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Bolhoff also worked for polo, Boruun, Boluo, rohun, and so on. Mongolia state Senior general. Mongolia famous generals, Genghis Khan One of the four founding fathers. Picked up by the battlefield, by the mother of Gen Gi Khan Hoelun Raising is one of the four sons.

Saving the dying from the battlefield ogodei And merit. Died in battle with bald horse.


Borku? - 1217) Xu Xu Shen. Gen Gi Khan's mother adopted her son.

Known for its martial arts. Original affiliate Djurki Southern Song Dynasty Qingyuan In the three year (1197), after the death of his son, he was adopted as an adopted son by Yue Lun. Nicole "(accompanying), attendant Tie Mu Zhen (Gen Gi Khan) reunification of the various ministries of Mongolia and Ongut Children are equal to imperial diet, five years (1199), ordered and Bo Er Other rescue Kereit Wang-khan Defeat naimans Qu Xue, our army. Chia Tai In three years (1203), he fought against Klee in the orchid real Sha Tuo and rescued Khan Kwan Tai. Yuan Taizong In danger. In four years, Merkit The leader brought his son down and then rebel. and Shen Bai The right wing army followed the Xue Liang Ge river. The Leng Leng Ge River To smooth the rebels. Jubilee In the two year (1206), when Mongolia was founded, it sealed thousands of households and co operated with the right wing army. and Muqali , Bo Er, Red old temperature It is also known as "Dui Li ban Qu Lu" (Mongolian, meaning four heroes). Keshik "(Hu Weijun), one of the Ten Heroes, enjoys nine privileges of impunity. Gen Gi Khan twelve years (1217) Tumat The middle ambush died in the army. And the bald horse, Ping Ping, to the Ministry of the hundred households to give his wife, to show mercy. Later, Qiyang Wang was sealed.

Historical records

Yuan history, volume one hundred and nineteen, biography sixth.


Bo Er Hsu, Xu Xu Shen, Tai Zu is the 1000th family, the enemy. From the four of the emperor's Zong Zong, there is a point of merit. He lost the gate, and he went to the six imperial edicts.

son Yue Chi cha She is generous, hardworking and frugal. Looks great and looks like God. The ancestor heard his virtuous, and Min's father's death, sixteen years, summoned. The Emperor sees that the ends of his arms are heavy. The play is detailed and happy, but it says: "there are children in the strong gate." I was asked to be four timid. To yuan In seventeen years, Chang was shy of Xue. Next year, Zhao said, "the moon is faithful to the heart, and the Deacon is careful and prudent. He knows everything, speaks all the words, and speaks frequently. The line can be truly emblem.

In the twenty-six year, Emperor Yu Hanghai, who was a rebel, was all in battle. a boy servant , Bayan , imperial censor Malulu has been ordered to fight, and the three ministers can not be followed. this A kind of The thief is against his fate and dares to defend the heaven, but his majesty has mercy on the ministers, so that the envoys can fight a war. The emperor said: "it is zubo Er, Zuo Tai Zhu, who has no signs of no fighting, no war, and his work is great. The emperor thought that the younger generation and the family had the same strength, and they could not be ashamed of themselves. Natural relatives Ligularia come On the eve of the day, we must not be too small. Why should we practice our army and cut our hands? A kind of It's fast heart! "

Twenty-seven years, Sanger Erect Chancery To kill the dissidents, to seize the world's mouth, to punish the Duke for goods, and then become a great master. Shang Shu Political affairs in Ping Zhang Also answer quickly In the case of Tai Guan, he is going to play the impeachment with his white moon. Sang Ge Fu Zhu, the emperor said: "the month Chacha mouth cutting big traitor, and its blinded." It is not to go into San Gang gold four hundred and twenty, platinum three thousand five hundred and two, and paddy fields, water, and villa to appreciate its strength. Sang Ge was defeated. Hu Guang Province Western lotus cave

