Jie Zhou, who are firmly established in others. Dong Zhuocheng cried for the sake of his friends, and killed them. If we succeed in the present, we will rely on our remaining resources, and we will lose our arms if we fail. After all, Cai is a gentleman, and this generation is a real villain.

Zhong Jingbo: he died for his bosom friend. Zhuo can not be bosom friend, but Yong turns into a friend and dies.

Wang Fuzhi (1) Cai Yong, a scholar of Qi, began to call for trouble by threatening words, and finally, with Party thieves to punish each other, all of them were of the same spirit. What is it? It is said that the power of combining punishment is the power of one person, and the emperor is also the way of Jinxian's retreat. A bad man is on the side of a gentleman. When we attack, we will use words. I do not need to speak, nor do the evil men bite me. I do not read them, but I do not allow them to be tired of gentlemen. A gentleman does not serve, but Fu Rong is not loyal to Bai. White and my words are used, gentlemen enter, and the evil men are in a state of depression. I do not need to say that a bad person can not take this and that name together with me, but he is afraid of it. YONGGU's husband Zhang Hao, Wei Zhang, Zhao Xuan and GEE Sheng are the beetles. If Guo Xi, Qiao Xuan, Liu Zhong's loyalty were persuaded to extend his visit, he would be told that his virtues were praised by the emperor. In the chapter, if we suppress this, we will take it as a toast in the court. Seek evil for the country? Seek evil for a gentleman? It is a way to put aside the voice of the good, and to listen to those who listen. Cai Yong's folly does not die.

Han Kong : Luan Bu cried Peng, Zhu Zhu buried Dong, Bobo sigh, not enough to tired. And ten years of death, three days of the book, the court to extend the country, the national sense of personal grace, may as well as the United States.

Gu Jing Xing It is hard to say that the beginning of Yong is straight to the castration. Ten years, two years later, he had no intention of winning fame. Is it not too high to make Yong, such as Mei Fu and long rivers and lakes? Dong Zhuo made good use of his power to make offerings to wine, to fill imperial history, and to move to Shang Shu, not three days and three weeks. What is he? He is a hero of the world. He does not look at the glory of the outside world, but does not have the virtue of the city. Therefore, I should give you more than that. And what is the merit of Yong? Then they sealed five hundred households and Lu five hundred thousand. A man has no reason to profit, but a saint is evil. In the beginning of Yongzheng, Zhuo can not be called the father of the Shang Dynasty. This bird Fowler chooses his crafty person to think that rice is to feed and filter and drink. And out of the wilderness, they set their sages together, and they cried for the birds. Husband and wife, not to start music, but also to the birds, that is, not to blame, not to be able to, but also to be Yong, Zhuo Zhi. Huan emperor summon Yong Gu Qin, the next trip to Yanshi, called illness and return. Zhuo every feast, always praise the drum music. Later, he became a form of Zhuo Zhuo, and Shi Zhuo was a Tai Wei, who sealed up Hou Hou, entered the Xiang Kingdom, abandoned the emperor less, put the empress dowager, and pushed the Lord. Yongyi is Yilong Commission. It is very thick to praise and admire. But it is not enough to die.

Shen Mingyi: Dong Zhuobiao was highly recommended. He did not hear this crime when he received the imperial examinations. When he did not see this ear by Wang Yun, it was handed down to the present age, which added a lot to the later generations.

Cai Dong Fan Cai Yong, a Bachelor of Arts, did not begin to observe what he said, but he did not believe that he was too far from being honest. However, Cao Luan was killed in a word, and the autumn of the country's incompetence was not enough. The loss of Yongzhi is to go away instead of going to the ear.


Jiao Wei Qin

Cai Yong in Woody (now in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province), I heard a piece of Tung wood burst in the fire and knew it was a good lumber. So picking it out as a piano, the timbre was wonderful, but the tail of the wood was still scorched, so people called it at that time. Jiao Wei Qin At first, Cai Yong lived in Chen Liu. He had a neighbor who prepared a dish to invite him to dinner. When he went there, the neighbors had already started drinking. Sitting on a guest playing the piano behind the screen, Cai listened quietly to the neighbor's door and said, "ah! I was invited by music, but I had hidden heart. What's the matter? " So he went back. Ask his man to tell his master, "Mr. Cai has just arrived and left at the door." Cai Yong was always respected by the villagers. His master hurried to catch up and asked why. Cai had told him everything, and everyone was disappointed. The guest of the piano said, "when I played the piano, I saw a mantis jumping to the cicada. The cicada would fly away without flying away. I was worried, for fear that the mantis would lose the opportunity. Is that what we call "killing the heart" in music? Cai Yong smiled and said, "this is enough to show."

After the death of Cai Yong, the coke tail organ was kept in the royal treasury. allegedly Qi Ming Di When he was in power, he took out the coke tail piano and asked the Guqin master. Zhong Xia Wang Play. Wang Zhongxiong played for five days in a row, and improvised the song of sadness to the Ming emperor. Later spread to the Southern Tang Dynasty Zhongzhu of Southern Tang Hands, then give After the great week After Li Yu died, he returned to the song room. According to legend, Kunshan people in Ming Dynasty Wang Feng It also contains the coke tail piano made by Cai Yong.

