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Bai Pu

Bai Po (1226 - about 1306), formerly known as "Heng", Ren Fu, later renamed Pu, the word is too plain, Lanlan Valley, Han nationality, ancestral home state (now Shanxi) Hequ ) Nanjing's Kaifeng Liang (today's Henan) Kaifeng (person) Living in an old age Jinling (now Nanjing, Jiangsu) Life is not official. He is Yuan dynasty Famous Zaju Writers, and Guan Han Qing , Ma Zhiyuan , Guang Zhu Zheng It is also called "four masters of Yuanqu". The representative works are mainly " Tang Minghuang autumn night phoenix tree rain " Pei Shaojun is on the wall. " East wall of Dong Xiuying's Flower Moon " Tianjing Sha and Autumn And so on.

brief account of the author's life

Bai Pu (1226 - about 1306). The word is too plain.

Heng, Ren Fu, the ancestral home of Shanxi (Hequ, Nanjing). Kaifeng, Henan Man, a famous opera writer in Yuan Dynasty. and Guan Han Qing , Guang Zhu Zheng , Ma Zhiyuan Called " Four Yuan Opera " Bai Pu was born in a bureaucrat family, and his father, white HUAWEI Jin Xuanzong, was three years (1215). Privy Council In the judgement, Zhong Fu Bai Ben was a Jinshi among Jinzhang Munetaewa. He once worked as a county magistrate, but his uncle died early. Bai Yuan and Yuan Hao asked his father and son to be intimate friends. The two children often associate with each other in poetry and have a good communication.

Bai Pu was born in such a family. He should have enjoyed his leisure and study, so that he could gain fame and success in the future. However, in his youth, he had to suffer from war and chaos. He had to work hard with his family in fear and confusion. Shortly after his birth, Nanjing's kaito Liang in the Jin Dynasty had been in the center of the Mongolia army. Baihua The whole day was busy for the survival of the Jin Dynasty, so that there was no time to take care of the wife and children's family. Jin sad In the first year of Tianxing (1232), Mongolia's artillery cannons attacked the city, and Kim AI Zong decided to abandon the north and go to Germany (now Shangqiu, Henan). In March of next year, the city of Mongolia was destroyed, and the army was slaughtered. In the war, Bai Pu lost his mother and son. Fortunately, Yuan Hao asked in the city before he took him and his elder sister and saved his life in the army and famine. At the end of April, Yuan Hao asked him to take the Bai Po siblings across the river to Liaocheng, and then live in Guan's (now Shandong). Guanxian County magistrate Zhao Tianxi shogunate. Yuan Hao Wen Although he is also a minister of subjugation and life, it is hard to live. But he regards Bai Pu's brother as caring for his own life. Bai Po was attacked by plague, and life was dying. Yuan Hao asked him to hold him in the arms day and night, and he sweating sixth days later. Bai Pu is intelligent and intelligent, so he likes reading books from childhood. Yuan Hao asked him to train him carefully, taught him how to read and study, and made himself a good teacher in his childhood.

Bai Po's father Bai Hua surrendered to the Southern Song Dynasty after the death of Jin Dynasty. Jun Zhou Tyre (eight officer). Soon, Bai Hua made a capital investment in Yuan Dynasty. In the nine year (1237) of Emperor Taizong, Mongolia, when Bai Po was 12 years old, some of the white ministers came to the real decision. They attached themselves to the emperor of Mongolia. In the same autumn, Yuan Hao asked Guan's return to Taiyuan. True definite So he sent Bai Po's brother to Baihua, so that the father and son who had been separated for several years could be reunited. The father and son met each other, and Bai Hua felt very happy. He had a poem "full court Fang, showing the new son", expressing the mood at that time: "Guang Lu He Tai, the general Pavilion, ten years of a dream. Short clothes, see the town hill again. When he was drunk, he was still tall. Today, children are floating before the lamp, happy to live. " He was also very grateful to Yuan Hao for his children's kindness. Once there was a poem, Xie said, "Gu I really became a mourning dog.

