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Bian Que

Bian Que (407 BC - 310 years ago) Ji surname, Qin Shi, name slowly, the word Yue people, also number Lu medicine, the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period famous doctor. The spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period tiao Zheng (now Renqiu, Cangzhou, Hebei). Because of his superb medical skills, he was regarded as a medical doctor, so people used to call him the name of Bian Que, the God of the Yellow Emperor. When he was young, he studied medicine in Chang sang Jun, and spread his medical skills to be forbidden. In Zhao for gynecology, Zhou in the five facial organs, Qin in pediatrics, known all over the world. Qin Tai Yi Li It is better to be jealous than to kill. Bian Que laid the diagnostic method of TCM pulse and opened the precedent of Chinese medicine. According to legend, the famous Chinese classics "difficult classics" is written by Bian Que.

Paul Mauriat's History

Bian Que (407 BC - 310 BC), surnamed Qin, is known as the name of Bian Que. Bian Que was a famous medical scientist in the Warring States period, ranking first among the five greatest physicians in ancient China.

When he was a young man, he used to manage the guest house for the aristocracy, and he made a great contribution to the famous doctor, Mr. sang Jun. He received his authentic biography, and passed his medical skills forbidden party. He was good at all subjects and began to practise medicine career. He has rich experience in medical practice and is against witchcraft. He is gifted and intelligent, and is good at absorbing previous generations and folk experience, and gradually master many kinds of treatment methods. Later, his medical skill has reached a level of perfection. Travel around the country to practise medicine and specializes in all subjects. By looking at colors and hearing, you can see where the disease lies. He also led his disciples to practise medicine everywhere. Because of his excellent medical skills, he was called the doctor of the vast majority of the people at that time, and he was called by the name of Bian Que, the doctor of Huang Di in ancient mythology. Later, he was treated by Emperor Qin Wu, and was treated by an imperial physician. Li Jealousy, send someone to kill him.

Young apprentice

Bian Que was the head of a guest house when he was young. A guest named Sang Jun came to the guest house. Only Bian Que thought he was a strange man. He often treated him respectfully. Chang sang Jun also knew that Bian Que was not an ordinary person. He came and went for more than 10 years. One day, he told Bian Que to sit with himself. He whispered to Bian Que, "I have a secret medical prescription. I am old, and I want to leave it to you. Don't let it out." Bian Que said, "well, obey."

Practicing medicine

After 361 BC, Qin Yue went to the capital of Zhao state, Handan (now Handan, Hebei). The local people attached great importance to women, so he took the doctor. Therefore, his prestige is even higher.

Later, he took the road Club of Tangyin (now Henan Tangyin county), and crossed the Yellow River through Changqing (now Shandong Changqing county), in 357 BC to the capital city of Linzi (Shandong Shandong county). When he received the meeting, he looked at the color of Huan Hou. He said, "there is a disease in the pancreas." Huan Hou replied, "no one is sick." After he left, Huan Hou said to the left and right people, "if you are good at medical treatment, you want to work hard without illness." Five days later, when he saw Huan Hou, he said, "there is a disease in the blood. "Huan Hou replied," no one is sick. " After his resignation, Huan Hou felt very unhappy. A few days later, when he saw Huan Hou again, he solemnly said, "the disease is in the stomach and intestines." Huan Hou was very unhappy and ignored. A few days later, Bian Que met Hwan Hou again. Seeing Hwan Hou's face, he slipped away in surprise. Huan Hou sent people to ask the reason. He said, "the place where the disease is lived, the place where the soup is pressed, and in the blood, the place where the needle is stone, and in the intestines and stomach, where the wine is mash, and in the bone marrow, though the director is helpless, now in the bone marrow, the minister is not invited." Shortly afterwards, Hwan Hou was ill and sent for treatment. But he had already gone to Wei Kingdom and went to the Qin Kingdom. Huan Hou died because of illness and ineffective treatment.

After leaving Linzi, Qin Yue people arrived in the capital of the Wei Dynasty - Liang Liang (Kaifeng City, Henan) in 354 BC. When he was in the big beam, he had seen King Wei Hui, king of Wei. In 350 BC, they arrived in Xianyang, capital of Qin state. Then back to the beam.

In the period before and after 355 BC, he and his disciples Zi Yang and Zi Bao stayed there to practise medicine. Around 317 BC, they took the road to Luoyang (Luoyang, Henan). They heard that the local people respected the old people, so they used to be "blind eye doctor". Later they went to Xianyang.

In 310 BC, Bian Que came to Xianyang again, because the people in Xianyang loved children very much, so he became a "child doctor". Bian Que and his disciples did not hesitate to travel for more than 4000 years. They traveled around the country to save the world. They became "general practitioners" in the field of medicine, medicine and technology.

Famous all over the world

Bian Que's fame spread throughout the world. When he arrived in Handan, he knew that the local people respected women and became doctors for treating women's diseases. When he came to Luoyang, he heard that Zhou people loved the elderly and became doctors who specialize in deafness and pain in their limbs. When they came to Handan, they heard that Qin people loved their children and became doctors for treating children's diseases. Qin's imperial physician made Li Xi aware of Bian Que's medical skills and sent people to assassinate Bian Que. People who talk about pulse diagnosis in the world follow Bian Que's theory and practice.


King Qin Wu and the warriors held a ding ding competition. They didn't hurt their waist and pain. They took medicine from Li Xi. Some people told Bian Que, a doctor of medicine, that he had come to the state of Qin, and Wu King sent Bian Que into the palace. Bian Que looked at King Wu's manner, pressed his pulse, pushed hard several times in his waist, and made Wu Wu himself move a few times. Wu King immediately felt much better. Then he gave Wu Wang a dose of soup, and the symptoms disappeared completely. King Wu rejoice to make Bian Que a doctor. After knowing Li Xi, he was worried that Bian Que would overtake him in the future. He tried to obstruct him in front of him. He said Bian Que was just "a doctor in the wilderness". Wu King was dubious, but he did not dispel the idea of reusing Bian Que.

