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Beijing Police College

Beijing Police College is a full-time general undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education, sponsored by the Beijing Municipal People's Government, administered by the Beijing Public Security Bureau, and administered by the Beijing Education Committee. It is a teaching and application-oriented public security college.

The College was founded in January 1984 and its predecessor was the Public Security School of the Public Security Bureau of the Peiping Municipal People's Government, which was established in April 1949. In 2004, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it began to prepare higher undergraduate education of public security to recruit undergraduate students. In 2006, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it established Beijing Police College on the basis of Beijing People's Police College to carry out full-time higher undergraduate education of public security and on-the-job training of civilian police.

The specialty setting of the Institute is closely related to the reality of capital public security and has distinct characteristics of public security. It now offers 9 undergraduate majors such as public security, investigation, criminal science and technology, foreign-related police affairs, public security management, traffic management engineering, network security and law enforcement, law (slow recruitment), computer science and technology (slow recruitment), etc. Four undergraduate majors, including newspaper, pre-trial, public security legal system and special police, and three specialized majors (directions) of public security management (community prevention), traffic management (traffic exploration), criminal investigation technology (police dog technology). The undergraduate education system is four years and the specialized education system is three years.

Located in Huyu Scenic Area, Nankou Town, Changping District, the College covers an area of 1200 Mu and has a building area of more than 180,000 square meters. The college has complete teaching equipment and modern teaching means, which can realize situational teaching, simulation teaching and distance teaching. Laboratories such as DNA testing, intelligence analysis, trace comparison and criminal photography are in the leading position in public security colleges and universities in China. Physical fitness, skills and police technical and tactical training venues have their own characteristics. The library has a complete collection of books, which is convenient and fast to access, and can directly serve teaching, scientific research and police practical combat. The beautiful environment, fresh air and complete facilities of the College provide good conditions for teachers and students to study, work and live.

The aim of the Institute is to build a "first-class, international level" police academy. With the general requirement of "loyalty to the Party, serving the people, impartiality in law enforcement and strict discipline", the College adheres to the idea of building a college based on seeking truth from facts, reform and innovation, consolidating the foundation and steadily developing, adheres to the policy of building a school by politics, running a school by law, building a school with characteristics, building a school by talents and strengthening a school by quality, and adheres to the principles of education, teaching and scientific research. To adhere to the development concept of close integration, mutual promotion and common improvement of public security practice, adhere to the purpose of training public security professionals for the capital public security undertakings, providing intellectual support services for the development of the capital public security work, and serving the major security tasks of the capital public security; and actively promote the service of the capital public security work with the goal of serving the capital public security work. Quality education; adhering to the policy of paying equal attention to both higher education of public security and on-the-job police training, basing on the innovation and development of police affairs in the capital, adhering to the training mode of integrative teaching and training, and training high-quality application-oriented police officers with loyal spirit, strict discipline style and excellent policing ability in accordance with the actual combat orientation; Practical police personnel.

The College conducts friendly exchanges and academic exchanges with multinational police agencies around the world. With the improvement of the level of running a school and the development of scientific research activities, especially with Beijing's development strategy positioned at the "four centers", the scale of external and academic exchanges of the college has been expanding.

Since the founding of the school, after several changes, the school has always adhered to the policy of political school-building and strict school management. The majority of teachers and staff have worked hard to train a number of public security professionals. More than 40,000 graduates have been trained and transported to public security organs at all levels. A number of heroic models, field experts and excellent leading cadres have emerged and become trainers. The cradle of reserve personnel, the main position of on-the-job training, the base of police theory and scientific and technological research have made historic contributions to the inheritance and development of the capital's public security undertakings, and are known as the cradle of the capital's police officers.