With the stability of the north, Bai Pu and his son were also there. True definite Settle down. From then on, he wrote poems and Fu according to his father's requirements, and studied the lessons of the examination. He made progress in the study of law and Fu, and soon became famous for his poetry and Fu. At that time, Yuan Hao asked for the compilation of Jin Dynasty history books, and he often went in and out of the majority, so that he could get to know the truth and care about his studies. Every time he came to his home, he had to guide him in his scholarly way. Once there was a poem praising Bai Pu, saying: "Yuan Bai Tong Jia Jiu, Lang Duruxian." I encouraged him to work hard and achieve something. However, the brutal plundering of the rulers of Mongolia made it difficult to restore the wounds of Bai Po's mind. He was disgusted with the rulers of Mongolia, and the mother and son lost each other in the turmoil of war, which made him often sigh with mountains and rivers, and felt sad for the service of the rulers. Therefore, he gave up the contention of fame and fortune in the officialdom, and with the self subjugation of the adherents of the subjugation, he dedicated his Ci Fu to his profession, and used his voice to vent his pent up and dissatisfaction in his chest.

With the increase of age and the expansion of social experience, Bai Pu's knowledge is more advanced. In the two year (1261) of the Yuan Dynasty, Bai Po was 36 years old. In April of this year, the Yuan Dynasty's ancestors declared their own knowledge of literature through various ways. Henan Road He was recommended by Shi Tian Ze, who entered the center, and was refused by him. He not only ignored the idea of Shi Tian Ze, but also felt inconveniences. True definite Staying for a long time is easy for him to abandon his home in the south, and this means that he is determined to retire from the world and never lose his official career. However, the feelings of his wife and son can not be cut off, and he often suffers from his conflicting feelings.

He first went to Hankou and then returned to Jiujiang. When he was 41 years old, he returned to Beijing for a real trip to Beijing. From then on, he went down south again, between Jiujiang and Dongting, and settled down in Jinling in Yuan Dynasty to seventeen yuan (1280). Before and after this, perhaps because of his genuine match, he had returned to the real decision for his wife's loss. At this opportunity, he was advised to go to court to become an official, but he was declined. Shortly thereafter, he returned to Jinling. From then on, he traveled mainly in Hangzhou and Yangzhou in the south of the Yangtze River and returned to Yangzhou until she was 81 years old. Then his whereabouts could not be found.

Bai Po is in a state of love and affection, but he can not really escape from the outside world and turn a blind eye to reality. In addition, his footsteps were just a desolate place that had been flourishing for a while and now looted by weapons. The contrast between the front and the rear also aroused his resentment against the rulers of Mongolia. He used this poem to vent his hatred and to accuse the rulers of Mongolia of their evil deeds.

Yuan Dynasty to fourteen yuan (1277), Bai Pu Yu to Jiujiang,

Re entering baling. Jiujiang's past prosperity was swept away by the cold and depressed. He sighed with infinite sadness. "No one knows how to change the world, but the soldiers only see Sichuan bleed, sigh, dance and dance in the Yueyang Tower," As for Jinling nostalgia, Hangzhou's "Six Dynasties Linping millet and Southern Song Chi Yuan work", everywhere express the feelings of the adherents, "injury time disorder, see in the lines." The feeling of injuries is coming out of the pen.

Bai Pu, after all, was an intellectual in the feudal era. Although he was sentimental and sad for the different generations of the river and the countryside, he was more worried about his nine life experiences. A collection of sounds of nature can be said everywhere to express his feelings for the sorrowful life. Besides expressing his will with words and songs, he wrote many zaju, which contributed his own talents to the prosperity of Zaju in the Yuan Dynasty.

Bai Pu played an important role in the creation of Zaju in Yuan Dynasty. He has always commented on the drama of the Yuan Dynasty, and he called Guan Hanqing, Ma Zhiyuan and Zheng Guangzu as the four masters of the Yuan drama.