Zhu Nan region comprising present-day northern Viet Nam savage islanders In the thousands of miles, during which the fertile people were thick, she Ding and Xi Zi were surprised and aggressive. Yue Chi Cha Er ha ha ha sun Tarkhan Think provinces For eight years, he has been in charge of overseas affairs. The moon is known as the moon. Twenty-eight years, All water envoys Please dig the canal and guide the white floats to the water. Luhe River Jiang Huai's boat is both up and down. Guangji canal It can be directly anchored in the capital city. The emperor desperately wants to become a man, but he does not want to serve his fine people. He is four timid Xue people and all the people of the government. In the month of the month, the children are in charge of their duties. Dustpan A kind of That is, advocating. The trend is gathered and carved into canals. tonghui river Public and private. The emperor close to his official said, "it is a canal that is not in the moon, but a person who leads his hands." Cheng Zong ascended the throne, and said: "the month Chi examines the child to do its sincerity, deep its plan, expresses loyalty to the country, flows to the human, may add The three divisions of Kai Fu Yi , Tai Bao It is important to record military affairs, privy and propaganda. great virtue Four years, worship Tai Shi.

At first, Jinshan North and south, rebellion King Kaidu And, according to Du Fu, they do not serve. The new moon For fifty years, I will become a Kou. Tasting the life and supporting the king, the king and the commander of the emperor were in charge of the army. In the five year, the Northern Division of the Chao Dynasty was lazy, and the discipline was not strict. It was in the year that hai DU and Du wa entered the camp. The army is divided into five teams. The front is not good enough. In the month of the month, the child was angry, and the armor was spear, and the body first fell into battle. One army followed the enemy's back, and the five armies attacked each other. Hai DU and Du wa fled to the town. After that, she invited the minister. At that time, Wu Zong was also in the army, and in the month, he said, "the king of the generals and the generals of the kings said," "dvowa asked to come down, for my benefit, I must be on standby." However, if we go back and forth again, we will crash. When things are lost, they are suffering from the great danger of the country, and the people are trapped in the transfer. The wife of Tuwa, my younger sister, is also sent to make a newspaper. All opinions agree. When they are sent, they begin to hear things. The emperor says, "the moon is full of knowledge." Even the horse and the assassin returned to life.

In the ten year of winter, the king of the rebellion, Mun ER and other Tun in Jinshan, Wu Zong Shuai gave up his dissatisfaction, first passed over Jinshan, and the month Chi tsan followed the army, pressing it to the Wei, eating it for profit, and killing the iron wood was descending. The part of the people was startled, and the moon was full of iron and wood. Observe eight children And the oldest son of the sea was dead, and all the people of the sea were led to the public, so that they could cover their two people. To the great year of the first year, the moon sent the children to play and say, "all kings are bald and bitter, and they are carried by two sides, while the eight children swim near the border. The minister thought that the old people would first ask and die, but they should be sent to comfort their children. And all the parts have been returned to me, and my pasture is not enough, so I should let all the people fall into the sun of Jinshan, and our army will be stationed in the north of the Jinshan mountain, and the army will have food and shelter, and then become a heavy garrison. The emperor said, "it is good to seek good deeds, but the Qing should move the troops to Haiti three times." In the month of the month, the coughs moved to the army to observe eight sons, bald and bitter fruits, and to go for money.

The emperor's imperial Moon said: "the ancestors of the Qing Dynasty, my ancestors, often for the general, siege battle field, great deeds. Qing is the patriarch of the country. I enter throne Qing, plot Mostly. Today, Li Lin and other places are in the middle of Shu province. Right Prime Minister According to the former Imperial College and the military affairs, the seal of the king of Qi Yang was printed. Zong fan general, the real commander of the Qing. Yi Mao Nai De, Shi is the heart, not to serve. " In the four year, he went to the Imperial Palace, and the emperor banquet in the Daming hall. Search for Disease A kind of In the first place. Imperial edict, Xuan Zhong, Anyuan Zuo Yun Bi Liang hero, posthumous title Zhong Wu

