Bao Shu Ya

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Bao Shu Ya

Bao Shuya (the first 723 years or the first 716 years - the first 644 years). Si Surname, abalone His name is a famous uncle. Yingshang (now belongs to Anhui (person) the Spring and Autumn period Qi State Doctor He is famous for his understanding of others and his good friend, Guan Zhong. His friendship with Guan Zhong was praised by historians of all dynasties.

Early auxiliary Xiao Zi Bai (that is, later. Duke Huan of Qi ) Qi Xiang Gong Twelve years (686 BC) to assist the son of Xiao Bai won the throne, and recommended. Guan Zhong For phase. Duke Huan of Qi Thirty years (656 BC). Alliance of Zhao Ling "To make all nations respect kings. In the forty-one years (645 BC), Bao Shuya called Xiang Xiang and died shortly afterwards.

With the help of Bao Shuya, he successfully carried out his work in Qi. Statecraft Bao Shuya emphasized the Enlightenment of politics and made Qi state quickly turn from chaos to rule, from weakness to strength. the Spring and Autumn period The first overlord.

Paul Mauriat's History

Early exile

Qi Xi Gong nine years or Qi Xi Gong sixteen years (723 BC or 716 BC), Bao Shuya was born in Qi state. the Spring and Autumn period Qi State Doctor Bao Jingshu's son, Guan Zhong Good friends. early stage Guan Zhong Bao Shuya often helped him in poverty. Bao Shuya did not want to be official. Later, under Guan Zhong's persuasion, Bao Shuya chose to assist the childe Xiao Bai.

In the year of the 697 year of Qi Xiang, when Qi Xiang Gong ascended the throne, he was free from all kinds of things. He was killed at random, and everyone was in danger and fled abroad. Correction of childe from Guan Zhong , Call up Two men helped to escape. Lu state The son of Xiao Bai was assisted by Bao Shuya. Ju state

Qi Xiang Gong, twelve years ago (686 BC), was in turmoil in the Qi State, and the exiled exiled son and his son, Xiao Bai, wanted to return home and strive for the king of Qi. Bao Shuya was very anxious, urging Xiao Bai to return home quickly, and personally drove for Xiao Bai to go to the side of Qi on day and night. However, Guan Zhong was ambushed by an arrow shot on the little white copper belt hook. Xiao Bai took the opportunity to cheat death, deceived Guan Zhong and paralyzed the Lu army. Linzi Lai Gao Gao The support of other heavy ministers is to be the king. Duke Huan of Qi Lu Chuang Gong The rate of Lu Jun escorts the childe to the dry time (now Linzi District). western border In the place, Qi Huan Gong personally defeated the army and defeated Lu. Wenyang Land.

Recommend Guan Zhong

Qi Xiang Gong in twelve years (686 BC), Qi Huan Gong defeated. Correction of childe Stabilize the situation and start governing the Qi state. At this time, he wanted to appoint Bao Shuya, who had always followed his own master. Bao Shuya refused and recommended that Guan Zhong, who almost wanted Qi Huan's life, to be in the same position. He said that only Guan Zhong could make Qi State dominate, so he deceived Lu Zhuang Gong and said he wanted to kill Guan Zhong and successfully rescued Guan Zhong from Lu state. Therefore, Qi Huan Gong Feng Guanzhong is a Xiang nation and Bao Shuya is a great admonition.

Assist Qi to dominate

Qi Huan Gong in two years (684 BC) in the first month of the year. Bao Shu Ya The leading soldiers invaded the land of Lu. Lu Chuang temporarily avoided the edge of Qi and withdrew to a place conducive to counterattack. Long spoon (now Laiwu prefecture level city in Shandong Miao Shan town ) Because War of time Victory, Bao Shu Ya The following officers despised Lu Jun and thought that they could not bear a blow.