According to Yuan people Zhong Si Cheng " Ghost book "Bibliographic description, Bai Pu wrote 15 scripts, the 15 are:" Tang Minghuang autumn night phoenix tree rain "Phoenix tree rain" and "Dong Xiuying's Flower Moon" East wall record "," Tang Minghuang visits the Moon Palace "Han Cuipin's Imperial Red Leaf", "Xue Qiong's evening moon night silver Zheng resentment", "Han Gao Zu chop White Snake", "Su Xiao's moonlight night Qian Tang dream", "Zhu Yingtai dies marry Liang Shan Bo", "Chu Zhuang Wang night banquet will not be able to meet", "Cuiyu Ye paste", "Gao Zu Gui Zhuang", "mandarin duck Jane" Ideal setting for a couple in love "," autumn river Fengyue Phoenix boat "," Xiao Yizhi earned Lanting Pavilion notes "," Yan Shidao rushed to the river ". Plus " Shengsheng new voice There are 16 copies of Li Keyong's arrow and double carving. Now only exist. Tang Minghuang autumn night phoenix tree rain "," East wall of Dong Xiuying's Flower Moon "," Pei Shaojun is on the wall. "The short story of the wall", the three books, and the remnants of Han Cuipin's Imperial Red Leaf and Li Ke's double shot are all collected by Wang Wen Cai's "Bai Pu Opera Collection notes".

There are many historical legends and stories. Talented person A romantic affair. Existing " Tang Minghuang autumn night phoenix tree rain It's written in Tang Ming Huang and favorite concubine of emperor Minghuang Love story Ideal setting for a couple in love It describes the story of "a woman who has a great ambition". The former is a tragedy, written in sorrow, on the side, vigorous and tragic; the latter is comedy, written in ups and downs, and passionate. These two works have always been considered as successful works in love dramas. They have strong artistic vitality and have far-reaching effects on the development of future operas.

In the history of Chinese operas, the two dynasties of song and Jin have had pure drama, but no script has been handed down, so we can not tell clearly the situation of these operas. The Zaju in the Yuan Dynasty has developed to a very skillful level in the plot and characterization, laying a solid foundation for the Chinese opera art. From the preserved plays, we can see that the plot is tortuous, the theme is outstanding, and it has strong attraction; the characters in the play, no matter it is Tang Minghuang who is unhappy with Jiangshan, because of pleasure. Smooth and fair Yang Gui Fei, a charming and charming young woman, is still a bright and bold Li Qianjin. All of her characters are vivid and vivid. Tang Minghuang on the stage of Peking Opera can also see the image of this image created by Bai PU.

and Guan Han Qing Compared with Bai Po's circle of life, it is impossible for him to extract materials from the lower levels of society and write Guan Hanqing's "earth shaking". the injustice to dou e " However, he is good at making use of historical themes and playing the story. Because of old problems, innovative ideas, beautiful words and deep affection, Guan Hanqing is inferior to them. His status and role in the history of literature and drama, as well as the artistic achievements of his plays, has long been an important research topic in literature and art.

Bai Pu Ci Poetry In his lifetime, he was compiled into a collection. Sounds of nature collection " In the Ming Dynasty, the words had been deleted. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Zhu Yizun, Hong Sheng The first is to sort out the publication. There are more than 200 collections of words, many of which are sentimental when they are hurt, except for some social gifts, songs and prostitutes. With this work, we can understand Bai Pu's life. His ci poetry inherited the style of Yuan Hao Wen's long short sentence, which was very natural and simple.

