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Bai Qi

White(Bai Qi)(? - 257 BC). He is a man in the village of Bai village, Chang Xing Town, Mei County, Shaanxi today. Outstanding military strategist and representative of "military strategist" during the Warring States period. The descendants of Chu Ping Wang's grandson Bai Gong Sheng.

Be familiar with the art of war, be good at employing troops, and make good contributions to the emperor's empress dowager and Hou Hou. Wei Ran The relationship is very good. Assist Qin Zhao Wang He has repeatedly made meritorious service. The battle of Iraq, the great break of Wei Han Lianjun, the battle of cutting Chu and the capture of Chu capital Ying Cheng battle of Chang Ping Hit hard Zhao Main force. He served as chief commander of the Qin army for more than 30 years, attacking more than 70 cities and making great contributions to the unification of six countries. Wuan Jun Those who have done their best will be offended, and they will be demoted. Qin Zhao Xiang Wang, fifty years ago (257 years ago), died in Du mail.

As an outstanding member of Chinese history after Sun Wu and Wu Qi. Militarist Commander, White(Bai Qi). and Lian Po , Li Mu , Wang Jian Also known as Four famous generals in the Warring States Period Ranked ten in the martial arts temple.

Paul Mauriat's History

Cut a striking figure

In the age of White(Bai Qi) birth, Qin's national strength has been very strong. Qin Zhao Wang In the twelve year, the Qin Dynasty made the eastward March and defeated the three Jin Dynasties. Plot the world The great strategy has become the most urgent talent in Qin. Qin Zhao Wang is an ambitious hegemony. After accession to the throne, he continued to implement Shang Yang's national policy of reform, thoroughly implemented the military merit system and promoted the talents of civilian origin.

Qin Zhao Wang, thirteen years ago (the first 294 years), took up the White(Bai Qi) throne. Left Chief Secretary The leader attacked the new city of Korea (now Henan Yichuan County West).

In the fourteen years (293 years ago), the joint army of Korea and Wei held the letter to prevent the east from entering the Qin Dynasty and the Prime Minister of Qin. Wei Ran Recommend Bai Qi as the main commander and send troops to attack Han and Wei Erguo. After the White(Bai Qi) House took office, it adopted the tactics of avoiding the enemy and weakening the strong, then the main force of the Qin army was swept back to the rear of the Allied forces of South Korea and Wei, and repeatedly defeated the Allied forces and the rear troops, and gradually surrounded the main force of the Korean and Wei allied forces in the two hundred and forty thousand place, eventually killing Wei Lianjun and the captive Wei. Gong Sun Xi And crossed the Yellow River to capture Korea. Anyi The land from east to dry river. This battle became famous in the first World War and promoted by merit. Guo Wei

Qin Zhao Xiang Wang, fifteen years ago (the first 292 years), was promoted to White(Bai Qi). Made in Daliang He sent troops to attack Wei and seized sixty-one seats of Wei City in one fell swoop, laying the foundation for the letter of Qin's East.

Qin Zhao Xiang Wang, sixteen years ago (291 years ago), Bai Qi and Qing Qing Sima wrong Jointly took down the city.

Qin Zhao Xiang Wang twenty-one years (the first 286 years), White(Bai Qi) attack. Zhao Seize Light wolf City (now west of Gaoping, Shanxi).

Sealed Wuan

Qin Chu Danyang , Lantian After the war, the state of Chu declined. Battle of Yique Qin's victory, Qin's intention to launch a southern offensive, continues to weaken Chu. Qin Zhao Xiang wrote to him. king qingxiang of chu We must lead the Lords and Chu to fight for life. Chu Qing Xiang had to speak with Qin and marry Qin female. In the twenty-two and twenty-three years after Qin Zhao Xiang, Wang Chu Xiang and Wang Zhao Xiang were political allies, indicating that they were obedience to Qin.