Taghahar A calyx, Mount Guan. Uncle Bo Bolu, from the beginning of the founding of Tai Shu, Zhi Su Wei Huo Erchi The children of the fire are red. It's the son sun Shi's position. Boer Hu, from Tai TSU to the other countries, declared more power than ever. In the sun, he also fought bravery and valiant. Tai TSU Ping Yan, Rui TSE prison state, Wen Yanjing thieves wantonly slaughtered, pointing to the rich family, carrying their things, the Secretary can not be banned. It's the tower of war. yelu chucai Ten of them were killed by the poor. Taizong cut gold, taizha was a teacher, he was appointed marshal of the provincial army and horse, and he was divided into two groups, namely, the guards and the kings of the army, the governor of the lower reaches of the river, the Zhuzhou County, the Ji River, and the broken river. Tongguan Take Shenluo. Xin Mao, from Wai River Central Government Office Pull it out. Ren Chen, from Du Po Po. Shi Rui has entered West and Zhou. Xingyuan By Wu Guan In the Tang Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong was enduring with the emperor and the emperor. That is, the imperial army sent to the army. Jun Zhou In the heavy snow, the emperor and the Jin people fought. Three peaks mountain Big break. Zhao Tai and so on entered the city of Bian. The master of gold is the quality of his brother, Cao and Wang, and Taizong and Ruizong are also Hebei. The battle of the battle of the South and the Golden Army. GUI Si, the prime minister moved Cai Zhou The tsaa Er Fu Shuai division is surrounded by CAI. During the first Sino Japanese War, we left the town to rescue the Central Plains and to divide the troops to the upper reaches of the river. Bin Shen, who broke Song Guang and the rest of the States, heard the news of the dynasty, and granted the three thousand military and civilian families in Xizhou. The 1898 movement.

The son of a tiger is descended from fire. Xian Zong ascended the throne, old man son, attacked father position, the total forty thousand households in Mongolia, Han Army, attack song two Huai, know the border. Wu Wu, Hui Si Wai song Xiangyang Compel Fancheng The force died.

The second time was Song Dynasty, to seven yuan. Golden tiger sign The ten thousand families in Mongolia. In the eight year, the soldiers attacked Xiangyang again, surrounded by Fancheng, and entered the war, Hubei, Yue, Hanyang, Jiangling, GUI and Xia states. Twelve years, Canada General General Zhao Yi The commanding officer is commander in chief of Longxing. Li Heng Such as the long drive, and the Song Dynasty people should be able to win the battle against the wind, and let the wind and the wind down and make the eleven cities of Jiangxi equal to south of the Five Ridges and Guangdong. Song died, but he did not work.

New yuan history, volume one hundred and twenty-one. Biography eighteenth.

Bo Er Hu, Xu Yu Shen. Tai TSU asked the son to beg the Ministry, and Bo Er was still young. He was plundered by the Bu Bu of the Ministry and attributed to the Empress Dowager. It is strong, intelligent and brave. It is famous for its close relationship with Mu Hua Li, Bo Ershu and Chi Lao Wen. And royal dining with Wang Gu er.

Taizu and Wang lost in battle, and Taizong was trapped and boll suddenly came from it. Taizong's saga was so great that boll sucked his blood and returned with the Taizong Union. Emperor Tai felt very much.

At the beginning, the emperor of Tai Dynasty destroyed the son of beggar. And then to the Queen's account. The Lei Lei Fang is five years old, and he is trying to kill him for the sake of he Er Ji le. Bolhoff's wife, the tower of mud, rushed out and raised its hair, and the knife fell to the ground. Zhe Tai and zele slaughtered the cattle outside the tent. On the work, the tower of mud is first, zhe Tai and zele.

And Emperor Tai took the throne, and gave Borku 1000th families, and said, "Boer waits me to the left and right sides. Although the war is in danger, or when it rains and snows, it will feed me and do not make me empty. He pardon nine times and consider grace.

In the twelve years of Tai Tsu, bald horses rebel. When the emperor sent Naoya and duo duohei to condemn him, Naoya did not get sick. Tai Zhu hesitated for a long time. Bald horses and horses are strong and dangerous. They are dense and difficult to use. Boll asked the envoy: "what do you mean by others?" The messenger said, "the same is true." Boll said, "if I do, I will go and my wife will be in pity." When the bald horse tribe chieftain was bald, she was dead, and her wife, Bo de HIRA tahun, kept the crowd away from danger. Wen Bo Er suddenly went to the army to make him fall in the woods. When he attacked him, he would go away from the army at about three. The Bolu people are brag and valiant, who are all in boliu, and are all over the family. Tai Shu was most popular with Boer Hu at the same time. Tai TSE heard the death of boll, and discussed it. Mu Hua Li, the power of Bo Li is the only way to stop. To send a duer, heihei Hei Shen asked for peace. Later on Qizhou For the Bohr food estate, increase again. Yuanzhou Six thousand households. He was dedicated to the service of the hero, the Supreme Master, the upper pillar state, the Kai Fu Yi and the three divisions.

