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Baishuizhai Scenic Spot is located in Paitan Town, Zengcheng District, with an area of about 170 meters. The Tropic of Cancer passes through it. It is known as the magnificent Emerald on the Tropic of Cancer and belongs to the mountain scenic spot. In the scenic area, there are nine peaks with elevation of more than 1,000 meters. The highest peak is the Niuyazhang Mountain with an elevation of 1088 meters. The mountain is tall, steep and straight in line. It is a combination of majesty, wonder, danger and beauty.

Baishuizhai Scenic Area has rare natural and ecological resources in Guangdong, such as primitive forests, shallow wetlands and Canyon Tianchi. The most remarkable one is Baishuixian Waterfall, which has the largest drop of 428.5 meters in the whole country. Its shape is beautiful, as if a fairy went down to earth. It is said that He Xiangu is the incarnation of the Eight Immortals. Baishuizhai is also a natural oxygen bar. The air anion content in the mountain forest falls area is as high as 112,500 per cubic centimeter, ranking first in Guangdong scenic spots.

Historical culture

Baishuizhai has a long history of waterfalls. As early as the 1980s, Baishuizhai had appeared. Later in the 20th century, people continuously extracted the natural water resources of Baishuizhai to obtain more power. Later, Wen Minzong, a photographer in Zengcheng, returned to Zengcheng from abroad and found that the waterfalls were constantly damaged. So he suggested to the government to restore the beautiful scenery of Baishuizhai waterfall. After several pleading by Wen Min-Chong, the government agreed to Wen Min-Chong's proposal. At the end of the 20th century, the waterfall wonder of Baishuizhai appeared again.

geographical environment

Baishuizhai Provincial Scenic Spot is located in Paitan Town in the northern mountainous area of Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. It is known as "the magnificent Emerald on the Tropic of Cancer". The scenic spot has high mountains, dense forests, fresh air and abundant rainfall, which has created Baishuixian Waterfall, the largest drop in the mainland of China. This magical waterfall is flowing down from the top of Baishuizhai Mountain. It is beautiful and pure. It is said that it is the incarnation of He Xiangu, one of the eight immortals. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the mountaineering path built on the hilly line of Baishuizhai Mountain is known as "the first ladder in the south of the sky". It spans three mountains and connects two Tianchi pools. It is 6.6 kilometers long and has a total of 9999 stone steps. Visitors can visit the beautiful scenery of Xian Falls at one stop while climbing along this road. Especially the pro-waterfall Pavilion of grade 2199 or the Mu-waterfall Pavilion of grade 3299 are still shocked. Walking on the hydrophilic footpath under the waterfall is a more relaxed way to approach the fairy waterfall. The entrance of the hydrophilic walkway connects with the 299 level of Tiannan First Stairway and leads to the 1299 level Waterfall Terrace, which is 666 meters long. It is a natural wooden trestle road. Walking on it, visitors can look at the graceful beauty of the White Narcissus Waterfall, while moving forward, let the rippling water jump and rush at their feet like lively and happy notes.

Baishuizhai Scenic Spot in Guangzhou suburb is a national 4A-level scenic spot. It is famous for the largest falls in the mainland of China with a drop of 428.5 meters. It has the only hydrophilic trestle road constructed with seaboat wood and the longest climbing trail in Guangdong Province, Tiannan First Ladder. It has always been a favorite ecological leisure resort for the citizens of the Pearl River Delta. Adhering to the principle of ecological resources protection and development, Baishuizhai held endless festival activities in combination with its own characteristics and social hotspots in 2012, so as to make mountaineering and waterfall tour more "interesting" experience. For example, the "Zero Pollution Native Food Festival" held during the May Day holidays provides citizens with a safe choice for shopping. It also teaches local healthy food practices on the spot, which is highly interactive.

Characteristics of scenic spots

The waterfall is like a rainbow with the greatest drop.

In Baishuizhai scenic area, the peaks are tall and straight, the continuous mountains are magnificent, strange, dangerous and beautiful, and the rainfall is abundant, the humidity is high, the climate is moderate, the ecological resources of animals and plants are rich, so far it still maintains the beauty of primitive mountains and forests. The white Narcissus waterfall flowing down from the alpine Tianchi Lake is magnificent, like the Milky Way's catchment. When the turbulent water and the flowing water impact, it emits thunder-like sounds and strikes people's hearts. White Narcissus falls 428.5 meters, which is the largest waterfall in China's inland areas. Looking from a distance, the shape of the waterfall resembles that of a dignified ancient lady standing against the wind with white lotus.

