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Ban Zhao

Ban Zhao (about 45 years - about 117 years), also known as Ji, the word Hui ban. Fufeng An Ling (now northeast of Xianyang, Shaanxi), a historian and a writer of Eastern Han Dynasty. historian Ban Bi Daughter, Ban Gu At the age of fourteen, she married Cao Shishu, a wife of the same county. Cao you "

Ban Zhao is knowledgeable and talented. His brother Ban Gu wrote the book. The History of the Han Dynasty "Pao Zhao, who was unfinished and died, went to the East View of Zang library and wrote" Han Shu ". Later Emperor He of Han Many times Zhao Zhao entered the palace, and let the empress and your people be regarded as teachers. Queen Mother Deng After the war, he participated in political affairs.

There are seven articles in the works of Ban Zhao. Dong Zheng Fu "And" commandments for women It has great influence on later generations.

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Early experience

Ban Zhao Chu body Confucianism Family, father Ban Bi At that time, he was a well known scholar. Under the influence of his father's generation, Ban Zhao's knowledge was extensive and talented. When he was fourteen years old, he was married to Cao Shishu of the same county. After her husband died in his early years, Ban Zhaoqing kept his wife's rules, behaved courtesy and integrity.

Plead for my brother

Emperor He of Han Yong yuan Twelve years (100 years). Ban Chao Long lived in a remote place, yearning for the old homeland, requesting the court to return home. Ban Chao asked for the return of the chao chao and Shang Shu and the Emperor: "when the gang Chao just came out, he was determined to sacrifice his life for the country. Shi Fengchen was killed in a good way. He ran away with his own strength. Fortunately, his Majesty's blessing was able to live for thirty years. All the people who had followed him out were already. Pass away Ban Chao was seventy years old. He was weak and sick. Even though he wanted to do his best to serve the country, he failed. If there is a sudden incident, it is bound to damage the achievements of the country.

I heard that fifteen of the ancients joined the army, and sixty returned to the countryside. So I risked my death to ask his majesty to return the class. In the prime of life, ban Chao devoted himself to the desert. When he was old, he was abandoned and died in a desolate and empty field. If ban Chao dies Foreign lands There is a change in the border. We hope that the class can avoid being implicated.

When the memorial was sent to the emperor, he was very moved after seeing the emperor. Ren Shang Assume office Western region protection To replace the class Chao, ban Chao was able to return home.

Chao Zhong people

Ban Chao brother Ban Gu Write " The History of the Han Dynasty "Eight tables and" Astronomical records "It is over before it is finished. The emperor and emperor of the Han Dynasty sent Zhao Zhao to the East. Library The completion of Han Shu is continued. Emperor He of Han Many times Zhao Zhao entered the palace, and let the queen and your people see Ban Zhao as a teacher, known as "g (everyone)". Every time every place contributes precious rare things, it is called Ban Zhao's praise.

Queen Mother Deng After hearing the administration, chartered Ban Zhao participated in politics. Ban Zhao is very diligent in politics. Deng is very satisfied. He has broken the son of Ban Zhao. Cao Cheng For Guan Hou Hou, official to Qi State The state of the country.

When Han Shu was first published, many people could not read it. author of many commentaries on the Classics Then I would like to read the book "Han Shu" followed by Ban Zhao, and later the emperor's next edict was called Ma Rong's brother. Ma Xu Replacing Ban Zhao and completing Han Shu.

Old age experience

In the seventh year of the seventh year of the seventh year (113 years), Cao Cheng, the son of Ban Zhao, took office. Chen Liu Jun Changyuan Long (now Henan) Changyuan County Ban Zhao took office with his son to Changyuan. After entering Changyuan, Ban Zhao reminiscence of the sages, feeling the scene. Bei Zheng Fu Written in " Dong Zheng Fu "

Ban Zhao year passed away and died at the age of more than 70. Deng Taihou expressed his mourning in plain clothes and sent an envoy to supervise the funeral of Ban Zhao.

Main achievements

Book of Han Dynasty

Ban Zhao in There are three main functions in the process of completing Han Shu: sorting out Han Shu, completing eight tables and spreading Han books.

In the first year of Emperor Han and Emperor Yong yuan (AD 89), Ban Gu was implicated in the death of Dou Xian because of his power to be killed. "Han Shu" has not been completed, and manuscripts are scattered. Ban Zhao, following his father's brother's legacy, has been reading countless books of history in the library collection for many years, sorting out the scattered chapters left by his father and his brother, and supplementing eight tables on the basis of the manuscript: "surname king list", "princes list", "Gao Hui Gao's post hero list", "Jing Wuzhao and Xuan Yuancheng's meritorious list", "Enze's watch of foreign Qi," and " Official list "," Ancient and modern human watches And so on. In addition to finishing and writing Han Shu, Ban Zhao also contributed greatly to the dissemination and popularization of Han Shu.

Major works

According to the biography of the Han Dynasty, the works of Ban Zhao are composed of Fu, song, inscription, inscription, questioning, annotation, lament, book, Oracle, Shang Shu, and decree. There are sixteen articles written by her daughter-in-law Ding. The works of Ban Zhao are alive and clear. Yan Ke Jun " Post Han Chinese "Dong Zheng Fu" included in volume ninety-six Seven articles such as the "women's commandments" Ban Zhao was Ban Gu. Jou tchung fu For notes, see An anthology Li Shan notes.

View of women

Main entry: commandments for women

Ban Zhao advocated that women should have "three ways" and "four virtues". Their views on women mainly include two aspects: emphasis. Think that women are inferior to men Thinking and emphasizing obedience.

