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Bo Yan (1236 - January 11, 1295), eight neighbouring people in Mongolia. Yuan Dynasty Famous ministers in early years

Bo Yan is less than Ilkhanate It is known for its deep sense of good judgment. To yuan In the early years, he kept his sweat. hulagu The emperor sent the emperor into the imperial court. Kublai Khan Appreciation and worship Left Prime Minister Post promotion Tongzhi Privy Council. In eleven yuan (1274), unified military cutting Southern Song Dynasty To thirteen yuan (1276), subsidence Ling'an , Emperor song Gong, Xie Tai Hou And so on. After the death of the Southern Song Dynasty, the towns and forests were released again and again. After Kublai's death, he was injured. Care for life Support Yuan Cheng Iron ear Accession to the throne, worship Tai Fu It is important to record military affairs. In December thirty-one yuan (January 1295), Bo Yan died, fifty-nine years. He gave his life to him. Imperial College , The three divisions of Kai Fu Yi The king of Huai, Posthumous title "Loyal and martial".

Bo Yan is a man who knows a lot about people and knows everything about them. There are worthy of commendation in the fields of sending troops, employing troops and governing the army. The two hundred thousand great armies cut off the song, such as unification. Success is still in the mouth, but not in the mouth. He is also good at poetry and prose.

Paul Mauriat's History

Growing West Asia

Bo Yan is the eight neighbour of the Mongolian people. The great grandfather, who was appointed by the great patriarch, was in charge of the eight yuan family. Grandfather ara inherited his great grandfather's position and served as a disjunct official because he was able to calm down the Zen and expand the area of the Zen. Father Xiao Gu Tai took over his grandfather's post and followed. hulagu Seize the western region.

Bo Yan grows The Iraqi Khan Kingdom It is known for its deep sense of good faith. Yi Li Wen Wen Jiao ( Christianity )

Highly valued

Yuan Xian Zong Three years (1253), followed by Xu Lei Wu West. Later, he was sent to the great Khanate by Yi Han Khan and his life. Kublai Khan Kublai appreciates him as a courtier, as well as a staff member. He has never been able to compare with him. When he recognized his virtuous abilities, he became right prime minister. a boy servant His sister made him his wife and said, "being a wife of Bo Yan does not make your surname pale."

To two yuan (1265) July, official worship. Dr. Guang Lu Zhong Shu Left Prime Minister The size of the court is difficult. He often solves it in a few words. "This is a truly capable prime minister," he said with conviction.

Until four yuan (1267), he became the Prime Minister of the right side of the book.

To seven yuan (1270), change to be familiar with Privy Council Matter.

In the spring of ten yuan (1273) Jade book Li Yan Wang Genuine gold For Prince Edward.

South levy and destroy song

Until eleven yuan (1274), Bo Yan resumed his post. Left Prime Minister The chief soldiers attacked the song in three ways. Bo Yan and Ah Shu Tong Zhong Road, take Ezhou, Hanyang And so on, along the East and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Huangzhou , Qi Zhou , Jiang Zhou , Anqing , Chizhou Defeated Song Zaixiang in other places Jia Shi Dao Troops in Ding Jia Chau, down Taiping, Chuzhou, under Jian Kang (now Nanjing), find the right Prime Minister of Chung Shu. In November, the three way to march into Ling'an (now Hangzhou city), and Right Prime Minister ATA sea Take the middle road and control all the armies.

To thirteen yuan (1276), capture Ling'an , Emperor song Gong, Xie Tai Hou Such as the north, also took thirty-seven cities, one hundred and twenty-eight prefectures and 700 counties in Song Dynasty.

Northern rebellion King

To fourteen yuan (1277), Zong Wang Ziji Such as rebellion, North Ping Wang that Mu Han, self almaliq In the East, he was sent to the north and defeated the rebels in the ER Er Han River. Erhun River )

To eighteen yuan (1281), from emperor Taizi Zhen Jin army north, Yi Tengzhou more than four hundred and nine households for food city.

To twenty-two yuan (1285), Dai Zong Wang Azizi general army northwest.

To twenty-four yuan (1287), from Kublai Khan Betray the rebel King The chaos of Nai Yan

Until twenty-six yuan (1289), Bo Yan entered the official rank. Dr. Jin Guang Guang Lu Know Privy Council Out of town He Lin He Lin set up Academy of Sciences Starting from Bo Yan's inauguration.

In twenty-nine yuan (1292), the king turned to surrender. sensible The failure of tyre Kaidu Rebel forces. Because of being slandered by his courtiers, he was removed from office and stayed in residence. Da Tong

Embrace the throne

In thirty-one yuan (1294), Kublai broke down and the leader of Bo Yan took office for three months, and the court was as quiet as usual. He was under the command of the emperor who returned from Ho Lin. Iron ear (Yuan Cheng Chung) ascended the throne. Supported by fate Iron ear (Yuan Cheng Chung) took the throne and returned to the Privy Council. In December of the same year (early 1295), the disease was fifty-nine.

great virtue In eight years (1304), Xuan Zhong was sent to help the meritorious service. Imperial College Kai Fu and the three departments are sealed up. King of Huaian Grant Posthumous title "Loyal and martial".