In the twenty-six years (281 years ago) of Qin Zhao Xiang, a man who used the weak bow to shoot wild goose in Chu Kingdom appeared. This man is a advocate of unity. Strategists He used Chu's glorious past and today's shame to inspire the king of Chu. Chu Qing Xiang also had the ambition to avenge the Qin Dynasty, so he sent his princes to all the countries of the princes to carry out the activities of the Qin Dynasty.

In the twenty-seven years (280 years ago), Qin Zhao Xiang Wang was defeated by Chu, defeated by the Chu army and landed in the north of the Han River to Qin Jianghe.

In the twenty-eight years (279 years ago) of Qin Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty once again cut down Chu, and the White(Bai Qi) Emperor took the five cities of Yan, Deng and other five cities (the Xiangxiang prefecture), and then the Qin army crossed the mountains of Qin and Chu border areas. They broke their support and quickly entered the Chu state by three roads. Ying capital (now northwest of Jiangling, Hubei).

In the twenty-nine years (the first 278 years) of Qin Zhao Xiang, Wang joined the Chu army and broke up the Chu army, conquered the capital of Chu Kingdom (Jinnan lake, Beijiang River, Nanking city), burned the tomb of King Chu, Yiling (southwest of Yichang County, Hubei), moved eastward to the jingling, and Chu army was defeated and retreated to Chen (now Henan). Huaiyang The king of Chu Qingxiang regards Chen as capital, still known as Ying. In the same year, Qin conquered Chu Guowu and Qian Zhong county.

When Chu Qing Xiang moved to Chen, he gathered more than 10 people in the eastern part of Chu, and seized 15 cities along the river by Qin Zhan, but he could not compete with Qin. After a series of strikes by the Qin Kingdom, the Chu Kingdom failed until it was finally destroyed by the Qin Dynasty.

The Qin Kingdom takes Ying as the South County, and seals it as White(Bai Qi). Wuan Jun (can raise a sergeant, war Bi Ke, get the people to gather together, therefore Wuan), White(Bai Qi) name earthquake world.

The dispute over Shangdang

In the thirty-four years (273 years ago), Qin Zhao Xiang Wang attacked the Korean army of Zhao and Wei Lianjun. Huayang (today, the new north of Zhengnan) captured the one hundred and thirty thousand generals of the three Koreas, Zhao and Wei. Manmao Defeat. Also with Zhao Jiang Jia Yan At war, drowning Zhao Pao twenty thousand people.

In the forty-three years (264 years ago), Emperor Qin Zhao Xiang fought against the city of Korea and captured five cities and decapitated fifty thousand.

In the forty-four years (263 years ago), Emperor Qin Zhao Xiang took up the Taihang Road in Nanyang, South Korea, and cut off the Taihang Road in Korea.

In the forty-five years (262 years ago), Qin Zhao Xiang Wang took up Korea. Wild King (now Qinyang, Henan) Shangdang The road leading to the capital was cut off. Korean sovereign Han Huanhuiwang The life of the Shangdang Feng Ting Dedicate the Shangdang county to the state of Qin, in order to protect the troops of the Qin Kingdom. Feng Ting did not want to go down to Qin, and he argued with the people: "the way of Shangdang to the outside world has been cut off. We can no longer be a Korean people. As the Qin army is approaching, South Korea can not help, so it is better to return the Shangdang to Zhao state. If Zhao Guoru accepts, the anger of the Qin State will attack the Zhao kingdom. The enemy of Zhao must be close to Korea. Han and Zhao Lianhe can resist Qin. " So sent someone to report Zhao. Zhao Guoguojun King Xiaocheng of Zhao and Ping Yang Jun Zhao leopard discussed this. Pingyang Jun said, "do not accept it. The disaster brought after acceptance is greater than the benefits." He thought that Feng Ting did not give the Shangdang to the state of Qin. He wanted to put the blame on Zhao, and the disaster brought by it was much larger than that gained.

