Baxian Yaochi Party

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Baxian Yaochi Party

Baxian Yaochi gathering is a traditional dish in Tai'an, Shandong Province, which belongs to the Shandong cuisine family. Egg white is the main material for Baxian Yaochi gathering. The ready-made dishes are elegant in shape, and the fluffy chicken fluffy with soup is like white clouds floating lightly on them. "Cloud" under eight treasures. Tulip overflowing, fresh, tender and crisp, texture is different. This dish is widely circulated in central Shandong Province and often serves as the main dish for high-class banquets.

Making raw materials

Ingredients: 100 grams of pheasant meat, 65 grams of red scaled fish, 50 grams of antler cabbage, 50 grams of pine moth, 50 grams of rosin moth, 50 grams of thunderfly moth, 50 grams of cabbage heart and 50 grams of tofu

Supplementary materials: egg white 50g; monosodium glutamate 1g, salt 5g, clear soup 100g, scallion pepper oil 10g, Shaojiu 15g, vegetable oil 250g (actual oil consumption 50g), starch 50g;


Elegant shape, soup floating chicken velvet like white clouds, floating lightly on it, "clouds" under the eight treasures, overflowing with tulips, fresh and tender, crisp, texture is different.

Manufacturing process

1) Wash and slice pheasant meat, mix it with egg white, monosodium glutamate, salt and wet starch, then put it into a 60% heat oil pan and draw oil.

2) Wash the red scaled fish.

3) Wash and cut the antler, pine moth, rosin moth, thunderbolt moth and cabbage heart, slice tofu and red scaled fish in boiling water, then put them into the porcelain dish together with the chicken slices for treasure.

4) Chicken tenderloin is chopped into mud without fascia, mixed with egg white, refined salt, clear soup, monosodium glutamate and scallion pepper oil to make chicken feed, mixed with dried tofu to make mud into paste, poured into water at 90 C, floated into sheets, like white clouds, and fished out and poured on the "Eight Treasures";

5) Place clear soup, Shaojiu wine, salt and monosodium glutamate in the soup pot. Bring to a boil, remove foam and pour chicken oil into the porcelain dish.

Key technology

The key to the success of this dish is to hang clear soup well. As the saying goes, "The tune of singing opera, the soup of the cook", Shandong vegetable soup is reused, which can be divided into milk soup and clear soup. The method of hanging the traditional clear soup is to take 1500 grams of pig meat, scrape it clean, break the bone and kill 3 hens (weighing about 3000 grams). Take the preserved meat separately and cut it into mud (called white Qiao). Cut the legs of the two chickens into mud (red Qiao), and break the leg of another chicken. One fat duck (about 2000 grams) breaks the leg bone, and the pig bone (1500 grams) is washed. Pork bones, chickens (excluding mashed chicken), ducks and elbows are placed in turn in a large soup pot with 5000 grams of clear water. After boiling the Buddha on a hot fire, skim off the foam, and then skim the foam again when it is six ripe. Pour out 2,000 grams of soup and let it cool in a basin. Add chicken leg paste, scallion (50 grams) and ginger slices (50 grams) and mix well. Add 2,500 grams of boiling water to the original soup pot and cook on a small fire for 90 minutes (keep slightly boiling all the time). Remove the time, chicken, duck and bone from the mouth of the pot, skim off the oil and air it to 70% heat. Remove the soup pot to the top of the hot fire, add the essential salt (25g) and stir the soup with a spoon to make the soup rotate in the pot. Then mix the cold soup with chicken ham mud and stir it until the soup is 90% hot. When the chicken leg mud floats to the noodles of the soup, pull it out with a spoon and cool the soup. At the same time, scoop out 2,000 grams of clear soup and put it in a basin. Stir the chicken breast and pour it into the soup pot. Then move the pan to a high heat, add soy sauce (25g), salt (25g) and stir with a spoon. When the soup is 90% hot, all the chicken breast paste floats to the noodles of the soup. Put the pot down, pull out the chicken breast paste, then skim the foam, and cool it.

