Beihai Ocean Window

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The Beihai Ocean Window is situated on the shore of the rich and beautiful Beihai Bay in China. It covers an area of 2.1 hectares and covers an area of 18,100 square meters. It consists of mysterious ocean, ancient ocean, time tunnel, coral sea, Cape of sea, dreamlike ocean, ocean resource hall, Marine Silk road, Zhenghe Western Ocean, geographic discovery, ocean theatre, coastal landscape, jellyfish palace, shellfish culture and Nanzhu. The theme of the 16th National Congress of Culture and 4D Moving Cinema is composed.


Beihai Ocean Window is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction and national science education base. It is located on the coast of Beibu Gulf, which is rich and beautiful in China. It covers an area of 2.1 hectares and has an area of 18,100 square meters. The scenic spot is composed of mysterious and gorgeous living corals, rich marine history and culture, a new generation of aquarium with high-tech landscaping technology, a number of the largest circular cylinder landscapes in China, and the most advanced 4D dynamic movies in the world. Is a leading marine science and technology fashion, dissemination of marine cultural taste, enjoy the infinite scenery of the ocean, a large comprehensive marine exposition!

The Beihai Ocean Window uses sound, light and electricity technology to display the ocean landscape. It has many domestic pioneers, such as international advanced health preservation technology, high-taste marine culture connotation, the giant deep-sea cylinder constructed by acrylic glass and the shocking four-sided through cylinder tunnel.

This is a large comprehensive ocean exposition hall which integrates health preservation, culture, high-tech, art and popular science education. It is an ocean Exposition Park which leads the fashion of ocean science and technology, explores the mystery of ocean, disseminates the taste of ocean culture and appreciates the infinite ocean scenery. Let's go into the window of the Beihai Ocean, explore the wonderland of science fiction, and uncover the ocean for thousands of years.

Characteristics of scenic spots

The mysterious sea, ancient ocean, time tunnel, coral sea, Cape of the sea, dreamlike ocean, ocean resources hall, maritime silk road, Zhenghe Atlantic Ocean, geographic discovery, ocean theatre, coastal landscape, jellyfish palace, shellfish culture, Nanzhu culture, 4D dynamic cinema are composed of sixteen themes. It is a modern comprehensive exhibition hall that combines art with science and technology, popular science with entertainment to display marine culture.

Traffic information

Traffic Line: Buses No. 3 and No. 5 in the city go directly to the main entrance of the scenic spot.

The highway network of Beihai extends in all directions. There are 209 national highways (Hubei Line), 325 national highways (Guangnan Line), Beihai to Tieshan Port, Nanning to Beihai, and Guilin to Beihai through Nanning, Beihai to Chongqing, Beihai to Zhanjiang and other expressways intersecting here. The journey from Beihai to Nanning is 206 kilometers, about 3 hours by car, and from Beihai to Guilin is 630 kilometers, about 7 hours by car. Beihai-Zhanjiang Expressway, Beihai to Zhanjiang more than 160 kilometers, 1.5 hours by car; Zhanjiang to Haikou, 160 kilometers; Zhanjiang to Guangzhou, 459 kilometers; Zhanjiang to Shenzhen and Hong Kong is only 500 kilometers, about 5 hours by car, road traffic is very convenient. Therefore, self-driving tour of Beihai is also a good choice.

Main attractions

Coral Sea

At present, the largest and most complete living coral exhibition tank in the world is 28 meters long and 3 meters high. The top living coral cultivation technology in China shows 156 species and more than 2600 colorful living corals from all over the world. By controlling their stretching and rest time through water quality, water temperature and light, we can easily enjoy mysterious and gorgeous living corals without diving adventures. Corals, even fishermen have never seen such magnificent corals in their lifetime at sea. At the same time, the exhibition tank simulated the coral ecological environment and showed more than 300 tropical ornamental fish. The total water volume of the exhibition cylinder exceeds 1,000 tons.

Ocean Theatre Exhibition Hall

(Shark Dance Show, 6 performances per day): At present, it is the largest aquarium exhibition cylinder in China, with the largest diameter of cylinder 11 meters; the deepest cylinder body 13 meters high, with the depth of three floors; the heaviest cylinder body more than 1,000 tons; and the strangest cylinder tunnel passing through the middle of the cylinder. Appreciate the wonderful performances of people and sharks dancing together, the wind of the Olympic Games, mermaids and so on, and experience the model of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Dream Jellyfish Palace

Jellyfish, the spirits from ancient oceans, originated in the ancient oceans 650 million years ago. It is more ancient than the dinosaur era. It has not changed much so far. It is probably the oldest creature you have ever seen. Ocean Window Dream Jellyfish Palace is currently the largest jellyfish exhibition area in China, where you will be shocked by its graceful and dreamlike charm.

