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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940 -1973 July 20th) Lee Jun Fan Teacher Ye Wen Born in California, USA San Francisco The ancestral home of China Guangdong Province Foshan City Shunde District Junan Town The world Wu Dao Pioneers, martial artists, martial arts philosophers, MMA Father, martial arts master, Kung Fu Movie Founder and Jeet kune do The founder and Chinese martial arts film actor. Chinese Kung Fu The first global promoter, the first Chinese character in Hollywood. He broke 3 records in four and a half movies in Hongkong. Raptors crossing the river "Breaking Asia" box office Records of Hollywood cooperation A dragon and a tiger in combat The world's total box office is 230 million dollars.

Bruce Lee opened in 1962. Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute "Self created in 1967 Jeet kune do In July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee was there. Hong Kong He died at the age of 33. 1979 us Los Angeles The city government will make a supplement. Death gameThe opening date of June 8th was "Bruce Lee day" (July 8th was translated erroneous). In 1993, the United States issued 20th anniversary commemorative banknotes for Bruce Lee's death. Hollywood Avenue Bruce Lee's commemorative star emblem; the same year. Hongkong Film Awards The conference issued " Lifetime Achievement Award " In November 1998, Chinese Wushu Association Awarded the "martial arts movie superstar Award".

Character experience

Early experience

In 1946, she went to St. Mary's Academy.

In 1949, he went to Dexin school in Hongkong, and then transferred to Lama college and San Francisco Academy.

In March 29, 1958, he transferred to the high school of St. Francis college, Hongkong.

Due to frequent struggles with people and poor academic performance, they left their families to study in the United States at ten in the evening of April 29, 1959. September 3rd -1960 December 2nd Seattle The city entered Edison technical school tutorial.

In 1960, Bruce Lee entered Seattle. University of Washington He majored in drama and studied philosophy and psychology.

Martial arts experience

· Learn from martial arts :

When Bruce Lee was young, his father tried to build up his son's physique. strong He taught practice when he was 7 years old. Taiji boxing . When I was young, I loved jumping. Just danceDuring the period of Hong Kong, he was a boxing champion with professors. Han Sheng Xiao Cha Cha, in exchange for teaching him Chinese boxing. In 1954, Bruce Lee taught him as a teacher and studied. Wing Chun And set up a wooden stake at home and work hard every day. Besides, he has practiced. Mantis Boxing Hong Quan, Shaolin boxing, poking feet, boxing and white crane boxing have laid a solid foundation for creating Jeet kune do later.

In 1957, San Francisco Academy Charlie Owen, who defeated the champion of the past three years, won the inter Western boxing youth championship. In March 29, 1958, he won the champion of the cha cha open. .

· Setting up martial arts:

After entering the University in 1959, he devoted all his energies to studying martial arts. He organized in the school.

A Chinese Kungfu team often trains and performs on campus, winning the praise of teachers and students. Bruce Lee is a versatile player. Besides being proficient in all kinds of boxing, he is also good at various kinds of equipment such as sticks, short sticks and a pair of clubs. In order to publicize Bruce Lee Chinese Wushu During the 2 grade of University, a corner of a parking lot on campus was rented. As a martial art, the brand of Zhen Fu National Art Museum was hung. He taught and practise hard and made great progress in technology, especially in his legs. .

In 1961, "Zhen Fan Kung Fu Dao" was set up on campus. In order to improve the level of attack and defense, Bruce Lee studied the boxing method of Western boxing besides learning Chinese boxing, learning footwork, body, boxing and training methods. In April 1962, Bruce Lee, 21, taught Chinese Kungfu in Seattle. Seattle founded the Zhen fan National Museum. He founded the vibrant vassal martial arts museum also gradually thriving, and successively in Seattle, Oakland, Losangeles and other places opened martial arts branch hall apprenticeship.

In 1963, the only one was completed before birth. Chinese Gung-Fu It is published at its own expense. In October 5th, Kung Fu performance was first listed as the opening day of University.

In the summer of 1964, Bruce Lee closed the Seattle Zhen Fu National Museum and left Seattle in July 19th. Broadway .In August 2nd, he attended the International Karate Championships. In August 3rd, the Zhen fan National Gallery officially opened classes.

1965, accept wong jack man Challenge and win, continue to teach foreigners Kung Fu.In summer, we defeat the king of the mountain.

In February 5, 1967, the "Zhen fan National Gallery" was established. In May 6th, he attended the national karate championship competition and performed. In June 24th, he attended the "national karate open competition" and performed. In July 9th, Jeet kune do was founded. He attended the International Karate Championships in July 30th and performed.

In 1970, the size and equipment of the National Gallery continued to improve. Many of the world's most famous martial arts stars such as the United States karate champion. Chuck Norris When he was fighting to worship him as a teacher, Hollywood's famous movie stars such as James Henry and Steve were all his disciples. The boxers of various schools in the United States often gather in Bruce Lee's martial arts to learn from Wu Yi, and his purpose of "meeting friends by force" has received the desired results.

