Baisha Lake Scenic Area

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Baishahu Lake is one of the important scenic spots in Qianli Gallery in Altay, Xinjiang. It is 100 kilometers from Habahe County, 260 kilometers from Altay Airport, 150 kilometers from Kanas Airport, 260 kilometers from Beitun Railway Station and 770 kilometers from Urumqi City, the capital of Xinjiang. The northwest of Baishahu Scenic Area is about 2.5 kilometers away from the Sino-Kazakh border and is connected by highways. About 650 meters above sea level, its waters area is 0.5 square kilometers, is a desert lake surrounded by sand dunes. The cold climate of continental north temperate zone is characterized by unknown seasons, drought in spring, strong wind, short hot summer, cool autumn, long cold winter, dry air, less rainfall, large evaporation, abundant sunshine and large temperature difference.

April 13, 2018, was included in "Magic Northwest 100 Scenes".

Main attractions

Baisha Hunan is about 800 meters long in the north and 600 meters wide in the East and west. It resembles a pea pod, concave in the East and bulging in the west. Baisha Lake is the only deep water pool in the desert, and its water source and origin have attracted much attention of scientific researchers. It is also puzzling and thought-provoking that there is a great contrast between the growth of the lake center, the lakeside and the surrounding climate and the multi-planted quilt and semi-arid shrub vegetation in the ecological environment. Around Baisha Lake are aquatic plants, such as reeds and calamus, which grow as high as 1-4 meters in dense clusters. There are wild lotus flowers living alone in the lake. Within 50 meters of the lake, there are tall and dense mixed forest belts of Populus alba, Populus alba and Betula. On the sand dunes 50 meters away from the lake, there are plants such as Populus euphratica, Hawthorn, Populus alba and Spiraea.

Baisha Lake has a unique scenic composition. Lotus blossoms in the lake in June and wild ducks swim in it. Red and yellow leaves in autumn and October display in the wind, green water in the lake, blue waves like mirrors, lakes and mountains set off, overlooking and looking at the near future. The sandy land emits fragrant earthy fragrance under the sunshine, which makes people enchanted. Golden Mingsha Mountain in the distance reflects in the green lake, lakeside and all kinds of lakes. Mixed forest, layers of overlapping, intersecting brilliant, like a perfect natural bonsai, displayed in front of visitors. It is called "Baishahu Lake in the south of the Xiaojiang River in Saibei, located in Sanlian, northeast of the 185 Regiment, 25 kilometers away from the Regiment. There are highways connecting with each other, and there are special cars to send each other back and forth." Located in the desert, Baisha Lake is 650 meters above sea level, about 2100 meters in length from north to South and 1300 meters in width from east to west. It is called "the wonder of desert", and its water surface is about 10 hectares. Regardless of spring, autumn, winter and summer, the lake water has never increased, nor condensed, nor turbid. Where does the water come from, and why can it remain normal all the year round? This is a question entwined in people's hearts, so far there is no clear answer, but this is also an important reason for the full charm of Baisha Lake. According to historical records, in 1218 AD, Genghis Khan led a large-scale Western Expedition of Mongolian Iron Riders. The Mongolian Army set out from the Mongolian capital of Kara and Lin on the Hunan side of Belga, along the Mongolian prairie through Uriya Sutai, and crossed the Gorge of Qinlek Uermogai Mountains in the east of Altai Mountains to reach the source of the Cran River. Then it went down the river and was stationed on the Stone River (now known as the Ertiz River) in June 1219 in Yer. Along the north to camp here, stop drinking horses, so known as "Genghis Khan" horse pool. In mid-December 2015, the Baishahu Lake scenic spot of the 185 Regiment of the 10th Division passed the Landscape Quality Assessment Meeting organized by the National Tourism Administration and formally entered the list of 5A-level scenic spots.


April 13, 2018, was included in "Magic Northwest 100 Scenes".

Tourism information

Ticket price: 45 yuan per person; Interval car: 10 yuan per person; Battery car: 10 yuan per person

Suitable Playing Season: Summer and Autumn