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Bao Zheng Bao Qing Tian

Bao Zheng (999 - July 3, 1062), He Xi Ren. Luzhou Hefei (now) Anhui Hefei Feidong People. Northern Song Dynasty Famous ministers.

Tiansheng Five years (1027), Bao Zhengdeng Jinshi The first. successive promotion official in charge of the discipline of public functionaries It was suggested that training should be selected and enriched. Successive three departments Judge and JD.COM , Shaanxi Hebei Road official in charge of transportation Later, he served as deputy director of the three Department of the Ministry of Commerce and asked the court to allow salt trading. know office of imperial censors Many times I talked about impeachment. Re teaching Long Tao Ge Direct bachelor and Hebei are all translocated, so that they can know about Yingyang and Yangzhou. KaiFeng Mansion , right Imperial Minister , Chancellor of the Treasury And so on. jiayou In six years (1061), he was promoted to deputy director of the Privy Council. For once Tian Zhang Ge staff officer , Bachelor of Science It is called "package waiting" and "Bao Longtu".

Jia you seven years (1062), Bao Zheng died, sixty-four. Confer posthumously Minister of Rites , Posthumous title "Filial piety and Su", later called it "Bao Xiao Su". There is Bao Xiao Su Gong. Memorial ceremony It was handed down.

Bao Zheng was honest and fair, upright and resolute, not attached to dignitaries and impartiality, and wise and decisive. He dared not apply for the common people's grievances. Therefore, he had the name "Bao Qingtian" and "Bao Gong", and the king had the words "not joint and old Yan Luobao". Later, he was regarded as the worship of gods. It is also known as "Bao Qingtian" because of its black face.

Paul Mauriat's History

Early filial piety

Bao Zheng was born emperor song zhenzong In two years (999 years), Emperor Renzong of Song Tiansheng Five years (1027) examination Jinshi He was appointed to Dali. administrative judge Take office Jianchang County (now Yongxiu, Jiangxi) County Magistrate Because of his parents' old age, Bao Zheng asked to take office in Hefei. He Zhou (now Anhui and county) tax, parents do not want him to leave, Bao Zheng resigned from office and went home to support his parents. A few years later, his parents died one after another. Bao Zheng built a cottage beside his parents' grave. Mourning At the end of the year, he hesitated and could not bear to leave. Many fellow townsmen came to comfort him. Until Jing you Four years (1037) Bao Zhengcai went to Beijing appointment of officials by the Board of Civil Service in the Ming Dynasty Awarded to Tian Long (now Anhui). County Magistrate

Experience and achievements

Qingli calendar In the first year (1041), Bao Zheng was transferred. Duanzhou (now Zhaoqing, Guangdong) Prefect Duanzhou produces Inkstone Most of the former government officials took advantage of the tribute to collect tens of times of the inkstones to be donated to the dignitaries. Bao Zheng ordered the inkstone to meet the tribute number only. He did not take an inkslab home for a year.

Qingli three years (1043), into Beijing Dian Zhong Cheng After Jing Imperial Minister Wang Gong Chen Recommendation was made in November. official in charge of the discipline of public functionaries Li Xing , Changing to censor censor.

Bao Zheng once suggested that "the state pays property to Khitan every year." Old money "It is not a strategy to resist the rallies. We should train our troops and select generals to make full preparations for border defense." Asking for attention again Under the door The system of sealing and refuting the right is also. Depose Corrupt officials are not allowed to be officials. They choose the counties in the county to implement the method of assessing and trying to supplement their children. At that time, various routes were added. a provincial official equivalent to today's chief prosecutor of a high court They played. impeachment Most of the officials criticized the fine faults, focused on harsh and strict scrutiny, and the officials were uneasy. Bao Zheng therefore requested the removal of the inspector.

Qingli five (1045) August, Bao Zheng served as Khitan. Zheng Dan Envoy liao dynasty , Completed the mission. After returning to Bao Zheng, according to his observation in Liao Dynasty, the Court advised the imperial court to select the "general practitioners", and attach importance to them. Dai Zhou (now Shanxi) Xinzhou Dai County The generals choose to deal with unexpected situations on the border. Since then Three Division Ministry of housing Judge In the six years of Qingli (1046), he left Beijing in June. Jingdong Road (governing the present Shangqiu, Henan ) official in charge of transportation

Qingli seven (1047) April, changed to the Ministry of letters Wai Wai Lang Straight Jixian Academy Shaanxi transshipment.

Qingli eight (1048) May 2nd, Bao Zheng transferred Hebei Road (now Hebei) Name In June 22nd, he was appointed deputy director of the three division of the Ministry of Commerce. The shipbuilding timber of the Qin Long Valley's inclined Valley Office is expropriate to the common people, and the taxes paid by the seven states to the river bridge and bamboo cord are usually several hundred thousand, and Bao Zheng has to play them to be abolished. The Liao Dynasty gathered troops in the neighboring frontier areas, and the border counties gradually increased their vigilance, and ordered Bao Zheng to go to Hebei to dispatch military supplies. Bao Zheng said: "the fertile soil in Zhanghe area can not be cultivated by the common people. There are fifteen thousand farms in Xing, Chao, Zhao and three states, which are used to herd horses and request to distribute them to the common people." Listen to his advice. The regulations of the state salt law made the people exhausted. Bao Zheng went ahead to manage it and asked for exchange with traders.