King Zhao Xiaocheng summoned again. Plains Prince Zhao Sheng and Zhao Yu deliberated, and the two persuaded Zhao Xiaocheng to accept Feng Ting's Shangdang county. They said: "launching a million armies and fighting for years, they can not attack a city. Now that we can get seventeen cities, we can't lose this opportunity. "

Zhao Xiaochengwang asked the plain Prince again: "accept the Shangdang land, the Qin State will send the king of Wuan to attack in White(Bai Qi). Who can resist?" The plain gentleman replied, "it is difficult for others to fight against White(Bai Qi). Lian Po It is better to be brave and good, to cherish the officers and men, but not to defend the city. "

So Zhao Xiaochengwang listened to the stratagem of the prince of the plains, Zhao Sheng, and Feng Ting. Hua Yang Jun Send the plains prince to the Shangdang to receive the land, and send the lien Po army stationed at the same time. Changping (now in the northwest of Gaoping, Shanxi province), to guard against the Qin army.

Zhao accepted Shangdang for Qin and Zhao. battle of Chang Ping Ignited the fuse.

battle of Chang Ping

Qin Zhao Xiang Wang, forty-seven years ago (the first 260 years), Qin general Wang Jie Attack Korea, capture Shangdang, then attack Zhao.

Shi Zhao, general of Zhao Lian Po There are three lines of defense in Changping: the first is the defense of the empty warehouse ridge, the second is the Dan River defense line, and the third line is the the Great Wall. The three lines of defense are dozens of miles and are interconnected. The first encounter between Qin and Zhao Jun took place in the Valley West of the first line of defense. In the melee, Qin army killed the Zhao state forward, broke through the empty warehouse ridge, and captured Zhao Jun's frontline City, Guang Lang city.

After the collapse of the empty warehouse ridge, Zhao Jun seemed to have made efforts to strengthen the north and South wings to clamp down on the enemy in depth. The so-called "Zhao Jun built the wall and kept it" failed. Seize the West barrier wall, finally the empty warehouse ridge north and South dozens of miles defense line west wall (one West long base) completely collapsed.

Qin's offensive was unstoppable, and Zhao Jun lost a lot in Lien Chan. Lian Po's re analysis of the enemy's situation shows that the terrain factor is not conducive to Zhao Jun, while the supply line of Qin is far longer than that of Zhao Jun. Logistical support is more difficult than that of Zhao. He is determined to give up the West Bank position of the Dan river which is not easy to defend. The whole army has contracted to second lines of defense to the east of the Dan river.

From the point of view of adhering to the tactics, Lian Po was successful. No matter how he attacked the Qin army, he could not break through the Dan River defense line. The Qin and Zhao two armies formed a confrontational situation. The war lasted for three years, and the Qin army defeated the army and defeated the army.

The first stage of Changping's war is a three year war of attrition. "Zhan Guo CE Qi zhe two" contains: "Qin attack Zhao Changping, Zhao does not eat, please do not listen." The strategic stalemate Zhao state can not continue to sustain, Zhao's grain output is only 1/3 of the Qin Dynasty, the war stalemate for three years, the huge consumption of the two hundred thousand armies has made the weakness of Zhao's economic strength completely exposed, and more anxious to end the war. together with Fight with war Zhao She defeated the Qin army, which made Zhao state feel lucky. If he concentrated his forces to fight a decisive battle, maybe Qin was not defeated. So he changed his strategy and replaced Libo with Zhao Kuo. In fact, Zhao Kuo, a "paper soldier", only carried out the will of Zhao Wang. The exchange will be the initiative and helpless choice of Zhao Wang, and it is the embodiment of the idea of Zhao Wang's adventure in seeking strategic decisive battle.

When Zhao changed the main army to fight against the Qin army, Qin Zhao Xiang also secretly dispatched the king of Wuan to the upper generals and went to the front line to lead the army.

Facing up to the reckless enemy and arrogant opponent, he decided to take back the enemy and divide the tactics of encirclement and annihilate. He ordered the frontier troops to take the task of inducing the enemy. Zhao Jun During the attack, Zhao Jun was drawn into the bag shaped ambush of the main force built by the Qin army. Then he sent two soldiers from the flank, twenty-five thousand for light troops, and made a long journey to the rear of Zhao Jun, and attacked Zhao Jun's last line of defense, the 100 mile stone the Great Wall.