Literary talent

Bai Pu was intelligent and memorable from childhood. and Guan Han Qing , Wang Shipu (another comment is Guang Zhu Zheng ) Ma Zhiyuan Others said Four Yuan Opera San Qu is elegant and dignified, and plays with Guan Hanqing as the grand opera singer. In his works, the famous Zaju " Phoenix Tree rain "Content" tells you An Lushan and favorite concubine of emperor Minghuang Fornication Fan Yang Jie Jie, with Yang Guo Zhong Discord, so the rebellion of emperor Lushan, the emperor's luck. to Ma Yi Yi At that time, the army did not advance. Chen Wen Li Please kill Yang Guozhong brothers and sisters. The Ming emperor had to let the princess hang herself in the Buddhist hall. After returning to Changan, Li Longji met the concubine in a dream and woke up to the rain. This drama has been highly praised in the past dynasties. Li Ting yuan "Yu Cun Qu Hua" said: "Yuan people chant horses and horses without worries, and Bai Renfu's" Wu Tong Yu "plays the most. Wang Guowei Bai Renfu's "autumn night phoenix tree" drama. Shen Xia Solemn and stirring, crowning the Yuan opera. There is another work. Ideal setting for a couple in love "The wall of Pei Shaojun" is the most outstanding work of Bai Po. Five Legends One of the Yue Ting Ji Wang Shifu's Romance of the West Chamber Zheng Guangzu's The young lady died for love It is called " The four greatest love dramas in the Yuan Dynasty " Stories written in the Tang Dynasty Pei Xingjian Pei Shaojun, the son of Changan, went to Luoyang to buy flowers. Li Shijie The wall of Li Qianjin's daughter gives a poem. In the evening, two people went to Changan to settle down in private gardens. Later, he found the father of Xiao Jun and ordered his wife to return home. Li Qianjin returned to Luoyang, where his parents died. After becoming a Jinshi, he married Li Qianjin.

Bai Pu's Ci has spread to more than 100, most of which are chanting things and entertainment. There are 16 kinds of Zaju: "Wan Ying Hui", "Jiang Jiang Jiang", " East wall record "," Liang Shan Bo "Earn Lanting Pavilion", "silver Zheng resentment", "Cut White Snake", " Phoenix Tree rain "Lucky Moon Palace", "Cui Yu Ye Ye", "Qian Tang dream", "Gao Zu Gui Zhuang", "Fenghuang boat", " Ideal setting for a couple in love "Hongye", "arrow and shoot double carving". San Qu has a volume of "sounds of nature collection". Xiaoling Thirty-seven, Cyclones The four set.

Election of Bai Pu San Qu

Winning the championship

Mizu Akiaki, Xia Tian sent late and painted Jiangnan Jiangbei. Everywhere, the three Pavilion is fragrant, and the Six Dynasties are old. There is a collection of flowers in the court. At that time, the emperor had no worries.

Melancholy dragon Shen Gong well, stone crow mark, still some carmine wet. Go to heaven and earth

The rivers are ruthless and the flowers are scattered. hate Qingxi Remain in the city. To the west wind, who and the evocation, the dream cloud news.

On the theme of "Ren Ni Jiao" Zhenjiang Multi view building, using Poxian Charm

Rieyama Nobumi, a quick life, looks at the scenery of Southern Zhou. The sun is golden, and the green iron is still floating. When the clouds came, the water went with the sky, and the snow fell on the sand for several days. Endless, ancient and modern Trimble Outstanding people.

Looking at the stone tomb, we can join the army and bury this. Sang Zi long famine, amazing, several times buried alive. In the past, the glasses were close enough to show the stars. Haw to fly Bright moon

parasitic grass drink

What's wrong with getting drunk? The two names of the grains are pickled and dried up.

When we do not laugh, Qu Yuan is not. another name of Tao Yuanming Yes.

Drunk midheaven A black mole on the face of a beautiful woman

Doubtful Yang Fei How can we get rid of it? Horse horse Disaster? He came with an inkstone from the Ming emperor. Beautiful face is killing.

Li Bai, looking at the delicate shape, sprinkling pine smoke and breaking the peach cheek.

Know honour and shame and keep silent. Poems and books are in clusters. Idle hands, poor and evil.

Tianjing Sha * spring

Spring mountain warm day and wind, the pavilion of the balcony, the courtyard of the willow swing. The warblers dance, and the bridges flow red.

Tianjing Sha * summer

Clouds gather rain and rain, and water is cold and melon is sweet. The yam, the jade and the fan.