For the shame of the war of snow and spoon, Bao Shuya proposed to attack Lu state together with song state. In June of the same year, Qi Jun and Song Jun went deep into Lang di. Gong Zi Yan said, "the military discipline of the Song Dynasty is lax and can be defeated. When Song Jun was defeated, Qi army must return. Please attack Song Jun. " Zhuang Gong did not agree. The son of the emperor secretly and secretly took out the troops from the west gate of the city, so that the soldiers could hide the tiger's skin and attack the song army in advance. Chuang Gong heard that he had to take the army to fight with the prince and to defeat the army of the Song Dynasty. Bao Shuya led the army of Qi to withdraw.

In the twenty-two years of Qi Huan (664 BC), Qi attacked Bao Shuya and joined the army. In June of next year, the battle was won.

In the spring of thirty years (656 BC), Bao Shuya led Qi, Lu, song, Chen, Wei, Zheng, Xu, Cao and other eight allied forces to carry out military action against the state of Chu. The two countries were at a loss. Through diplomatic negotiations, Chu promised to abide by the duties of the princes and resume the tribute to the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty. Therefore, Qi Huan Gong and all the princes of small states jointly contracted with Chu state to form a covenant in the command of the tomb. Alliance of Zhao Ling "

Phase in old age

In the forty-one years (645 BC), Guan Zhong died. Qi Huan Gong wanted to pass the position of Xiang kingdom to Bao Shuya, but Guan Zhong thought he was too upright to offend the Lord. Therefore, Qi Huan Gong called the public Sun Xi Xi Peng Xiang. A month later, Gong Sun Xi Peng passed away. Qi Huan Gong insisted that Bao Shuya should call Bao Shuya. He said he could do it, but he had to resign his teeth, prescriptions and erect triphones. Qi Huan did so, but after a period of time, Qi Huan missed three teeth, namely, Fang Fang, Fang Fang and erao Diao, and recruited them again. Soon, Bao Shuya was depressed. After Bao Shuya's death, his descendants lived in the state of Qi for generations, and received more than ten generations of the fief. Most of them were famous doctors.

Character achievement

Summary of achievements

With the help of Bao Shuya, he successfully carried out his work in Qi. Statecraft Qi became the first overlord in the spring and Autumn period.

Political achievements

Know one's good use

After Bao Shuya won the throne for Qi Huan Gong, he refused the phase and recommended Guan Zhong. He said that only Guan Zhong could let Qi Huan dominate the country and let Guan Zhong declare his accomplishments.

Bao Shuya is Great Remonstrance To investigate the people who perform well in government officials, they appoint men to inspect the good performance of non officials and farmers, and appoint Gao Zi to inspect the good performance of the craftsmen and businessmen, appoint the country to manage the prison, and Xi Peng manage the affairs of the eastern countries.

After Guan Zhong's death, Bao Shuya insisted that Qi Huan Gong dismiss three dishonest ministers, namely, Diao, Yi Fang and Fang Fang.

Selection of officials

Bao Shuya manages the selection of doctors, and he has nothing to do with exhorting the state affairs. In politics, the achievements are second, and the fields are not deserted. To encourage state affairs and do good deeds, there are also some achievements. In politics, although there are achievements and incompetence, the wilderness is deserted. The selection of the sons of Paman in the management of noble children is superior to those who are not extravagant, not luxurious, and can love their youth and elders. Those who possess the above two conditions belong to the second; those with one belong to the lower class. Respectfully, respectfully, respectfully, respectfully and respectfully to the elderly, the officials, and making friends are courtesy. These three should be regarded as the best; those with the above two conditions belong to the second place; and one is subordinate. The farmers, who work very hard, are obedient to their fathers and brothers, and do their work more. These three are the best; two belong to the second class; one belongs to the lower class. Gao Gao manages the selection of craftsmen and businessmen, and is able to take care of his father and his elder brother. He can take the task seriously. There are three such things as the best; two of them are inferior; only one is inferior. The country is also appointed to judge the prison sentence according to the circumstances. After the selection and recommendation of the three doctors was completed, the county was ordered to perform. Guan Zhong will further talk with the people who have been selected and commended, and then report to the monarch.