The two son: long take off Huan, the second tower son. When Huan Huan and father have 1000 families at the same time, Hu Xianzong has repeatedly worked for himself. In order to relieve the heat and dampness in the Shu area, the emperor of the people's Republic of China was advised to return the army. The female Wu style is really the queen of the world. Fandy was lost from the door, and he was called Yunnan from the world. The lost door is full of children.

She was six years old and alone. Shi Shi Shi Shi, with filial piety. The ancestor knew his virtuous, and he had mercy on the death of the king. He summoned sixteen years to play the symmetry. The world sighs, "there is a son in the lane." That is, he is four. In the seventeen year, Chang was shy of Xue. Next year, the generation line is truly emblem, leading to the dining room and Guang Lu Temple.

In the twenty-six year, the ancestors came to sea. In the month, he said, "the prime minister, the boy, the Bo Yan and the Yushi Lu Lu Lu are all ordered to be punished. The ancestor said, "you are so close to your neighbors that you need to take the first step to win the battle."

In the twenty-eight year, sang Ge established the province of Shang Shu, and killed the dissidents. He was very quick. As far as the interests are concerned, Sanger is to blame. With the first big traitor, the San Gang gold four hundred and twenty, platinum three thousand and five hundred, and paddy fields, Shui Shui and villas were given.

It is the year that the four generations of chisen and the people of the world chipped the canal, and the West led the white floats to the water. It should be divided into two parts. The monthly rate of the child is the service of the soldier, and it is considered to be the first. Canal Cheng, giving the name Tonghui river. The language of the world's ancestors said: "this canal is not a month, but it can't be speeded up."

Cheng Zong took the throne and added Kai Fu Yi to the three divisions, Tai Bao, and the military kingdom. The first year of Dade, worship Tai Shi.

At the beginning, he betrayed Wang Haidou and Tuo wow. We often deploy troops to prevent invasion. In the five years, the North Korea will be disciplined with strict discipline. It was the year that hai DU and Du wa joined the invade. In August, the battle was fought in the ancient mountain of tie Jian. Not long ago, all of the people in the sea knew about the battle, and fought in the battle of Al he tower. The next day, fight again. Our army is divided into five teams, and the monthly inspection team will take part in it, and will refuse to do so. The sea begins. Houhai is dead. When Wu Zong was in the army, he talked with the Emperor Wu Zong and the generals of the kings. If you are waiting for your life, you should go back and forth for two months. The wife of my wife, my sister, is the daughter of my horse. Everyone thinks so. It's only a matter of dispatch. The commendation of Cheng Zong is not responsible for his own crime. That is to say, Ma Wu he has returned to life.

The king of rebellion, Mun Tun, was in Jinshan. Wu Zong first passed over Jinshan to take the lead. At that time, the eight children of hai DU Zi Ran to Du wow with the betrayal of the king's baldness and bitterness. To the great year of the first year, the Moon said, "all kings are bald and bitter, but they are eight." The minister thought that the old man would be willing to surrender. Although he was dead, he should be sent to comfort his son. The other parts of the army should be located in the south of Jinshan, and our troops are stationed in the north of Jinshan, so that they have plans. And he entered the land of the three sea of aberhan. Later, eight children, bald, bitter, and conspiracy attacked the cowboy. They lost their way and lost their bearings. The north side decided to be cowardly, the broad brother and the second son.

Wu Zhong Li He Lin In other provinces, he took the moon as the right prime minister, according to the former Imperial College and the military kingdom. In the four year, he went to the imperial court, and Wu's feast was in the Daming hall. In search of disease, three in sixty. Xuan Zhong, Anyuan.

At the beginning, the ancestor extended thousands of miles to the Huguang Province, and the cave was built inside. Annan was outside the province. In the last eight years, the khakhash of hakhash, who had been in charge of the government, had served as the prime minister. In the world, we learn from the moon.