In 1972, he was selected as the international authority martial arts magazine "black belt" Hall of fame in the capacity of master Jeet kune do. This means that Bruce Lee's new Jeet kune do has gained the authority of foreign Wushu circles. .

Performing experience

In 1941, Bruce Lee, 3 months old, starred in his first film. Golden Gate Girl "

In 1948, Bruce Lee played a guest role in Li Xin's stage name, playing Yu Liang's director. Regard honour and riches as floating clouds "The new Li Haiquan" is also featured in the advertisement.

In 1950, Bruce Lee performed for the first time as a leading actor. Fine road Xiang In the film, a orphan who has changed from bad to bad has been well received.

In April 12, 1951, The beginning of man Premiere.

In 1954, I took part in "love".

In 1958, Robert Lee The movie " City Kids In the decoration, a third.

In 1960, the film was starred. City Kids "In Hongkong, Bruce Lee is the last Cantonese film to go to the United States to study.

In February 4, 1965, he accepted the audition of Chen Charlie's eldest son. In September 21st, the Hollywood film company formally signed an actor contract.

In March 1966, he moved to Losangeles for 4 days. Green Hornet Sample. In April 30th, he signed the performance contract of "green Hornets" and received regular performance training from May to June. In June 6th, starring in the TV play.Green Hornet "Officially launched. In September 9th, it was first broadcast in the United States and moved to the 23 floor of the building of the building at the end of October.

In January 27, 1967, guest TV series " Batman " July 14th ironside Guest.

In July 5, 1968, he acted as an action guide for the movie "The Wrecking Crew". In August 1st, she acted as an Asian killer in Marlowe, and appeared in November 12th. Lovely woman "On November 15~22" Here Come the Brides ".

In January 1971, the idea of "Silent Flute" was fruitless. June 24th -7 1, in the TV play "blind man pursuing a crime".

In June 28th, he signed a contract to join Jiahe and signed two films for $15 thousand.Tangshan elder brother And "Jing Wu men", in July 12th, invested in the "big brother of Tangshan" shooting, and launched on the 16 day, in September 3rd, "Tangshan elder brother" finished the day to receive Huan Huan program. In September 4th, interviewed by ATV. In September 7th, the guest was "blind man pursuing a crime". Huan visited and performed in October 22nd. In October 30th, the movie "big brother of Tangshan" was released and hit the highest 3 million HK dollar box office record. November 3rd, attended the Scout fund-raising ceremony. In December 8th, he attended the opening ceremony of the national language film week and received an exclusive interview with Gapiel Burton.

In 1972, Bruce Lee played the second movie "Jing Wu men" for the Jiahe company. "Jing Wu men" doubled the budget than the "big brother of Tangshan", causing a bigger sensation to break the box office record in Asia. Since then, Bruce Lee has set up a self consistent film company, and has made a worldwide release of the film "Raptors" and "the game of death" and "the dragon of dragons".

In March 1973, the shooting of "the game of death" was suspended, and the Dragon battle was fought. It played the leading role. In June, after filming the Dragon battle, it returned to Hongkong to continue shooting the game of death. In July 26th, "dragon competition" was shown in the United States, which made an amazing box office. At the box office, it defeated many Hollywood blockbusters released in the same period. Hollywood's new Kung Fu movie was born. .

Sudden death

In 1973, when Bruce Lee was ambitious and ambitious to prepare for the game of death, he died in Hongkong in July 20th at the age of 32. Cerebral edema " . In July 31st, Bruce Lee was buried in Lake View cemetery in Seattle, Washington, where his son Li Guohao died young. The cause of Bruce Lee's death is still a foggy fog. Hollywood is sorry for it. It also cherishes the memory of legendary Bruce Lee in many ways. The United States awarded him a number of Film Awards. .

Personal life

Bruce Lee wrote confidently on a note, "my clear goal is to become the super Eastern superstar of the highest salary in the United States. Starting in 1970, I will win a worldwide reputation. By 1980, I will have 15 million dollars in wealth, and then my family and I will have a happy life. "

Bruce Lee's wife Linda Emery (Linda), yes. Ireland Bruce Lee, a white American girl, was a classmate of University of Washington at the University of Washington. Shortly after he met Bruce Lee in 1963, he was also introduced to Sue, Key, a friend and Chinese girl. He joined the Zhen fan National Art Museum and became one of Bruce Lee's early female disciples. .Two people's emotional experience is also quite bumpy. In the University, Bruce Lee was originally associated with a Japanese girl Amy, the two talented women in the University also attracted much attention. Later, Bruce Lee and Amy broke up, Linda gradually entered Bruce Lee's life, two people officially began to associate in 1963, and in August 12, 1964 and Linda in the Jin county court for marriage formalities, 17 days into the wedding hall. In February 1, 1965, Linda gave birth to Bruce Lee, and Bruce Lee named him son. Li Guo Hao . In April 19, 1969, Bruce Lee's beloved daughter. Shannon Lee Birth .