Tianjing Sha * autumn

A lonely village falls in the sun, and a light rain, old tree, a haw. Beautiful country scene, White grass Red leaf yellow flowers.

Tianjing Sha * winter

A picture of Qiao, a half court crescent dusk, and a waterfront in front of the snow. Bamboo hedge cottage, light smoke grass grass village.

drunk with Dongfeng fishermen

White apple Ferry Green Yang Dihong. Although there is no neck and neck, there are friends.

Egrets of autumn river Sand gull Arrogant killing room Wan Hou Illiterate people smoke.

The rocks are penetrating through the clouds, and the jade pipes should be more clear and clear.

Phoenix Evening clouds cover the stage. Plum blossom Startled into twilight snow. Quiet, also a blow down Jianglou month.


The snow turns the ice string, ten fingers are gentle and warm. Lin Ying Shan slips, the night wind and rain fall the chord head.

On the shore of the reed to the blue boat, the sad string is just like a worried person. Tears filled eyes, Sima after leaving.

White snow Yang Chun, a song of the west wind several heartbroken. Du Weiniang is the only one.

The sound of the front rises around the dangerous beam, and then goes to the Milky way. The rhyme is melodious, and the small building passes through the clouds one night.


The Phoenix bun is empty and the waist is warm. Light move lotus step, Han Palace flying swallow is old and romantic.

In the Liang Dynasty, the partridge flies the spring robe sleeve. Kun Tun, Liu Lang mistook the willows before the wind.

green apricot snow

Six flowers were turned over by the gale. Qianshan In winter, things should be late. The site of the frozen congee is cold, invading the tent, cold and wet.

Jiaqing Roll up the window to see. Good scenery can't be finished. Good question. Verse It's hard to chant. Between the jade kettle.

rich people should be used to the red stove, and not afraid of the early cold. The banquet is invited to invite guests to serve as a cub.

to drink wine and beauties to celebrate Calendula, and to sing as a singer. The song is noisy, noisy and loud, and the night draws the candle and the silver light.

seems to feel the fragrance of the banquet, and the fragrant wind is not the musk. Drunken eyes asked hazy Xiao Man The multi tube is the South Chimonanthus wax Mei burst.

drunk midheaven

A black mole on the face of a beautiful woman

Yang Fei is wondering how to get rid of the disaster. He came with the inkstone of the Ming emperor.

Face is killing. Li Bai, looking at the delicate shape, sprinkling pine smoke and breaking the peach cheek.

Yang Chun Qu

discover sth. at its very beginning

Know honour and shame and keep silent. Poetry and books

Drowning. Idle hands, poor and evil.

At present, wine is drunk today, and we must drink before the cup. Back to the sea

Dust fly. Sun and moon disease, white hair and old people.

Not because of wine trapped because poetry is difficult, often chanting soul drunk soul. Four seasons, wind and moon

Leisure. Useless people, poetry, wine, music, innocent.

Zhang Liang's wife and his whole body, Fan Li returned to the lake. Leshan Lok Shui

Appropriate. You know, you know how many people know this.

Question emotion

In the heart of the book, the silver note is written in the heart of the book. Poor and unaccustomed to harm

Acacia, by your Ken word, until now tease me many times.

On the temples, the clouds are lazy and loose. The wound is embroidered by the year.

The sky is empty, and the mind is full.

You can't spend your time in idle shopping. A letter from Lang Lang

Voice is sparse, sigh deeply, sweet face tears like beads.

Good things are always frugal. The nurse is pressing.

The clamp is very strict, and the more the more it is, the more intense it is.

Laugh and cover your candle with your red sleeves. Embrace each other

Joy is nothing more than what should be done.

When you are busy, you feel like shoes. Push forward

To give a mother, to catch up with a trousseau, what is wrong with it.

little pink

Song Ji Zhao, often friends for Jia Zizheng, on the river, there are

Stay for months. After that, I would like to discuss with you. Feel this and give it an extemporaneous song.

