Bihai Jinsha Water Paradise

Home Scenery 2019-01-03

Bihai Jinsha Water Paradise (i.e. Coastal Recreation Park, abbreviated as "Water Paradise") is built outside the flood control wall, along the flood control wall 1313 meters, extending 600 meters to the sea and enclosing water. The area of beach construction is about 790,000 square meters.

Characteristics of scenic spots

Water park is divided into three layers from top to bottom, beautiful sea, soft and delicate sand. It's a good place to travel in summer, and you can feel the coolness of the sea. If you don't have time to go to the far sea, it's not the best but it's not bad to come here. It's suggested that you stay overnight to see the sea and listen to the waves.

For man-made green space, it extends more than 30 meters along the flood control wall and constructs a coastal green belt of about 45,000 square meters. The green belt has lush trees, lush vegetation, scattered and delicate, full of tropical flavor; the wooden grille road winding between the green space and the beach, with lush groves on both sides, bright flowers, simple frame houses, delicate and soft Hainan sand, and a beautiful view.

Artificial beach, naturally extending from the green belt to the sea, dew beach has about 75,000 square meters. The sands on the golden beach are too thin and soft and flat; the sands are too golden and shiny; the beaches are too big. Hundreds of men and women in all kinds of swimsuits lie there, forming a beautiful chessboard.

It's blue sea water, It's about 500 meters from the beach to the surrounding water along the dyke, and the sea area is about 670,000 square meters, constituting a large water park. At a glance, the water park has transparent, clear blue sky and white clouds like silk wiping jade dishes. Maybe it is sunshine or clarity that makes the sea blue and blue. That kind of "blue" makes people feel the essence of "blue". In the distance, it is unimaginable that the waves are calm and the colorful sails are dotted in the haze. Nearby, the waves are rolling forever. Blue valleys and white peaks rise and fall one after another, one after another, gradually bringing people into this picturesque situation.

Practical information

Business Hours

Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 20:00 a.m. (Temporary closure due to weather)

Ticket Price

The latest ticket prices in 2017 are 65 yuan for adults in swimming, 30 yuan for children, 30 yuan for adults in non-swimming and 15 yuan for children.

Preferential activities:

1, 0.8m - 1.3m children half price.

Children under 2 and 0.8 meters are free of tickets.

3. The old people over 70 years old with the household registration in this city are exempted from tickets by means of ID cards or preferential treatment cards.

4. Active servicemen, martyrs and disabled persons have valid certificates.

In 2012, the original ticket price of 60 yuan in Bihai Jinsha scenic spot will be reduced to 30 yuan.

The latest ticket prices in 2013 are 60 yuan per person for weekends and holidays, 40 yuan per person from Monday to Friday.

The latest ticket prices in 2014 are 40 yuan from Monday to Thursday, 60 yuan for Friday and holidays, half-price for children under 1.3 meters, and no-baby free policy.

Traffic information

Shenhai Special Line: Metro Line 1 Xinzhuang South Square boarding, 10 minutes a shift, a journey of 2.5 hours. The first bus is 6:20 and the last bus is 18:00.

The special line bus for the 80,000 people stadium tourism distribution center is open on Saturdays and Sundays, leaving at 8:30 a.m.

Nanqiao: Take a bus from each bus station to Nanqiao bus station, then turn to Nanqiao No. 9 to Haiwan. Time: To shooting range: 5:15-20:00, to Nanqiao Bus Station: 5:55-21:00

Self driving:

1. A4 (Xinfengjin Expressway) - Bay Road Exit (facing south) - Fisherman's Wharf (facing east along Binhai Avenue) - Bihai Jinsha Water Paradise;

2. Puxing Road: Shanghai - Lupu Bridge (facing south to the end) - Bihai Jinsha Water Paradise.

The parking lot is situated next to the Water Paradise, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. It can park more than 2,000 cars at a time.