CITIC Golf Seaside Resort

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Shantou CITIC (China International Trust and Investment Corporation)  Resort Hotel is a foreign-related tourist resort hotel affiliated to Shantou Company of CITIC South China Group. The hotel is located in Shantou Nanbin Longhutan Provincial Tourist Resort, near the South Pacific Ocean, picturesque scenery, pleasant climate all year round. The hotel has complete infrastructure, complete with various standard rooms, suites, European style villas and villas, as well as top-class luxury Chinese and Western presidential villas and VIP villas. With special conference hall and multi-function hall, it is an ideal place for your work and leisure.

Basic survey

The CITIC Bay Golf Course covers an area of 500 mu and forms a complementary project with the hotel. The golf course invests more than 300 million RMB and is an international standard 18-hole golf course. National AAAAAA Tourist CITIC Golf Seaside Resort belongs to the South China Group of CITIC, under the jurisdiction of CITIC Resort Hotel and CITIC Shantou Golf Club. CITIC Resort Hotel is a four-star resort hotel with the largest scale and greening area and the highest grade in eastern Guangdong. The exclusive beach, Longhu Beach, is 9 kilometers long.

CITIC Golf Seaside Resort

Near the South Pacific Ocean, the sea and sky are uniform and magnificent. The sea entertainment and beach recreational activities are exciting, and the negative ions in the air are high in the scenic area. They are listed as one of the places for leisure and vacation in Shantou. CITIC Golf Course is now an international standard eighteen holes, built in accordance with the mountains, with a strong subtropical flavor. It is the first green grass court in China to adopt American hawk grass. It is planned to build 27 international standard golf courses. It has successfully hosted a national amateur tournament and the selection of the Asian Games in 2002, as well as major competitions such as the China League Cup Professional Competition.

Main attractions

Dragon Tiger Beach

On the beach of Longhu Beach, the feet are fine, soft and very strong iron sands. In front of them are the South China Sea with white waves and boundless blue sea, golden beaches, white spray, lush windbreak forest on the shore, the distant blue waves, the water and sky are all the same. The huge wheels sail across the sea, the seagulls are flying, and in such beautiful scenery, they are somewhat like Fan Zhongyan submerged in the Records of Yueyang Tower. As the saying goes, "If you bring wine to the wind, you will enjoy it."

About the origin of the name of Longhu Beach, in the north of Longhu Beach, is the Guang'ao Deep Water Port, which has a section of the coast, which resembles a sleeping tiger, and on the right is the Longtou Mountain of Chaoyang Haimen Scenic Area. Chinese people often call some geomantic treasures "Tibetan Dragon Crouching Tiger" land, which has both visible crouching tiger and potential Tibetan Dragon. It is very natural to call this area Longhu Beach. Walking along the seaside, on the left is the newly built seawater swimming pool of CITIC Resort, which is also the only one in Shantou. Everyone should not underestimate this sea water swimming pool, because it is near the sea surface, coupled with unique architecture, so that you can enjoy the quiet of the pool, but also visually appreciate the freedom of the sea, really "in the center of the pool in the sea" extraordinary realm.

CITIC Resort Villa District

The villas of CITIC Resort are far away from the noise of the city and closely linked with the sea. The buildings are not won by high-rise buildings, but by point-type buildings on the second and third floors. They are small and exquisite and beautiful. They adopt the traditional way of Chinese classical gardens in their layout, showing a fresh and natural pastoral style in casual and free way, and the scale of high-rise buildings in downtown areas. There is a sharp contrast between the compactness and crowding. The organic combination of this architectural pattern and the coastal environment creates a quiet and elegant resort for tourists. In summer, the sea breeze drives away the heat and irritability for you; in winter, the humid ocean climate brings you warmth and warmth, and you can come here all the year round to enjoy it.

"Another Village" Wooden House Area

"Another Village" wooden house area is a folk custom point of the resort. Forest bars, tea shops, open-air Disco, every weekend literary and artistic performances, so that you stay away from the noise and dust of the city, into the embrace of nature, enjoy the leisure of the holiday, comfortable, return to nature. "Another Village" is connected by a scenic spot - "Mongolian Village", where you can not only feel the hospitality, enthusiasm and boldness of Tiemuzhen people, but also experience the pleasure of horseback riding in the forest and beach. In addition, you can also enjoy archery, wrestling and national dance in "Mongolian Village". If you have not had enough seafood, you can also enjoy authentic Mongolian roast sheep in this yurt, so that you really have a "Inner Mongolian amorous feelings" addiction.

