Beijing World Flower Garden

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The World Flower Grand View Garden is located on the north side of Nansi Ring Auxiliary Road and the east side of Jingkai Highway in Beijing. It has superior geographical position and convenient transportation. The garden is 41.8 hectares, the largest botanical garden within the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing. It was named "boutique park" in 2005 and "AAAA" in 2008. The world flower garden landscape consists of fifteen greenhouses and fifteen garden squares. The plants in the greenhouses are very strange and floral.

Development history

In 2005, it was awarded as a "boutique park" and in 2008 it was awarded as a national "AAAA" tourist attraction. The world flower garden landscape consists of fifteen greenhouses and fifteen garden squares. The plants in the greenhouses are very strange and floral.

geographical environment

The World Flower Grand View Garden is located on the north side of Nansi Ring Auxiliary Road and the east side of Jingkai Highway in Beijing. It has superior geographical position and convenient transportation.

The purpose of Beijing World Flower Wonderland Park is to gather together the world's classic gardens with exotic flowers and plants. The main entrance square is Baihua Square, with green ribbons, shaped flower beds and colorful lanterns on both sides, highlighting the theme of flowers in the park. The most striking is the Tiannu scattered flower sculpture in the center of the square, which is carved from a block of white Chinese jade. The statue is 7 meters tall and weighs 20 tons. On the left is Chen Muhua, former vice chairman of the National People's Congress and honorary president of Beijing Flower Association, who wrote the inscription "World Flower Garden".

Main attractions

Venue introduction

The world flower garden landscape consists of seven greenhouses and fifteen garden squares. All the greenhouses adopt computer-controlled ventilation, humidification, constant temperature, drip irrigation and other new technologies to create a suitable environment for plant growth. The plants in each greenhouse are strange and flourishing. Tropical Botanical Museum has more than 1800 kinds of trees such as Buddha belly, Chongyang, ancient banyan, etc. for hundreds of years; sandy plant greenhouse has hundreds of cactus and cactus; fine flower hall has vivid and interesting plant Zodiac garden, fine bonsai garden, electronic touch screen to introduce you rich and colorful knowledge of flowers and plants in various countries; vegetable and melon orchards with rural scenery have giant Nan weighing up to 150 kilograms. Melons; flowers and tea can be enjoyed in the Baihua Hall of Mingjuan; it also provides visitors with space for direct participation in flower tissue culture technology and various entertainment projects. Outdoor landscape has its own garden in Baihua Square, Versailles Garden, Water Garden, Night Garden, Flower Square, Flower Valley, Peony Garden, etc. The exotic Dutch, Russian, German and Austrian gardens make the world flower culture and exquisite gardening art shine in each other here and merge ingeniously and harmoniously.

Gardens of Versailles

The Garden of Versailles was built on the basis of the Garden of Versailles in France. Among them are European-style galleries full of Roman architectural style, patterned flower beds with Chinese traditional auspicious patterns composed of 20,000 birches and cypress, and summer cultural square for 600 people to entertain. The garden also planted nearly 100 animal-shaped trees and ancient stumps such as Ginkgo biloba and Lagerstroemia with Chinese traditional characteristics over hundreds of years.

German Garden

The German garden on the west side of the greenhouse covers an area of about 620 square meters. German flowers such as cornflower, Delphinium and pepper are mainly planted in the garden. Lawn is also built in the garden, and characteristic plants are planted around it, which is fresh and natural. Show boards are set up along the road to introduce German customs to visitors. On the north side of the park, a wooden frame structure is adopted and a bar with typical German style is set up. Here, visitors can enjoy the delicacy of German beer.

Water garden

Watergarden in the center of the valley, visitors to the valley path, will be surrounded by more than 60 more than 1.4 million perennial plants, as if in the ocean of flowers. Garden center is to use various architectural shapes to vividly display the various states of water, thus highlighting the close relationship between people and water, flowers and water, dynamic and static harmony.

Dutch Garden

Dutch garden covers an area of about 350 square meters, which mainly reflects the traditional customs of the Netherlands, the cultivation techniques of the developed decorative plants and the development technology of wind resources. The windmill with a width of 6 meters is magnificent. The white fences around the house are separated from the outside world. The garden is full of Dutch tulips, which are dazzling.