The mountain range of the the Great Wall is abruptly across the plain, leading to the Changping front and the other side leading to Zhao Guoda's rear. Zhao Jun, because of his offensive attack, concentrated on the front line and led to the emptiness of the rear forces. Qin took advantage of Zhao Jun's failure to prevent him from taking over, so that Zhao Jun and his side were cut off. This is the beginning of Zhao Jun's crisis. Qin unexpectedly crossed Zhao Jun's back and attacked the defense line of the the Great Wall. It reflected the White(Bai Qi) style of tactics, hidden and hidden.

At the same time, when Qin troops attacked the the Great Wall, the Qin army in the front of Changping was defeated. In August, Zhao Kuo, who was seeking a decisive battle, took the offensive action in an uncertain way. The Qin army deliberately lost the way, and secretly opened two wings to set up Zhao Jun. He wedged into Zhao Jun's first army and the main force and waited for the opportunity to split. Zhao Kuo completely did not realize that in front of him, there was a huge pocket type of Qin Dynasty preset position. At that time, the White(Bai Qi) army sent another surprise soldier, suddenly appeared behind Zhao Jun, using the terrain to block the whole bag shaped ambush, and the whole Zhao Jun was surrounded.

Zhao Kuai even killed eight Dou Wei to stabilize the army's heart, ordered hundreds of thousands of Zhao Jun to attack the Qin army barrier from all directions, but never broke through. The White(Bai Qi) army ordered the two wings to attack quickly and cut Zhao Jun into three paragraphs. Zhao Jun was separated from the bottom and the grain road was cut off. Qin also sent light cavalry to harass Zhao Jun. Zhao Jun's war was critical, so he had to build a wall and wait for rescue.

Qin Zhao Xiang Wang heard that the grain road of Zhao was cut off and issued a national mobilization order. All the men over the age of fifteen were recruited to fight for the national order. He was enlisted at the rank of nobility. He went to Hanoi to supervise the war to stop Zhao's reinforcements and food and grass, and to fight the whole nation against Zhao.

In September, Zhao Bing had spent forty-six days in food, starved, his heart wavering, and even killing himself. Zhao Kuai was in a desperate position and reassembled the troops. The four teams broke up and broke through. They could not go out. Zhao Jun was defeated and four hundred thousand soldiers surrendered.

Bai Qi and his subordinates said: "before Qin had captured the Shangdang, the people of Shangdang did not want to return to Qin, but they came back to Zhao state. Zhao's soldiers are capricious and do not kill all of them. I am afraid they will become a disaster in the future. So we cheat and kill 400 thousand of Zhao. Pit kill Only 240 young soldiers were left to return to Zhao state. In the battle of Changping, Qin army successively killed and captured Zhao Jun, and 450 thousand people were shocked. Later, he wrote to his wife's brother Wei state because of Zhao's Plains prince. Xin Ling Jun Delegate to him. King of Wei Sending troops to save Zhao, so Xin Ling Jun went to ask Wei Wang to send troops to save Zhao, Wei and Wang faction. Jin Xi Rate one hundred thousand army to save Zhao. However, owing to the threat of Qin Zhao Xiang, Wei Wang had to let the army in. Ye Cheng Stand by. In order to save Zhao, he had to use it. Hou Ying To steal the tiger's charm, kill the Jin and despise, and help the troops to save the Zhao. Handan The defeat of the Qin army was the only way to avoid the premature death of Zhao.