Li Xi decided to get rid of Bian Que's worry and sent two assassins to assassinate Bian Que, but Bian Que's disciples discovered that he had temporarily escaped from it. Bian Que had to leave the Qin state. They walked along the path north of Mount Li. The Lee killer killer dressed as a hunter and killed Bian Que on the way.


"Han Shu Yi Wen Zhi" contains "Bian Que's Canon of internal medicine" and "Bian Que's foreign classics". The existing "difficult classics" is the descendant's Bian Que's work.

Academic content


Bian Que has applied the comprehensive diagnostic techniques of Chinese medicine in the diagnosis of diseases, that is, the four diagnostic methods summarized by TCM: inspection, auscultation, inquiring and palpation. At that time, Bian Que called them "look, listen, write and shadow". He is good at looking at the color and judging the disease and its evolution and prognosis by looking at the color. Bian Que is proficient in internal, external, wife, child and facial features. He applies acupuncture, acupuncture, massage, soup and hot ironing to treat diseases and is regarded as a medical ancestor.

Bian Que's pulse diagnosis is also very prominent and has a high level. Shiji praised Bian Que as the first doctor who used pulse diagnosis in clinic. In the pre Qin period, the pulse diagnosis of TCM is the three nine waiting method, that is, when the patient is diagnosed, it must cut the whole body including the head, neck, upper limbs, lower limbs and body. Bian Que is the earliest doctor to diagnose diseases by pulse diagnosis in China's history, and has put forward the theory of pulse diagnosis.

Medical opinion

Bian Que attached great importance to disease prevention. From the case of CAI Huan Gong, the reason why he repeatedly persuaded the early treatment was to prevent the disease from happening. He believes that the disease needs to be taken in advance to eradication of disease in the bud, so that we can achieve twice the result with half the effort. He has pointed out that there are many kinds of diseases that exist objectively, but doctors are suffering from too few ways to treat them.

clinical application

In terms of treatment, Bian Que can skillfully use the comprehensive treatment method. Comprehensive therapy is the main treatment for Bian Que. In the pre Qin period, medicine has not yet been clearly classified. Although there are veterinarians, food doctors, doctors and doctors in Zhou Li, they are only set up in court. Veterinarians, food doctors and sore doctors manage livestock diseases, diet allocation and surgery with knife scissors. In addition, other diseases and syndromes belong to the category of disease medicine. Bian Que is a versatile person who can cure all kinds of diseases. Bian Que can also carry out medical activities according to local needs. According to records, Bian Que is also skilled in surgery and has been anesthetized for surgery.


Bian Que exchange heart

Lu Gong Hu and Zhao Qiying two people had mild illness. They asked Bian Que to treat the disease together. Bian Que told the public Hu: "your ambition is strong, but your body is weak. There are tricks but not decisive." If you swap your heart, you will be able to balance your illness. " Bian Que let two people drink the medicine wine, they died for many days, cut open their chest to find the heart, put them in a good place, and then gave them a magic medicine, so the two people woke up after a while, just like the beginning of the same health, then two people went home to Bian Que.

Make the dead come back to life

Once Bian Que arrived in the kingdom of China, he heard that the prince of the crown prince had been killed for less than half a day. So he hurried to the palace gate and told the middle priest that he could revive the prince. He believed that what he said was nonsense. Bian Que sighed, "if you don't believe me, you can try to see the prince. You should be able to hear his tinnitus, see his nose swollen, and thigh to the pudendum and warm feeling." In the middle of the province, he heard the news and hurried into the palace, and he was surprised and came out to meet Bian Que himself.

Bian Que said, "the disease of Prince Edward is the so-called" corpse syncope ". People accept the Yin Yang and the two Qi between heaven and earth, Yang, the Lord, the master, the Yin, the Yang and the body are healthy. Now the prince's Yin Yang and two Qi disorder, internal and external impassability, the upper and lower impassability, leading to the prince's pulse disorder, no complexion, loss of consciousness, shape and quiet, like death, in fact, is not dead.

Bian Que ordered his disciples to assist in the first aid with acupuncture, and to stab the five points of the prince's three yang. Soon the prince woke up. Bian Que added the prescription to the prince so that he could sit up. More than 20 days later, the prince's illness healed.

After this incident, people say that Bian Que has a unique skill to bring back to life.

Evaluation of characters

Sima Qian said in the biography of Bian Que, "there is no beauty and evil in women." Therefore, when Bian Que saw his tricks, he was concealed and punished. The father will get better later. Therefore, Laozi said, "a good person is not an auspicious device," is it Bian Que?

Japanese physician Teng Weiyin said, "Bian Que, the ancient physician."

Influence on later generations

Bian Que laid the foundation of the traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic method. No wonder Sima Qian praised him and said, "Bian Que speaks medicine, and he is a party. Shou Ming is astute, and later is revised.

He spent his whole life summing up his predecessors and folk experience, combined with his own medical practice, and made outstanding contributions to Chinese medicine in diagnosis, pathology and treatment. Bian Que's medical experience occupies an important position in the history of Chinese medicine and has great influence on the development of medicine in China. Therefore, the medical profession has always regarded Bian Que as the founder of ancient Chinese medicine, saying that he is "China's medical saint" and "founder of ancient medicine." In his brief history of Chinese history, Fan Wenlan called him "the first person to sum up experience".


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