The seven son: Chang Ta Hai, second Ma Luo, the second time, the first time, the first time, the second time, the second, and the second.

Ta Hai Hai, less than the prince of the crown is really in the east palace. After wearing tiger Fu, for the left do Wei Wei, and Xuan Xuan, Hui political second.

Wu Zong ascended the throne. In May, Zhao Ta Hai Hai said, "the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor of Yu, and the queen of Yu, are many good, but not good. I am very grateful. Ta Hai Hai: "in the great book of central books, the minister did not learn knowledge, and the three Secretariat of the Secretariat, the Xuan Hui and the Hui government led to the memory of Qie Xue. No words. Then I read the book of the left prime minister.

Cheng Zong, tasted six thousand acres of Jiangnan sea, and Wu Zong plus one thousand acres of land. He said: "ten thousand acres of land, the annual income of 10000 stone. When the prime minister treats the Prime Minister of crime, he wants to rule the private interests first. Please enter Mi Wan Shi Yu Guan, with the southern Jiangsu people trapped. Wu Zong praised it. Tai Po, the chief military officer, and the prince of Taizu, were also promoted to the three departments.

Wu Zongchang handed the Tai Wei to the sea of Ta Hai, and said, "the ancestor of this dynasty has never been appointed by this official." Xu Zhi. In the first year of the year, the government took the lead. In April, he died in Huailai. The wise man, Wei Huai Zhong and Zhao De, helped the hero, and sealed up the king of Qi Yang. Ta Hai Hai and the father month Chai and Chai are prime ministers. The moon Chai seals the Qi Yang king, and seals up Ta Hai Hai Qi Yang, Wang Yun.

Ma Luo, from the inside to serve as the bulk of Zheng Fu can also Zha Lu suddenly. Wu Tsung Shi said, "the house of Ministers is strong, and the ministers are strong. They do not serve their enemies. Takemune Oetsu, remote commander of the left prime minister, a large number of Zheng Fu can also Zha Lu suddenly red, Tong Ling North defense force. Pawn.

Ma Zi Zi Du Du Mu Mu, Yu Shi doctor, Tai Bao, Hei Qi Yang Wang. Later to the first year of the Yuan Dynasty, he monitored the imperial history, and said: "the end of Thu Mu Mu is the thief's minister, who is the first to kiss the flesh and blood of the son." In the Guanghai, he was placed in the end.

The name of "melon" is also called the "red face". He was six years old, and Emperor Yu Sheng served the Emperor Wu. Wu Zong Fu army north, with "you melon" head Ren Zong government four timid Xue Xue Tai Guan served Royal. It is the year that the emblem is made, and the restoration instrument is the same as the three and the right prime minister. extremely large In the first year, he was commanded by the Imperial Army and the pro vanguard. In November, Wu Zong's oral address said, "my grandfather has declared his strength to the king's family, and I have been very careful in his work." this is Jingde's record. The word "Gu melon" is given to Hai Qing, white Uighur and leopard. For two years, I know the Privy Council. In the three year, it added that the military affairs were heavy. Chancery Left Prime Minister The head and words of "melon." Learn from its sincerity and listen to it. Huang Qing In the first year of life, Pei Fu's seal, Heqi Yang Wang, was still with the three department. In the past, the rich and precious people trembling for a while. Although they did not have the reputation at that time, they kept their faith in the court. Pawn.

Younger brother First of all, Hei Qi Yang, the official knows the Privy Council. Iron loss The killing of Ying Zong is also planned by Tsung mu. Thailand Emperor Accession to the throne.

He is a valiant warrior.

The soldiers set up Yan, Zhao and life as officials in the south of the province. Rui Chung, the state of Yanjing, rob the thieves, and can not be banned by the Department. He dispatched him and he to kill the sixteen people.

In the three years of Taizong, the marshal of the province's troops and horses was divided into two groups, namely, the guards, the kings and the emperor's consort. From the river in the Fu Du River to cut gold, Ke Tongguan, take Shaanxi. In the four spring, Zhao Wei, the golden Xi'an governor, descended. Jin Ke Luoyang, Jin left behind Samuel Throwing water and dying, tortoise shells and other marshals, all of them came to meet. Shi Rui has lost the golden soldier in the three peak mountain. The battle between the tower and the golden army was defeated at the south gate.