Emperor bless two years (1050), Bao Zheng was appointed to Tian Zhang Ge. staff officer Know the admonition house. He has repeatedly discussed the rebuke of dignitaries, and asked for all the gifts from the court. In turn, passed to Tang Dynasty. wei zheng The three memorials should be placed on the right side of the seats as a reference. Another thing to say is that the son of heaven should be clear to listen to adoption, distinguish between the party, cherish talented people, do not insist on preconceived remarks, a total of seven things; ask for the abolition of harsh and ungenerous practices, curb opportunistic speculation and official punishment, prohibit the construction of labor, and prohibit the hillock. Most of the court was implemented. At that time, Zhang Gui Fei ( Queen warming Father Zhang Yao He was appointed Huaikang Army (today's Ru'nan, Henan). governor of one or more provinces Group husbandry Making and making Xuan Hui, Nan Yuan Shi, Jing Ling Gong Shi Right division admonish Zhang Zhi Xing , Tang Jie Playing with Bao Zheng on this matter, he thought that he should catch up with Zhang Yaozuo's appointment, or choose one of the emblem and emblem. In the end, Chang Yao - Ho resigned from the mission of Xuan Hui and Jing Ling Gong.

Emperor bless four years (1052) October, except Ren Long Ge Ge Straight bachelor Hebei transshipment There was no reply when the army was transferred to the mainland when it proposed peace. At this point, the request was "to remove Hebei from garrison troops and distribute them to the south of the Yellow River." Yan , Dan , Qi, Pu In the counties of Cao and Ji, if there is an emergency, there is no misgivings. If troops are stationed in the army, they can not immediately cut down, request training of militia, and provide a small amount of dry food. The annual cost will be less than a month's expenditure in the army. taxes Then the number of suppliers is much higher. " No reply. A few months later Gao Yang Guan (Hebei Gaoyang East) road Pacify In July of the same year yeongju The States used the government's money to do business and accumulated about one hundred thousand of the total annual losses. Because of his son's request to serve as a state official in Qing Dynasty, he changed his knowledge of Yangzhou, and changed his knowledge to Luzhou and the Ministry of punishment. Long Zhong

Quan Zhi Kaifeng

To sum In the two year (1055) December, Bao Zheng was convicted of recommending official errors and demoted Tsbe Toro. Chizhou (now Chizhou, Anhui).

jiayou In the first year (1056) August, the Ministry of rehabilitation was in charge. Jiangning Prefecture In December of the same year, he was called to office. Quan Zhi Kaifeng government moved to the right department.

Jia you three years (1058) June, rose to the right. official in charge of admonition and arbitration , Quan Ren Imperial Minister Bao Zheng said, "the position of Prince Edward has been vacant for a long time. People all over the world are worried about this. Why is your majesty making such a long decision?" Ren Zong asked him, "who do you think is better?" Bao Zheng replied: "the impossibility of being impotent is not yet considered. The minister's request for early princes is for the grand scheme of the temple. His majesty asked his ministers who he wanted to appoint. The minister is already sixty years old, and no son. He is not thinking of himself and his descendants. " Ren Zong listened with great joy and said, "this matter needs to be discussed slowly." He asked for a reduction. Inside waiter In order to reduce unnecessary expenses and urge the supervisors to perform their duties faithfully, Yu Shi Fu can recommend his own officials and reduce the annual leave date of the officials. In July, the chief officer of the imperial power was transferred to the prison and sentenced to prison. Examination hall

Tian Tian cattle

Jia you four years (1059), when he was appointed Chancellor of the Treasury Of Zhang Fang Ping Due to the purchase of local tyrant's property, Bao Zheng was impeached from office by the last chapter. Song Qi When he took over, Bao Zheng impeached him. After he was exempts from Song Qi, he was temporarily appointed by Bao Zheng as a member of the three division. In this regard, Ou Yangxiu Said: "Bao Zheng is the so-called morning glory trampling on the field and taking away the cattle." Tian Tian cattle "The punishment is already very heavy, but is he too greedy for the job to do that job? Is it too much?" Bao Zheng stayed at home so as to avoid the appointment of the three Secretary of the agency. After a long time, Bao Zhengcai worked in the government office.

Jiayou, six years (1061), was promoted in March. Give things to Officially served as the three secretary. A few days later, I would like to call on the deputy director of the Privy Council. Soon, transfer. Ceremonial Master But he refused to accept it.

Pass away all of a sudden

Seven years in 1062 (May), Bao Zheng was suddenly ill when he was in the Privy Council. On the same day twenty-four (July 3rd), Bao Zheng died, aged sixty-four. Ren Zong personally condolences, and for his suspend business at the imperial court on account of a misfortune One day Confer posthumously Minister of Rites , Posthumous title "Filial piety and Su".