Flavor characteristics

"Baxian Yaochi Gathering" is a traditional Tai'an dish. Its ingredients are all produced locally. It has a unique flavor and is famous for a while. Before the 1950s, chefs in Tai'an with a circle of tens of miles gathered at Laojuntang Hall on the west side of Mount Tai's "Queen Mother Pool" on August 13 of the lunar calendar, and hired prestigious "drama clubs" to sing for three days. The meeting was presided over by the most prestigious old chef. After the meeting, we had a dinner in "Queen Mother's Pool". At a chef's dinner, someone made a soup dish with eight local treasures as the main ingredient. It has a wide range of materials, fine production, elegant shape of ready-made vegetables, soup floating chicken antler like white clouds, floating lightly on it. "Cloud" under eight treasures. Tulip overflowing, fresh, tender and crisp, texture is different. The chefs were so impressed that they had different opinions. Someone immediately suggested that they should have an elegant name. One person said: This dish chooses eight kinds of treasures, just like the Eight Immortals. Today, we gather at the Yao Chi side of the "Eight Immortals Cave" to share a meal and drink together, which is better than the "Eight Immortals", so we named it "Eight Immortals Yao Chi Gathering" and everyone agreed. Since then, this dish has been widely circulated in central Shandong, often serving as a high-level banquet dish.

dietary nutrition

1. Mountain chicken: Chicken meat is tender and delicious. Because of its light taste, it can be used in various dishes. Protein content is quite large, in meat, can be said to be one of the highest protein meat, is a high protein and low fat food. Potassium sulfate amino acid content is also rich, so it can make up for the shortage of cattle and pork.* At the same time, because chicken has more vitamin A than other meat, and the amount is worse than vegetables or liver, but compared with beef and pork, the content of vitamin A is much higher.* Chicken has high protein content and is easy to be absorbed and utilized by human body. It can enhance physical strength and strengthen the body.

2. Red phosphorus fish: Taishan red scaled fish, also known as stingray fish, stone scaled fish, time scaled fish, spotted fish, is a precious mountain freshwater fish fed by Taishan spring, is a Chinese fish treasure, is also one of the five famous fish in China. Adult fish is not more than 20 centimeters long, tender meat, delicious but not fishy, as a precious dish, but also medicinal. Taishan Pharmaceutical Records: "The big mouth of the square head of the Stingray fish, the dragon beard and the Dragon order, all like dragons but without horns, because of the word"stings"and the word"Lin"because of its sexual pleasure in rain. The stingray fish has the functions of Tonifying the brain and wisdom, bringing about clearness and turbidity, nourishing the face and qi, prolonging the life span, keeping the eyes and ears clear, and strengthening the teeth and body-building. It is a famous specialty unique to Mount Tai. The living environment of this kind of fish is very demanding, and now biologists and scholars from Shandong Agricultural University are studying the expansion of artificial farming.

3. Antler vegetable: Antler vegetable contains bezoic acid, polysaccharide, iodine, potassium, sodium, silicon, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium and so on. It is the best source of dietary fiber. It has water absorption, stimulates gastrointestinal peristalsis, promotes secretion of consuming glands and helps digestion. It also has strong ion exchange capacity and adsorption function. Modern medicine has proved that edible wild vegetable can prevent and treat rectal cancer, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Coronary heart disease, anemia and other diseases are very beneficial.

4. Chinese cabbage heart: Chinese cabbage is rich in crude fibers, which can not only moisten the intestine, promote detoxification, but also stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote stool excretion and help digestion. It has a good effect on the prevention of intestinal cancer. In autumn and winter, the air is very dry, and the cold wind does great harm to human skin. Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, eat more Chinese cabbage, can play a very good skin care and beauty effect. Scientists at the New York Hormone Research Institute in the United States have found that Chinese and Japanese women have a much lower incidence of breast cancer than Western women because they often eat cabbage. There are some trace elements in Chinese cabbage that can help break down estrogens associated with breast cancer.

5. Tofu: Tofu and tofu products are rich in protein content, and tofu protein is a complete protein, which not only contains eight essential amino acids, but also has a high nutritional value. Tofu contains phytoestrogens, which can protect vascular endothelial cells from oxidative damage. Frequent food can reduce the damage of vascular system, prevent osteoporosis, breast cancer and other diseases. The occurrence of prostate cancer is the protector of menopausal women; abundant soybean lecithin is beneficial to the development and growth of nerve, blood vessel and brain; soybean protein can properly reduce blood lipids, protect blood vessel cells and prevent cardiovascular diseases; in addition, tofu is also good for postmortem care, weight loss and delicate skin.

