Beidahuang Modern Agricultural Park

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Beidahuang Modern Agricultural Park, located at No. 146 Xiangfu Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, covers an area of 667,000 square meters and is a "national AAAA-level tourist attraction". Covering an area of 26500 square meters, the scenic spot has a modern intelligent greenhouse of 31,000 square meters, evergreen all the year round.

The park has convenient transportation, excellent ecological environment and pleasant scenery. It is "National AAA Tourist Scenic Area", "Provincial Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site", "National Flower Production Demonstration Base", "Youth Popular Science Education Base in Reclamation Area", "Tropical Plant Introduction Base", "Youth Patriotism Education Base" and "Youth Civilization No. Beidahuang Modern Agricultural Park has the largest base of fresh cut flowers of Anthurium andraeanum in the three eastern provinces, the largest and highest-grade ecological hotel in the country, 400 greenhouses, 30 villas of Shennong Manor, which are uniform.

Introduction to scenic spots

Beidahuang Modern Agricultural Park, located at No. 146 Xiangfu Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, a national four-star enterprise for leisure agriculture and rural tourism (park), a national demonstration site for leisure agriculture and rural tourism, a national demonstration base for young people's agricultural popularization, a provincial demonstration site for agricultural tourism, an off-campus practical education base for young people in Heilongjiang Province, and a national flower demonstration. Base, Junior Science Popularization Education Base in Reclamation Area, Member of Heilongjiang Tourism Association, Heilongjiang Wildlife Domestication and Protection Base, Heilongjiang Forestry Science Popularization Base, Heilongjiang Tropical Plant Introduction Base, Heilongjiang Photographer Association Creation Base, Northeast Forestry University Experimental Practice Base, Junior Patriotism Education Base and Wedding Photography Base in Reclamation Area. The Park covers an area of 667,000 square meters with convenient transportation, excellent ecological environment and pleasant scenery. It consists of three parts: business service area, experience interaction area and leisure and entertainment area.

Business service area includes two major ecological hotels. The interactive experience can be divided into 100 gardens, vegetable and fruit gardens, vineyards, organization center, Nanguo Garden, famous gardens, vegetable gardens, Shennong Manor, etc. There are angel paradise, outward bound training ground, AK field battlefield, horticultural square, Shennong Square, Shennong Mountain, Shennong River, scenic pavilion, Shennong Lake and other scenic spots in the leisure and entertainment area.

There are 31,000 square meters of modern intelligent greenhouse, evergreen all the year round, and 6,000 square meters of connected greenhouse. There are 220 sunlight greenhouses and steel skeleton greenhouses, which are neat and uniform. The 26,000 square meters eco-hotel can accommodate 2,000 people at the same time. The mountain body is 40,000 square meters, and the water surface is 30,000 square meters, which shows the beauty of mountains and rivers.

Here, you can see the modern agricultural science and technology exhibition and its achievements transformation, the production and management of green organic agriculture, but also on-site picking, interactive experience, leisure and sightseeing, catering and entertainment, outward training, photographic souvenirs.

Here, you can see peach blossoms competing with snow blossoms in early spring, melons and vegetables in midsummer, pears and peaches in late autumn, and green sea flower hills in severe winter. You can take a battery car, bicycle or hike at your own expense to visit all the scenic spots. You can also experience the real-life combat simulation. Feel the pleasure and excitement of blocking. Picking (designated at different times to pick different varieties, experience the joy of harvest).

Welcome to Beidahuang Modern Agricultural Park, visit the countryside in the city, appreciate the charm of modern agriculture, experience the romantic feelings! This is not a fairyland, better than heaven, green swimming intoxicated Iraqi people, flower fragrance attracted heaven!

Among them, vegetable gardens, famous tropical orchards, orange pomelo drifting banana gardens and banana gardens are planned, designed and technically guided by Beijing Ludong Guochuang Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. The company's Wang Jiaming agronomist from the park began construction to open the garden, after more than four months, conscientious, hard-working, for the smooth opening of the park to pay painstaking efforts.

Main attractions

Nanguo Garden, Vegetable Garden, Famous Garden, Shennong Manor, Viewing Pavilion, Longquan River, Longquan Lake, Shennong Square, Plant Tissue Culture Center, Vegetable and Fruit Orchard, Fruit Gallery, Vineyard, Hundred Gardens, Bird Gardens, Shennong Manor, etc.

Traffic information

External traffic

Self driving line

Harbin Municipal Government - Hexing Road - Gongbin Road - Terminal.

Internal traffic

Bus route

Take No. 125 in Harbin Municipal Mansion, get off at Highway Bridge Station, transfer to No. 77 bus, get off at Caiyi Street Station and turn to No. 69 at Beidahuang Modern Agricultural Garden Station.

Instructions for play

(1) Opening hours of scenic spots: 8:30-16:00

(2) Children's tickets: 1.2 meters or less free

(3) Senior Citizens'Tickets: Free for Senior Citizens Aged 70 and Over


Dress Tips: It is recommended to wear light sneakers and leisure clothes. Goods to take when you go out: relevant documents, umbrellas, carsickness drugs, etc.

Ladies'special precautions: the elderly and children with sunscreen need to pay attention to: Suggestions for family accompany, in the scenic spots to travel together

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