Ban Zhao believes that women should first realize their humble status from their ideology and sober themselves up. Gender roles From this point of view, it is advocated that women should shoulder the social responsibilities determined by gender roles at home, such as hard work, housework, and husbands. Also on Womanhood , Womanhood , modest manner , Fu Gong And gave specific explanations. Ban Zhao emphasized the idea of male superiority and inferiority. Therefore, it is believed that women's world is family, without talent, and if they are "within the limits", they should be integrated into the system designed by Confucianism to help maintain family relationship. Ban Zhao also derived from the idea of male superiority and inferiority of women's absolute obedience to men, and emphasized that wives should obey their mother-in-law in addition to obeying their husbands.

Ban Zhao's advocacy of women has become the code of conduct for ancient Chinese women. Four books of women "One of them has greatly imprisoned women's thoughts and freedoms, and has affected the history of China for more than one thousand years.

Have a niche in history

Post Han Shu volume eighty-four. Biography of women in seventy-fourth.


Empress Dowager

Yong Chu In the years, the elder brother of the Empress Dowager general Deng On the grounds of mother's funeral, she wrote to the court and asked to retire. The Empress Dowager did not intend to ratify and ask Ban Zhao.

Ban Zhao then said: "Queen empress dowager's virtue is prevailing. Yao Shun Politics, open wide to speak and listen to crazy, villager's view. When a man is ignorant, he will have to meet the Lord, and dare not show his courage to report to the emperor.

Chen heard that the noblest virtue is modesty, so all the ages praised him highly. Sage Bo Yi , Shu Qi Let the monarchs live in admiration for their good manners. Taibo give way to Ji Li Confucius praised him again and again. Therefore, their virtues are widely known. " Analects He said: "what can be difficult to manage with courtesy and in politics?" From this we can see that the virtues of promotion are far-reaching.

Now the four place. Uncle Stick to loyalty and filial piety and take the initiative to resign. If you refuse to refuse to pass by the border, your uncle will have a slight fault in the future. I am afraid that the name of humility can not be recovered. Concubines know that words are not enough, and they talk about the heart of insects, so as to report the Empress Dowager's grace.

The queen mother listened to Ban Zhao's proposal and agreed with Deng's request, so Deng and others were able to resign.

Female commandments

In the late years of Ban Zhao's illness, the women in the family were getting married properly. Ban Zhao was worried that they could not understand women's etiquette, so that the future husband would lose face and disgrace their clan. commandments for women The seven chapter, with encouragement, is helpful to the education of women in the palace.

Ma Rong read it very well and let his wife and daughter learn.

Ban Zhao's husband, sister Cao Shi Shu Cao Feng Sheng There is also talent Hui who disagrees with the seven commandments, and refute written books.

Character evaluation

Fan Ye (Ban Zhao) erudite talent, (husband) Uncle Shi died early.

Zhao Fu It's a long history.

Xu Jun There are women who can be virtuous, and articles are full of beauty. Why do we need to continue the history of Han Dynasty?

Xiao Liang You The history of Ban Zhao Han, Cai Yan Hu Hu. Phoenix Lulu, parrot pipa.

Liu Ke Zhuang In order to make up for the history of Meng Jian, Ban Zhao's talent, Zhong Lang Chuan and Cai Yan's words and phrases.

Liu Tixin: Ban Zhao continued to write "Han Shu". At that time, Ma Rong was also a scholar. He asked Fu Ge to read and read from Ban Zhao, and his knowledge of later generations was far away.

Qingxi Xu Manxian orchid: dump Zhao Zhao continued history, ten years do not dream around Su Tai.

Kang You wei In order to Ginger The study of Germany and Ban Zhao Qin Liang Yu Courage, Xin Xian Ying Qing Zhi, Li Yi an Words and phrases Song Lu Xian The Sutra is also classified as "Phoenix hair" and "scaly horn".

Family members

Grandfather: Class childish , Emperor Ai He served as the ruler of Guang Ping.

Father: Ban Bi The word "Uncle skin" is official to Xu county magistrate. More than sixty pieces of post biography have laid the foundation for Ban Gu to repair Han Shu.

Elder brother: Ban Gu Word Meng Jian, official to Chinese guards The book of Han Dynasty was written by Feng Zhao.

Second brother: Ban Chao The word goes up to the official rank. Captain long water

Husband: Cao Shishu, that is Cao Shou.

Son: Cao Cheng Zi Zi Gu. Former Changyuan governor.

Daughter-in-law: Ding.

Commemoration of future generations

Tomb of Cao

Cao's tomb is located in Xianyang, Shaanxi. xingping Feng Yi About 500 meters northeast of the town of Da Gu village.

On the higher terraces, the tomb is conical, 10 meters long and 4 meters high, surrounded by arable land. In December 1982, it was promulgated by the Xingping County People's government as the key cultural relics protection unit at the county level. Shang Baocunqing and Qian Long in Da Gu village, eleven years ago, cast a record of the biography of Ban Zhao and the topography of the time.

Artistic image

Drama image

The new Kunqu Opera "Ban Zhao" premiered the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe in 2001. Zhang Jing Xian Ban Zhao.

Shaoxing opera "Ban Zhao" is performed by Hangzhou Yue Opera Theatre. Xiao Hong Chen Ban Zhao.

Film and television image

2014 TV series Legend of ban Shu "Also known as" Female Fu ): Tanny Tien Niu Decorated Ban Zhao.

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