Ke Ting di

Ke Ting Di, also known as "Ke Di" and "Ke Ting". According to legend, it is Cai Yongchai. Coting The sixteenth bamboo flute has a beautiful timbre. Later, it refers to the beautiful flute as well as the good talent.

Fu Tao " Ode to flute Preface: "the view of Ke Ting, with bamboo as rafters, Yong as flute, QiSheng is unique." Jin Shu. Huan Yi Biography: "(Huan Yi) good music, for a moment, for Jiang Zuo first. Cai Yongke has always been blowing his own horn. And so on.

Kinship members

Six ancestor

Cai Xun, the word is strict. Emperor Ping of Han It was a county magistrate, and the latter escaped from the mountain.


Cai Xie, Tsai ye, Han Shun emperor was appointed Xincai county magistrate.


· father Cai Leng, Zi Bo Zhi, Xincai county magistrate.

· mother : Yuan Shi, Shi Tu Yuan Peng Sister


Cai quality Zi Wen, the Han Ling emperor who was Wei Wei, was framed and put to death.

Male cousins

· Cai mu, the son of CAI, migrated the clan to avoid the city of Kao.

· Tsai Gu, Cai Yongceng discussed his resignation to avoid Yanzhou.


· Cai Wenji Ming Yan, the original character Zhao Ji, a litterateur, Four talented women in ancient China One of.

· Chua, the leader of Shangdang Goats Wife, Yang Hu The mother of Jiyang was sealed in the Western Jin Dynasty. County Prince In the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the Xintai County chronicles called it Cai Zhen Ji

· According to the thirty country's spring and Autumn Annals, or another female, or Chua's Cai Yan. This book says that Yang Hu's 15 year old mother died, but according to Jin Shu Yang Hu Ben, Yang Hu mother seems to have died after she was 28 years old.


· Grandson: Cai Xi, seal Guan Hou Hou

· Grandson: Yang Cheng, early die. Yang Hu Tai Fu, the Western Jin Dynasty; Yang Hui Yu Jin Jing di Sima Division Wife.

Historical records

" Post Han script Volume sixty. Cai Yong biography fiftieth.

" Comprehensive Mirror for Aid Government And so on.

Commemoration of future generations


Kting Thousand Autumn Pavilion Also known as high mobility Pavilion. Originally pavilions are situated on a flat ground like a peninsula, with three sides facing the water and beautiful scenery. Two storey building, cornices raised, simple and elegant. Right in the South Ancient towpath The tower is far away from the sky. Nearby is the Han Cai Zhonglang temple, which is set up for posterity to commemorate Cai Yong. Revolution of 1911 Before and after, when Lu Xun was teaching in his hometown of Shaoxing, he had Jian Ren Zhou And so on, together to "Ke Ting" in Keqiao, relying on historic sites and sightseeing. The site of the cocaine Pavilion is in the Middle School of Ke Qiao town. In the town of South China, there are four "Wan Tu Tu" surrounded by water. In Ming Dynasty Jiajing Thirty-four years (1555), Keqiao Dushan Village An anti Japanese hero appeared. Yao Chang Zi In commemoration of this anti Japanese righteous man, people set up their ancestral shrine in their place of sacrifice. Their name is "the altar of humanity" is the "absolute Japanese painting", and the two bridges are named "victory bridge" and " Wan An Bridge " After the collapse of the ancestral temple, a "monument to Yao's resistance to Japan" was set up at the bridge head. The monument is 6.5 meters high, with a square inscription on the tablet, and a portrait of Yao's eldest son on the front of the tablet. His heroic deeds are engraved on the back, and he is praised for his "death to the countryside". The monument is now a county heritage conservation unit. The south of the monument is famous. Keyan Scenic Spot

Cai Yong tomb

Cai Yong tomb is located in Henan province. Yuzhou , Jishan The first peak of Yu Yu's border is Xiaoyao mountain, which has a Hanzhoung Lang. Cai Yong tomb On the ridge, there is a stone inscribed on the cliff, carved on the Han Li style, with two words in size, which is written by Cai Yong. The tablet fell in. Yinghe River Now it is awarded by Baisha Yang. Cai Yong, a calligrapher in Eastern Han Dynasty, is famous for his official script. The structure is strict, the body law is changeable, and it is longer than the tablet.

In the fourth year (175 years), Ling emperor Zhao Cai wrote six classics, some of which were written by Dan Yongshi, and outside the Imperial Academy. Cai Yong died in this. Its east is Baisha town Its north is baisha reservoir The lake is glowing and the scenery is new. It is a tourist attraction.

There is a Cai Yong tomb in the northern village of Wujin village, Dongan community, Huangli Town, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu.

Artistic image

Literary image

Wen Ting Jun " Cai Zhong Lang grave "

In the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms Cai Yong's life is similar to official history. For the late Han. Because of the letter the Ten Regular Attendants Disorderly administration and cut home to return home. Because Dong Zhuo appreciated his talent, he had no choice but to play for Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuodai was very thick. He moved to his official office three months in a month. Dong Zhuowang, regarded by Wang Yun as brutal militarist who dictated policy in declining years of the Han dynasty One party, put it in jail and kill it.

Famous at the end of Yuan Dynasty Nanxi Opera " Pipa Ji "The name of the hero is Cai Bojie, Chen Liu, obviously pointing to Cai Yong.

Yuan dynasty Guang Zhu Zheng " Wang Can goes upstairs "Cai Yong" is the present Dynasty. The prime minister

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