6. Egg white: Egg white can not only whiten the skin, but also make the skin tender. This is because it is rich in protein and a small amount of acetic acid, protein can enhance the lubrication of the skin, acetic acid can protect the skin slightly acidic, in order to prevent bacterial infection. In addition, egg white also has the function of clearing away heat and detoxification.

Grams of food relative to

Egg white should not be eaten with saccharin, soy milk and rabbit meat.

Suitable for crowd

1. People with fever, excessive internal fire, excessive phlegm and dampness, obesity, heat poisoning and swelling, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis should avoid eating; those with chicken temperature, fire-supporting, liver-yang hyperactivity and oral erosion, skin swelling and constipation should not eat; those with arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and hyperlipidemia should avoid drinking chicken soup; those with cold accompanied by headache, fatigue, fever. People avoid eating chicken or chicken soup.

2. especially for sore throat, blood stasis and swelling, bruises, broken, contusion, sprain, rectal cancer, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, anemia, constipation and food; a man may not often eat, otherwise the hair loss disease, kidney meridian blood, a foot cold arthralgia, color is not good.

3, especially for cough, constipation, kidney more food, and women should also eat Chinese cabbage; cold, stomach pain, loose stools diarrhea and cold diarrhea can not eat.

4, tofu is the ideal food for the elderly, pregnant women, and children's growth and development is also an important food; tofu is also on menopause, aftercare, obesity, rough skin is very good; mental workers, often with the night is also very suitable for eating. Tofu digest, dyspepsia in children should not eat; tofu contains more purine, uric acid and blood concentration of patients with initial gout.

5. People suffering from high fever, diarrhea, hepatitis, nephritis, cholecystitis and gallstones should avoid or eat less; infants should not eat egg white.

Practice guidance

Chicken Practice Guidance

1. Chicken can be stir-fried, stewed and salted.

2. The nutrition of chicken is higher than that of chicken soup. Chicken soup, containing glial protein, carnosine, creatinine and amino acids, not only tastes delicious, but also easy to absorb and digest, which is of great benefit to the body. It is suitable for people with malnutrition, peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis, irregular menstruation and weakness after illness.

3. Chicken buttocks are the places where lymph nodes are most concentrated. They are also warehouses for storing germs, viruses and carcinogens. They should be discarded.

4. Chicken meat contains sodium glutamate, which can be said to be "self-contained monosodium glutamate". When cooking fresh chicken, you only need to put oil, salt, onion, ginger, soy sauce and so on. It tastes delicious. If you put in pepper, big sauce and other thick seasonings, it will drive away or hide the taste of chicken. But the frozen chicken bought back often has a bad smell because it has no opening. When doing this, we can put some pepper and big ingredients properly, which will help to eliminate the bad smell.

Guidance on the Practice of Antler Vegetables

Add a little edible alkali to boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Cool, stew and stir-fry after rinsing with clear water.

Stir-fried eggs and shredded meat with deer antlers are home-cooked dishes with unique flavor, and can also be mixed with other vegetables.

Guidance on Chinese Cabbage Practice

1. When cutting cabbage, shredded cabbage should be cut in order to make it ripe easily.

2. Cooking should not be done by boiling or squeezing after scalding to avoid the loss of nutrients.

3. Decomposed cabbage contains nitrite and other toxins, which can cause serious hypoxia and even life-threatening.

4. Chinese cabbage should not be scalded in boiling water for too long. The best time is 20-30 seconds. Otherwise, it will be too soft and rotten to eat.

5. Chinese cabbage produces toxins in the process of decay. The nitrite produced can make the hemoglobin in the blood lose the ability to carry oxygen, and make the human body suffer from severe hypoxia, even life-threatening, so the decayed Chinese cabbage must not be edible.

Guidance on Tofu (North) Practice

1. South tofu is tender and suitable for cooking, stewing and soup; North tofu is suitable for cooking, frying, frying and soup.

2. Tofu lacks the essential amino acid-methionine for human body. Cooking is a combination of it and other meat and eggs, which can greatly improve the utilization of protein nutrition in tofu.