Main contributions


Bao Zheng to Honest He is known for his severe law enforcement and fearless of dignitaries. let official in charge of the discipline of public functionaries When he was in charge of the Imperial College, he tried to punish the corrupt officials and punish the corrupt officials. He impeached the trafficking of private salt in order to make profiteering Huainan transport. Zhang Ke Jiu The soldiers, who worked for soldiers to weave one thousand or 600 camel wool satin, Fenzhou (now Fenyang, Shanxi), and Yan Shiliang, the eunuch eunuch eunuch, who were responsible for the theft, were the impeachers. Wang Wei Wang Kui counted several times. official in charge of transportation He invented the names of men and money. After the uprising of the people's Liberation Army, the troops were captured and abused. But Wang Kui and Prime Minister Chen Zhi Zhong , Jia chang Chao Closely related Emperor Renzong of Song Favour, so there is no fear. For this reason, Bao Zheng impeached the seven successive chapters, and the last time he directly criticized Ren Zong, he said, "this is not worth talking about. It is fortunate to use a cruel official." His words were strong and firm, and the court and the public were violent. The court finally dismissed Wang Kui.

Bao Zheng also impeached the prime minister. Song Jie Zhao Yuanyou, son-in-law of Shu Wang Guo Cheng you Uncle Zhang and Zhang Fei's uncle Zhang Yao Wait forsomeone. let Imperial Minister At that time, Bao Zheng impeached and used his power to buy the rich mansion. Zhang Fang Ping And "excessive drinking in Shu". Song Qi The court dismissed two people. Chancellor of the Treasury Post. Fortunately, Bao Zheng had the right to impeach. Packet bomb "The proverb of the world is that if anyone sees a government official," he will say, "there is a bag to play." The word "Bao Bao" has spread all over the world.

For those who have talent and achievements, Bao Zheng can be impartial, such as Yang, Wang Ding , Wang Chu Three people are all Fan Zhong Yan The promoted talents were once transported by Jiangnan East Road. Point out prison sentence And the transhipment judge, because he severely punished corrupt officials in his office. Three tiger in Jiangdong It's called. After being vindicated by the old guard, he was reduced to the state of knowing Zhou, and no longer allowed to transshipment, etc. Supervisor Officer. Bao Zheng is a conservative. Wang Gong Chen Recommended as imperial censor, but not for political faction, strongly advocated reusing three people, finally made Yang Bin, Wang Ding and Wang Chuo have been used for transportation of Jing Hunan Road, Hebei road to point prison sentence, Jiangxi road to point prison sentence.

Bao Zheng's Classics qingli new deal After that, some reform proposals were also mentioned. If we advocate strict selection of officials and miscellaneous misconduct, those who are over 70 years of age should be forced to make official contributions to solve them. Redundant officials Problem. He also advocated stopping recruiting soldiers and picking up old and weak people to solve them. superfluous troops At the same time, we should choose a good soldier and strong soldier, and train our courage to enrich and defend. Qidan He suggested to Ren Zong: "there is no need to divide the differences between literature and martial arts. We must take the strategy of winning the battle by the side of the enemy. " His advice to Renzong Jun's "seven things" should be "clear to listen to, to identify friends, to cherish talented people, not to enter into the first place". Bao Zheng also made a special effort to play the three sentries of Wei Zheng Gong. Emperor Taizong of Tang Shan Na wei zheng The story of admonition is Turtle proof

When he was a local official, Bao Zheng was also good at observing the people's feelings and making profits and eliminating disadvantages. When he was transferred to the Jingdong, he inspected the poor iron smelting households everywhere, and declared that the transport division was exempt from the official iron owned by these households, and encouraged the competent people to start smelting iron and develop production.

Quan Zhi Bao Zheng dredged at Kaifeng Mansion Hui Min River Huimin River, also known as Cai River, originally from Tokyo to Tongxu (now Henan), directly to Huaihe. Later, in order to facilitate the transportation of water, the new Cheng Yin min water was remitted into the city to increase the traffic volume. When the Huimin river is often flooded, there are tens of thousands of districts and tens of thousands of bad officials and private houses in the flood season. Bao Zheng found that the reason for the flooding of the river was "Zhong Guan Shi Jian Garden Pavilion", which invaded the Huimin River and blocked the river because of the reason. Then it resolutely ordered that all the towers, gardens and water pavilions across the river be demolished, so that the river could be unblocked. Some dignitaries are fighting against Bao Zheng for holding false coupons. Bao Zheng, through field measurement and verification, reveals his bogus and goes to court to impeach him, demanding severe punishment.

During the three term of office, Bao Zheng changed some practices in the past. In the past, all kinds of articles enclosed in warehouses for emperor's use were sent from various places, causing difficulties for the people. Bao Zheng set up the market, and the public and private trades were fair. After that, the people were no longer disturbed. In fact, most of the officials in the Department were in prison for their money and cloth. Most of them were imprisoned. Some of them often fled and arrested their wives and children. Bao Zheng released them like this.

