Black bean steamed pork ribs

Home Food 2018-11-02

Steamed pork ribs with lobster sauce is a traditional dish with color, aroma and taste. It belongs to Guangdong cuisine department. Cut the chopped pork ribs and add the marinade. Hand together and pickle for 30 minutes. Cut the bean sauce into broken bits; remove the pedicel and seeds from the red peppers, wash and cut into pieces, and cut the ginger and scallion into thin pieces. Add the lobster sauce, the red pepper and the onion and ginger to the chop, and stir well. Take a deep dish and pour the lobster sauce into the ribs and spread flat. Boil the water in the pot and add the lobster sauce to the pork ribs. Cover with boiling water and steam for 30 minutes. Remove the steamed lobster sauce and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

Douchi is a traditional fermented food. Yongchuan Douchi and Yangjiang Douchi are common. It is suitable for steaming, stir-frying, mixing and dipping. Douchi is edible and medicinal. It has high nutritional value. After eating, it has the effect of stopping phlegm, clearing heat, penetrating rash and detoxifying. Today, the Yongchuan lobster sauce is used as the main ingredient, chopped and chopped together with the ribs steamed into vegetables.

1. Douchi contains high soybean kinase, and soybean kinase has the effect of dissolving thrombus.

2. Douchi contains a variety of nutrients, which can improve gastrointestinal flora. Frequent consumption of Douchi can also help digestion, prevent diseases, delay aging, enhance brain power, reduce blood pressure, eliminate fatigue, alleviate pain, prevent cancer and improve liver detoxification (including alcoholism).

3. Douchi can also solve the problem of drug poisoning and food poisoning.

Douchi is suitable for people: it can be eaten by the general population, especially for patients with thrombosis.

Douchi food therapy: Douchi taste bitter, cold, into the lung, stomach meridian;

It has the functions of dispelling wind, relieving exterior heat, clearing away heat, removing dampness, dispelling irritability, dispersing stagnation and detoxifying.

It can treat exogenous diseases, typhoid fever, cold and heat, headache, irritability, chest tightness and so on.

Douchi practice guidance: Douchi basic practice is to steamed soybeans or black beans, put into ceramic fermentation.

In terms of efficacy, it has the functions of harmonizing stomach, eliminating boredom and dispelling cold, and also helps to reduce blood cholesterol and blood pressure. Moreover, Douchi can be used as medicine, and its efficacy is different because of its different processing. The medicinal properties of Artemisia annua and Mulberry leaves are cold; those of Huoxiang, Peilan, Suye and Ephedra are warm; those without other medicines are weak in penetration, and they need to rely on Ephedra and Suye if they want to play their roles.