Big Buddha Cultural Tourist Area in Zigong Rong County

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Big Buddha Cultural Tourist Area in Zigong Rong County

The Dafo Cultural Tourist Area of Zigong Rong County was opened to the outside world in 1982. It covers an area of 32,470 square meters and has a building area of 3,403 square meters. There are a wide range of precious flowers and trees in the temple. The green coverage rate is over 90%. It is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. In addition to the Buddha and the Buddha Zen Temple, the main scenic spots include Datumei Maitreya (commonly known as laughing Luohan), Damodu River stone carvings, Fangweng Poetry Soul, Songyin pillow stone, deep Baiyun, Yao Nursery leisure and other landscapes. Rongxian Grand Buddha is the second and third largest stone-carved Buddha statue in China and the world, with its head and mountains aligned, magnificent momentum, head dish snails, white hairs between eyebrows, plump face, slender ears, big eyebrows, thick nose, straight lips, kimono, barefoot lotus jumping, symmetrical body, solemn appearance, smooth clothing lines and graceful charm, which fully demonstrates the wisdom and superb of ancient artists and working people. Art is the best work of stone carving art in our country. Hotels, restaurants, photography, handicraft sales, Flower Bonsai Exhibition and other tourism facilities in the scenic area are complete, which can meet the tourist reception requirements of the scenic area.

Tourist guide

Traffic Guidelines for Self-driving to Scenic Spots

From Zigong Municipal Government Passage: Dangui Street - Huichuan Road - Nanhuan Road - S305 - Rongzhou Road - Dafo Road takes about 56 minutes

Public Transportation Guide for Free Access to Scenic Spots

Scenic Area Special Line Car

Starting Station: Zigong

Destination Station: Rongxian Ximen Station

Cost: 8.00 yuan per person

3 Hours Family Tour Route

Recommended tour routes: Main Gate - Shanmen Hall - Long Stage - Luohan Hall - Daxiong Palace - Guanyin Pavilion - Damo Hall - Rongzhou Stele Garden - Xiaotai - Shanding Tea Garden - Fangweng Pavilion - Rosin Pavilion - Tibetan Sutra Building - Dizang Hall - Long Stage - Shanmen Hall - Main Gate

The Best Way to Visit: Walking

Cost: 0 yuan

Specialty food


In Rongxian Golden Flower Alsophila Valley, evergreen pteridophytes grow all over the mountains and fields. Every spring, summer and autumn, Pteridophyte spews out the tender bud of a stem. After processing and making the tender bud, it becomes a natural green food that city people like very much - fern.

Long chaoshou

Dragon Handwriting was founded in the 1940s. As a result of the "Thick Flower Tea Club" owner's preparation, so borrowed "Thick" as the "dragon", to take the meaning of "lucky dragon and phoenix, prosperous business", designated as "Dragon Copy Hands". Its material selection is exquisite, the production is fine, mellow and delicious, delicate and smooth, with the beauty of "thin as paper, fine as silk".

Sliced Beef in Hot Chili Oil

Legend has it that in the Qingli years of the Northern Song Dynasty, after the elimination of Yanjing cattle in Fushun and Rongxian counties, salt workers often used salt and pepper as ingredients to cook beef. After that, cooks constantly improved the ingredients and production methods, named boiled beef. In the 1930s, it was reformed by Ji'an, a famous kitchen teacher. It was characterized by hemp, spicy, hot, tender, fresh and fragrant. Its meat was smooth and tender, and its imported residue was oily but not greasy.

Rongxian Tangyuan

Most of the stuffed dumplings are stuffed with various kinds of sugar, such as osmanthus, sesame, jujube, rose sugar and so on. Rongxian Tangyuan is different, it's meat stuffing.

Black bean paste

The muddy soybean flowers in Rongxian County are as tender as white jade, as crisp as new snow and as fine as lamb fat. Supplementary by pepper, pepper powder, onion powder, sesame, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce seasoning, fresh and refreshing.

Rice noodles

The rice and glutinous rice in suitable proportion are soaked in water and ground into white pulp, then boiled and concentrated in a pot to a certain extent in a rectangular shallow iron plate. After several hours, the white pulp is solidified to form a rectangular rice noodle skin. After shredding, cook in boiling water and mix with seasonings for food.