Law enforcement

Bao Zheng is especially praised for his quick and honest execution. Knowledge Tian Chang County Bao Zheng encountered a thorny case. One day, a farmer came to the county government to tell the gangsters to cut the tongues of their cattle and ask for arrest. Bao Zheng had deduced that it would be a retaliatory act of the complaining family, and ordered the farmers to kill the cattle and sell the meat to attract the criminals. In the Song Dynasty, killing cattle was illegal. It was not what Bao Zheng expected. Beef tongue When a cow sees a cow killing a cow and wants to add to its sin, he goes to the county official's first notice, and then he goes to the net and the case is broken.

The integrity of Bao Zheng's law enforcement was fully reflected in his knowledge of Luzhou. Luzhou When Bao Zheng was his hometown, when he was in the state of knowing Zhou, his friends and relatives thought that they could get their refuge and did a lot of acts of bullying, even disturbing the lawless things of the government. Bao Zheng was determined to kill his relatives in order to show his vigilance. There was just one uncle who broke the law. Bao Zheng did not take a close relative as a taboo. He was punished by law in the courtroom. Since then, the old people have been holding their breath, and they dare not act like a fool again.

Quan Zhi In Kaifeng Prefecture, Bao Zheng straighten out the official style and reform the litigation system. In the old system of Kaifeng, anyone who goes to complain must first hand the paper to the government official who keeps the door. Then the government official will turn it to the court, and whether he will hear the case or when he will hear it will be notified by the government official. Because litigants can not see the governor, government officials often resort to extortion and malpractice, while those who are wronged often complain about not being able to afford money. Bao Zheng abolished the disadvantages and opened the front door so that the accused could go directly to the courtroom to see officials and officials. Since Chen Yuanqu, the case was more fair and reasonable.

Tokyo is famous for its numerous relatives and dignitaries. It is known for its difficulty in governing. Bao Zheng, who is "resolute and resolute in setting up a dynasty", has refused all those who ask for personal relations. Therefore, Tokyo has been forbidden to do so. It is also because of his severe law enforcement and unjust personal feelings that "fame and prestige are all shaken down". When he was appointed to serve as an admonition, he impeached the dignitaries, and "the eunuch and the eunuch gathered their hands, and the listeners were afraid of it."

Bao Zheng's reputation for being strict with himself and honesty is also very prominent. At the age of twenty-three, Bao Zheng was informed of Luzhou. Liu Jun Praise, fame, great home, a wealthy family had invited him to the dinner party chat, a Li Xing classmates eager to go, and Bao Zheng solemnly said: "the rich man, I have no other day, or guarding the Township County, and now do not cross with him, not tired for the future." It can be seen that he established his ambition to be independent of politics before he became an official.

Duanzhou To produce Inkstone Famous, Duan Inkstone It has always been a treasure sought by literati and doctors. When Bao Zheng came to know Duanzhou, he not only abolished the predecessors' scores of tens of times, but also paid full attention to the abuse of their personal pockets and bribes and dignitaries. In 1973, when Bao Zheng cleaned up the tomb of Hefei, only one common inkstone and no inkstone were found in Bao Zheng and his descendants' tombs.

Bao Zheng and Ceng Lishen are "honest people, people's watches, corrupt people, people's thieves". Concluded Family instruction " Engraved on the stone tablets, the family instructions are erected on the east wall of the main house to show posterity.

Personal works

Bao Zheng you Memorial ceremony The fifteen volume, This is the ten volume of Bao Xiao Su Gong Memorial (Bao Zheng Collection). Complete Library of Four Branches of Books The 427th books of the Ministry of history and the imperial edict were published in the past dynasties.

The story of Bao Xiao Su Gong almost covered all of Bao Zheng's life. Memorial , formulation And all kinds of suggestions and opinions have fully presented Bao Zheng's political views and his attitude towards the world. Especially other proposals against increasing the burden of peasants and improving the army and simple government are still of great historical value and practical significance even today.

Character evaluation

General comment

Bao Zheng was a famous official in the history of China and an outstanding upright official. The name of Bao Zheng becomes Incorruptible The symbol.

Bao Zheng had a severe and rigid disposition, and he hated the petty officials and miscellaneous people, and tried to be loyal and honest. Though he was very loathing and disgusting, he had never committed any way of loyalty and forgiveness. He did not mix freely with others, and did not please people with clever words and words. Usually there were no personal letters, even friends and relatives were cut off. In spite of their noble status, clothes, utensils and food eaten are the same as those of the people. Once the family precepts: "after the sons and daughters of the sun, those who are corrupt, can not be released to their native families; after they die, they must not be buried in the grave." Not from me, but from my children. The stone is erected at the east wall of the hall. It is also known that Bao Zheng has been upright and stubborn and even unnatural. However, this is exactly the difference between him and some mediocre officials.