Aquarium without water

Have you ever seen a fish swimming around in front of you, but you can't touch it and it will change? There is no water in the aquarium. The fish are swimming. It's quick to see! In the Dream Ocean Hall of the Ocean Window, you will experience a new generation of high-tech aquariums, such as fishing, Magic Palace, Ocean Encyclopedia... This technology has only ocean windows in China.

Negative pressure cylinder

As the saying goes, people go to high places and water flows to low places. Have you ever seen the wonderful scenery that water does not flow to low places? In the ocean window, you can reach in and play with the fish through the round hole on the aquarium glass. It's amazing.

Time tunnel

The only fluorescent handmade murals in China were painted by Mr. Yuyama, a famous Japanese fluorescent painter, in more than three months. The murals are worth more than three million yuan. The whole mural depicts the formation, development and future reverie of the ocean, that is, the ocean's yesterday, today and future, where you can completely release your imagination; another wonder of the mural is that if you turn off the fluorescent lamp, the mural will turn into a white wall, nothing is seen, but when you turn on the fluorescent lamp, the picture is vivid and distinct, and you have to marvel at the great master's height. Super skill. When you wear it, if you wear white clothes, the clothes will show a fluorescent state, very beautiful.

Sea corner

The divorce rate of modern human is rising, but in our ocean, there is a kind of creature that is always loyal to love. Once we find the other half in adulthood, we will never be separated. This kind of marine creature is Chinese horseshoe crab. Chinese horseshoe crab and dinosaur are living creatures of the same era, so they are also known as living fossils of marine creatures. In the Horn of the Sea, you can get intimate contact with turtles over 100 years old and weighing more than 300 kilograms. You can also toss coins on the back of turtles to pray for good luck.

Shellfish area

There are more than 600 species in the world, more than 7000 colorful and various forms of rare shellfish, four famous snails in China, and one unique treasure of town hall in China, Longgong Ong Rong snail, with a value of up to 600,000 RMB.

Dynamic 4D Cinema

(Independent ticket sales): At present, the world's highest level of special films, three-dimensional plus live feel - spraying, impact, water mist, leg sweeping, shaking, vibration, so that you not only watch the film, but also immerse yourself in the film.

Science and education base

The significance of high-level popular science education is the preferred base of popular science education for schools, troops and other units. It is also the place that the majority of young people and children have to see.

Professional interpretation service: As the saying goes, the view is not as good as the audiovisual view. The ocean window provides free whole-journey tour guide interpretation service, so that guests can enjoy the ocean mystery by combining the view with the audiovisual view.

Practical information

Ticket Price

Ocean Window Ticket: 138 yuan per person (88 yuan per person for 1.2-1.5 m children, 88 yuan per person for elderly people over 70 years old, soldiers, police, students and disabled persons), 10 adults or more can order group tickets.

Dynamic 4D Cinema: 25 yuan per person (additional tickets required)

Business Hours

Opening and closing time: 8:00-18:00

Theatre Performance

Marine Theatre Performance: Shark Dance, Mermaid, Fish Feeding

Ocean Theatre Performance Time: 9:10, 10:10, 11:10, 14:30, 16:00

If the above time changes, the announcement on the day of the scenic spot shall prevail.

Shopping in scenic spots

Beihai Business Center is located in the middle section of Beibuwan Road. It has Hualian Commercial Building, Qidong Mall, Xinli Square, Guotong Center and other large luxury shopping malls. There are also Hengtong Jewelry, Wenbang Jewelry, Nanzhu Palace and other Pearl franchises. In addition, the private shops walking along Zhongshan Road, Jiefang Road and other old streets do not have any leisure.

Purchase of General Tourist Souvenirs

It is suggested that we go to Qidong Shopping Mall Tourism Consortium (Beibuwan Middle Road). There are many kinds of tourist souvenirs here. Beihai has been the hometown of Nanzhu since ancient times. The pearls produced here are known as "the West Pearl is inferior to the East pearl, the east pearl is inferior to the South pearl". As the best pearl, it is suggested to buy them at the Nanzhu Palace on Chating Road (opposite the aquarium). Here is the largest state-owned Pearl store. Dry seafood specialty is recommended to the bottom of the aquatic market (Yunnan Road). Beihai also abounds in high-quality subtropical fruits, vegetables and flowers. Beihai's shellfish carving, horn carving and bamboo weaving crafts are well-made. Beihai is also the production base of fireworks and firecrackers in China. It can set off fireworks and firecrackers freely.

In addition, Beihai's specialties include horn carving, shellfish carving, Dongyuan Home Wine, bamboo and rattan weaving, etc.

Tip: When shopping, we should pay attention to the second-best goods. Often the outer packing is very beautiful. The outer layer you see is good, while the inner one is inferior. It's better to open the packaging when you buy.