According to legend, this waterfall is the incarnation of He Xiangu, one of the eight immortals. Baishuizhai scenic spot has the highest negative ion content in the air of Guangdong Province, according to the determination of Zhongnan Forestry College, an authoritative institution. The concentration of negative air ions in the mountain forest falls area reaches 112,500 per cubic centimeter, which is also in the forefront of the National Scenic spots. It is a true natural oxygen bar. From the foot of the hill to Xiangu Tianchi, visitors can reach the Waterfall Waterfall Platform, Waterfall Ming Platform, Family Waterfall Platform, Mu Waterfall Platform and other Waterfall Platforms in turn. They can feel the shock of the roar of the waterfall itself at close range, and experience the comfort of bathing the waterfall spray and cleaning the heart and lungs with negative ions wholeheartedly. Professor Bao Jigang, a famous scholar and Dean of the School of Geographic Science and Planning of Sun Yat-sen University, praised Baishuizhai scenic spot as a good place for leisure and summer vacation. He said: "When I walk on the hydrophilic pavement, I feel the breathing air is very fresh, because there are waterfalls and water, which produce a lot of negative ions, which is very conducive to fitness."

The original geomantic treasure land, the peculiar Taiji Dragon Falls

Baishuizhai Scenic Area has unique natural ecological resources, which can be described as a combination of the spirit of heaven and earth and the beauty of mountains and waters. Mr. Cai Bingjia, Assistant Secretary-General of the International Yi Xue Federation, pointed out that the Bai Narcissus Falls and the huge rocks covered by it constitute a huge natural Taiji map. This Taiji map is another landmark discovery of Chinese culture after the Hetuluo Book, which hangs down from a 428.5-meter mountain with the largest fall in the mainland of China. Professor Zeng Wei, one of the top ten Yi-learning winners in China, believes that there are green dragons on the left, white tigers on the right, suckers in the front, basalt in the back, distant mountains and near rivers, quiet paths, surrounded by mountains and verdant forests. Waterfalls come up in the sky, just like dragons go down for nine days. All these have formed a rare and complete geomantic pattern. Therefore, Baishuizhai is full of vigor and vitality. It is the gate of the South vein of China and the gate of the Dragon vein. geographical environment

Baishuizhai covers an area of about 170 square kilometers. The Tropic of Cancer passes through it. It is known as the magnificent jadeite on the Tropic of Cancer and belongs to the mountain scenic spot.

Main attractions

Hydrophilic plank path

For most visitors to Baishuizhai, what attracts them most is the waterfall with the biggest drop in the mainland of China. Mountaineering and waterfall observation, close to the mountains and rivers, enjoy the cool of the alpine in the hot summer, which makes people feel extremely happy. In Baishuizhai Mountaineering, in addition to the climbing trail known as the "Tiannan first ladder", the hydrophilic trestle built by the waterfront is actually more popular with tourists. It is close to the stream, pointing to the deep valley, along the way there are shade. When walking on it, fresh air, gentle mountain breeze and warm sunshine accompanied by green mountains and gurgling water sound come, always feel so comfortable, so people walk very slowly, in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery around, while breathing the beautiful air released by high mountains and waterfalls heartily! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

After walking the hydrophilic trestle road, if you want to see the waterfall more closely, you can walk up the winding mountain path. There are four waterfall observation platforms on the way to mountain climbing, each of which forms a unique visual effect with the waterfall. The closer you get to the waterfall, the more beautiful and shocking you can experience. For example, in the 1425 level Waterfall Waterfall, the rushing waterfall itself roared down, the sound of water like a thousand horses galloping like a thrilling chord. To get closer, you can take a short cut to Huashan Road and go up only 168 steps. You can actually reach the pro-waterfall platform of Grade 2199, and the waterfall falls down among the strange rocks above your head and at your feet.

Tiannan First Ladder

Around Baishui Falls and Qifeng, Baishuizhai has a 9999-level climbing footpath, totaling 6.6 kilometers, more than 19,000 steps, spanning three high mountains, bordered by two large Tianchi, known as "the first ladder in the south of the world", "leisurely and pleasant scenery", "knowingly difficult to ascend", "brave enterprising", "climbing the mountain to win the victory" and "climbing the peak as one wishes", which can be divided into "seeking immortals, pleasant scenery, difficult to know, and grasp the meaning of"climbing the mountain as one wishes". Winning, Warriors and Peak Climbing "six steps, climb up to enjoy the first ladder wonders of Tiannan, enjoy leisure fitness sightseeing, all kinds of customs can be experienced. Walk through six steps, climb 9999, and achieve what you want, build up your body, six or six smooth, long and lasting.