The king went to Germany and then came to Cai state. Tsaa Er Fu Shi Chuai, Chuai, besieged the building. Song Jiang Meng Gong Soldiers will come. Tsai Yi Chai Tan is solid, and the Kung Fu decides to enter the Ru River, and the soldiers will also practice the river to release the tan water. In the winter of December, it fell to its outer city to break its western city. The chief of the battle was to advance to the golden master. In the five year's first month, the owner of gold hanged himself, and his left and right sides burned.

Cai Zhouping, the tower of chatuer: "how can the golden man resist or resist me? Please reach the north and south of the great river, and arrive at Qin and Longdong from Cao, PU and west to guard against Song Kou. Imperial edicts follow. It is decided by Beijing's mega road and Fengxiang road.

In the six autumn, the song people went to the imperial court, and the imperial edict was in the south. In the spring of eight, the emperor of the Song Dynasty and the state of Wei were descended. Zhao and Xizhou, the village of Huizhou, is the home for the elderly. In the nine year, Yu Jun was born in the Song Dynasty.

Son of the tiger. In the two year of Xian Zong, the marshal of the provincial army and horse was assigned to forty thousand families in Mongolia and the Han troops of various wings, and they were collected in Huainan county. In the seven year, he fought against Fancheng from all kings. The eldest son was in the second place of the Song Dynasty.

In the presence of M. residence of an emperor before ascending the throne Middle unification In the first year, the army was assigned to the south of the great river. In five years, the army was granted the support. Darughachi In the four year, Mongolia attacked tens of thousands of troops from Fancheng. Pawn. The first year of Tai Ding General Ming Wei In Hongze, the village of Wan Hu, the village of Pingyang, was sealed down by Hou. The eldest son, arug, does not spend time in the second bury Pavilion.

Song Du Tai took the position of brother, from Xiang Xiang and fan. In eleven years, he was awarded general from Shing Yi and Yue State. In addition, they attacked the state of Jiangling, such as "pull out", "gorge" and so on. Twelve years, gram Jiang Zhou In the case of giving yuan yuan to meet the emperor, he wears the tiger's charm and leads the river to the East and the West. Jin Ke, Nanchang, won general song. The second tower water was won by song Xiao Jiang. Xiong Fei Longxing commanding general in charge of the defense of a city or a strategic point Liu Pan Down in the city. Song Du Tai Sui Ji Drop the crowd and make no mistake. The states of Nankang, Ji, Gan, yuan, Rui, Lin, Fu and so on are all equal. In thirteen years, song Du Tai said, "although Jiangxi is attached, Fujian and Guangzhou counties are still blocking troops, and begging for more troops." The Imperial Army and the Han soldiers were four thousand, and they also used Anqing, Qi, Huang and other troops to make the song Du Tai unified. It was the year and died in Guangdong.

Alux was attacked by his army, and he was commander in chief of Jiang Xi Road in eighteen yuan. Pawn.

It doesn't cost much. It has been in nineteen years. Dong Hui, such as Tong Liao, rebelled and asked for peace. General Commander Zhao Yong Mongolia army 10000 households, give three beads tiger Fu. In the thirty year, the Mongolia Army garrison Hu Guang, from Ping Zhang. Liu Guo Jie It is good to betray the rebels. Yuan Zhen In three years, the Mongolia army, two thousand men and all the generals, the general of the town of Jia, gave bow, knife, saddle, and so on. great virtue In the three year, from the northern expedition of Wu Zong, the imperial court claimed the sea. In the six year, 10000 troops were stationed in Mongolia, Huaibei, Henan. In the nine year, the North Court was quiet, and the imperial edict sent the Boli pavilion to Henan. Yan you The first year, the pawn. Tait In the first year of the year, he was sent to the state general, the Privy deputy, and the guards to seal up the Yun Zhong Gong and posthumous Xiang Mao.

Zi Xi Li Bo Ji, general of Ming Ming, Henan, Huaibei, Mongolia army, Wan Fu Fu. Ten thousand households The progressive general of the army. It is simple and easy to handle. Pawn. Son eight, Satan attacks.

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