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        Made from meat, soybean products, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms as the main ingredients made of dishes, originated in Chengdu, with Sichuan characteristics of traditional snacks.

Boiled Hotchpoch

        The most exquisite way to eat fake dishes is "dry dishes", that is, in a small dish placed in the dry pepper powder, with salt, MSG and other condiments, the pot will be hot dishes in the dry dish dipped gently, and then can be sent to the mouth, the taste is fragrant and hot, very delicious.

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        There are many theories about the origin of vegetables.

         The first is that the origin of counterfeit dishes was Sichuan brine dishes, Sichuan brine dishes, salad dishes all over the world, many lazy people for convenience, but want to save, so directly in the market to buy mature cooked food processing. Because the brine vegetables to use brine, but the shop is afraid of brine oil waste, so add some spices and Chinese medicine in the inside, put some vegetables for scalding, found that the taste is very good. It was sold together with cold dishes, and it had a very good effect.

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        Another is that counterfeit dishes originated in the late Han Dynasty, the Three Kingdoms period, in the Western Han Dynasty, due to the exploitation and use of salt wells, Sichuan people "taste, good spicy" dietary habits have preliminary formed. Zuo Si in the Western Jin Dynasty "Shu Du Fu" in the "Tiao Fu five flavors", the sweet sum,... Five meat seven dishes, dirty and disgusting, can practice the spirit of blood, not end the scene,"the record, Tiao Fu five flavors is the Chinese medicine flavoring.

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        At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the soldiers had no appetite because of all kinds of diseases in the army, so the military doctors often added some traditional Chinese medicine to the food to prevent the disease from spreading in the army and play a very good effect, which can prevent and cure the disease and produce aroma, so as to achieve the purpose of flavoring. Seasoning is used to make brine. Later, after the improvement of the husband will be a variety of vegetables hot, found that the taste is better than before, more favored by the army sergeant. This method will be widely disseminated in the army, because the army in large quantities, mostly to spice soup hot food known as the ancient name of "counterfeit vegetables". Later, when his husband left the army in his old age, he brought the law into the people to run "counterfeit restaurants" for a living. Business was very popular. So vegetables have entered an unprecedented period of prosperity.

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        All in all, whatever the origin of the fake dishes is closely related to Sichuan, the food gathering place, the origin of the fake dishes in Sichuan is certain. After a variety of improvements, one of the original brine-flavored pickles has been transformed into more and more popular flavors for people everywhere, such as hot pot-flavored pickles, clear soup pickles, slightly spicy pickles, spicy pickles, rattan pepper pickles, three-fresh pickles and traditional brine-flavored pickles.

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