White Narcissus waterfall

Baishuixian Waterfall is located in Baishuizhai Mountain, Baishuizhai Scenic Area. Baishuizhai Mountain is 828 meters high, and the fall difference of Baishuixian Waterfall is 428.5 meters. It is the first waterfall in China. The fairy waterfall falls down from the top of the mountain like a girl's skirt floating in the wind. Its beauty is amazing.

Baishuizhai Mountain is densely forested, with abundant rainfall. The annual rainfall of 2200 milliliters has created the natural wonder of thousand springs and hundred waterfalls in the scenic area.

There are not only the large waterfalls in Dadongkeng, but also the magnificent and magnificent scenery of the town and mountain. There are also the river crocodiles that swim to the deep pool and cross the waterfalls from the bottom of the river like dragons falling from the sky from the cliff and cliff. What is more magical is that on Baishuizhai Mountain, 828 meters above sea level, there is a magnificent waterfall falling down from the top of the mountain. It is the largest waterfall in the mainland of China with a drop of 428.5 meters. It looks like a beautiful ancient lady of Ruizhuang, who stands in the wind with white lotus in her hands, elegant clothes, calm and graceful manner. The incarnation of He Xiangu, one of the Eight Immortals, transformed itself into a waterfall when she got the Tao to ascend to immortality, so it is called White Narcissus Waterfall. Waterfalls and streams circulate. Nearly 100 square kilometers of scenic area are free of industrial pollution. The air is fresh and the content of negative ions is high. Near Baidaixian Waterfall, the content of negative ions in the air reaches 112.38 million per cubic centimeter, which is the "oxygen bar" for lung washing.

Fantastic Water Valley

In the newly opened fantastic valley, you can enjoy the fantastic jungle and the emerald water city, enjoy the wild fun of playing with the mountains and waters, enjoy the wonderful colorful paintings, and enjoy the journey of climbing the mountain.

Big door

Da Feng Men, a little-known name, is like a girl raised in a boudoir who is not acquainted with, graceful, charming and gentle. Dafengmen Forest Park is verdant in layers, with its endless peaks surrounded by clouds and mists, and rivers murmuring between cliffs and cliffs. The Dafeng Gate is a branch of the Nankunshan Mountains. There are many streams. Up from the dam, there are five larger ones and countless small streams and waterfalls. The more famous places nearby are Baishuizhai, Shimen and the first long waterfall in China. Dafengmen Forest Park, a huge stone, after thousands of years of weathering and water erosion, unexpectedly formed a "big tortoise" like a ghost and axe, it quietly potential clear water in the Bitan, head slightly raised, looking at the vast mountains, its back is hard rock, no trace of soil, but surprisingly grow a pine tree. Next to it are turtles and eggs, full of magical colors, making people imaginative...

In the rainy season, the forest of Dafeng Gate is verdant, the mountain clouds are tangled with mist, and the rivers are murmuring between the cliffs and cliffs. People feel like they are in fairyland and have a different taste.

Tourist guide

Scenic Spot Distribution and Mountaineering Guide

Mountaineering and sightseeing can cultivate temperament and build up a healthy body, but it is also a sport that challenges physical fitness and endurance, so tourists should do their best to choose a suitable mountaineering route.

Warm Tip: In addition to walking, tourists can also take shuttle buses to go up and down the mountain. The sightseeing buses in Baishuizhai scenic spot provide visitors with shuttle services to go up and down the mountain, including the environmental protection buses leading to the 899 level waterfall and the mountain top shuttle bus leading to Xiangu Tianchi, the source of the waterfall.

Xiaoyao Tour: Starting Point of Mountaineering Walk - Sea Boat Trestle Road - 1499 Waterfall Sound Platform

The wooden trestle road of the sea boat is connected with the starting point of the climbing path and leads to the waterfall sounding platform of Class 1499. The trestle road is hydrophilic, along which there are many pavilions and viewing terraces. Walking among them, you can watch the waterfall, while breathing fresh air. Row to level 1499, you can reach the first zero distance contact waterfall - Waterfall Sound Platform, feel the magnificent momentum of the waterfall rushing down. After that, along the stone steps, it can reach the level 899 sightseeing station, and choose to take the car instead of walking to the end.

Classic Tour: Starting Point of Mountaineering Walk - Sea Boat Trestle Road - 1499 Waterfall Ming Tai - 2199 Pro Waterfall Tai

After the 1499 level waterfall sounding platform, it is recommended to continue along the climbing path to the 2199 level pro-waterfall platform if physical strength permits. Up to now, we have reached the second zero-distance contact waterfall point. Only then can we know the magnificence of this waterfall with the largest drop in the mainland of China, and then walk down the mountain.