Chinese Gardens

Chinese gardens cover 450 square meters. They adopt the traditional architectural style of white walls, grey tiles and windows in the south of China. They are full of the charm of the south of the Yangtze River. The ancient Moon Gate evokes your nostalgia. Entering the garden, the winding paths stretch out into the distance, and the roses in the garden are bright and dazzling.

Russian Castle Garden

The Russian Castle Garden covers an area of about 350 square meters and is close to the main tourist road. A beautiful flower well in the garden fills people with curiosity. On the north side is a Russian-style wooden house with gardening products and promotional materials on display. Coniferous pine, Larch and shrubs and birch trees from Russia are planted in the garden.

Austrian Style Park

Austrian Style Garden is located in the west of Russian Garden. It covers an area of about 500 square meters. The theme of the garden is music. The whole exhibition area is surrounded by carved wooden grilles. There are music symbols made of steel bars and flowers in the four corners of the park. There are solemn squares in the park. In the center stands a golden statue of Strauss. There are also pavilions and seats for visitors to rest. Around the garden, plants with Austrian characteristics are created. While walking in the park, visitors can also listen to Strauss'beautiful waltz.

The peony is considered as the symbol of wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity and prosperity. On the north side of Beijing World Flower Garden, there is a quiet and elegant garden called Peony Garden. The Peony Garden covers an area of 1000 square meters, including a four-corner pavilion, a spring and a stream. Since ancient times, Caoqiao area has been famous for its peony. The peony produced by Caoqiao in Qing Dynasty was the first choice of palace flowers. There are more than 100 varieties of peony planted in the peony garden. We inherit the traditional peony planting technology in Caoqiao area, and use high and new technology to cultivate more and better varieties of peony, bringing you beautiful enjoyment.

The delightful plant maze is the children's paradise, which not only increases the children's pleasure, but also stimulates the innocence of adults. The plant maze consists of 600 tall alder trees. Being in the maze can not only relax the mood but also help children exercise their courage.

Children's Water Playground is specially designed for children. The whole garden consists of innumerable curved canals. A large fountain in the center provides continuous flow of water to the surrounding streams. The water depth is less than half a meter. Children can pull up their trousers legs to find beautiful pebbles, and they can also catch insects and butterflies around them.

Flower Square is a place with a wide view. A large number of timely flowers are planted on the flower beds in the square. There are introduction of various flowers around it. Friends who like to raise flowers can enjoy the beautiful scenery while learning flower-raising skills.

In order to let children and students learn more about modern science and technology of flower cultivation after visiting the park, Daguanyuan has built a "child group nursery laboratory" for children, which will become a paradise for children to plant grass and flowers. In addition to experiencing the cultivation of seedlings by the science and technology team, we can also visit the whole process of flower production, observe the flower tissues through the microscope, cultivate flower seedlings by ourselves, and there are many other games, such as making a postcard and dried flower souvenir by ourselves.

Fuwa paradise

Fuwale Park is divided into five theme parks: Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini. Among them, Jingjing Garden is the core exhibition area, including China Ancient Sports Exhibition, Olympic Knowledge Photo Exhibition, New China Sports Development Exhibition, Chinese Olympic Champion Heroes, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Stadium Exhibition, Olympic Project Introduction Gallery, Multimedia Learning Interactive Demonstration, Digital Olympics Photo Exhibition and Nostalgia Animation Exhibition, etc. Nine parts; Huanhuan Garden as the central stage area, performing world famous. Children's plays and Fuwa's plays; Beibei Garden, Yingying Garden and Nini Garden are respectively activity game area, sports area and recreation area, arranging interactive games with strong participation, science and technology simulation games, small-scale sports and recreational activities.

Tourism information

Traffic information


Metro Line 4 Public Welfare West Bridge Station D (Southwest) exit, take 646 Road (Metro Public Welfare West Bridge Station) to the World Flower Grand View Garden Station 60 meters east (recommended)

Metro Line 10 Caoqiao Station A (Northwest) exit, take 529 (Metro Caoqiao Station) Road to Majialou North Station, walk 250 meters south, 70 meters east and 700 meters east along the wall.