Lose contact with each other

battle of Chang Ping After that, Bai started to win the battle against Zhao. Qin Zhao Xiang Wang forty-eight years in October, Qin again calm down. Shangdang The post army is divided into two routes: one route. Wang Jie Led to attack the leather prison (now Hebei Wuan); one route Sima captured Taiyuan. And the White(Bai Qi) will be besieged. Handan South Korea and Zhao were terrified. They used the heavy money to bribe the Qin Dynasty. Hou Fanju said: "to catch and kill Zhao Kuo, to besieged Handan and Zhao Guoyi to die, Qin can be called the emperor. The White(Bai Qi) will be sealed as three heroes. He will attack the more than 70 cities for Qin, Nam Dinh Yan, Ying, Hanzhoung, and the army of the North captured Zhao. Zhou Gong , Zhao Gong , Lu Wang We must not overtake him. If Zhao dies, Prince of Qin Be king, then the White(Bai Qi) will be three heroes. Can you get under the White(Bai Qi)? Even if you don't want to be in his position, it won't be possible. Qin once attacked Korea and Wai Xing Qiu In order to get rid of the Shangdang and the Shangdang people, they all rushed to Zhao state. Now we destroy Zhao, and the territory of Qin goes north. Yan state East to Qi State South to South Korea and Wei, but not many people from Qin. It's better to let Han and Zhao cut the ground and not let the White(Bai Qi) ones get rid of Zhao Zhigong again. Therefore Fan Xie On the grounds of the exhaustion of Qin soldiers and the urgent need for recuperation, they asked permission to allow Korea and Zhao to make ends meet. Qin Zhao Xiang Wang Yingyun. Han cut Yuan Yong Zhao Ge and six cities were fighting for the first and second month. The White(Bai Qi) rose knew this, and then he fell in love with fan.

Death of Du mail

In September of that year, Qin also sent soldiers to make five doctors. Wang Ling Attack Zhao Handan Catching up with the White(Bai Qi) is ill and can't walk around. In the first two months of the year, Wang Ling attacked Handan very smoothly. Prince of Qin Additional support was sent to the army, resulting in a loss of five schools (a school of about 8000 people). When the White(Bai Qi) gets sick, the king of Qin wants to attack Handan with the White(Bai Qi) flag, and the White(Bai Qi) Emperor says to Qin Zhao Xiang, "Handan is not easy to attack, and if all the Marquis are to be rescued, they will be sent to the army one day. The princes have long complained of the Qin Dynasty. Zhao Jun Yu Changping, but more than half of the casualties, the domestic emptiness. Our army is far from the rivers and mountains to fight for other countries. If Zhao is to fight from within, the princes should be able to break the waves. Qin Army Therefore, we must not attack the army.

Qin Zhao Xiang's Reformists Wang Jie For the king's mausoleum, he was besieged by Handan in eight and September. Chu state school Chun Shen Chun In the same time, Wei Jun, a ruler of the Wei Dynasty, fought hundreds of thousands of soldiers to attack the Qin army, and the Qin army suffered heavy casualties. When he heard it, he said, "at the beginning," Prince of Qin Don't listen to my strategy. What's the result? " Qin Zhao Xiang, who was angry after hearing, forced the White(Bai Qi) army to send out troops. Fan Xie The request is still not worth the disease. Because of the inconvenient condition, the White(Bai Qi) rose did not start immediately. After March, the news of the defeat of the Qin army continued. Handan Wang Zhao was more angry with the White(Bai Qi) Emperor, and he could not leave immediately. White(Bai Qi) has to lead the sick on the road. Du mail (today, Renjia village, Xianyang City, Shaanxi), Qin Zhao Xiang and fan fan deliberated that he thought he would not be asked to be ordered. "His intention was disgruntled, but there were more than words."

When he picked up his sword and lifted himself up, he sighed and sighed, "what kind of sin do I have to heaven?" After a while, he said, "I should have died. In the battle of Changping, Zhao Jun reduced hundreds of thousands of people, and I buried them alive with deceit, which is enough to die. " Finish suicide. It was fifty years (257 years ago) of Emperor Qin Zhao Xiang in November.