In the first four years (1344), he was given the help of Xuan Zhong, and he helped to bring the hero to the throne. The Prime Minister of Huaian is loyal to the king of Wu.

Main achievements

Expedition Southern Song Dynasty In Yuan twelve years (1274), Yuan army captured the Yuan Dynasty after the attack of Jian Kang (today's Nanjing) and Zhenjiang (now Jiangsu). Kublai Khan Redeployment of the Song dynasty war, in which the right time Prime Minister of the middle school, the Prime Minister of Ling'an, the main force of the yuan army, took the city directly. In October, Bo Yan took part in the three road south of Zhenjiang: participation in politics. Arrahan For the right route army, the rate of step, riding self built Kang through Liyang (now Jiangsu), Guangde (now Anhui) attack the song Kong pass (now Zhejiang Anji South), with the Department of the central book save trouble. Dong Wen Ping For the left Route Army, the rate boat division is passed by Jiangyin (now Jiangsu) and Xu Pu (now northeast Changshu), from Haojiao to Zhejiang (Haiyan South). ATA sea In the middle of the road, the water, the step and the cavalry March to Changzhou (now Jiangsu) and Pingjiang (Suzhou now), and control all the army and join Ling'an. Atage in the middle of the army attacked Changzhou and defeated the five thousand armies of the Southern Song Dynasty, including Zhang Quan, Yin Yu and Ma Shilong. The right-hand arrahan army, starting from Kang Kang, successively ordered Lishui (now Jiangsu), Liyang, broken silver tree and Dongba (today's Gao Chundong), captured song Shou Shou Zhao Huai, and went to protect Asan (now Anhui Langxi North) and defeated song reinforcements, and won the Guangde, four anzhen (now Zhejiang Anji North) and so on. On the left, Dong Wen Ping Jun occupied Jiangyin. Song Ting fears that the Ling'an people who are over fifteen years old will become soldiers. In November 16th, Bo Yan army went to Changzhou and surrounded the city of atHai. The surrender should not be done. Bai Yan ordered the earth to be built and the city to set up artillery, and even attacked the city two days and nights. Chen Chan He died in battle. Changzhou fell, and Wuxi and Pingjiang did not fight Song Shoujun. On the twenty-three day, the arrahan army seized the pone pass and fled to the nearby defenders. In the early December five, Dong Wen Ping Jun took up Xu Pu. Twenty-seven days, Bo Yan sent two Zhejiang majority governor. Fan Wen Hu In conjunction with the arrahan attack on Huzhou, three days later, the city was destroyed. To thirteen yuan (1275) on the eighteen January, Yuan Jun three road was joined by Gao Ting Shan (now North of Hangzhou) and pushed into Ling'an city. Empress Dowager of Southern Song Dynasty Dao Qing Xie The envoy delivered the national seal and surrender. Five in early February, Song Gongdi Zhao Xian The rate is 100%. After being accepted by Bo Yan, he took Xie Daoqing's hand Edict and did not attach state county. In March, Bo Yan life arrahan and Dong Wenbing continued to attack the south. They carried the emperor Gong, the queen empress dowager and the Southern Song Dynasty imperial clan and so on.

King of Kings To fifteen yuan (1277), Yuan Xian Zong Son Ziji Orders and Beiping Wang Muhan, right Prime Minister a boy servant Discuss together Kaidu The rebellion, however, turned out to be a rebellion in the midst of Xi Ji Ji, and hijacked Mu Han and an Tong, in response to the rebellion against Kublai by hai DU. Kublai was surprised by the news. Bo Yan knows that this expedition is arduous and requires both victory and rescue. He cautiously met the enemy and crossed the river with the enemy in the arukun River (now the Mongolia people's Republic of Shandong). Bo Yan army was in a tight position, and the army was strict. No one dared to slack off. After a long stalemate, the enemy appeared tired and loose, and the troops were in disorder. Bo Yan troops broke through two ways, suddenly attacked the enemy, defeated the rebels, and sent the most elite warriors directly into the enemy's camp account to save Mu Han and an Tong. When Bai Yan was a rebel force, he sent troops to pursue Righi, which made him die on the way to escape. Until twenty-five yuan (1287), it was reported that Zong Wang Nai had to unite with the kings of the northwest. Kublai called Bo Yan to discuss countermeasures. Bo Yan suggested sending a messenger to see his intentions when he had not yet started. Therefore, since he was responsible for this mission, when he arrived at the camp of Nayan, he found that he could not convince Yan Yan, so he ran away from night to face Kublai. Kublai immediately sent troops to suppress Yan. Bo Yan recommends Han Jiang. Li Ting By using the methods of the Han Army, the kings of the northwest did not respond, and they succeeded in capturing the Yan. In the twenty-seven year (1289), Kublai fought the rebellion of hai DU and sent him out of the town and Lin (now southwest of the people's Republic of Ulan Bator, Mongolia). The sea is aware of the fact that it is a good idea to use troops like gods and to manage the army well. After instigating iron wood to attack Lin, defeated by Bo Yan, and repeatedly attacked by troops, they were defeated by Bo Yan. Bo Yan helped Kublai calm down many internal disturbances and maintain the unification of the yuan regime.