Diplomatic proposition

Bao Shuya's diplomatic proposition displayed the banner of "respecting the king and resisting the foreigners".

The age of Bao Shu's teeth is exactly the same as those of other countries. At that time, the most active countries in the lower reaches of the Yellow River were Qi, Lu, Zheng, song and Wei, and small countries had Xing, Sui, Tan, Ji and Qi. Great powers are divided into two groups: one is Zheng, Qi and Lu, the other is song and Wei. Small countries are also attached to one side of the great powers. The power of the two schools is strong in Zheng, Qi and Lu. Because zheng In the wake of civil strife and gradual decline, Qi became stronger and stronger. Overlord

At this point, all ethnic groups on the border have also developed. The Di people in the North began to go down south. Central Plains A serious threat from all countries. The Western Rong people began to move eastward, and the Rong state often invaded Lu Guohe. Cao state North Rong also invaded Zheng Guo, Shan Rong attacked the Yan Kingdom, and the ILO army attacked the Zhou royal family. And the southern barbarians are eager to go north. Bao Shuya played the banner of "respecting the king and resisting the foreigners" and unifying the forces of the Central Plains against foreign nationalities.


David and Jonathan

At first, Guan Zhong Partnership with Bao Shuya. Guan Zhong's family was poor, and he didn't have much money.

But when it comes to dividends, he has to take more. Bao Shuya's people were very unhappy and scolded Guan Zhong's greed. But Bao Shuya explained, "where is his money? His family life is difficult, I voluntarily give him. On several occasions, Guan Zhong helped Bao Shuya to make decisions, instead, he broke things up. Bao Shuya was not angry. He also comforted Guan Zhong and said, "things can't be done. It's not because your idea is bad, but because the time is bad, you don't mind." Guan Zhong once made three official posts, but was dismissed every time. Bao Shuya did not think Guan Zhong was talented, but Guan Zhong did not meet anyone who appreciated him. Guan Zhong used to lead a war, and when he was attacking, he hid behind. When he was in retreat, he ran ahead. All the soldiers below looked down upon him and did not want to go to war with him again. Bao Shuya said, "Guan Zhong has an old mother at home. He protects himself to serve his mother, not really afraid of death." Bao Shuya defended Guan Zhong and tried to cover up the shortcomings of Guan Zhong, all in order to cherish Guan Zhong's talent. Guan Zhong was very moved to hear these words and sighed, "I was born to my parents, and I knew Bao Bao's teeth." Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya formed such a life and death relationship.

Name of abalone

Bao Shuya said that there are two great things in life: "one is the shield fish, the other is the Lingyu." The shield fish here is the abalone, because Bao Shu loves to eat. So later people called the shield fish the abalone, and the name of the abalone came like this. "

Don't forget it.

In 667 BC, Zheng Guo was allied with Qi state. After returning to China, Huan Gong, Guan Zhong, Bao Shuya and Ningqi four people drank together. When they were happy to drink, Huan Gong said to Uncle Bao, "why not give me a toast?" Uncle Bao came up and said, "I hope you don't forget the exile. Ju state At that time, I hope that Guan Zhong will not forget that when he was tied up in Lu state, he hoped that Ning Qi would not forget to feed the cattle under the car. Huan Gong left the meeting and said again, "if I and two doctors can not forget your advice, there will be no danger for the country."