Another reason is that the White(Bai Qi) army does not comply with the reason: Bai Qi knows that if he attacks the army again, it will be the resistance of Zhao state. because Changping After that, Zhao had deep hatred for White(Bai Qi). Therefore, when Zhao King attacked Zhao again, Bai Qi should be the most unsuitable person to be commander in chief. White(Bai Qi) death is not a crime. chins He had pity on him and sacrificed sacrifices in the villages and towns.

Historical position

In the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan nineteen years (731 years). Tang xunzong For the recognition and sacrifice of the famous generals of the past dynasties Wu Temple It established the prime minister and military adviser in the Zhou Dynasty. Lu Shang (Jiang Ziya) is the main sacrifice. chief counsellor of Liu Bang For the benefit of ten people from all previous dynasties.

The first year of the Shang Dynasty (760 years), Emperor Su Zong The White(Bai Qi) Emperor and other ten famous martial arts masters in history will be honored. Wu Cheng Wang Temple Inside, it is called Ten philosophers of Wu Temple "Qin Wuan Jun Bai Qi" is one of them. In the same age, it was only included in the "ten philosophers". Wu Qi , Yue Yi

Song Dynasty Xuan he In the five year (1123), the song room set up temples for the ancient famous people according to the Tang Dynasty tradition, and seventy-two famous ones also included Bai Qi. In the Northern Song Dynasty Seventeen Shi Bai Jiang Bai Qi is also among them.

Main achievements

Bai Qi has commanded many important battles, and has been fighting for more than 70 wars. The war between Iraq and Iraq annihilated the 240 thousand allied forces of South Korea and Wei. Qin Army The road of eastward March. Great break Chu army, attack Ying capital Forced Chu to move the capital, Chu never recovered. Changping Annihilation at the first World War Zhao Jun The 450 thousand pioneered the earliest and largest precedent of the encirclement and annihilation of the enemy in Chinese history, laying the foundation for being respected by the future generation as a famous generals. according to Liang Qichao Textual research shows that during the whole Warring States period, two million people were killed and 1/2 were White(Bai Qi).

The art of White(Bai Qi) command represents the level of war development in the Warring States period. The White(Bai Qi) army is good at analyzing the situation of the enemy and ourselves, and then adopts the correct strategy and tactics to launch a devastating attack on the enemy. In the battle of Iraq, all of the troops were destroyed, and in the war of Yan Ying, the tactics of taking out the heart were accompanied by water attack. The battle of Changping defeated the enemy by making a false attempt to break away from the established position, then divided the encirclement tactics and annihilated the enemy troops.

Operational characteristics

First, it is not the only goal to seize the ground by attacking the city, but to take the effective force of annihilating the enemy as the main purpose. War of annihilation Thinking is also good at field attack, and war must be annihilation. This is the most outstanding feature of White(Bai Qi). He is an unparalleled commander in command of the war of encirclement and annihilate tactics in the history of war. It is also one of the military commanders who are good at fighting against annihilation in the history of Chinese war.

Two, emphasize the pursuit of war for the purpose of annihilation, and pursue the enemy severely. strategist of the Warring States period "Do not catch up with the enemy" and Shang Yang The battle was won by ten times in the north. The Book of Lord Shang Tactics tenth), obviously one step forward.

Three, pay attention to fortifications in field operations, first lure enemy troops away from base positions, and then build blocks against enemy forces in the expected enemy areas and prevent them from breaking through. This kind of operational guiding ideology with fortification works as an auxiliary means of attack was unprecedented at that time.

Four, accurate pre war material calculation, without the enemy's military, political, national situation, and even the third party's possible coping strategies, and so on, will be accurately calculated. No matter what happens, we can win the battle without losing the battle ("Zhanguo Ce, volume thirty-three Zhongshan"). Sima Qian Praise White(Bai Qi) for "material enemy change, strange and infinite, sound earthquake world".