In 1988, Linda remarried Bruce Lee's friend and student and writer Tom Brick. In 1991, Linda married Bruce Caldwell, a stockbroker. Their two children, their daughter's father and brother's career, sang and acted in Hollywood, and had already married. In 1993, son Li Guohao was filming in North Carolina. Crow "When the gun was shot by a prop gun, it hit the abdomen and was killed at the age of 28 years old, only 44 points.

Main achievements

Jeet kune do

In 1967, Bruce Lee founded the "Jeet Kune Do", the world's modern Chinese Kung Fu "scientific street fighting skills", which was the 27 year old.

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do poster Jeet kune do is an all-around free boxing technique created by Bruce Lee, which combines the essence of all kinds of martial arts in the world. "Jeet Kune Do" means blocking the opponent's approach or intercepting the opponent's way of boxing. Jeet Kune Do advocates the high freedom and instinctive nature of fighting, abandoning the traditional form and faithfully expressing itself. It is the essentials and essentials of Jeet kune do. It applies the eastern and western philosophy to Wushu, and it is a fighting guidance and methodology. Bruce Lee has his own fighting system, which is called "Jeet Kune Do" or "Jeet Kune Do" by Bruce Lee. It is an important part of Jeet kune do, but not all. Jeet kune do is infinite in development, and Jeet kune do is through the exercise of human natural body weapons.

One inch punch

Bruce Lee's boxing is a special skill of Jeet kune do, which evolved from Yong Chun's "long bridge force". Bruce Lee's "inch boxing" hit " Strength A person weighing more than 75 kg can be shot several meters away. Wing Chun has a special way of giving strength, called strength. The so-called "strength" refers to the short, crisp explosive force that suddenly accelerates the contraction of muscles when the target is close to the target or the moment of action is about to be completed. In Wing Chun gate, the master of the Spring Festival can start a continuous compact attack without being able to get ready. He will knock down the opponent from 1 to 3 inches or even close. According to the principle of mechanics, the force produced by an object after acceleration is the largest. Therefore, the strength of the fist should be large, and the arm must be bent after it is punched to ensure that there is enough distance to accelerate. However, the strength of the force is contrary to its requirement, which requires great force in the shortest distance.

Double stick

During his stay in the United States, Bruce Lee, a famous American Philippines cudgel master, Dan Inosanto, exchanged a double stick and a Philippines short stick and became an expert in using sticks. In the Hollywood drama "Green Hornet", Bruce Lee used the double stick for the first time. The knot is a hard cylinder with two cylinders. It is linked by iron chains or pads in the middle. It can be punched and killed, and the stiffness and whip of a stick are all in one. A martial arts monograph in the United States once said: "the end of a waving stick can produce 1600 pounds of force, and the power is very amazing. Once the chain or pimp is connected to the neck of the other person, only a slight pull is enough to hang the person. Many states in the United States now prohibit the use and possession of double truncated bars in the form of law. The reason is that some American young people have seen Bruce Lee's Kung Fu movies, or heard of the power of the truncated stick, and played with a double stick. "Jing Wu men" let the audience of Hongkong at that time see Bruce Lee's exquisite double stick technique. When the Toronto crossed the river, Bruce Lee's double stick became two pairs. The performance was extremely difficult and dazzling.

Character influence

1999 Time "List of heroes and idols in twentieth Century, Bruce Lee and the late British. Diana Princess, President of the United States Kennedy And so on. Bruce Lee, who was jointly hosted by the seven electronic media in Hongkong, is the top of the list of entertainment figures. In 2000, the US government announced the release of a commemorative stamp of Bruce Lee's birthday, which is the 60th anniversary. Marilyn Monro And the 007 and the third most honored artists are also the first Chinese.2003 US Black Belt The magazine released Bruce Lee's 30th anniversary death album "Bruce Lee's lasting influence on the American martial arts". In November 2008, the world's largest Bruce Lee memorial hall was opened in Junan Town, Shunde, with a total land area of 37 thousand square meters.


Teachers and friends

Lee Hoi Chuen

In general, people think that Bruce Lee's first martial arts teacher is Yip master, but actually his abecedarian is his father, Li Haiquan (LEE-HOI-CHUEN). Lee Hoi Chuen As a famous Cantonese opera, he has studied. Taiji boxing For decades, I have deep attainments. Bruce Lee was so active that he could fight as long as he was able to fight, so he began to learn Taijiquan from his father when he was several years old. From Bruce Lee's notes on martial arts, we can see that Tai Chi occupies a very important position in Jeet kune do. Some of its theories about Tai Chi, Wuji and Yin Yang have gradually developed into the core theory of Jeet kune do, and Tai Chi has become the symbol of Jeet kune do.

