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Cai Jing

Cai Jing (February 14, 1047 - August 11, 1126), character length, Northern Song Dynasty Prime Minister , calligrapher, Xinghua Army Xianyou County cixiao Li Chi Ling (Xianyou County, Putian City, Fujian province) Feng Ting Town Dong Zhai village) He has served four times as prime minister, serving for 17 years, four and four.

Xining Three years, Jinshi and first, local officials. Long Tao Ge Waiting for system and knowledge KaiFeng Mansion Chong Ning In the first year of the year (1102), he was a right-hand servant and a subordinate servant (right). Xing Hua Shi Gang battle; change salt laws and tea acts Cast ten dollars. Tai students at the end of Northern Song Dynasty Chen Dong In the book, Cai Jing is called "the head of six thieves". Song Qin Chung After taking the throne, Cai Jing was derogated. South of the Five Ridges Died on the way Tan Zhou (Changsha, Hunan).

" East capital strategy Volume 1, 1, " History of Song Volume 4 72 has a biography.

Paul Mauriat's History

Two schools of thought

Cai Jing took the imperial examination in three years (1070), and transferred to Qian Tang Wei and Shu Zhou to push officials. When he returned to the Liao Dynasty, he was appointed to the middle school. At that time, his brother, Cai Bian, was already a middle school man. According to the regulations, officials should take the order in succession. Cai Bi After Cai Jing's request, the two brothers were also responsible for writing the decree, and the court was proud of it. Cai Jing was changed to the Dragon Pavilion and the Kaifeng mansion.

Yuan Feng eight years (1085), the ministers set up a new ruler, Cai Jing attached Cai Cai, wanted to harm. Wang Jie And greedy for the strategy, no success. author of the history Zizhi Tongjian In the five days of the time limit, the officials were worried that it would be too urgent. Only Cai Jing agreed to change the area to a service, and no one violated it. He went to the political office to report to Sima Guang, and Sima Guang said happily, "if everyone is like a king, nothing can be done." Soon, Taiwan and the officials said that Cai Jinghuai was evil and bad, so Cai Jing transferred to the place to know Cheng Dejun, to know Yingzhou and transferred to Chengdu. Fan Zuyu, an advisor, said that Cai Jing was not available, so he changed it to Jiang, Huai, Jing and Zhejiang, and changed his knowledge to Yangzhou. After being a military officer in Yunzhou and Yongxing, he moved to a bachelor's degree in Chengdu.

In the first year of Shaoxing (1094), he returned to the imperial court, acting as the Ministry of Commerce. Zhang Tun also changed the law of service and set up a discussion organ. He could not make decisions for a long time. Cai Jing pairs Zhang Tang He said, "what is there to discuss in accordance with the Xi Ning law?" Zhang Tun agreed, so he decided to adopt the employment service law. The officers employed two services, unlike Sima Guang and Zhang. In ten years, Cai Jing relied on the matter again and again, and Cai Jing and the two of them relied on each other to accomplish this.

Cai Bianwei, right Cheng, Cai Jing served as a member of Hanlin and read and repair the history of the country. In the case of Wen and Fu, Cai Jing was asked to trace and deal with it. Cai Jing arrested Zhang Shiliang, who told him about Chen Yan's case. He was impeached by Chen Yan and Liu Zhi and Liang Tao. Chen Yan was killed. Liu Zhi and Liang Tao were also demoted to death. Their descendants were imprisoned. Wang Yan, Fan Zuyu, and Liu Anshi were exiled to distant places. Cai Jing coveted the position of government. He knew the Privy Council and hated Cai Jing. He secretly told zhe Zong that Cai Bian had been a government office, and Cai Jing could not be promoted at the same time.