It is.

The clouds are dressed up on the temples. At that time, on the river,

If you reduce your light, you should be safe after all. Sad to stay, soft gold robe sleeves, still

Take Jia Chongxiang.

Set number

point crimson lips

Jin Fengchai points, Yu Jing people go, autumn chic. Late for leisure, needlework

Clear up.

Alone in the dangerous building, the twelve beads hung and the wind rustled. rain

The clouds are bright and the mountains are picturesque.

breaks the human intestines, the horizon is left by the water edge Xia. Dry lotus

Long egrets, far from the trees. The fallen leaves have been building stones, repairing bamboo SANS and sweeping window screens.

Near dusk, worried about the birth of the anvil, and blame the pipa.

remember how to separate the world from the wild, so how can we know people will bury him.

Sing the whip of the green horse, do not eat the wine of Qin Lou, Xie Jia tea, do not consider the hand to face.

Divergent words.

by long time, to embroider, to build a golden lotus under dangerous buildings.

Scatter. The deep courtyard, the bamboo leaf, the Ling Bo's socks. Number returned empty

Draw short Hainan hairpin.

Yuan and order, since the wild goose book, a few times knot turtle Gua. Tsui Mei Chang

It is a lock of sorrow, and a jade hallow. Since Yuanxiao waited for the Double Ninth Festival, he still could not get home.

There is less joy, less trouble, and more confusion.

When I go to the East hedge, I sigh from time to time.

Xiao Shi tune

It is the red wheel falling to the west, and the remnant clouds illuminated by thousands of silver waves. Cold smoke on the river

Foggy, the wind is thin, obstructing people from leaving.

Song Yu is sad and depressed. Human world

No one can break and break away from it. There is only one in the world.

, to remember Xiao Qing, he is very sick. Sad and silent

At the end of the day, we suffered all the hardships. There is no return to the ends of the earth. Hate Feng

Kuai, who loves kindness and loves dogs, is not afraid of heavens. Up to now

It is forbidden to eat and wait for the pavilion, but it is more likely to be late.

The old people are gone, the wind from the Changjiang River is sent, and the sound of Hu Hu is heard.

Rhyme. A round of bright moon, a number of Ming Lang, time to sing and fishing songs. No change

Then, Sha Ting Liao shore, a bit of fishing lights, lonely ancient crossing stop painting. double

Life is silent and tears fall.

Lanzhou decided to pass the flowers through the oars.

Fear of the scattered mandarin duck, two points fly like me.

Double tune

Opposite view

The Begonia began to rain, and the smoke of the willow and the smoke spread. Russia

But looking back, there was a lot of red and snow.

It's just spring, plum and yellow time.

Blood like. Hu Kui opens the courtyard, shears the palace and valerian.

suddenly the court fell, and the cover was missing. Courtyard stock

Rhyme cuts, cicadas sing. The frost is white, the water is cold and the wind is high.

Autumn fragrance opens.

The unseen ice knot, the cloud cloth, the cool wind.

To sing the window, thank the women, and the jade. Long outskirts of ten thousand miles, powder pollution

Thousand mountains. On the way, the old fishermen were scattered, and Egami Kiyo died. Quiet

A quiet courtyard, a dance floor, a wine house, a man in Crystal Palace.

Age is like water flowing away.

The name of the world is always empty. Recalling reason

Garden, sigh sigh, old swimming pool shop, do fox fox rabbit hole. Stay idle.

This is a good name. Prosperity is like a butterfly.

the pillow is joyous, and the wine in the cup is good.

The Jintang wind and moon were lost.

Phoenix Tree rain

Bai Pu is a good singer. The collection of words, "the sounds of nature", "the words are strict, the sentiment sends lofty", is more dispirited and sad. There are 40 pieces of San Qu, which express their leisurely and carefree feelings in their natural language. According to the records recorded in "ghost recording", there are 15 kinds of dramas. The present is only "Indus rain" and "wall immediately".