Liang Zi Peng

Because of Bruce Lee's need to fight in the street, he wanted to give up the practice of Taijiquan because Tai Chi was a slow effort. But Li Haiquan was opposed to it, because Li Haiquan knew that Bruce Lee's temperament was too strong, and through practicing Taijiquan, there might be some restraint. But when Bruce Lee gradually gave up the practice of Taijiquan, he had to find a way to make up for it. Li Haiquan thought of another martial arts elder. Liang Zi Peng But things were not as smooth as Li Haiquan imagined, because Liang had heard about Bruce Lee's fighting in the streets. At that time, he did not want this bad boy to ruin his reputation in the conservative realm of national defense. But Li Haiquan was also a celebrity in Hongkong's art circles. Therefore, when he failed to shirk, he had to agree to let Bruce Lee only listen to his theory class, in fact, he was only a famous disciple. But Mr. Liang's profound martial arts training foundation and boxing theory deeply moved Bruce Lee, and thus understood the real fighting meaning of Taijiquan and other internal Kung Fu. All of these were not mentioned by Li Haiquan. In fact, Li Haiquan taught Bruce Lee to practise Taijiquan, which was not to let him fight, but to cultivate himself, keep fit and keep fit.

Ye Wen

Ye Wen The Foshan people in Guangdong, who moved to Hongkong in the late 40s because of the war, and opened the boxing hall to teach Yong Chun Quan, is a famous martial arts teacher of modern martial arts in Hongkong. It is the leader of the martial arts circles in Hongkong, and is the first hero to win the world. Bruce Lee failed in the street battle and was friends. Zhang Chao Qing Influenced by the influence and decided to put it under the Wing Chun gate, Bruce Lee suddenly felt that Zhang Zhuoqing's skills were sharpness, because he began to learn the reason of Wing Chun's boxing. Therefore, under the introduction of Zhang Zhuoqing, he also formally entered the door of Yip master and began to learn Yong Chun Quan systematically. Of course, Kai ye asked ye not to oppose Bruce Lee's practice of Taijiquan, nor to oppose his pupil to fight with other boxing schools. On the contrary, he paid special attention to actual combat training, because he knew that a boxing school would rely on its own strength if he wanted to survive.

Chan Heung

One of the 26 elements of Bruce Lee's Jeet kune do is Cai Lifoquan Cai Li Fu is a famous Guangdong boxing. Although it is only more than 100 years old, it has a wide spread in the provinces, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia. For Bruce Lee, who wants to rely on Wushu to become famous, there is no reason not to go. Chan Heung This is a great martial arts school, which has the same practical value as Wing Chun Quan. It is considered the largest martial arts practice in Hongkong.

Han Sheng Xiao

Han Sheng Xiao It's Li. Bruce Lee, the first official of the Northern School of Kung Fu in the career of Xiaolong's martial arts career, went to Shaw master shortly before leaving the United States, because he felt that he had nothing to do after he came to the United States, and only martial arts could barely make it out. In order to further strengthen his technical expertise, he passed his father's introduction to Shaw master's learning. At that time, although he had not yet planned to go to the United States to win the battle with Wu, he had indeed become his spiritual pillar. Although Bruce Lee changed his "dance" with Shao master, he began to teach Shao Shifu to learn to dance after he threw in the door of Shao master. Bruce Lee called him "four uncle". Of course, he also learned some key techniques of some boxing techniques that his brothers could not learn, because Shao master actually belonged to his family's private teaching. When Shao master taught him this time, we saw his excellent performance in the American long dike karate competition, especially the performance of his series of flying kicks.

Li Jun 9

Li Jun 9 (JHOON-GOO-RHEE) has been elected to the "black belt heroes hall" for two times, and has been known for its Taekwondo and self-defense skills to members of the United States Congress. It is the top leader of Taekwondo in the United States and has the reputation of "the father of American Taekwondo". The acquaintance of Bruce Lee and Li Junjiu was the long dike karate competition held by ED Parke in 1964. Of course, all two of them attended the performance as a guest of honor. However, Bruce Lee's wonderful performance deeply shocked Li Jun nine. From then on, they became good friends and often visited each other and exchanged with each other. Li Jun nine not only learned Bruce Lee's stereoscopic attack method, but also taught Bruce Lee for many years, which further improved and enriched Bruce Lee's martial arts system at that time, especially in the aspect of high kicking. As for Bruce Lee's "foot broken board" technique, which is often performed in public places, it is derived from Li Jun nine, and the flying kicking technology relies more on Li Junjiu's advice.

Ed Parker

Ed Parker (ED-PARKER), known as "the father of American Karate" in the US military arena, is the founder of karate movement in the United States, and also the founder of "KENPO-KARATE". After his friend's introduction and understanding, Bruce Lee began to learn from each other. Bruce Lee explained to him the Chinese martial arts, which was mainly composed of Chun Chun. Ed Parker introduced his fighting skills to Bruce Lee, so that Bruce Lee was truly received the profound letter of the fighting art of karate. In particular, Ed Parker's Kung Fu was born out of the traditional fighting skills of karate, so its reform and development had a great influence on Bruce Lee, which made Bruce Lee realize that "boxing should be innovated on the basis of predecessors", because without innovation, there will be no development.