Several ups and downs

In the second year of Yuan Dynasty (1100), Song Zhe Zong broke down and Wang Zhao was the founder of Song Hui Zong. Song Huizong ascended the throne, Cai Jing was dismissed as the end of Ming, long Tu two bachelor, know Taiyuan, the Empress Dowager life Hui Zong left Cai Jing to complete the work of history. After a few months, Chen Jian, a rebuke officer, impeached him from interlocking with his inner servant. Chen was relegated to the crime. Cai Jing was also demoted. He was known to Jiangning. Cai Jing was very unhappy and dragged on not to go to his post. Censors Chen Cisheng, Gong Fu and Chen Shixi talked about his sins one after another. Cai Jing was taken away from his post and he was raised in Hangzhou.

Tong Guan In the capacity of serving as an official, he went to three Wu to visit famous artists, paintings, and all kinds of wonderful things. He lived in Hangzhou for a few months. Cai Jing tried to curry favor with him. He accompanied him all day and night. Everything that Cai Jing painted, such as screen and fan belt, was sent to the palace every day and attached his own comments. So the emperor began to pay attention to Cai Jing. Fan Zhixu, a doctor in Tai Xue, has always been friendly with Xu Jie in the left street. Xu Zhichang thinks that the water coming in and out of the Yuan Fu Temple is a sign of what is foreshadowed, and that the fan's falsity is further intertwining with him. He tells him his usual intentions, saying that he can't do anything if he doesn't let Cai Jing take the picture. Shortly afterwards, the concubines and eunuchs also praised Cai Jing, and fan gave him the right word. He used Cai Jing as the Dingzhou magistrate.

Chong Ning first year (1102), Cai Jing know the name of the house. Han Zhongyan and Zeng Bu did not plan to recommend Cai Jing for self-help, so Cai Jing was still a bachelor. Hui Zong intends to modify Xi and Feng's political affairs. Deng Xunwu, who lives in a sacrifice, favors Cai Jing. He made a map of love and help to Song Hui Zong, and song huzong decided to reuse Cai Jing. Han Zhong Yan Being dismissed, Cai Jing served as the left wing of the Shang Shu. Shortly afterwards, Cai Jing replaced Zeng Bu as the right servant. On the day of the imperial decree, Song Huizong summoned him at the hall of Yan He and gave him a seat. He said to him, "the system of divine creation is established, the emperor first inherited, and the two was changed, and the national plan was not yet determined. If I want to inherit the legacy of my father and brother, what do you want to know? Cai Jing kowtow to Shane to show his willingness to die. Chong Ning two years (1103) February, moved to the left servant.

Shao Sheng Shao

Cai Jing was restarted by the Minister of exile. Once he was successful, he was a man of the world. Rub one's eyes and wait In the name of "Shaoxing", Cai Jing hoped that he could make a difference. In the name of "Shaoxing", he took command of the emperor, took charge of the son of heaven, used the story of the division of the Ordinance to set up an argument department in the Shang Shu Province, and promoted himself. He used his party Wu Juhou, Wang Hanzhi and so on for more than ten people, and important state affairs, such as imperial clan, redundant officials, national use, business travel, Shiozawa, Fu Fu, Yin Mu, and each of them was responsible for three people. All decisions are made by the Department. Feng Xie and Qian Hui's advice were used again. Queen of yuan you To cancel the imperial examination law, all the prefectures and prefectures were modeled on the imperial examinations of the three schools of imperial examinations. Fang Tian law is implemented in the world. The state monopolizes the seven way tea. The salt bill method has been changed. All the old salt bills are not used. The rich businessmen have hundreds of thousands of pieces. Once they become nullified, they become beggars, and some even go to the water or hang them. The Huai Dong made a point of sympathy for them, so they wrote that salt changed the law to entrap the people. Cai Jing was furious and avoided his official. He cast ten dollars and set up all his brothers. Yushi Shisi and other cases were not suitable for Cai Jingyi. Six people were arrested or officials were cut. Chen Zheng's son Chen Zheng Hui was sentenced to be punished and sent to the island because of his book violation of Cai Jing.