Challenge Tour: Starting Point of Mountaineering Trail - Sea Boat Trestle Road - 1499 Waterfall Mingtai - 3299 Mu Waterfall Terrace - Xiangu Tianchi

Those with plenty of physical strength would certainly prefer to go up in the face of difficulties. Row to 3299 level, you can reach the third level zero distance contact waterfall point - Mu Waterfall. Flowers of waterfalls flying down from the top of the hill bathe the body and mind. And the 3699 Muyun Pavilion, let people experience the subtle feeling of harmony between man and nature. A waterfall with a drop of 428.5 metres is close at hand. After that, you can easily cross the "Shenxian Valley" and reach the source of the 4099 level waterfall, Xiangu Tianchi.

Panoramic Tour: Climbing to the Peak of Xiangu Tianchi, Viewing from Top to Down

Take the shuttle bus from the top of the scenic area to the source of the waterfall - Xiangu Tianchi, from top to bottom, through the Shenxian Valley, to Muyun Pavilion, Mu Waterfall Platform, pro-Waterfall Platform, Waterfall Platform, Waterfall Platform, and then from Huixian Bridge down to coastal boat trestle Road, to 1299 Waterfall Platform and then down the hill.

Play mode

Walk downhill to the hill first. If you need a tour guide, you can charge 100 yuan per tour guide (up to 1299, 400 yuan per tour guide for the whole journey).

Practical information

Ticket information

Full ticket: Adults, children over 1.5 meters buy adult tickets;

Free tickets: children under 1.2 meters free of tickets;

Half-ticket: 1.2-1.5 metre children, elderly people over 60 years old with valid certificate half-ticket, elderly people over 65 years old with certificate free admission.

Note: Residents in Zengcheng District of Guangzhou can enjoy a discount of 25 yuan per person on their valid ID card.

Best season: September-December. Autumn is the best season. Cool and windy, good weather can last to November and December, the most suitable for tourism. But it is better to avoid holidays, because the holiday traffic is very large, some areas in the scenic area will be more crowded, such as the sea boat wooden trestle, when the traffic is large, generally can only go up, but not down. In addition, Baishuizhai mountain climbing steps have 9999 levels, all climbed down again, fast also needs five or six hours, so friends who intend to climb the whole journey should start early, preferably one day ahead of schedule, the next morning to climb the mountain to enjoy the scenery.

Advice to play: 1 day

Tickets: $60

Opening hours: 8:30-17:30

Food: Gufa Shuizhai roast chicken is roasted on Zengcheng local litchi wood fire. Its skin is crisp and crisp with golden color, and its fragrance and sweetness make people want to stop.

Traffic information

Self driving

1. Guangzhou departs from Guangzhou - Airport Expressway or Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway - Jiebei Expressway (Street Exit) - 105 National Highway - Wennan Highway (15 km) - Baishuizhai

2. Foshan (Zen City)

Foshan (Zen City) - Guangfo Highway - Guangzhou Huancheng Highway - Airport Highway - Jiebei Highway (Street Exit) - 105 National Highway - Wennan Highway (15 km) - Baishuizhai

3. Foshan (South China Sea)

Foshan (South China Sea) - Foshan Ring - Airport Highway - Jiebei Highway (Street Exit) - 105 National Highway - Wennan Highway (15km) - Baishuizhai

4. Foshan (Shunde) Start

Foshan (Shunde) - Guangzhu West Line - Huancheng Expressway - Airport Expressway - Jiebei Expressway (Street Exit) - 105 National Highway - Wennan Highway (15km) - Baishuizhai

5. Starting from Dongguan

Dongguan-Guangshen Expressway-Lixin Highway-Zengpai Highway-Wennan Highway (Paitan Direction) -Baishuizhai

6. Starting from Shenzhen

Shenzhen-Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway-Lixin Highway-Zengpai Highway-Wennan Highway (Paitan Direction) -Baishuizhai

7. Starting from Zhongshan

Zhongshan-Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway-Jiebei Expressway (Street Exit) - 105 National Highway-Wennan Highway (15km) - Baishuizhai

8. Starting from Huizhou

Huizhou-Guanghui Expressway (Xiancun Exit) - Lixin Highway - Zengpai Highway - Wennan Highway (Paitan Direction) - Baishuizhai

9. Zhuhai Departure

Zhuhai-Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway-Jiebei Expressway (Street Exit) - 105 National Highway-Wennan Highway (15km) - Baishuizhai

10. Qingyuan Departure

Qingyuan - Qingfo Highway - Longshan - 106 National Highway - Conghua Street - 105 National Highway - Wennan Highway (15 km) - Baishuizhai


Conghua 13 Road Conghua Bus Station, Zengcheng Baishuizhai, runs every 30 minutes.