Historical evaluation

Cai se "Thousands of miles in the Chu place, millions of halberd troops, and tens of thousands of teachers from White(Bai Qi) to rise to fight with Chu. In the first World War, Yan Ying burned Yiling and fought the South and Shu Han again. And Vietnam, Wei and strong Zhao, North horse clothing, killing more than 40 million people, do their best. Changping Below, bloodshed became Sichuan, the sound of boiling was thunder, and then entered Handan. Chu and Zhao are powerful powers in the world and the enemies of Qin are, after that, Chu and Zhao are all afraid of attacking the Qin people. More than 70 cities have been served, and the work has been done. Du mail "

Su Dynasty "The king of Wuan defeated Qin for more than 70 cities, and Nam Dinh, Yan, Ying, Hanzhoung, the North army of Zhao Zhao, although Zhou, Zhao, Lu Wang's work is not conducive to this.

Su Li "It is the use of force, and the destiny."

Cold spring son "The enemy will attack the city and fall into the city, please make Wuan son."

Zhaoxiang of Qin "If you try to beat the crowd, you will win like a God."

Zhao Sheng "Wuan Jun is also a person, but small head and sharp, the pupil is black and White(Bai Qi). A small head and a sharp person will dare to act. If a pupil is black and White(Bai Qi), he will see things clearly. If you don't turn your head around, you will be strong. It can be lasting and difficult.

Chen Yu "The White(Bai Qi) will be Qin, the South will be Yan Ying, and the north is the horse clothing, and the enemy will win the battle."

carry that weight "Wuan Jun Nan defeated Chu, North Wei Yan, Zhao, conquers and conquers the city, but not the number of ministers."

Sima Qian "The White(Bai Qi) enemy has changed, and the world has been shocked. Ying Hou " "Nan Ba Yan Ying", "North destroy" Changping Sui Wai Handan Wuan is the rate. "

Gu Yong "Xi Bai Qi will be Qin, South. Ying capital The North pit, Zhao Kuo, has died through the introduction of silk. Du mail Qin people's pity is not lost. "

Yang Xiong "Qin will be White(Bai Qi) and heartless. The battle of Changping, four hundred thousand people died. Chi You Chaos is not enough. "

Ban Gu "If Qin is victories in the fourth world, he will be forced to use White(Bai Qi). Wang Jian Wolves, their paws, birds hunt six countries, and the world. Poor Wu extremely cheat, the people are not attached, the apprentice of the apostles, but also for the enemy's hatred, the clouds together, the fruit is rolling together, the urgent City murders the surplus City, contends for the land to kill the wild. Sun, Wu, merchants and White(Bai Qi) disciples were all killed before the country was destroyed. The trend of retribution is different from each other.

Zhu Geliang "White(Bai Qi) is more important than attack."

He Yan "Zhao Zu, who has fallen from the White(Bai Qi) land, has been forced to cheat four hundred thousand. How can he be cruel?"

Deng AI "Loyal to one! The coolness of White(Bai Qi) is seen today.

Sun Chu "Fierce Huan Huan Huan, the time of Wuan, the divine machine is broken, the Qi Chi is in the south, the south is broken, the strong Chu is gone, the Wei bird and the Han are roiled, the north is destroyed by the horse clothing, Ryokawa Naritani, the Hou is unscrupulous, the su Zi enters the pass, the slander is slander, the fire is burning in the original, then burned Du mail, and Shaw burnt, but it did not carry on, ancient and modern sigh!"

Li Shimin "Bai Qi was Qin Pingzhao, but he was killed by the king of Zhao. Nai Jun's past is also a crime of non ministers.

Zhao Xu "Courage is overwhelming, but material is too much." Hanxin Yes, too. "

Si Ma Zhen White(Bai Qi) and Wang Jian are good soldiers. Qin will be handed over to destroy the Jing. Zhao served as Ma Fu and Chang Ping Sui. Chu was trapped in Li Xin, and he was defeated. Ben, after leaving, the three generation has no name.

Du Fu "The gate is born, and Yong Rui is strong."

founder of the Song dynasty "This man has killed and fallen, but why not enjoy it?"

" Seventeen Shi Bai Jiang "Sun Tzu said," we must act with interest. " Zhao Jun was thrown to the north by surprise soldiers. He added, "princes take advantage of their disadvantages." It is called Zhao Yingqi, and the princes are attacking them.