Recommend Guan Zhong

Qi Xiang Gong in twelve years (686 BC), Qi Huan Gong defeated. Correction of childe Stabilize the situation and start governing the Qi state. At this time, he wanted to appoint Bao Shuya, who had always followed his own master. In this regard, Bao Shuya has done two things, one is to save Guan Zhong from the hand of Lu; the two is to decline the position of Qi and Xiang, but instead recommends Guan Zhong who nearly wanted Qi Huan's life. Bao Shuya was afraid that Lu would kill Guan Zhong for apologizing to Qi. He secretly sent letters to Lu state, saying: "Guan Zhong is the death of the king of Qi, and the king of Qi must kill him by hand." When Lu Guoxin failed, he had to send Guan Zhong back to Qi. Xiao Bai became a monarch. He never forgot his revenge. He wanted to kill Guan Zhong day and night. Bao Shuya first went to see Huan Gong, he said: "Guan Zhong's brilliant talent in the world, he won't be congratulated by Qi." Huan Gong cut his teeth: "I wish I could eat his flesh and sleep with his skin. How could he use it?" His teeth were persuaded: "it's rare to be loyal to his Lord. If you reuse Guan Zhong, he can shoot the world for you with his double loyalty and talent. How can he compare it with you?" Huan Gong nodded and said, "well, I'll listen to you for the time being. I will not kill him first."

Duke Huan of Qi In order to worship the uncle's teeth, Bao Shuya sincerely said: "if the Lord wants to manage the Qi state well, Gao Gao and I will be enough. If you want to build up the king's tyranny of the world, you must not use Guan Zhong! " Qi Huan asked, "why must he be the prime minister?" Bao Shuya said, "compared with Guan Zhong, I have five points that are not as good as him: generous and benevolent, and able to appease the people; I am not as good as him; to govern the country, to grasp the root, I am not as good as him; to be faithful and trustworthy is to be in the princes; I am inferior to him; to make norms and etiquette for the country, I am not as good as him; to be able to stand in front of the army to command martial arts, so that the courage of the officers and men is multiplied, and I am not as good as him. Guan Zhong has these five strengths, so if he is the prime minister, he will make the Qi kingdom strong soon. Huan Gong said, "then I'll have to test his knowledge first." The uncle shook his head and said, "a great man must be treated with great courtesy. People in the world know that the Lord is respecting the virtuous and the ritual. No matter what personal resentment, there will be more people coming to Qi to do their best." Qi Huan Gong was overjoyed. Yoshika Ryo was chosen by the people to welcome Guan Zhong and go to the city with his car. Huan Gong and Guan Zhong talked about it for three days and three nights, making every effort to make a speculation, that is, to worship Guan Zhong as a country of mutual respect, and to call it " uncle "


In the forty-one years of Qi Huan Gong (645 BC), Guan Zhong was ill, and Qi Huan condolences and said, "Zhong Fu, your old disease is not easy to say. I can no longer hide your old words. If the disease continues to deteriorate, who should I pick up your class to take charge of? " Guan Zhong said, "who are you going to give?" Qi Huan Gong gave Bao Shuya's name. Guan Zhong said, "No. Bao Shuya is honest, honest and upright, and can not be a prime minister. He is less capable than he is. He does not put his eyes on anyone who has made mistakes. He is in charge of state affairs, and he is not a peacemaker. He is not pleased with the king's heart and does not cater to public opinion. If this goes on, it will not be long before you offend you. " And let Qi Huan away from him. Easy tooth , Square root , Vertical Diao Three people. Bao Shuya listened and laughed and said Guan Zhong was right. He did not have selfish interests for his country. Later, Guan Zhong died, and Qi Huan listened to his last words, so that he could be called "Gong Sun Xi". A month later, Gong Sun Xi Peng passed away. Qi Huan Gong insisted that Bao Shuya should call Bao Shuya. He said he could do it, but he had to resign his teeth, prescriptions and erect triphones. Qi Huan did so, but after a period of time, Qi Huan missed three teeth, namely, Fang Fang, Fang Fang and erao Diao, and recruited them again. Soon, Bao Shuya was depressed.

Historical records

Zuo Zhuan

Shiji. Biography of Guan Yan

Chuang-tzu. Za ZA Xu Wugui.

Li Zi Li Sheng

Guan Zi Kuang Jun Xiao Kuang

Kinship members

Father: Bao Jingshu

Great-grandson: Bao Zhen

Character evaluation

Overall evaluation

Bao Shuya recommended Guan Zhong as a country of Qi, and he was willing to work under his leadership. His descendants enjoyed the national rod from generation to generation, and more than ten generations later. Qi State There is a post of a city or a doctor. Bao Shuya was able to realize that he was not jealous, modest, patriotic and loyal.