The Song Dynasty opened up central Guizhou and built Jingzhou to the south. Chenxi rebelled and killed the Xupu county magistrate. Cai Jingxuan rewarded and recruited people who could kill Chenxi people. They ordered to kill one of their leaders, giving three hundred pieces of silk to the officials. Jing Nan Shou Ma Wang Cheng said: "there is life, there are provinces, and now we do not know which family is rebellion. If we do so according to the number of killing people, we will probably have unjust death and excessive reward." Chiang Chi Chi knew that the Privy Council was afraid of violating Cai Jing's meaning. He said that King Ma Cheng was not understanding of the state, and that Cai Jingmian and Ma Wangcheng were officials. Shu Wei Instead, I hope he can exterminate the rebellion. Thus, he recovered the Huangchuan, Shanshan and Kuo to capture the Yang Yang and ye Lang.

Cai Jing promoted the Tongjie, who was followed by Yang Jinge, Lan Congxi, Tan Zhen and Liang Shi in Chengdu. All the promotion of the inner service was attributed to the official departments in the case of foreign officials. Cai Jing also wanted to control the military power. He built, Zheng, Cao and Gong Zhou were four auxiliary troops, twenty thousand for each soldier, and his wife and Song Qiaonian, Hu Shiwen as his guardian. On the night of the night of the army, five hundred more money was paid each month, and Cai Jing immediately increased ten times to buy people's hearts. No one dares to disagree with him. He was promoted to Si Kong and was named Jiaguo Gong.

Greed and self use

With the improvement of status, Cai Jing became more greedy. He had already received the salaries of his servants, and he began to distribute the money of Si Kong, such as millet, beans, firewood and servant rations. All of them were rewarded to him at that time. They were all folded. They were all given to him. Cai Jing was only playing on the familiar form. Song Huizong did not know.

At that time, Yuan Yu Shi's courtiers were exiled and exiled or died. There was not much left. Cai Jing was not satisfied, ordered to enumerate their accusation, took Sima Guang as their leader, regarded them as a gang of criminals, and set up stone tablets in front of the gate of Wen de temple. He wrote the inscription in person and published it everywhere. At first, the Yuan Fu ended up with an eclipse of the sun and asked for advice. Most of the speakers talked about the politics of Xining and Shaoxing. There are three hundred and nine names in these two rosters, and their descendants are also imprisoned, unable to be officials in the capital and nearby.

In the five years of Chong Ning (1106), Cai Jing was promoted to Si Kong, Kai Fu Yi, the three division and Anyuan army Jie Duan, and was converted to Wei Guo Gong.

At that time, the state continued to be peaceful and the Treasury was full. Cai Jing first advocated Feng, Heng, Yu and DA, and regarded the property of officials as a waste of money. Song Huizong held a banquet, took out jade cups and jade jades and looked at them, saying, "I want to use them, and I'm afraid that people think they are too extravagant." Cai Jing said, "when the minister sent to Khitan, he saw jade plates and jade cups, all of which were in the stone and Jin Dynasties." It is not too much to celebrate their birthday now. " Song Huizong said, "the emperor made a small table only a few feet, and wrote many books. I was afraid of what they said. These jade articles have been placed for a long time. If people can speak again, they can not be divided. " Cai Jing said, "if things are reasonable, they should not be afraid. His majesty should enjoy the sacrifices of the world, and the jade pieces of the district will be counted.

One has reached the highest rank open to a subject

In the five month (1106) of Chong Ning, comet appeared in the west, and its tail was very long. Song Huizong criticized the party's Monument because of his words, so everything that Cai Jing built was gone. Cai Jing was removed from office for the opening ceremony with the three division and the central Tai Yi palace. Cai Jing's party secretly elected him in front of Song Huizong, in the first year of the Grand View (1107), and worshipped him as a left servant. Because of NTU in Nandan, he jumped to become Tai Wei. He accepted eight treasures and worshipped him as a teacher.