Bus stops:

World Flower Grand View Park Station: 60 meters east after getting off

Passing Vehicles: 377 Road, 646 Road

Love Day Home Station: 700 meters west after getting off the train

Passing vehicles: 377 Road (World Flower View Garden Station), 646 Road (World Flower View Garden Station), 602 Road, 736 Road, 740 Inner Ring, 740 Outer Ring, 740 Outer Ring , Te9 Inner Ring, Te9 Outer Ring

Majialou North Station: 250 meters south and 70 meters east after getting off the train, 700 meters east along the wall.

Passing vehicles: 381 Road, 410 Road, 423 Road, 454 Road, 483 Road, 497 Road, 529 Road, 676 Road, 679 Road, Te 3 Road

Chengnan Jiayuan Station: 400 meters south and 1000 meters east

Passing Vehicles: 377 Road (Down from World Flower Garden Station), 511 Road

North Chengnan Jiayuan Station: 650 meters south and 1000 meters east

48 Road, 66 Road, 72 Road, 556 Road, 646 Road (World Flower Garden Station), 998 Road, Te8 Outer Ring Road, Te4 Road

Practical information

Address: Exit of Caoqiao East Road, Nansan and Sihuan in Beijing, northeast corner of Majialou overpass in Nan4huan.

Traffic routes: (see "Traffic Information" above)

Opening time: year-round, winter: 8:00-17:30 summer: 8:00-18:00

Fee standard: 60 yuan for adults, 40 yuan for students, 20 people in groups: 45 yuan

Admission notes

(1) Opening hours of scenic spots: 8:00-18:00

(2) No tickets for children under 1.2 meters and for the elderly over 70 years old (with valid certificates)

(3) Ticket Collection Place: South Gate or West Gate Team Ticket Window of Scenic Spot

Instructions for admission

1. Please consciously observe the order of visiting and sightseeing. When entering the park, please show your admission ticket and enter the park according to the opening time. No bare back, no noise, no parallel obstruction, no blockage of the garden road and entrance, no stay and sleeping in the park after the quiet park.

2. Please consciously maintain the environmental hygiene in the park. No spitting or drowning, no littering of peel (core), paper scraps, cigarette ends, chewing gum residues and other waste, no garbage collection and begging in the garden.

3. Please consciously take care of the ecological environment of the park. Do not trample on the lawn, do not break flowers and trees, do not pick fruit, do not dig wild vegetables, bamboo shoots and flower plants, do not depict trees, do not cross hedgerows, flower belts, color blocks, do not use trees for fitness activities, do not chase, throw, feed animals indiscriminately.

4. Please take good care of public tourist facilities. Do not paint on buildings, structures or facilities, lie down on road chairs, or cross fences or railings.

5. Please pay attention to your own travel safety. Walk slowly on ramps, steps, lakes, bridges and greenhouses to avoid accidental falls; take good care of children and the elderly, keep personal belongings, and pay attention to their own travel safety.

6. Please refrain from using open fire in fire-proof areas, smoking in non-smoking areas, fishing, swimming and skating in the waters of the park, roller skating, skateboarding, football and kite flying in the park.

7. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, other vehicles (including children's cars, electric wheelchairs, bicycles, etc.) are not allowed to enter the park without permission, except the handshakes, wheelchairs and children's cars used by the elderly, the disabled and children.

8. Please abide by the laws and regulations consciously. It is strictly forbidden to organize all kinds of illegal gatherings in the park; prohibit fighting, gathering riots, engaging in feudal superstitions, gambling and other illegal activities in the park; prohibit peddling goods, distributing or posting advertising materials in the park; prohibit carrying guns, ammunition, lethal weapons, inflammable explosives and any animals (pets) into the park; prohibit fireworks and firecrackers in the park area.

9. Films, TV dramas, wedding photos, art photos and children's photo albums shall not be filmed in the park without the approval of the park administration.

10. It is everyone's responsibility to maintain the order of Park tours. Those who violate the above regulations shall be punished in accordance with the Beijing Park Regulations and other provisions. Those who cause losses shall be liable for compensation according to law.