Past appraisal

Famous ministers of Qi Guan Zhong The parents who give birth to me know my uncle Bao.

Confucian thinkers Confucius "Qi has uncle Bao. Knowledge is good, wisdom is also. How do we add these three?

Mohist thinker Mo-tse Qi Wan dyeing Guan Zhong Bao Shu, Jin Wen was dyed in his uncle, Gao Yan and Chu Zhuang. Uncle sun , Shen Yin Wu Helv dyed Wu Jun , Literary meaning More and more Fan Li Doctor. When the five kings were dyed, they became famous.

Western Jin writers Xia Hou Chen : Bao Zi Zi, Zhao Zhao de Yin, and his uncle, the two people are concentric, Jue Fang and LAN, they are as strong as gold, far away from the scenery.

Poets in the Western Jin Dynasty Tao Yuanming It's not easy to know people, but to know each other is hard. Talk about the first time in the United States, and benefit from the cold. The boss is satisfied. Strange and bright, the name is all over.

Tang Dynasty poets Li Bai Ki Igo, put the same thing in one fell swoop. No one has a good friend. We must take advantage of our financial resources. Later generations call it virtuous, but English is hard to win.

Tang Dynasty poets Du Fu To turn over the hand to cover the rain, there is no need to count. If you don't see that you are poor, you will have to abandon this way.

Tang Dynasty poets Gao Shi When husbands are friends, they need to be poor. The world does not understand those who make friends. Although gold is at its best, it has 10% inexhaustible periods. Guan Zhong and uncle Bao did not see the name.

Tang Dynasty poets zhen Honor and disgrace, shadow and body, who is the old Lei Chen. Only uncle Bao had pity on me, and he had never tried to kill himself.

Northern Song Writers ranked next to Zhu Xi Words can not be begged, but I will leave the news in the dark. The grass is Chunhua, fragrant with the wind. It is not good to be tall but big or ominous. Huang Tai Shi Gong, Yi Qi cross eight sides. When Rui Lin was out of the right place, he was finally killed. Yan Ying can not do it, Bao Shu Yao looks at each other. In the spring and Autumn period, the sun and moon are hidden. The article can be passed on.

Politicians in Northern Song Dynasty author of the history Zizhi Tongjian In the past, Bao Shuzhi, Yu Guanzhong and Zi PI were all born on their sons, and they were all able to know their virtuous and inferior ones. They were granted State Administration; Confucius was beautiful.

Historians in the Northern Song Dynasty Zeng Gong In the cloud, the abalone mountain is green, and the East can make two eyes clear. If the Tao is the spear Dynasty, where is the front tooth city?

Thinkers in the Southern Song Dynasty Ye Shi Uncle Bao, Guan Zhong friends, Bao Bei and Guan GUI, the United States in the uncle.

Ming Dynasty writers Feng Meng long You know, you know, you know, The first release hall is bound by Qi Fu. It's time to spread politics. At one stroke, three virtuous Cui, Huan Gong is great.

Commemoration of future generations

Grave site

Main entry: Tomb of Bao Shuya Tomb of Bao Shuya, located in the new village of Jinan steel, Licheng District, Ji'nan, is the second batch of key cultural relics protection units announced by the Ji'nan municipal government in December 20, 1995. There are two stories in Bao Shuya's tomb, all paved with stones from Bao Shan. On the eastern side of the first floor stands a stone tablet and reads the tomb of Bao Shuya. In the middle of the steps between the two layers of the tomb, there is a stone carving of "two dragon play beads". The circular earth mound is located in the middle of the second floor of the tomb, about 10 meters in diameter and about 4.5 meters high, full of weeds. There was a stone tablet at the tomb. There are stone tables in front of the stone tablet. A brief description of Bao Shu's back on the back of the stone tablet.