"Phoenix tree rain" is a description. Yang Yuhuan Li Longji's historical drama of love life and politics. Tianbao rebellion The story of Yang and Li has become a hot topic in the literary world. Especially Bai Juyi After the advent of the song of eternal regret, two generations of poets in Tang and Song Dynasties reflect on this history from different angles. There are also reports on "Yang Tai Zhen" and "Xuanzong". At the time of Jin Yuan, playwrights showed strong interest in Yang and Li stories. Guan Han Qing I wrote "crying the sachet". Yu Tian Xi It has written "Huaqing Palace" and "Nei Shang complain". Yue Bo Chun I wrote "dream of Yang Fei". Wang Bo Cheng I wrote the story of Tianbao. But these scripts have been lost, but Bai Po's "phoenix tree rain" has been handed down.

Bai Juyi's "everlasting regret" has the meaning of "autumn rain trees when leaves fall". In the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, the details of Li Longji and Indus were highly valued by the poets. They were related to Yuan Haowen and Bai Hua. Feng Bi , Yao Shu Yuan Jue and others all wrote poems for the famous Ming emperor's attack on the phoenix tree. Bai Po's "phoenix tree rain" is likely to be inspired in such an atmosphere of creation.

From the middle Tang Dynasty, it has always described and commented on the stories of Yang and Li, or focused on sympathy and praise of Yang and Li's love for life and death. Bai Pu's "phoenix tree rain" is also written about Yang and Li's love and extravagance, but the focus of his creation is not that. He wants to declare to the audience who has undergone tremendous changes, a more profound and more painful theme of life change. The "phoenix tree rain" wedge writes Li Longji in the "peaceful and uneventful days".

Miss the teacher An Lushan He was promoted to the frontier. Second fold to write Li Longji and Yang Yuhuan in Longevity Palace Qiao Qiao banquet, two people love love, love, "rely on this new Phoenix, dance Green Luan, Jin Jing The tree of the phoenix tree, though no one eavesdrop, is also silent. Exchange solemn vows and pledges It's a lifelong couple. The seventy percent off is the turning point of the story, and Li Longji fled in panic. Ma Po Po When the six army was not released, Li Longji had to let Yang Yuhuan hang himself when he was unable to protect himself. "Yellow and gloomy, sad wind sowing, blue clouds dim under the sun", after a violent upheaval, all power and glory vanished. Phoenix Tree rain

The fourth fold of "phoenix tree rain" is the most wonderful part of the whole drama. After Li Longji abdicated Nishinomiya Old age, he is full of melancholy, missing the dead Yang Yuhuan, yearning for the past moon and flower. He thought of nothing. authority The anguish of loneliness, the limit of sorrow. He hung around under the phoenix tree, "often remember that the phoenix tree is erect and the red teeth are knocked in the hands". Thing And time is only a remembrance. In the atmosphere of falling leaves and autumn insects, Li Longji made a hazy dream. In the dream, Yang Yuhuan invited him to the banquet in the hall of longevity, only to say one or two words, and the dream was awakened. After waking up, "outside the windows, the rain is drizzling." The sound of the rain was very slow for a while, and a little bit of heartbreak came out of it. Li Longji's sadness and sadness were incisively and vividly presented.

In "phoenix tree rain", Bai Pu linked the Indus and Yang and Lee's joys and sorrows. Li Longji recalled to the Indus: "when the princess was dancing, the tree was under the tree. When the little man and the concubine were sworn, they were also aware of the tree." This is clear about the entire script of Chinese parasol. Artistic conception The role of. In Chinese poetry, Phoenix Tree The image itself contains the connotations of mourning, loneliness and loneliness. Bai Pu made the Indus as a witness of the changing world. It made the scene of rain wet and cold, and beat up sorrow and hate, stirring up the sad feeling of settling in people's consciousness, thus making the script unique. artistic effect In addition, the author paints Li Longji's sad mood with more than 10 pieces of music. Very touching Through the experience of the characters, we can feel the pain and sadness of the mountains. It can be said that the drama conflict of "Wu Tong Yu" is vivid and lively, and the pen and ink are beautiful and beautiful, while the artistic conception is deep and implicit. The lyric and full-bodied poetic flavor made this historical play a strange flower in the literary circles of the Yuan Dynasty.