Climatic environment

Shantou City, located in the southeast of Guangdong Province, has a subtropical marine climate with abundant sunshine and abundant rainfall. The annual average temperature is 21.2 C. There is no extreme heat in summer and no severe cold in winter. The climate is very pleasant and comfortable. But because it is located in the subtropical zone, the temperature in summer is slightly higher, and the lowest temperature in winter will not be lower than 5 C.


CITIC Resort Hotel is currently the largest and highest-grade four-star Resort Hotel in eastern Guangdong. Its exclusive beach, Longhu Beach, is 9 kilometers long. It is near the South Pacific Ocean. The sea and sky are uniform and magnificent. The sea entertainment projects and beach sports activities are exciting. The negative ions in the air in the scenic area are high, and it is listed as one of Shantou leisure resorts. CITIC Golf Course is now an international standard eighteen holes, built in accordance with the mountains, with a strong subtropical flavor. It is the first green grass court in China to adopt the original American hawk grass. It is planned to build 27 international standard courses. It has successfully hosted the national amateur tournament and the 2002 Asian Games Selection Competition and the China League Cup Professional Competition.

Accommodation information

CITIC Golf Seaside Resort is located in Longhu Beach, Hepu District, Shantou City, under the jurisdiction of CITIC Holiday Hotel and CITIC Golf Club. CITIC Resort Hotel is located in the South Pacific Ocean, covering an area of 500 mu, with 9 kilometers of golden beach. It has more than 150 standard rooms and suites. There are more than 30 European style villas with more than 200 rooms and 450 beds. It also has the top luxurious Chinese and Western presidential villas and VIP villas. There are special conference halls and multi-function halls.

Traffic information

From Guangzhou Tianhe Passenger Station to Shantou, the express fare is 130 yuan, about 5 hours to Shantou, and then take a taxi to the destination.

Scenic food

Beef balls

Fresh fragrance, crisp and tender, very elastic, thrown on the ground can rebound very high for the top grade.

Fresh clam

Small body, easy to peel off the shell, fresh and sweet meat, the best to eat at the same time drink a small glass of red wine, taste better.

oh lua

A snack made by frying oysters with duck eggs and potato flour in a pan and eating it with Shantou fish sauce and chili sauce is very crisp.

Lobster with lettuce

This dish is made of lobster, ham slices, tomatoes, eggs and coriander. It is characterized by its realistic shape, bright color and delicate and smooth meat.

Special products in scenic spots

Yuanxiao shaddock

It is produced in Daxi Town, Jiexi County. The fruit is flat and round in shape, flat and concave in head and tail, big like citrus, light yellow in color. Its crystal is bright, tender and juicy, sweet and sour, and fragrant in smell. It is a lucky gift for folk Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.

Blue crab

Qingyu Village, Didu Town, Jiedong County, is located at the mouth of the Rongjiang River and belongs to the "living water" zone, so the crabs produced have "four delicacies"; the thigh meat is short and delicate, the taste is pure and delicious; the leg meat is long and tender, fresh and not fishy; the body meat is white and crystal-clear, delicate and delicate; the shell paste is yellow and tender, with good color and taste.

Qian Gang oyster

Qiangang, produced in Didu Town, Jiedong County, is a kind of Mudan near the river. It is famous for its white meat, delicate color and delicious sweetness. Qiangang oyster is not only nutritious, but also has the medicinal value of firming essence, resolving phlegm, stopping cough and restraining sweat. It is a famous aquatic product in Chaoshan.


The snail, commonly known as Jiukong snail, is produced in Jinghai Town, Huilai County. It is one of the eight treasures of Chinese seafood. Jinghai abalone is small and delicious. Its shell can be used medicinally. It is called Shi Jueming. It has the effect of nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney, clearing liver and clearing the purpose. "Stewed abalone" is a delicacy of Chaozhou cuisine.