Kenny Rabel

Kenny Rabel (GENE-LEBLL) is known as "the father of Jiu Ju" in the American martial arts arena. As a multiple winner of the "Teacher Award" in the "black belt heroes hall", Bruce Lee not only studied Jiu Ju with him, but also connected with him. Chuck Norris(CHUCK-NORRIS) and Jinji (BENNY) also learned from him Jiu Ju, when Bruce Lee first came to the United States, Kenny Rabel had long known the world. He had not only won many titles of various kinds of Jiu Ju and fighting competitions, but also known as "flying hands" because of the special effects of motorcycles. Of course, the main content of Bruce Lee's learning was "lock technology". Labelle once gave Bruce Lee his own technique of Jiu Ju, and further perfected Bruce Lee's fighting skills system, because people knew that Jeet kune do was a three-dimensional, unrestrained boxing way that kicks, punches, throws, locks and uses. Among them, "throwing" and "locking" techniques, apart from Bruce Lee has learned some useful skills from Chinese martial arts, a considerable part of the essence moves directly from Kenny. So, as early as today's Jeet kune do researchers go back to learn.Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Or when some other comprehensive fighting skills were unknown, master Bruce Lee had mastered this kind of martial arts skills under the guidance of Kenny Labelle 30 years ago, but some of today's Jeet kune do researchers do not know much about authentic Jeet kune do. In 1997, when the American martial arts world celebrated Kenny Rabel's birthday, he suddenly said such a shocking speech: "in my 62 years of martial arts and Jiu Ju's career, Bruce Lee was a real invincible fighter, especially his arms that could not be moved by human beings. In proportion to body size, his strength and power were not seen in my life.

James Yimm Lee

James Yimm Lee Although he was a student of Bruce Lee, he also made a great contribution to Bruce Lee's success in martial arts, because Yan Jinghai was a master of traditional martial arts before he was put into the door of Bruce Lee, and he was good at many kinds of boxing and good at " Iron sand palm Kung Fu, but his greatest contribution to Bruce Lee was to teach Bruce Lee a muscle training method, because he was a weightlifter himself and had considerable experience in muscle training. Bruce Lee also learned the skills of Yan Jinghai, and worked hard in accordance with the law, so that his strong muscles became more developed, his fighting power was stronger and his explosive power was more fierce. Therefore, without the help of Yan Jinghai, it would be impossible to have Bruce Lee's strong, powerful skills and iron casting body. Bruce Lee's strong muscles and amazing explosive power represent a kind of divine power and momentum. Bruce Lee also came to the conclusion that if your body is not strong enough, you will not be able to fight violently.

Personal anecdote

1. when a family eats, they often hear strange noises. Bruce Lee, who used to pound the stool while eating, explains that there are many challengers outside, so he must stiffen his fist as soon as possible.

2. whenever Bruce Lee sees a disagreeable person, he wants to fight with him immediately.

3. red Kai Peng Mercedes Benz (license plate number: AX 6521), it is reported that he was the first person in Hongkong to own the car.

4. Bruce Lee hates cockroaches. He once put cockroaches into a string of necklace to wear them to overcome his fear.

5. Bruce Lee can open the beer bottle cap with his fingers, and he has laid down 8 Japanese ambushes who are ambushed at the airport.

6. Bruce Lee's visit to Hong Kong Sammo Hung When he was filming, Sammo Hung invited him to see and see. When Honggang started, Bruce Lee's legs had reached his face.

7. Jackie Chan is still there. fist of fury Bruce Lee ran through the Dragon suit. The specific reason is that Bruce Lee kicked the ball on his feet, and the actor could not bear it. He looked for Jackie Chan to stand by.

8. Bruce Lee moved very fast, so he had to slow down the film when he was making films. Shooting A dragon and a tiger in combat "When Bruce Lee and AO Jia Da compete, Bruce Lee has a flying kick. At the beginning, the camera is shot at normal speed, but the effect is very vague. They are forced to slow down the speed.

Character evaluation

Bruce Lee always thought he had a long way to go, and he had more work to do. For Chinese, what they want to show to the world is just beginning. He is proud of being a Chinese. He hopes to show some of China's culture through the movie. ( Bruce Lee wife Linda evaluation )

Contemporary poets Huang man In the memory of Bruce Lee, he wrote: "the young pear trees chant the youth and cross the sea. Sweep away the sick man's dragon bone pride and sing him all over the police.

Without Bruce Lee, there would be no me. Jackie Chan has evaluated. ) Bruce Lee is my role model. Jet Li has evaluated. )

Bruce Lee is my idol. When he was a kid, he saw the first movie in his life. He starred in the movie. After watching several films he starred, I decided to be a martial artist or an actor. Now all I strive for is because of him. He is a special case in the history of Hongkong movies. He is one of thousands of people. He has talent and merits. For me, he is not only a martial artist, but also a creative person. He thinks differently from any previous school. There is also his broad vision. Think of it. Before him, Kung Fu was not known elsewhere except in the local market. But because of Bruce Lee, Kung Fu and kung fu movies became popular all over the world. He was the first person to see the future development of Kung Fu, a true forerunner. ( Stephen Chow evaluate )

The appearance of Bruce Lee breaks the falsehood of kung fu action movies and the slump of Hongkong's star temperament, creating a precedent for Chinese to enter Hollywood, letting Westerners know and learn Chinese Kungfu, and making action films one of the mainstream films of Hongkong movies. There are many movie celebrities in the world who evaluate Bruce Lee in this way. His movies are full of love and hatred. They are full of patriotism. They show the voice of most people and show some of China's culture to the world through movies. He is known as "the wizard in Contemporary Chinese martial arts and film history" and "the most effective person in developing Chinese martial arts." The Americans praised him as "the king of Kungfu" and the Japanese called him "the Holy Spirit of the martial arts". Despite its long history, Bruce Lee is still a synonym for kungfu. His talent, his righteousness and his brilliance have become a myth that can not be copied. The most important element of Bruce Lee's films is the skill of Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee. He can make unimaginable movements without using computer effects. Rickson Gracie of Brazil Jiu Ju, Bruce Lee, Ali and Tyson The three greatest fighters in the history of fighting. (Sina evaluation)

Bruce Lee made a great contribution to the development of modern art of fighting and performing arts.

His kung fu movies are popular overseas, and Chinese kungfu is also known all over the world. In many foreign dictionaries and dictionaries, there is a new word: Kung Fu. In the minds of many foreigners, martial arts are the Chinese martial arts, and Bruce Lee has become the embodiment of Kungfu. There is seldom an oriental martial artist who can break through the realm of race and race like Bruce Lee, and his prestige continues throughout the world after death. The appearance of Bruce Lee changed the image of "Chinese" in the eyes of foreigners, such as bald, long braid, and flag clothes. Many Westerners appeared as Chinese martial arts masters, making Westerners think that all Chinese can work hard and even come to China to learn martial arts. (NetEase evaluation)

Bruce Lee's martial arts concept is very practical and the goal is to win in actual combat. In 1969, he said that the martial arts line he took was an effective street fight, and all the moves could be used, and all the tricks could be used for him. So he will even use some near rogue tactics, and this is not done without choice. It is also a kind of rude behavior to attack the opponent when speaking. The performance of reality also includes tiptoed look, quiet as a virgin, like a rabbit. This is necessary for a warrior in real life, far from being swagger and defenseless in other films.

After Bruce Lee's death, Bruce Lee, who was selected as "one of the twenty great idol figures of the twenty-first Century" by the American times magazine, has an extraordinary influence on the world cinema. Jackie Chan , Jet Li And other martial arts stars are well known internationally. Without him, Hong Kong and Taiwan action films still stay in regional kicking and kicking, and his early death has left a legendary regret for fans. Fans all over the world are crazy about Bruce Lee's unique skills in the movie. His fists are becoming the object of action movies. No one can turn violent movements into beautiful melodies like Bruce Lee. This young man's mind is forever a dragon. He lived a short life. He surpassed his times. He created immortal legend of the East with 33 and four half movies. (Phoenix Network Evaluation) ,

Bruce Lee, this young fellow is really incomparable. I broke four pieces of wood with kicking and kicking, and in a few days, he would drop four boards without any reliance on them. I can't believe it's true. Those who are punching him will faint. (Li Junjiu, father of Taekwondo in the US)

Bruce Lee's martial arts concept is 100 years ahead of us. ( American Jiu Ju master Willy Jay said evaluation )

Bruce Lee is a great man. He is the most outstanding in that field. I hope I can meet him because I really like his martial arts. He surpassed his times. ( Boxing champion Mohamed Ali evaluate )

Bruce Lee is a knowledgeable man and the best man in the world. All his life was martial arts, and he could never find such a wonderful person as him. ( The seven world karate champion Chuck Norris evaluate )

His attack speed is two times faster than that of the average person. His boxing skills, footwork and his kicking skills are really outstanding. If he has a warrior as king, he is the king of kings. He is the most outstanding top player in that era. ( U.S.AJudo Father Jani Lebel evaluation )

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do praises "his boxing is so divine." ( Ed Pekka, the father of karate in America )

Bruce Lee's forearm is very advanced, and he has a pair of iron fist and ten steel fingers. It's really terrible. ( World karate champion Bob Ward evaluation )

Bruce Lee's muscles are so strong that his power is so terrible that he is an incredible person. ( Olympia, USA champion of a male bodybuilding competition Dorian Yates evaluate )

Bruce Lee is his teacher. Bruce Lee is a strange person. ( Church Norris, US multi karate champion winner )

Bruce Lee is one of the best teachers. His philosophy and military skills are unique. ( The Ten Session Free fightChampion, the United States free fight ancestor Joe Lewis evaluate )