Bao Zheng was strong and resolute in the imperial court, and the eunuch was greatly reduced. People laugh at Bao Zheng as much as he does in the Yellow River. Children and women also know his reputation and call him "wrapped up". People in the capital say, "there are people who are unable to get involved in bribery, including the king of Yama and the old man." According to the old rules, no lawsuit can be directly submitted to the official office. Bao Zheng opened the front door of the official office, so that the complains could go to the front to make statements. The central government officials and the family leaders built private gardens and occupied the Huimin River, thus blocking the river course. When the capital was flooded, Bao Zheng destroyed all the gardens and pavilions. Some people falsely report their fields with their land certificates, and Bao Zheng strictly examines them and plays the role of impeachment and deceit.

Bao Zheng was loved by his achievements and behavior, and when the news of Bao Zheng died, the court was shocked. The whole city mourned. The inscription on the title of Kaifeng Museum in the Northern Song Dynasty, which is now in possession of the Kaifeng Museum, engraved one hundred and eighty-three names of the Kaifeng magistrate and the date of his appointment. Bao Zheng's name has been worn away. It is said that this is because people often touch their names with respect to Bao Zheng when they read the tablets.

Bao Zheng enjoys a high reputation in the society, so people widely read his deeds, idealized and artistic, and produced many anecdotes and legends. In the Southern Song Dynasty, there were stories and operas with Bao Zheng as the theme. There were more Bao Gong dramas such as Chen Feng in the Yuan drama. Bao Zheng is known as Kaifeng government by the director of the long Tu Ge (Bachelor's degree). Bao Zheng is known as Bao Long Tu. There are novels. Three Heroes and Five Gallants "The book" dragon map "is popular, and has become a household legend.

Past appraisal

The scholar bureaucrat language said: "Fu Gong is really the prime minister," Ouyang is a true Chinese Academy of Sciences. Hu Gong Mr. Zhen.

Ou Yangxiu It is good to be good in nature and upright in nature, but not in knowledge. There are few filial piety and smell in the countryside. But his knowledge is not deep, and his thoughts are not familiar.

Zhao Zhen Bao Zheng is not selfish.

author of the history Zizhi Tongjian (1) he is a filial piety who has been promoted for ten years. Bao Zheng was most famous when he turned to Ren Zong. (3) to become a long official, he has something to say, but he who likes to humiliate his face is also a good judge. It is difficult for a man to be rigid and not obstinate.

Liu Chang Clear and vigorous, straight and not flexible.

Wu Kai : (1) the emperor of the Song Dynasty, "Bao Gong". The sound of its voice is very popular. Chao Ting Shi, a scholar in the distance, did not call it "Gong" by his official name. 2. The public should abide by the law and uphold the responsibility. Confucius The so-called ministers! Third, exert oneself to the care of Yu Jun. With high ambition, Lingyun Qingyun. People or music follow me. People or good people, I resist their words. From beginning to end, words and deeds will be... But the name is clear and long with the Huai River.

Zhang Tian The Emperor Yan Zong has been in charge of the world for forty years. He does not have the wisdom of his holy spirit. He is good at keeping up with others. He is loyal to the people. He has made great contributions to the country.

Bao Shun Zhongsheng Bao Zhongcheng court loyal minister.

Li Tao It is upright and honest, but it is often harsh and vulgar. Although evil or even less than human feelings, that is, loyalty and forgiveness. It is not for harmony, nor for false colors to please people. If you do not make private books, as for the work, please do not have the old people to kiss the party. When you live in frugality, clothes and food are expensive.

Zhu Xi For the sake of Beijing Yin, it is forbidden to set up a resolute force.

Wang said It is not a coincidence to be a person, not to have a false speech to please people, to live in a selfless book, and to be a party member.

Liberation To be Kaifeng, its politics is strict and clear. Instead of being harsh, pushing loyalty is not what Confucius calls a rigid person.

Sun Cheng en The face is sharp and strong. Power, I dare not. Serious politics, harsh hearts. The non Han officials are ancient direct ministers.

Zhang Juzheng If Bao Zheng is really a minister of law enforcement, even though the children and women are still aware of it, the situation is so great. Although it is honest and sincere, it also acts on its own way. Therefore, although the law enforcement and the people do not think that the disabled. If a man controls the people and uses them, he will be able to shake up the discipline and the custom.

Cai Dong Fan : Di Qing Bao Zheng, the two, has been praised and praised. And the three characters of Bao Long Tu are famous, especially on di. That is, women and children. Even the glory of Di is more than the power of Bao Zheng, but the truth is that it is hard to win the truth. Tasting the deeds of Dudi is nothing more than winning the Kunlun Pass, making the name of the bag, not knowing the Kaifeng government, and not being good at writing, nor dare to be good. It is enough for the two men to make contributions to the throne, and at the time, the gains and losses of the political affairs were also sold. This book can sweep away all words.