In the three years (1109), Tai Jian officials impeached him and resigned. He is still responsible for the renovation of zhe Zong Lu, and he has changed the kingdom of Chu to worship the emperor one or fifteen days a month. Too many students, Chen Zhaolao, to investigate Cai Jing's fourteenth crime, namely: blasphemy, the father, the Austrian aid, the light jazz, the wide expense, the change of law, the false production, the happy guidance and flattery, the clipper table admonition, the glowing party, the long run, the old and the poor. He was asked to exile him in the distance to resist evil spirits. When Chen Chao's old books appeared, scholars scrambled to copy them as memoir. In May, four years ago, the comet also appeared between Kun Su and Lou su. Yu Shi Kun Gong discussed Cai Jing's assistant administration for eight years. He was very easy to reward him for his country's assistance. He used his skill to help the craftsmen to repair the house. The pagoda is called the pagoda to make the pagoda of Mount Pingshan magnificent, and to make the decision to irrigate the fields to conform to the prophecy of "Xinghua". The name is "send back" and the door number is "toward Beijing". Fang Tian harassed the people living in peace and contentment, and there were many exiles in prison. There are dozens of things that are unfaithful and unfaithful. Earlier, Yu Shi Zhong Cheng Shi Gong Bi and Shi Yu Shi Mao repeatedly impeached Cai Jing and did not allow him to play. At that time, Cai Jingwei was ruled out by little prince and lived in Hangzhou.

Zheng and two years (1112), Cai Jing recalled to the capital, was still the prime minister, changed to Lu Guo Gong, three days to go to the metropolitan hall for political affairs. When Cai Jing left the country, many Chinese and foreign school officials took exams on current politics. To raise Huaixi bachelors, or to climb up, I would like to invite you to search for five years' examination questions and ask for comparison, so that more than 30 people will be convicted. According to the original song system, all imperial decrees were negotiated under the book of letters and then drafted by the master.

When he came to Xining, Song Hui Hui's descended hand edict was not discussed by the Central Committee of the book, because the minister secretly did it. When he came to Cai Jing, he was afraid that the speaker would disagree with himself, so he made a secret entry into the imperial pen, and asked Hui Zong to personally promulgate it. He was called the imperial pen hand edict, and the offender was guilty of violating the system. There are many things to be carried out. Even those who are not like the emperor's handwriting are afraid to speak. So the dear and close courtiers scrambled for requests, so that the inner waiter Yang Qiu took the place of "Shu Yang". Cai Jing was worried again, but he could not forbid it.

Soon, the official name was changed, and the servant was too much and little slaughtered, claiming to be a public figure. confer a posthumous title Wang Anshi , Cai Wei They are all kings, and officials in three provinces are no longer quota, so that officials of the five ranks are hundreds, and some of them have more than 10 salaries. Shi Shi Huang, who kept talking about him, was sent to Zhao state immediately. Cai Jing promoted Wei Bochu, a responsible official, to take charge of goods. He made millions of money to the Song Hui, and Song Hui Tsai rejoicing. He took them to the people around to see and say, "this is the gift that Cai Tsai gave me." Wei Bochu was promoted to Huizhou Pavilion.


Cai Jingchang said to Song Huizong that nowadays the country's currency is up to fifty million yuan, and it is enough to be happy and rich to prepare for the ceremony. He appointed Meng Changling as the envoy of all rivers, excavated three mountains, built Tiancheng and Senggong second bridges, and built large scale civil servants, and served less than four hundred thousand. The people of the two rivers were worried about their difficulties, but Cai Jing was living on the basis of Ji, Qi, Zhou Gong and Zhao Gong. He also wants to expand the size of the palace in order to favor the others, and call the children to five people, implying that the palace is narrow and simple. Tong Guan waited for him. They were all very clever, competing to be proud of grandiose luxury. And the construction of Yan Fu Palace and Jing Longjiang made Huizhou and other more extravagant, and repaired more magnificent yuan Yue.