Stable Dynasty After Kublai's death, Bo Yan suffers. Care for life The support for stability and prosperity. Iron ear (Yuan Cheng Chung) ascended the throne.

Character evaluation

General comment

Bo Yan is good at poetry. Yuan dynasty Famous Politician , Militarist The two hundred thousand great armies cut off the song, such as unification. Success is still to be done, but not to speak. He is a man of great wisdom, who knows all things by righteousness and employs his troops to make plans. There are worthy of commendation in the fields of sending troops, employing troops and governing the army.

Past appraisal

Wang Yuan Liang If you don't change your clothes, it will be full of dust. People from north and South are buying and selling. Bo Yan, Prime Minister Lu general, did not kill people in Jiangnan. Yesterday, the Emperor invited tea and dinner. etc. Descend ministers. ( Drunk songs )

Song Lian Huai Wang Huanhuan, he is very quiet. In a word, like thunder and broken mountains. And on the stage. South of the oath, chaos. The three armed forces fly across the river without eyes. Before the choke, the song and gallbladder are cold. The old owl fled to Ling'an at night. The emperor and his ministers were greatly applied to the throne. The market will not change. Song Ding is easy, but the people know it. Chong de praised, Wang Qian let Fu Ju. How can this emperor, Dewei, Minister? Gu you Cao Bin Wang Yu sees it. ( Ode to the famous ministers of the Chao Dynasty )

Sun Cheng en Lin Huai Huan, Yan Ning is God. Millions of brave soldiers are like a man. To negotiate Jiangnan, mixed nine soil. Wugong is always in league. ( The ancient image of Zai Huai Wang. )

Wang Shi Zhen I have three yuan. yelu chucai , Lian Xi Xian And Bo Yan... Under the background of Bo Yan, the Song Dynasty was also quiet and quiet; its merits were also low and low; its place was also useless and peaceful and intelligent; it should be changed and resolute. ancient Official ministers Ya. ( Wang Yanzhou's advocating theory )

Zhu Shi Ba Yan (Bo Yan) has deep plans, and does not cut down numerous people. But when he sent troops, he said, "when Cao Bin does not kill a man." And the Bayan south, where the soldiers have passed, killing countless, can they be Japanese with the ancients? ( "Shi Chuansan" )

Ke Xiao - This is when Shi Shi saw Bo Yan and promoted him as prime minister. The wise man knows nothing of the future. However, after he broke away from the Song Dynasty, he had been accused of being a framed ruler. The good is not the dear, but the expensive. The trail is lonely and dangerous, and its fame and fortune are abundant. Very much! It is not easy for Ming and Liang to agree. ( " New History of Yuan " )


Kublai Khan There were rumors of king. Nai Yan Intention to rebel. Bo Yan himself went to observe his intention. When he set out, he took only a few car coats. Every time he arrived at a post station, he gave everyone a first-class leather coat. After arriving at the camp of Nayan, he was given a banquet by Yan Yan. Bo Yan found that he had killed four volts, and knew that he could not persuade him. Yan Yan sent troops to catch up, but the post official saw the best horse for him to ride, so that Yan could not catch up with him. When Kublai came back, he successfully suppressed the rebellion.

Begiri, the minister, was once lost in the fray of losing his reputation. But not long after, Jili was lost because he was condemned to death. Kublai asked Bo Yan to visit the province. When Bo Yan arrived, he sent a person only to give him away. When Kublai heard about it, he asked him the reason. He replied, "he is guilty, and the minister is going to go. The world will not understand that this is God's right to kill him."

Historical records

" History of Yuan Volume one hundred and twenty-seven. Biography fourteenth.

Shi Chuansan compilation 4 twelve. Famous minister thirty-four.

" New History of Yuan Volume one hundred and fifty-nine. Biography fifty-sixth.

Commemoration of future generations

Emperor Renzong of Yuan Confucian teachers Wang Yue Request for the establishment of ancestral hall in Hangzhou. King Wu Temple That is, Yuan Yan Chen's ancestral temple. Yao Jing " Records of the West Lake ":" Fang Qi unified troops in Ling'an, stationed at Gao Ting, and when song came out, they did not kill, and hang min de built the shrine. " " History of Yuan It contains: "the temple of heroes", so the Huaian Zhong Wu King Temple is located in Hangzhou, spring and autumn two. Mid month The second is to give a small prison, and use the beans to give gifts.

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