Hu Shi There are many blessed people in history. One is Yellow Emperor One is Zhou Gong One is Bao Long Tu. Bao Longtu - Bao Zheng is also a figure of arrow. In ancient times, there are many exquisite prison stories, or in historical books, or spread among the people. Most people do not know their origins. These stories can easily be stacked on one or two people. Among these detective officials, the folk legends did not know how to select Bao Zheng from the Song Dynasty to make an arrow stack, and put many prison cases on him. Bao Longtu became China. Sherlock Holmes Now.


Skillful answer

Bao Zheng's envoy Liao Liao Dynasty Library companion Bao Zheng said, "you were here not long ago. Xiong Zhou The city opened the door of the city to attract our traitors to spy on it. frontier Intelligence? " Bao Zheng said, "why did you have to open a door in your city of Zhuozhou, why do we need to open the side door when we spy on the frontier?" The man was speechless.

Honest and clean

Bao Zheng was promoted to Dali. Si Cheng Know Duanzhou Guangdong When Zhaoqing. At that time, Duanzhou specialties. Duan Inkstone The Song Dynasty scholar most cherished the fashionable elegance, the local tribute to the court every year. All officials who are "leaders in charge" here have added tens of times to the number of "Gong Yan" to bribe the court dignitaries, the so-called "rash" relationship between the central authorities, which has aggravated the burden of the common people. Bao Zheng, a personality official, broke the rule of running for many years when he took office. He ordered that he could only produce Duan inkstones according to the prescribed quantity. And declare, as a "leader", never a piece of inkstone. The move caused a great stir in the region. Three years later, when Bao Zheng was in office, he was transferred to the central government. The story of Bao Gong throwing inkstone is based on this blueprint.

Bao Zheng impeachment Chen Feng The transport division of Jingxi road reveals its deeds of exploiting the victims of the crime. Shi Yu Yin "Three heroes and five righteous" was re created as a well-known "Bao Gong drama". Chen Feng put grain "Bao Qingtian" was ordered to search for relief by the folk renamed "Kaifeng Qingtian" and the imperial envoy of the imperial court. The drama involves the frying of private parents, the investigation of Bao Gong, and the protection of all the people from Bao Gong and Bao Gong. Disaster relief And so on, and deduce a story of a man of heaven, who is to destroy the people, not to fear power and to be thrilling and thrilling.

Jia you four true

Emperor Renzong of Song jiayou Between 1056 and October, 2003, Fu Bi In contrast, Ou Yangxiu Ren Hanlin bachelor, Bao Zhengren Imperial Minister , Hu Hu stay Tai Xue by imperial tutor To gather the hope of the world. At that time, the literati and officialdom preached: "Fu Gong is really the prime minister, and Ouyang is a true Bachelor of Han Lin, Bao Lao Zhen Cheng, Mr. Hu Gongzhen." There are four real names.

Kinship members

Gao Zu

The bag business is not official.

Great ancestor

The package is not official. Prince Shao Bao


Grandfather: Bao Shi Tong, later because of Bao Zheng's dignitary gift. Prince Shao Fu

Grandmother: Xuan Shi, Feng Yijun. Madam Tai


Package instrument Guan to Yu Bu Wai Lang, later because of Bao Zheng's dignitary gift. Tai Bao

Zhang Shi, sealed up (que), Mrs. Yang county.


Li, Bao Zheng is the original match, early pawn.

Dong Shi, Bao Zheng's room, later sealed Mrs. Yongkang county.


· Son

Bao Zhen Bao Zheng, the eldest son, married Cui. Tai Chang Temple Tai Zhu Bao Zheng was sentenced to death in Tan state.

Bao Shou The birth of Bao Zheng, the youngest child, was born. concubine At home, he was greet back by Cui Shi, and the official went to the court to rule the state.

· daughter

Bao Shi, married to Kashi County, Shaanxi Province Registrar Wang Xiang.

Bao Shi, married Imperial College Main book and text effect.

Historical records

Epitaph of Bao Gong

" Famous monument and legend Volume forty-five. Bao Xiao Su Gong Zheng.

" East capital strategy Volume seventy-three "

" History of Song Volume three hundred and sixteen. Biography seventy-fifth.

" Yao Shan Tong's foreign discipline Volume forty-seven song.

Commemoration of future generations


Kaifeng Mansion

KaiFeng Mansion Located on the North Bank of Bao Gong East Lake, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, it covers an area of 60 mu and a building area of fourteen thousand square meters, which is the reconstruction of the Kaifeng people in memory of Bao Zheng. National AAAA level tourist attraction

The main hall of the Kaifeng government is the main hall, the conference hall. Plum blossom Hall For the central axis, supplemented by the concept of Tian Qing, Ming Li Yuan, Hidden Dragon Palace, Qingxin building, prison, Ying Wu building, Yin Hotel And so on more than 50 large and small palace. According to the content of Chen exhibition, it can be roughly divided into nine tourist areas.

Reference materials of the Kaifeng government Atlas:

BaoGong lake

BaoGong lake Located in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, Inner Lake. The ancient city wall of the Song Dynasty It is located in the southwest corner of the ancient city.