Cai Jing's son Cai You, Cai Shu, Cai Jie, Cai You's son Cai Hang, all officials to the great bachelor, quite in power. Cai Yue married Maud De Ji Song Hui came to his home for the seven time, and there were countless rewards. Let him sit and drink with Song Huizong, and generally use family etiquette. Cai Jingjia's servant had a high-ranking official, and the maidservant's maidservant had a wife. This commended him gradually, and Song Huizong also hated and despised him.

Family favors the sun

Xuan and two years (1120), Song Hui Chung led him to resign.

Xuan and six years (1124), relying on Zhu Ju The force again took Cai Jing as a phase. Cai Jing came to power for the four time. He could not handle Old Affairs, and his affairs were handled by his youngest son. Whatever Cai Jing gave, he was done by Cai Cai and played for Cai Jing. Every time Cai Zi went up to the court, the attendants greeted each other in a low voice, whispered in whispers, dozens of people in the hall, and kept the files behind him, so he tried to steal authority by using his wife and brother Han Mulv as his servant. They plotted together to stir up the right and wrong, to framed and expel the imperial court, to build the propaganda and the Kung tribute, the gold and silk and the storehouses all over the place were searched to enrich them as the private property of the emperor.

Prime Minister Bai Shi Zhong , Li Bang Yan Only by carrying out the instrument, soon Cai Zi was unable to do his job. His brother Cai Yu also exposed them. Song Huizong was furious and wanted to banish them. Cai Jing urged him to avoid his crime. Song Huizong only stopped his salary, but he demoted Han Mu Lu to Huangzhou. Soon, Cai Zishi went to read, destroyed the decree granted to him, and Cai Jing resigned. At that time, when he was in middle school, he asked Cai Jing to take the place of Cai Jing. Song Hui Chung let Tong Guan go to Cai Jing, leaving him to quit his post. When the boy passed through, Cai Jing cried and said, "why can't the emperor be allowed to Beijing for a few years? Somebody must have slanders. Tong Guan said, "I don't know." Cai Jing had no choice but to give his resignation to the children, and Song Hui Zun's life minister took charge of his resignation.

Die in Tan state

In the first year of Jing Kang (1126), because of the south of the Jin army, Song Huizong gave Song Qinzong the Buddhist temple. The matter was tight, and Cai Jing went home to escape the war. People in the world thought Cai Jing was the leader of the six thieves. He began to put his books on the table to express his evil intentions. So Cai Jing took charge of Nanjing as a secretarial supervisor. He even demoted Chongxin and Qing Yuan army to make a deputy. He lived in the state and moved to shaogu and two states. Cai Jing went to tan Zhou and died at the age of eighty.

Cai Jing had eight sons. Cai Shu died early. Cai You and Cai Jie were killed. CAI was exiled to white state and Cai Xing was not punished for marrying the princess. Cai Jing's other sons and grandsons were sent to remote counties.

In four years (1168), Cai Jing's descendants moved their skeletons back to Xianyou's Maple Pavilion hometown, which is now buried in the village of Putian, Xianyou.

Main achievements


During the period of Cai Jing's administration, the implementation of the social assistance system was very rare in ancient history. It is undoubtedly the peak of the development of relief system in Northern Song Dynasty, which was unprecedented in Chinese history, and even in the three dynasties of yuan, Ming and Qing. It is Cai Jing who scales and institutionalized social relief activities.

Chong Ning's presided over "Chong Ning Ning to study" was the first result of the three school learning movement in the Northern Song Dynasty. The main measures are: the establishment of local schools throughout the country; the establishment of a county level school, a state school and a three level school system; a new school of development, the restoration of medicine, the establishment of mathematics, calligraphy, painting and other specialized schools; It is a concentrated embodiment of the policy of "Xingwen education" in the Northern Song Dynasty and played a major role in the development of the education in Song Dynasty.


