Betelnut Valley Limiao Cultural Tourist Area

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Hainan Betelnut Valley Limiao Cultural Tourist Area was established in 1998. It is located in the Ganshiling Nature Reserve at the junction of Baoting County and Sanya City. The scenic spot is situated in the beautiful areca nut forest sea of more than 10,000 pavilions and pavilions. It is also located in the tropical rain forest with tall ancient trees and vines. It has a planned area of more than 5,000 mu, 26 kilometers away from the coast of Yalong Bay and 28 kilometers away from the center of Sanya City.

Betelnut Valley is named for its forests overlapping on both sides and a few kilometres of Betelnut Valley in the middle. The scenic spot is composed of seven cultural experience areas: non-legacy village, Ganshili village, rainforest Miao village, field Lijia, large-scale live performance of betel nut Guyun, orchid cabin and Limiao delicious food street, with beautiful scenery. Ten national intangible cultural heritages are also displayed in the scenic spot. Among them, "the traditional spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidery skills of Li nationality" is listed in the list of intangible cultural heritages urgently in need of protection by UNESCO. Betelnut Valley is also one of the main venues for the traditional "March 3" and "Qixi Water Playing Festival" of Li and Miao nationalities in Hainan. Cultural charm is the "living fossil" of Hainan's national culture.

In July 2015, the Betelnut Valley was awarded the national AAAAA-level tourist attraction title. As the first national cultural 5A-level scenic spot in China, the Betelnut Valley was also the national intangible cultural heritage production protection base and the top ten best film shooting base. It was awarded the "National Model of National Unity and Progress" by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Agriculture of the State Council, respectively. Collective, National Key Cultural Export Projects, National Five-star Enterprises of Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism, etc. are many national honors. Hainan Betelnut Valley Limiao Cultural Tourist Area, adhering to the mission of "excavating, protecting, inheriting, promoting Hainan Limiao Culture and making it alive and well", has reappeared to the world the civilization of Hainan for thousands of years, and is the inheritor and innovator of Hainan Aboriginal culture.

Major attractions and projects

Centennial Guli Village Cultural Experience Zone

Experience the four thematic museums of Hainan aborigines in non-legacy villages: non-woven museum, hemp spinning museum, cotton spinning Museum and dragon quilt museum. Place yourself in the ancient Li tribe in Ganshili village for a century and experience being a real Li family.

Rainforest Miaozhai Cultural Experience Zone

Go to Miaozhai for a glass of wine, listen to a song of Miaoling flying, watch a thrilling performance of "Upper Daoshan and Lower Fire Sea", experience the ancient embroidery skills of Miao dyeing and seedling, and then bring a pack of traditional Miao medicines specially for rheumatism. It's worth it!

Large-scale live performance experience area of betel nut Guyun

Beautiful dancing, beautiful ballads, ancient legends and eternal history are all skillfully integrated in the dense singing and dancing performances, making people linger and forget to return.

Limiao Food Culture Experience Zone

In the Polonian family, a mouthful of crisp and sweet betel nut opens the taste bud journey; in the Lijia Food Street, tasting pure Lijia snacks... Green food from nature, challenges the mountain game on the tip of tongue, the idea in reason, the unexpected recall, Bolon! uuuuuuuuuuuu

Miaojia Orchid Cabin Residence Experience Zone

By the side of the hill, the rain shuttle is like a curtain; listen to the sounds of frogs in the fields, weave the starry dream of Li Jia, turn off the power supply, and build the dream rainforest. In the high-altitude slippery rope, riding the dream of flying in the wind, crossing the obstacles of trouble, experience the pleasure of speed and passion!

Lijia Pastoral Landscape Experience Area

Looking up, the ink dye of mountains and peaks; looking down, the dim boat house. Farming in the mountains, in the fields, in the Jianjian; Agricultural food in vegetables, in the fields, in the heart. Forget the world's troubles, leisurely Li family, reclusive pastoral