Legend has it that in the Northern Song Dynasty, the Yellow River flooded and flooded the Kaifeng mansion. Bao Zheng's Yin and Yang mirrors fell into the water, forming today's Bao Gong lake. Kaifeng still has the story of "dead Bao Gong cutting the living prefect".

The entire lake shows northwest to southeast direction, like a lying gourd. Yingbin Road Southwest is Bao Gong Hunan Road.

Bao Zheng Memorial Temple

Bao Zheng Memorial Temple Kaifeng City, Henan Province BaoGong lake The West Bank was restored to commemorate Bao Zheng.

The Bao Gong shrine in Kaifeng is built and developed by the National Tourism Administration. Central Plains One of the most important tourist attractions, one of the top ten tourist attractions in Henan.

The Bao Gong temple in Kaifeng occupies an area of 1 hectares, from the main hall to the two hall. East and West Hall Half Gallery, Stele Pavilion Form. The style is simple and solemn. The eastern side is Lingshi court. stone carving The water Pavilion is elegant and unique.

Inside the temple Chen Zhan Yes Bao Gong Bronze statue, dragon, tiger, dog copper chopper, Case of Bao Gong Wax figure, " Title of Kaifeng government Historical materials such as Bao Gong's official history, and other historical relics.


Bao Gong shrine in Hefei

Bao Zheng Memorial Temple Also known as Bao Xiao Su public shrine, located in Hefei, Anhui today, Hefei's Baohe has a sand bar, known as "fragrant flower pier", which is said to be the place where Bao Zheng read when he was a teenager. The building group on the pier is "Bao Gong Shrine". In the years of Akihiro Ji, Song Zhi, a prefect, built on the pier. Bao Gong Academy Let the descendants of Bao Gong read here. reach Jiajing At that time, the Academy was rebuilt and renamed "Bao Xiao Su public Shrine".

The main hall facing the Bao Gong shrine is Bao Gong hall, and there is a statue of Bao Zheng. Beside the statue is a couplet: "a water around the famine shrine, there is no joint here; parking stop portrait, a few people and name respect." There is a well in the east of the temple. The edge of the well is a dark brown stone. The inner side of the stone wall is a striped road with deep lines.

Baohe A section of South of Luzhou City, Hefei, Anhui Province City Moat It is said that Bao Zheng used to play by the river when he was young. His hometown people called the Baohe River in memory of Bao Gong.

Bao Zheng tomb

The tomb of Bao Zheng, known as Bao Xiao Su cemetery, is located in Hefei. Baohe The south side forest area is closely linked with the Bao Gong shrine. The cemetery area is 1200 square meters. Northern Song Dynasty jiayou In eight years (1063), Bao Zheng's coffin was escorted to Hefei by his son-in-law. The cemetery was in the urban and rural areas. Later, when the gold force invaded Hefei and destroyed the tomb of Bao Zheng, most of the funerary objects were stolen. The descendants of Bao Zheng buried the original coffin and epitaph at more than thirty meters in the west of the tomb, and the original cemetery was disused as cultivated land. Later, local officials mistakenly took Mrs. Bao's tomb as Bao Zheng's tomb, which was renovated and covered with a hall of enjoyment.

In 1973, the Hefei cultural relics department cleaned up Bao Zheng and his family cemetery, unearthed Bao Zheng's remains and epitaph from Bao Zheng's tombs, and unearthed the remains of Mrs. Bao Dong and their two sons, daughter-in-law and eldest grandson. Construction began in 1985. Bao Gong cemetery It took three years to complete. There are six tombs in the cemetery, built in Song Dynasty.


Bao Gong shrine in Zhaoqing

In the Northern Song Dynasty, during the period of Xining, the people of Zhaoqing (formerly known as Duanzhou), who built Memorial Hall for Bao Gong to commemorate Bao Zheng, who once served as a magistrate, attracted thousands of people to worship.

More than 400 years later, due to the disrepair of the ancestral hall, the local people raised money to rebuild a Bao Gong shrine in the west of the city. The ancestral hall had been repaired in the past dynasties, so it has been well preserved and destroyed in the cultural revolution. In March 2000, the reconstruction of Bao Gong ancestral hall was majestic and spectacular. It is one of the hot spots of tourism in Zhaoqing.

Yanzhou Bao Gong building

Yanzhou Bao Gong building is located in the east of Yanzhou island in the west of Zhaoqing River, which is called Duanzhou county. It's more than 10 kilometers away from Zhaoqing. It is said that when Bao Zheng was an official in Duanzhou, when he returned to Beijing, he went by boat to pass through the antelope, and was suddenly blocked by wild winds and waves. Bao Zheng thought that he was honest and upright. Why did he leave the river and ask for reasons? It was that the attendant received the party's inkstone left by the local parting. Bao Zheng threw the Duan Inkstone into the river. Later, the Fang Duan inkstone was turned into a sandbar called "Yanzhou". Therefore, the allusion of "Bao Gong throwing inkstone into a continent" is popular among the people.