Cai Jing's prose is also very good. He wrote essays, "a feast of Baohe hall", a volume of "Tai Qing Lou banquet", and a volume of "Yan Fu Gong Qu banquet", which were all collected by Wang Mingqing's income in the Southern Song Dynasty. This is one percent two. After the hardships of the national disaster, people scattered around the world. His "banquet notes of Baohe Dian" and "Tai Qing Lou banquet" are also included in eighth volumes of three kinds of songs. All three have been published in 1988 and 2001.

At the same time, he wrote " Xuan he book "Volume twenty": The Chronicle does not contain the author's surname, which is recorded by the famous masters in Song Huizong's residence. The first column of imperial books is a volume, and the second seal is a volume, the second is the four volume, the second is six volumes, the second is the seven volume. Nearly two hundred of the calligraphers are remembered. Chinese Wei, next to Zhao song. The book of Si Ku Quan Shu Yun: "Song people's book. Finally, Cai Jing, Cai Bi , mi fu It is almost three people's determination and deficiency. According to "Fujian Yi Wen Zhi, Volume 38, history, ten party records category" contains: "Xuan Hua painting" twenty volume, Xianyou, Cai Jing et al. "The book of iron bronze sword building" cloud: no name, cover the then Xiangyang, Cai Jing and other edict.


In the Northern Song Dynasty, there were four calligraphers "Su, Huang, MI and Cai". A few people thought that "Cai" originally referred to Cai Jing, who later became "Cai Xiang" with his "evil personality". Cai Jinggong's calligraphy, first and younger brother Cai Bi learn Cai Xiang In calligraphy, Zhong Jinshi taught Qian Tang County Wei when he was in love with God. Terry Chui Calligraphy was learned by scholars at that time, and Cai Jing was also demoted to Qian Tang. Su Shi Learn Terry Chui's calligraphy together and learn later. Shen Sheng Shi , Ouyang Xun He has changed himself to "two kings", and he has learned from all of them to become one. Its writing style is beautiful, and its writing is vigorous and vigorous. It is composed and composed with a unique style. It is advocated by the sea.

Cai Jing's calligraphic art is characterized by beauty, beauty, and composure. It can embody the aesthetic interest of calligraphy in Song Dynasty. At that time, it enjoyed a high reputation, and many scholars and scholars studied it. Yuan Tao Jia Yi History of books "It was quoted as saying by the commentators at that time:" its character is strict but not restricted, but rules are not so good. The book is like the crown and the sword is the adult. It is discussed above the temple. The running script is like the noble son, the spirit is high, the color is shining, and the big character is not enough. It can reflect Cai Jing's position in calligraphy at that time. When people talked about his calligraphy, people often used words that were "the most important" and "no one left their right". Even the arrogant Mi Fu once said that his calligraphy was not as good as Cai Jing's. It is said that once Cai Jing talked with Mi Fei and Cai Jingwen Mi Fei: "who is the best calligraphy nowadays?" Mi Fu replied: "from the late Tang Dynasty Liu Gong Quan, you and your brother Cai Bian." Cai Jingwen: "what next?" "I am, of course," said MI. The surviving books include "Cao Tang Shi Zhi Ji", "Jie Fu tie", "Gong Shi tie" and so on.

Historical evaluation

Song of the Northern Song Dynasty: "playing the bucket (Tong Guan), throwing vegetables (Cai Jing) is a good world for human beings."

Fang Zhen: "Cai Jing looks down on the family, but she does not care about it." Wang Mang is independent of herself. He is independent of Cao Cao. He regards his ancestors as nothing, and plays his majesty as a baby. Beijing is not filial piety. The minister assured the family that he could not talk. Reverse the outline, unscrupulously commit the crime of the old people's ministers.

Sun Di: "from ancient times, it is noted that there is no such thing as Beijing. Too often, the emperor oversees the evil and deceives the people, and all four are dismissed. But the nearest villain is lip labial, for fear of losing his support, so the camp is protected and used for reuse. Since we have been established, we have been rooted in evil spirits. Advocating the gap, provoking the troops, even the prison, reporting and grievance. Grievances filled, dry and Yin Yang, floods and droughts for many years, all in a thousand places, thieves were wild, white bones were like mountains, people were carrying on two worlds, the world was disintegrated, and the enemy was beating the drum, and entering the uninaccessible environment.

