Bijiashan Scenic Area

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Bijiashan Scenic Area is located in Tianqiao Town, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. The main scenic spots are Bijiashan Island and "Tianqiao", which are divided into five areas: island sightseeing, sea sightseeing, shore entertainment, beach bathing and vacation and recreation. The total area is 8 square kilometers. The land area is 4.72 square kilometers and the sea area is 3.28 square kilometers. There are many cultural relics and historic sites on the mountain, and there are dense natural attractions. There are Lv Zuting, Sun Palace, Five Mothers Palace, Sanqing Pavilion, Wanfotang, Longwang Temple, Ma'an Bridge, a line of sky, turtles going to sea, stone monkey swimming, tiger cave, Menglan Bay and so on.

Jinzhou, Liaoning

The scenic spot is dominated by Bijiashan Island and Tianqiao. Its magic point is that there is a magic bridge between the island and the coast - "Tianqiao" (1620 meters long). Legend has it that the bridge was built by fairies in the sky. When the tide rises, the bridge is submerged by the sea. When the tide falls, the bridge appears on the surface of the water twice a day. The phenomenon is a world wonder and the world is unique.

The legend of Bijia Mountain is the place where Pangu opens up the heavens. The mountain island has beautiful environment and numerous cultural relics and monuments. Sanqing Pavilion is one of the most distinctive buildings on the island. It is famous for its six-storey stone structure and no nail and wood. There are 50 statues of Buddha, Taoism and Confucianism in the cabinet. Each statue is vivid and lifelike. The highest level is dedicated to Pangu, the God of opening up the heavens and the earth, which is unique in the whole country. The beautiful scenery contains many beautiful and moving myths and legends. It attracts a large number of tourists from home and abroad every year. It is a well-known tourist resort.

Traffic information

It is the starting point for the Bijiashan minibus to take the Zhongba Bus to the west of Jinzhou Railway Station at the special line station 100 meters away or the long-distance bus station beside Xingcheng Railway Station. It starts at 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Every 12 minutes, it takes 45 minutes for the whole journey and the fare is 5 yuan. The journey does not exceed 1.5 hours. There are many safe and fast means of transportation in Bijiashan, speedboats, between islands and shores. The operators are experienced fishermen. The fare is 10 yuan from Beijing to Xingcheng or Jinzhou, and then there are special buses for Bijiashan at Jinzhou Station or Xingcheng Station.

Bijiashan Scenic Spot has a three-dimensional transportation network of sea, land and air and modern communication facilities. Jinzhou Port is a national first class port, the first joint-stock port enterprise in the country, with an annual throughput capacity of 6 million tons, breaking through 10 million tons by the end of this century; the main roads of Jingang Street and Bohai Street in the region are connected with 102 National Highway and Shenshan Expressway, and the 12-kilometer long local railway with Jingha Jinzhou has opened to Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Practical information

Tourism method

Tips for Penjia Flyover

1. Take the "flyover"-

(1) To prepare a pair of slippers or sandals that are not afraid of water, you can use the sea water to cross the "flyover" in the ebb tide. As the "flyover" is a sandy road impacted by the tide, there are five bends, and the depth is different from the sea level, some places can be crossed, and some places must wade through the water.

The footbridge on sandstone road is a good way of foot massage, but after walking 1620 meters long, your soles can not be big or thin, and the best shoe is laced, in order to avoid being washed away by sea water.

(2) If you are bringing friends, you can take an overpass when the tide is dry. On the one hand, you can pick up some small marine creatures (shells, frogs, conch, etc.), on the other hand, you can relax and exchange feelings with your colleagues.

(3) To calculate the time of good tides, the guidebook has a tide schedule. According to the lunar calendar, we can find the full and dry tides of today. We can also ask the staff of scenic spots. There is also a tidal timetable at the entrance to the island, which allows you to calculate the time and choose to take an overpass or a yacht back to land.

2. Playing on Bijiashan Island

(1) To climb the mountain on Bijiashan Island, you need to wear tourist shoes with flat soles, so that you won't be affected by uncomfortable feet when visiting scenic spots.

(2) There is a guide map of Bijiashan at the entrance of Shandao Island, which can analyze the route of mountain-going tourism, but it must be downhill before 18 o'clock.

(3) There are many kinds of small seafood in Shandao, but they should be fresh.

(4) Shopping on the island, you can buy Bijiashan souvenirs (Bijiashan full picture fan, Pearl necklace, small turtles made of shells, etc.) These are very cheap and generally cost 5-200 yuan; you can also play in the mountain amusement park (there is only one item shooting balloon).

Special products in scenic spots

Jinzhou apple, Beizhen Yali, Ginkgo biloba, Ma carving, jade carving, Liao Porcelain, etc.

Scenic food

Here are some seafood, southern snacks, most of which are Northeast cuisine, wild stir-fries, game and so on.