Artistic image

Folk Tales

Chinese folk stories about Bao Zheng are quite rich. Popular literature It can be said to be unique. After the death of Bao Zheng, the story of Bao Zheng was circulated among the people. "Contract notes" ("Bao Bao Zhi Zhi earn contract writing") and "three appear". Bao Long diagram "Breaking the injustice" is the earliest song breaking story written by Bao Zheng in the Song Dynasty. "Song four public disturbance and prohibition of soul Zhang" is not the case of Bao Zheng's breaking up, but at the end of the article, Bao Zheng's name appears: "just waiting for Bao Long Tu and Gong Gong to make Fu Yin, this class of thieves is just afraid. Each place is dispersed and the place is tranquil. " But generally speaking, it has been handed down. Story telling in song and Yuan Dynasties There are not many stories about Bao Zheng.


In the Yuan Dynasty, politics was dark, and people looked forward to being honest and upright. miscellaneous songs There are a large number of Bao Gong dramas circulating in the village. There are sixteen or seven kinds of Qing Dynasty officials who have preserved the complete script. Among them, Bao Zheng has eleven kinds of cases, including Chen Feng's "Mi Mi" by anonymous. Contract text "," God slave "," Pot boy " Guan Han Qing " Butterfly dream "," Lu Chun long " Zheng Ting Yu " Bao Hou Zhi Zhi Hou Hua Hua " Li Xing Dao " Ash pocket "Ceng Ruiqing's" Shoe keeping notes " Wuhan ministers "Sheng Jin Ge", there is also a piece of science is not complete "Chang Qian to kill his wife."

In the Yuan Dynasty, Bao Zheng was portrayed as a half man, half god and judge image. Bao Zheng, who presided over justice and omnipotent, embodies people's longing and expectation for Qingming politics. At the same time, it is also a psychological illusion that people are dissatisfied with the dark reality.

Short case collection

Ming Dynasty Long Tu case "

Bao Zheng in the long Tu Gong case not only safeguards the imperial power, but also serves for the people, showing the integrity and inner charm of a upright official. He is intelligent and strong. It is the inferior star that breaks the sun and breaks the Yin. Compared with Bao Zheng, who gradually deified the Yuan Dynasty, Bao Zheng in the Ming Dynasty was very magical. He went up to the Jade Emperor and went down to Yan Luo. He was responsive to Bao Zheng, and some places were driven by him.

Long classical works

Qing Dynasty Three Heroes and Five Gallants "

"Three heroes and five righteous" is a classic classic of chivalrous novels. It is called the founder of Chinese martial arts novels. At the same time, as the first chivalrous novel in China with the real meaning, the three heroes and five righteous versions are numerous, and Liu Chuanji is widely known. Storytelling The content of Quyi, martial arts novels and even literature and art has had a profound impact.

The image of Bao Zheng in "three heroes and five righteous" sets the image of folk Bao Gong's image, making Bao Zheng's image not afraid of violence, upright and jealous, and capable of doing things well. Especially in the novel, Bao Zheng's life experience, the origin of Bao Zheng's three bronze chopsticks, the origin of Kaifeng three treasures (ancient and modern pots, Yin Yang mirrors, and fairy immortals) are detailed, the origins of four Warriors (Wang Zhao, Mahan, Zhang Long and Zhao Hu), the origin of Kaifeng's public sun CE, the origin of zhunzhao and Bai Yu Tang, etc., and the story of a large number of Bao Zheng cases and the chivalrous men's parade in the countryside to eliminate violence and kindness, and to serve the country and the people, and push the image of the apex to the summit.

Derived drama facial makeup

In the history of Chinese opera, there is no official like Bao Zheng, who can go out of the theatrical stage of contemporary times so frequently, and has become a very unique drama known as Bao Gong drama. The popularity of Bao Gong drama involves almost all kinds of operas from south to north. Bao Gong in drama is not the same as Bao Zheng in history. Instead, it is adapted from Bao Zheng's image of Bao Zheng. Bao Zheng is a clean and honest, impartial, intelligent person, a clean official in charge of a mountain, and a superman of 1.5 gods. On his body, he condensed the expectations of the ordinary people for honest officials and the yearning for social justice under the autocratic society. The plot of Bao Gong drama is not only clear, but also won the favor of today's audience. Beijing Opera Qiu Pai Famous drama.

Bao Zheng's Facebook is different from all the faces in traditional drama. It is black as paint, and uses a white oil color to draw a crescent moon in the position of the forehead. This Facebook is dedicated to Bao Zheng in the drama. Bao Zheng's forehead is painted, commonly known as "moon shaped forehead". Lunar Forehead. Legend In the middle of the day, Bao Zheng was just strict and strict, "breaking the sun in the night, breaking the Yin", taking care of the human cases in the daytime, and hosting the affairs of the nether world at night, requiring the "two pass" of yin and Yang.


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