Chen Dong: "today's matter, Cai Jing is messy, Liang Shicheng conspire behind. Li Yan resentment in the northwest, Zhu Zhu grudges in the southeast, Wang Kun and Tong Guan also complain about Liao and Jin, creating a gap. We should punish six thieves and spread the first Quartet to thank the world.

Yu Yingqiu: "to cheat the emperor, to monopolize the parents, to spoil the people, to destroy the country, to destroy the country, to extravagant over the system, to bribe the wrongdoers, to start with Cai Jing."

Hong Mai: "Zhang Tun and Cai Jing are in charge of politics. They want to destroy the yuan and the good people, who are thirty years' imprisonment.

"Song History": "Beijing talent is fierce and dangerous, and dance wisdom protects people. Before the people's main body, Zhu Zhuan serves as a retainer." The emperor also knew that he had been cheating repeatedly, and he had been in power with Beijing for a long time. Jing Yi Wen will be retreated, and he will be in mourning. In the battle of Yanshan, Beijing sends poetry, and the sun can not help it. As for brothers and sisters, the father and son are like Qin and Yue. In the twilight years, when the family is a government office, the battalion enters the gate, and the transporting boy is subordinate to the US official. The loss of heart can not be separated from each other. Though the curse of the imperial society was destroyed, the world was still condemned by the law.

"The great song Xuan and the past": "Cai Jing, Cai You, Tong Guan's disciples, unrestrained in the upper; Gao, Yang Jian, Zhu Mianzhi party, friends evil in the next."

Li Tingji: "Tongguan is good at authoritarian power, and is consistent with Beijing." The children and the Jin people plan to plot the Qidan land. Khitan has already died, and has caused harm to itself. "

Wang Fuzhi: "a bad man has a long time to hold his power and to tilt the world. It is enough for the king to make a feast for the king, and to be clever enough to meet the king and to make a vain attempt on the ruler of the emperor; the next is enough to suppress his colleagues, but no one dares to insult him. Li Linfu, Lu Qi and Qin Hui are all alike. At the beginning of the entry, there is a minister who uses his monarch to be regarded as the leader of the community. When he uses it, he believes in it and respects it.

Emperor Kangxi: "Cai Jing, relying on a small person in the stream of vulgar, is trying to get in with it. That is to say, when it is stolen, it is determined to dispose of it. We must not be careless in the beginning.

Liang Qichao: "the lower ones, the clever words and colors, flatter the people, steal the state power and poison the living people, such as Qin's Zhao Gao, Han's ten regular attendants, Tang's Lu Qi, Li Linfu, song's Cai Jing, Qin Hui, Han Tuozhou, Ming Liu Jin, Wei Zhongxian, wearing no more than the number. "

Cai Dongfan: after the Huizhou emperor's accession to the throne, there were no villains except Han Zhongyan. Cai Jinggu's villain is also unique. He Zhizhong, Zhang Kangguo, Zheng Juzhong, Zhang Shangying and so on are the specific ears of Beijing. He Zhun Zhong is always good at Beijing. It is not necessary to say that Zhang Kangguo, Zheng Juzhong and Zhang Shangying are three people who first came to Beijing and then attacked Beijing. A small man can not tolerate a gentleman, nor can he tolerate a small person. The desire to win is a win, though it is the same kind, and it must strike quickly.


talent sufficient to rule the country

At the end of Shen zuning, Wang Anshi often told young Cai Bian (Cai Jingzhidi): "there is no such thing as talent in the world. I wonder who will inherit me in the future and take charge of the state? " Then he broke his fingers and said to himself, "my son Wang Yuanze counted one!" Turning back to Cai Bian, he said, "what is" good brother "(referring to Cai Jing)? He broke off the next finger, and for a long time, he said, "what is Ji Fu (Lv Huiqing)? And calculate one. " And then down, no more!