The wall immediately.

Ideal setting for a couple in love

A song of praise for freedom of marriage to preserve the dignity, personality and comic scenes of personality.

Bai Pu's "wall top" is a love comedy with strong comedy. The material of this play stems from Bai Juyi's poem "bottomless silver coin". White poetry describes a tragic story of marriage: a woman falls in love with a man, cohabiting for five or six years, but is considered by her parents to "marry for wife, then Concubine" and expelled from home. In " First he abused her and in the end he gave her up In the social atmosphere, Bai Pu sympathized with the unfortunate woman, and warned the world that "to send a silly little girl, to be careful not to make light of others". Bai Pu's content in the play is roughly the same as that in the bottom hole silver bottle, but its ideological inclination is quite different from that of the original poem. The whole script is full of passionate passion. It depicts women's courageous pursuit of love, courageously challenging their feudal parents and becoming a song of praise for freedom of marriage. Before Bai Po, the material of bottom hole silver bottle has been valued by folk artists. According to Song Dynasty careful In the old history of Wulin, the Song Dynasty official dramas have "Pei Shaojun Yi Zhou". Tao Chung Yi Gold deposit in "drop out farming record" Courtyard There are "Yuanyang bamboo slips" and "wall horses (above)". Nanxi Opera There is "Pei Xiao Xiao wall immediately". Song Dynasty Script for story telling In the ghost of a Grottoes in the Western Hills, there is a word like "twisting green plum peek" (small) handsome, like riding a red and green star, and it shows that people constantly adapt this story, add many plots, and even determine the hero's surname. On this basis, Bai Pu's script also greatly enriched the content of the original poem. More importantly, although Bai Pu is based on traditional stories, his characters are actually based on real life and are vivid images of flesh and blood.

Li Qianjin, the heroine of the wall immediately, did not hide his desire for love and marriage when he played.

She said, "if I still have a romantic son-in-law, how can I learn how to draw pictures? Distant mountain eyebrow Better teach lamp Gao Zhao, Jin accounts falling. The flowers are deep, and the phoenix trees are hidden. When she was on the wall and Pei Shaojun To encounter When you see a good scholar, you take an active attitude. She pleaded Mei Xiang Pass the poem to her, and Pei Shaojun will go to the wall for a tryst. When the two were watched by Mammy, she and Pei Shaojun fell down on their knees and beg for help. Elopement For love, Li Qianjin is not afraid of anything. He dares to do anything. She is willing to make sacrifices, "love others can give up themselves". She was convinced of the reasonableness of her timely marriage. Therefore, she is not as shy as a girl in a boudoir, but somewhat similar to the Xiu Xiu in the book "Guanyin Guanyin". Obviously, in this character, Bai Pu has made it blend with the characteristics of women in the marketplace. Stills 1

Li Qianjin had been hiding in Pei's backyard for seven years, giving birth to a man and a woman, but he was finally discovered by Pei Shangshu. She tried to defend her behavior and refute Pei's abuse. Of course, in the face of the powerful feudal forces, Li Qianjin, who was regarded as "running away", had to go home, but she never gave in. When Pei Shaojun tested Number one scholar Pei knew that she was the daughter of a government official. She apologized to her and asked her to reunite her family members. She refused to do so. Even if Pei Shangshu apologized for her drinking, she was very emphatic: "if you stop me, I will not accept it." It was only later that I saw a pair of children crying, who could not help but soften up and return to Pei family. In the play, Li Qianjin's image is very outstanding. She not only wants to get love, but also regards marriage autonomy as the right of life, and thinks that running away like Zhuo Wenjun is reasonable. Therefore, when she fell in love with Pei Shaojun, she ran away from home without hesitation. But this is only one aspect of Li Qianjin's pursuit. