Bosten Lake Scenic Area

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Bosten Lake Scenic Spot is a national 5A scenic spot, covering an area of 988 square kilometers, is located in Xinjiang, China's scenic spots, Bosten Lake was known as the West Sea in ancient times, there are many seaside scenery, known as "Peach Garden".

Bosten Lake Scenic Spot is based on the Bosten Lake Scenic Spot, Bosten Naur, Mongolian meaning "standing", because the Sandao Lake Hill stands in the lake named. Bosten Lake is 14 kilometers away from Bohu County Town, 24 kilometers away from Yanqi County Town, 1048 meters above sea level, 55 kilometers east and west, 25 kilometers wide north and south, slightly triangular.

On January 4, 2018, it was upgraded to Bosten Lake National Wetland Park after acceptance by the State Forestry Administration. April 13, 2018, was included in "Magic Northwest 100 Scenes".


There are dozens of small lakes in the southwestern part of the Great Lakes, with a total area of 240 square kilometers. The lake water is deep in the West and east, the deepest is 16 meters, the shallowest is 0.8-2 meters, and the average depth is about 10 meters. Bosten Lake, with a total area of 1228 square kilometers, coexists with snow mountains, lakes, oases, deserts, exotic birds and beasts, and forms a rich and colorful landscape picture scroll. The vast waters of the Great Lakes, vast smoke, uniform sky and water, known as a pearl in the desert sea. Small Lake area, reed green lotus fragrance, winding path deep, known as "paradise".

April 13, 2018, was included in "Magic Northwest 100 Scenes".

geographical environment

Bosten is Mongolian, meaning standing. Bosten Lake has a vast surface, about 55 kilometers in length from east to west, 25 kilometers in width from north to south, an elevation of 1048 meters, an area of more than 1100 square kilometers, an average depth of 9 meters and a depth of 17 meters. Bosten Lake covers an area of 980 square kilometers and is the largest inland freshwater lake in China. When the wind blows, the waves are surging like the sea; when the wind is calm, the waves are shining, and the lake is full of water. On the west side of the Great Lake, there are many small lakes with interlinked water, dense grass, wild lotus and various waterfowl.

Tourist guide

Photo tip

The reeds, birds and wild lotus of Bosten Lake are good themes of nature. Bird shooting here requires boating deep into the lake to wait. In the evening, when the number of birds is the largest, it is better to shoot quietly without disturbing the birds. Bird-shooting cameras must have a long focal length of more than 300 mm.

Traffic information

There are six shuttles to and from Bosten Lake at the entrance of Korla Post and Telecommunications Bureau.

Tickets for scenic spots

45 yuan

Food information

Bosten Lake is the largest inland freshwater lake in the country. If you come here, you must try the fish and other aquatic products. In addition, you can eat delicious wild ducks, but for the sake of environmental protection, it is better not to eat them. Korla fragrant pear can be eaten, which is probably the sweetest pear in the world.