Two Mi Ba

A pastry made from glutinous rice and rice, with a sugar filling and a meat filling.

Nine Bowls in Rongxian County

Nine big bowls are commonly known as rural dam banquets in Sichuan. The nine big bowls in authentic Rongxian County are: roasted assorted brocades, steamed pork, sweet roasted white, salted roasted white, fragrant bowls, cherry meat, elbows, whole duck, whole chicken.

Dog meat soup

Dog meat is rich in aroma and delicious in taste. It has high nutritional value and nourishing medicinal value. In particular, Rongxian dog broth is a delicious tonic after careful processing.

Mutton soup

Mutton warm, invigorating Qi, nourishing Yin, invigorating deficiency in warmth and invigorating appetite, is called warm tonic of invigorating Yuanyang and invigorating blood and Qi in Compendium of Materia Medica. Rongxian mutton soup is mainly made of black goats aged 1-3, which are white like milk, pure in texture, tasty and refreshing, appetizing and invigorating the spleen. It has the functions of dispelling cold in warming, invigorating the spleen and stomach, nourishing yin and yang, helping digestion and enhancing disease resistance.

Silk quilt

Founded in 1999, Zigong Rongcheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading agricultural industrialization enterprise specializing in sericulture, silkworm seed production, cocoon, silk and finished product processing, and comprehensive development of cocoon and silk in Sichuan Province.

White sparrow brand mulberry silk cocoon is selected as raw material, which is refined by traditional handicraft technology and modern science and technology. It has excellent characteristics of silk, white appearance, bright luster, fluffy handle, soft and warm, and its quality is in the leading level in the world and in China. White sparrow mulberry silk quilt is made of hand-made white sparrow silk as raw material and interwoven with unique terracotta structure. It is fluffy, light, soft and close to the body. It has strong ventilation and warmth retention. It plays a special caring role for the elderly and weak, cold-frightened, and consumers with rheumatism, arthralgia, shoulder and elbow inflammation. White sparrow brand mulberry silk quilts are all made of superior silkworm cocoons. After six main processes, they are rinsed with deep well water and manufactured by hand. No harmful chemicals are added at any time, no tussah silk, chemical fibers and other fibers are added.

Long Du Xiang tea

"Longdu Xiangming" is produced by Longdu Tea Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. of Rongxian County, Zigong, Sichuan Province. Longdu Xiangming series products are divided into three series: Longdu special Jasmine tea, Longdu ecological green tea and Longdu ordinary flower tea.

Longdu special Jasmine tea, Longdu fragrant tea, Longdu fragrant tea, Longdu fragrant tea, Longdu fragrant tea, Longdu fragrant tea, Longdu Maofeng, Longdu fragrant beads and other excellent varieties of high mountain early spring tea buds and pollution-free Longdu ecological tea garden, and high-quality Jasmine fresh flower fine work, tea fragrance into one, fragrant quality, refreshing and mellow taste.

Longdu Ecological Green Tea Longdu Yuya, Longdu Yuye, Longdu Jianya, Longdu Biluochun, Longdu Silver Needle, Longdu Fried Green, Longdu Spring Dew, Longdu Green Tea Series Selected at 2200 meters above sea level, humus soil layer up to 30 centimeters, without fertilizer and chemical pesticides, pollution-free, perennial cloud-shrouded green tea base in Emshan Nature Reserve, Yunnan Province, the use of Longdu Special Green Tea. Production technology, refined production, different varieties of different styles, high-flavor alcohol endoplasm, rich in higher nutritional and health components than ordinary tea.

Longdu ordinary flower tea Longdu Maojian, fragrant Longdu flower tea and Luzhou-flavor Longdu flower tea are pure natural green drinks. The tender buds and high-quality jasmine flowers of large and medium leaves of Longdu ecological tea garden are selected as raw materials to make fine flour. It has the characteristics of compact appearance, green and butter moist color, fresh and lasting aroma, bright green and yellow soup, and strong glycol taste.

Rongxian Citrus

Liujia Town, Rongxian County, is the largest citrus production base in China, with an annual output of more than 150 million jin. This citrus production base has convenient transportation, far from pollution and natural quality. Characteristic of Toutang: It has thin skin, sweet and refreshing taste, tender and crisp fruit, bright color and rich nutrition.