Butterfly Bucket Encouragement of the Browns

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Butterfly Bucket Encouragement of the Browns

Buzz drum dance is a kind of collective dance of men and women of ancestral origin. It has great improvisation. There are two kinds of dance methods: He Xinfang and Wooden drum. He Xinfang men accompany him with three drums called "father, mother and son" by the pond. Men and women dance hand in hand while singing and shouting around the accompaniment. The dancers always take a step, step in front of their houses, step back and slightly backward.

On June 7, 2008, the "Bulang Bucket Encouragement" declared by Lahu Wa and Dai Autonomous County of Shuangjiang, Yunnan Province, was included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council.

historical origin

Legend has it that in the ancient times when chaos began to unfold, there were nine suns in the sky scorching the earth unseen, and the earth's creatures were covered with charcoal. At that time, all things on earth were interdependent and interdependent. In order to change the existing situation, the creatures on the earth recommend the white crane king, who is good at flying, to ask for the help of the gods who are in charge of the fate of the creatures on the earth to reduce the sun's illumination. In the Nine Heavens, King White Crane found that the gods were not doing anything right and were seeking pleasure. In a rage, King White Crane kicked the water tower pillar with his flying legs. For a time, the sky lightning, thunder, torrential rain poured down, the more heavy rain, continued for seven or forty-nine days, the flood almost filled the whole land, see the flood is about to destroy everything, in the emergency moment of life and death of all creatures, a group of bees broke through the thunder and lightning and asked God to save everyone. The sincerity of the bee touched the God in charge of human beings. The God promised to rescue the lower bounds. Unfortunately, only two dying brothers and sisters were found in the lower bounds of the god. The two brothers and sisters married according to the will of the gods, and human beings have been able to reproduce to this day. Brothers and sisters marry and multiply human beings. In order to make human beings colorful, God divides human beings into different nationalities and speaks different languages. The Browns are one of them. Brown people are mellow, God gave the task of repaying the bees for saving their lives to the ancestors of the Brown people. The ancestors of the Browns did not bear heavy burdens. They found hollow giant trees to cut them into bee barrels, and let them live in them, accompanied by themselves. To keep this honour in mind for generations, the Browns also created bee barrels to encourage them to dance together at annual sacrifices and festivals.

artistic characteristics

artistic form

Buzzer drum dance is a mass dance of the Browns, which is divided into three steps and five steps. During the performance, two young men and women hold a "Pa Festival" (i.e. towel) in both hands and dance in front of the "Pa Festival Dance" guidance, dance movements are mainly throwing.

Towel. Then there are bee drums, usually 4-6, followed by two elephant drums, followed by six people beating big, medium, small awns and cymbals, and finally followed by dancers and the old and young people who help to cheer up. The rhythm of bee drum is lively and warm. Several percussion instruments cooperate with each other. Buzz, Buzz... Cut, cut..." High, medium and bass are interesting. The movements are generous, unrestrained, rough and lively, and the dancing posture is light, gentle and delicate.

Performing props

Nowadays, bee drums are generally 25-30 cm in diameter and 70-80 cm in height. They are made of Panzhihua trees or willows, and covered with cowhide at both ends. They are similar to bee drums. The drum stick is 3 - 4 cm in diameter and 40 - 50 cm in length, with colored cloth strips at both ends.

Inheritance status

There are 23 nationalities living in Shuangjiang, each of which has its own customs, culture and art. Among them, Bumble Drum Dance, the Brown Dance in Dananzhi Village, Bangbu Township, is the most distinctive, leading style and has a reputation both inside and outside the province. Bee drums are named for their shape like bee barrels raised by Brownian families. As a unique percussion instrument of a nation, it has been accompanied by this nation for thousands of years. The buzz bucket inspired by it is also inherited from generation to generation as the dance of the Browns.

Dananzhi Village, Bangbi Township, Shuangjiang, is well known for its "production" of bee drums and bee drums. Bee drums and bee drums are the unique activities of Shuangjiang Browns and belong to Shuangjiang Browns.