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Beijing Daxing Wildlife Park is located in the 10,000 Mu forest of Yuyuan Town, Daxing District. It is a large natural ecological park with animal protection, wildlife domestication and breeding and popular science education, which was approved by the former State Forestry Administration and invested by Beijing Municipal Government and Beijing Luye Qingchuan Co., Ltd. The zoo is divided into three areas as a whole, namely, walking area, self-driving area and animal experience area.

On the morning of March 19, 2017, some netizens reported that they had taken pictures of "tourists getting off many times" in the self-driving area of Beijing Wildlife Park.

On May 6, 2017, 12 African elephants imported from Zimbabwe settled in Beijing Wildlife Park after living in Shanghai for nearly five months. These African elephants, aged between 4 and 7, are named "Recruitment, Treasure Entry, Satisfaction, Satisfaction, Harmony, Zhixiang, Yulou, Yuhuan, Meilun, Meihuan, Fushou, Kangning".

architectural composition

The total investment is RMB 150 million, which brings together more than 200 species of rare wildlife in the world.

More than ten species of rare birds and wild pheasants with Chinese characteristics can be seen here. Beijing Wildlife Park exhibits wildlife in the form of free-range and mixed-culture. It has 32 theme zoos and museums, including scattered viewing areas, walking viewing areas, animal performance and entertainment areas, popular science education areas and children's zoos. In the scattered viewing area, groups of wolves and cattle, lions and baboons live together in a region, through the control of the number of them to achieve a dynamic balance of strength, resulting in a balanced confrontation effect and strong visual impact; in the walking viewing area, tourists can play with deer, deer, squirrels and other warm reindeer. In the theme animal venue, you can see the world's largest protected animals in the artificial breeding country, such as brown-tailed rainbow pheasant, white-tailed rainbow pheasant, green-tailed rainbow pheasant and other rare animal populations. At the same time, you can also see the extremely precious giant panda, golden monkey, of which Qian Golden Monkey is the first time to show to the world.

Tenet idea


With the purpose of protecting animals and forests, zoos highlight the theme of "animals and people, animals and forests" returning to nature. They focus on rendering the atmosphere of "people, animals and forests", closing the distance between people and animals, increasing the contact between people and animals, and replacing traditional cages with modern barrierless and omni-directional three-dimensional viewing.

Ornamental way. Park highlights a "wild" word, reflecting a "love" word, exquisite architecture, surrounded by green trees, grass and trees, elegant scenery is relaxing and pleasant.

Main attractions

Crowds of wolves and boars, deer and EMUs in the animal dispersal area, carefully reared by experts, present a natural scene of harmonious coexistence in a wide area. In the "forest - animal" environment, to achieve the best integration with nature. At the same time, we can also see the most precious artificial population of Sichuan golden monkey in the world. Our park is officially named "Beijing Science Popularization Education Base" by Beijing Science and Technology Popularization Office. In the park, we also set up a special science education activity to save endangered animals for middle and primary school students. Animal Performance Entertainment Zone provides visitors with a variety of wonderful animal performances, so that you can get more satisfaction. The park's Construction Office embodies the people-oriented concept, with all kinds of meals, drinks and tourist shopping facilities. I believe you can spend a satisfactory holiday here.

Ticket information

Ticket price description

Adult tickets: 130 yuan

Children's tickets: 80 yuan

Children's tickets: height 1.2-1.6 meters to buy children's tickets 80 yuan, less than 1.2 meters free of tickets

Tickets include the first entrance ticket, the bus ticket in the scattered area, the ticket for the large animal show and the ticket for the bird show.

Ride instructions

bus line

943 Road: Yongdingmen - Yuquanying - Xihongmen - Huangcun - Beijing Wildlife Park

937 Road: Baiyun Road - Yuquanying - Daxing Island - Beijing Wildlife Park


Driving from Yuquanying to the exit of Beijing section of Jingkai Expressway, we can get there 4000 meters.

Beijing Wildlife Park is open from 8:30 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. all year round.

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