Bruce Lee is a man who is extremely enthusiastic about martial arts. He can succeed, except for half of his talent, and the rest are his efforts. He worked really hard. A quick, accurate and vigorous fist is enough to make him look at the martial arts. In addition, his knowledge and proficiency in all kinds of martial arts instruments can be regarded as experts. ( Lewis Deal, American karate champion winner )

Chinese Americans living in the United States The leader of the national art circle and Bruce Lee's Disciple James Yimm Lee Said: "I really want to accept Bruce Lee's guidance at the age of 21, but unfortunately, I am older Bruce Lee is 20 years old.Though I learned late, I was much better than not at all. Oakland City When we are training together almost every day, I have no doubt that he always tires to explain for me. I will transcribe the valuable points of it as a guide to practice and guide students in the future.

Former US boxing champion Mike Tyson Bruce Lee has great philosophical ideas about life. Bruce Lee is a great martial artist. When he gives you a lot of damage you can't afford, you are hit. When I get hurt, some of these injuries may be lifelong.When I talked about Bruce Lee, what impressed me most was his philosophy.

MMA champion BAS RUTTEN said: "I think Bruce Lee is a spiritual support for many people who compete in the fight. He is indeed the pioneer of MMA. A dragon and a tiger in combat He was seen using cross solid. His thought was very enlightened. He never believed that the waist high legged method could work. But when Chuck Norris kicked his head with his leg, he said, "from now on, I will also use high legs, because high legs are useful." From this point, we can see that Bruce Lee is a great warrior. He keeps improving his fighting skills to make it better and better.

The martial arts master and Philippines's king of Kings: "when I was 40 years old, it was possible for me to create a new kind of boxing for myself. But because I was able to get to know Bruce Lee, he did everything he could to destroy everything. I was very depressed at that time, so I was preparing to study art for life. What I remember most about Xiaolong is not only his physical ability and Wu Yi's extraordinary, but his extensive knowledge, whether it's about life or martial arts.

Paul Vernak, a US Marine Corps instructor, said: "if you have practiced martial arts and read Bruce Lee's works, such as Jeet kune do, you will find that his fighting concept is far beyond his time. Every message he has, his every criticism of traditional martial arts, and every fighting principle he advocated is applicable to today's fighting."

Japanese martial artist, university physical education professor and Li Ji compared with Bruce Lee, wrote in an article: "I was a boxing professor in a university, and I often told students that if you want to punch fast, you must lighten the strength of the punch, but when I saw the speed of Bruce Lee's fist and at the same time forcefully knocked down the other side, my theory was shattered. At the same time, I found that his waist strength was very good and all movements were regular. At that time, I realized that Bruce Lee was indeed a young man with real talent. I began to respect him. Bruce Lee is a close friend of mine. No one in the world is as knowledgeable, sincere and courageous as you are. He is an immortal star. "

Character Memorial

Memorial meeting

In July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee died in the prime of life. The ambulance sent Bruce Lee to Elizabeth hospital and was later confirmed dead. Bruce Lee was under 33 years old. On the day of the memorial service, tens of thousands of people in Hongkong rushed to the funeral to give him the last one. All the Hongkong stars arrived to show their condolences. Bruce Lee's colleagues and friends, Miao Kexiu and Xiao Kirin, were also present. Friends and relatives paid tribute to Bruce Lee's remains. The funeral ceremony after the funeral of Hongkong was carried to the United States, and later was buried in the Seattle cemetery garden in the United States.


Bruce Lee's cemetery is located at the lake view cemetery in Seattle, which is regarded as a holy land by martial arts fans all over the world. Bruce Lee's tombstone is crimson, with pictures of him, English name "BruceLee" and Chinese original name Li Zhen fan. The tombstone also noted that he was the founder of Jeet kune do. Beneath his tombstone is a black stone carving similar to a book that has been opened. On the left side is a Taoist black-and-white Taichi. The two sides of the picture are engraved with two sentences in Chinese: "it is impossible to have the law, but the limit is finite." Bruce Lee died young. In 1993, his son, Li Guohao, was killed in the movie "crows" in North Carolina. Li Guohao's tombstone is on the right side of Bruce Lee.

Former Residence

Bruce Lee's former residence in Hongkong is located in the independent villa of 41 King's Baron Road, Kowloon Tong. In 1972, it was bought by an American businessman. Bruce Lee moved in in 1972 and named it "Habitat Crane".

After Bruce Lee's death, Wen Hui Zhou The owner sold Yu Pengnian to 850 thousand yuan through his lawyer, and Yu's rented out became a "Hotel Relais Dell'Orologio" (understandable as "time charge"). After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Yu will include Former residence of Bruce Lee When five pieces of land are sold, 29 million 880 thousand yuan will be donated to every disaster area in Sichuan.

Memorial Hall

In 2006, in order to carry forward the quintessence of the Chinese nation and inspire the national spirit, we commemorate Bruce Lee's "Twentieth Century".

The hero and idol of the Shunde municipal government invested heavily in the construction of the Bruce Lee memorial hall, which has been supported and supported by people from all walks of life at home and abroad. Bruce Lee memorial hall is located in Junan, Shunde, Guangdong. It is the largest and the total land area of 37 thousand square meters in the world. It is divided into memorial hall, performing arts square, sculpture square, and so on. The museum is the richest, most informative and most authoritative Bruce Lee Memorial Hall. Bruce Lee's bronze statue of 18 meters high stands on the memorial square and receives the attention of "dragon fans" all over the world. The first Bruce Lee Memorial in mainland China will also become a new tourist attraction in Shunde. Wushu experts and scholars at home and abroad said at the Foshan Wushu forum that it is of practical significance to carry out research on Wushu symbols of Chinese culture, explore its connotation, inherit and carry forward its spirit, which is of great significance to the inheritance and innovation of the Chinese excellent culture and to the world.

Commemorative activities

The United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Canada and so on all have a special introduction to Bruce Lee's website. Bruce Lee's films are still the town's treasure of many DVD distribution companies. In the market, we can also see many electronic games, T-shirts and other products with Bruce Lee as the selling point. In 1978, the Losangeles municipal government of the United States will " Death game The opening date of July 8th is "Bruce Lee day".

In 1993, the Hollywood Memorial Avenue was paved with Bruce Lee's star emblem.

In November 27, 2005, a bronze statue of 2 meters tall was modeled on the movie "dragon struggle". Hongkong avenue of stars Unveiled to commemorate Bruce Lee's 65 year old birthday.

In 2008, the strongest MMA in the world. Comprehensive combat The United States UFC and the Bruce Lee foundation of Education jointly organized the United States to promote Bruce Lee. UFC chairman Dana White (Dana White) praised Bruce Lee as "the father of MMA". He clearly pointed out: "everything Bruce Lee publicized in the 60s and 70s of the last century has been verified in the development of the MMA contest since the beginning of 90s.

In November 9, 2008, the world's largest Bruce Lee memorial hall was opened in Junan Town, Shunde. Its total land area is 37 thousand square meters, which is divided into memorial hall, performing arts square, sculpture square, etc.

In 2011, Shannon Lee participated in the design of 3 commemorative silver coins, namely, "one generation master", "dragon shadow flying" and "amazing world", each with a limited set of 3800 sets to commemorate the death of Bruce Lee 38th anniversary.

Commemorative Stamp

In 1993, the United States issued 20th anniversary commemorative banknotes for Bruce Lee's death.

In 2000, the US government announced the release of a commemorative stamp of Bruce Lee's birthday, which is the 60th anniversary. Marilyn Monro And the third artists who won the honor after 007 were the first among the Chinese.

The Taiwan post office launched the Bruce Lee 70th Anniversary Collection group on 2011, 01, 06, marking the commemorative issue.


In 1975, the book of Jeet kune do was compiled and compiled by Bruce Lee's martial arts and Philosophical Manuscript "Wu Dao Yi Yi", which was officially published by O Hara press. After the book was published, it was soon translated into 9 languages selling well all over the world, and was regarded as "the Bible of martial arts" by the European and American martial arts circles. As of 1999, more than 40 times were reprinted before and after.

From 1976 to 1977, the United States published four volumes of Bruce Lee's other martial arts monograph. Bruce Lee's Fighting Method "Quickly" in 9 languages.

In 2003, the United States "black belt" magazine launched the 30th anniversary anniversary of Bruce Lee's death. The theme is "the man who transforms the world: Bruce Lee's lasting influence on the American martial arts".

In 2008, the International Federation of health official magazine "muscle and fitness" again launched the cover topic "Bruce Lee: The Legend of fitness" to explore the way of Bruce Lee's Kungfu fitness. His special article, judging from Bruce Lee: after him, there are many amazing figures in the fitness field, but only Bruce Lee's muscles are the most harmonious and balanced.This has become a standard for evaluating others, which is still what fitness people are eager to achieve.

Wax figure

In February 11, 2010, in the Madame Tussaud's of the United States, Bruce Lee, the daughter of "king of Kungfu", held the opening ceremony for the wax figure of Shannon Lee to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year in February 11, 2010.

Item auction

In 2013, Bruce Lee died 40th anniversary, and the auction house in Hongkong sold his personal belongings and movie treasures, including his design in 1972. The game of death"Yellow battle suit, as well as the drama of the" Bijie ", valued at about HK $300 thousand.In the end, the Yellow battled suit was sold at a price of HK $780 thousand after a number of asking prices, much higher than that before the auction. The double truncate used in this movie was traded at HK $540 thousand. .

The rest of the auction items are jade pendants designed by Bruce Lee, valued at about 200 thousand yuan. fist of furyThe Autographed special issue is valued at 30 thousand yuan, and the monk map, which was signed and signed by Bruce Lee in 1973, is the character sculpt that Bruce Lee conceived for the new film, but the film was shelved because of his death. .






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