Huang Dao Zhou "Qin will be White(Bai Qi), the war is good, pull the city like a mountain, killing like water, as for the Changping, remnant Moby, four hundred thousand people, one night pit is completed, should be known, Wuan frustrated, and defeat, please, can not afford to lie down, the soldiers moved first, Du mail died, although the gentleman is little, real day report."

Tang Zhen "Bai Qi, Zhao She and Yue Yi belong to God. They are invincible."

Mao Zedong "On the war of annihilation, no one has left its right."

"The imperial Prince of Wuan": "stealing from the king of Wuan, the spirit of ancient times, the skill of a little longer than the time, sowing thousands of years of British wind, when the six heroes of the enemy."

Commemoration of future generations

White(Bai Qi) tomb

Be located Xianyang East suburb, Weihe River The north shore Ren Jia Tsui, Qin time here called Du mail.

In 1970, during the construction of the 353 0 factory of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, a number of cultural relics such as the tomb path, unearthed weapons and sabre were found. Xianyang Museum The White(Bai Qi) tomb is in the shape of a garden, with a diameter of 19 meters at the bottom and a height of 8 meters.

In 1982, the White(Bai Qi) tomb was listed as a key cultural relic protection unit by the Shaanxi Provincial People's government.

White(Bai Qi) Temple

The people of Qin Dynasty respected the martial arts, and they were destroyed by the treacherous people. After Qin Shihuang ascended the throne, he began to work hard and his son. Bai Zhong After a thousand years in Taiyuan, the Bai family was born. Bai Juyi Bai Juyi recalls the ancestral bait in the two way of Taiyuan's Bai family, which reads: "it is not a sin, but a death." Du mail The Qin people are pitied and set up ancestral temples in Xianyang. Unfortunately, the White(Bai Qi) temple from Qin to Tang and Song dynasties can not be preserved.

In April 2009, 360 White(Bai Qi) descendants of Bai Jia village, Chang Xing Town, Mei County, Shaanxi, set up a monument for their ancestors and raised funds to build a new White(Bai Qi) temple on the site of the White(Bai Qi) temple. The plaque of Bai Qi temple has been in history for more than 800 years, and it has been kept for generations from generation to generation. In March 2011, the villagers in Bai Jia Village renovate the ancestral hall again.

The White(Bai Qi) portrait in the ancestral temple is painted by the memory of the old White(Bai Qi) house after the cultural revolution.

Memorial Hall

Taiwan Chiayi Tung Shi The White(Bai Qi) Palace is White(Bai Qi) palace. Thousand years old Enjoy the fragrance.

Wuan City Dongshan culture and Art Park There are commemorative museums related to White(Bai Qi).

Anecdote story

Records of Shaanxi Baoji In the same area, if the epidemic disease is common, it will set up "the four hundred thousand soldiers of Qin Chang Ping, the emperor of Wuan," and "Wuan deputy commander Sima Jin". Si Ma Jin Bless the local residents. Plague

Gu Kou Village

Legend has it that the White(Bai Qi) pit is killing. Zhao Jun Therefore, it is also known as valley killing, crying, and injustice valley. gaoping 5 kilometers west of the city, there is a White(Bai Qi) platform in the village. White(Bai Qi) Dragon Temple And the temple of skeleton king. The temple of the king of bones was built in the Tang Dynasty. When Tang Xuanzong was Lu Wang, he visited this place. He saw the bones and bones everywhere, and his skull became a mountain. Now the temple of skeleton king was built in Qing Dynasty. Yu Dazhen, a poet in the Ming Dynasty, wrote: "the origin of this area is a battlefield, and the plain and the desert are wild. Constant wind and rain weep, such as in the ancient temple of famine. Zhao will be free for thousands of times. Actually, the ancestral temple is looking for worship. Visitors to Gaoping will visit and visit the temple of the skeleton king. Changping ancient battlefield The magnificent scenes.

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