Starving to death

After being exiled by the demoted officials, Cai Jing wrote a poem: "eighty-one years ago, three thousand miles away, there was no home. The five Hall of the Golden Hall once visited the jade palace, and the jade hall ten degrees Xuan ma. Memories of life's glory and wealth are full of sentimental sentiments. When Cai Jing went to Danzhou to demote, he carried a lot of money, but his evil deeds caused people's resentment, and he could not buy anything on the road, so he could not help but sigh with emotion: "Beijing loses people's heart and why." In the end, Cai Jing, 80, died of hunger in July 21st in Hunan, Changsha.

Character traits

Cai Jing's talent was fierce and cunning, playing the art of wit, controlling others by wisdom, in front of the emperor, to spy on the main idea of the people in order to retain the special favor, and always told the emperor that he did not have to stick to vulgar habits. He should spend all his money to satisfy his enjoyment. Song Huizong also knew that he was very treacherous, so he repeated many times and chose Cai Jing who was not compatible with him to hold him in power. Whenever Cai Jing was dismissed from office, he went to the emperor and begged on his knees, without shame. When song returned to Yanshan, Cai Jing sent poems to Cai You, indicating that the matter was not feasible and hoped that the matter could not be self relieved. It is not good for brothers to be friends, such as ginseng and Shang Dynasty. The father and son are not related, such as Qin and Yue two states. In his later years, people who were seeking official promotion by their families were gathered under his door. If they lost money, they could also become officials of the United States. They would throw away the statutes of the state and make them as empty as possible. It is impossible to break the ice and cultivate the individual power. Eventually, the state led to a disaster. Although he had been demoted to death on the road, people in the world still did not hate him.

Family members


· Cai Jun There are two sons: the eldest son. Cai Jing Second son Cai Bi

Younger brother

Cai Bi yes Wang Anshi The son-in-law, the official to the Privy Council, promoted the Shang Shu Zuo Cheng, who was named Shao Bao.


Cai Jing has eight sons, six sons and five grandchildren, both of whom are bachelors.

· The eldest son, Cai you He lived in peace and was the Prime Minister of the Song Dynasty. He was not compatible with Cai Jing. Jing Kang died in the first year of 1126.

· Second son, Cai Tiao (Ti o), early pawn.

· The three son, Cai Xiao (Xi o o), was once a great Bachelor of the Song Dynasty's Ministry of rites and the palace of Baohe, who died in the first year of Jing Kang.

· Four sons. Cai Tsai (T, O), the word is about, the official to the Huizhou Pavilion, to be released later. White state

· The five sub, Cai Cai (Ti o), marry Song Huizong's daughter. Maud De Ji Zhao Fujin became his wife, became a prince of consort, official propaganda and palace waiting to be made, and in the first year of Jing Kang was exile to Jin State. Wan Yan Zong Wang

· The seven son, Cai Xiu, Jing Kang first year and his father died in a serious illness in the worship Temple of Tan state.


· Great grandson, Cai Hang, a major from Guan to Baohe hall.

· Cai Kan, Cai Shu, Cai Zheng and CAI are all bachelors.

Film and television image

1998 TV drama "Water Margin": Lin Liankun plays Cai Jing.

1998 TV drama Qingming Shanghe: statement playing Cai Jing;

2004 TV drama song song of the great song: Yang Hongwu plays Cai Jing.

2008 TV drama "Huang Tingjian of great song talent": Feng Wang plays Cai Jing;

2008 TV drama "the four names of young people": Liu Jiang plays Cai Jing.

2011 TV drama "Water Margin": Xue Zhongrui plays Cai Jing.

2012 TV drama "Su Dongpo": Liu Yajin plays Cai Jing;

2013 TV drama "loyal Yue Fei": Zhang Guoqing plays Cai Jing.

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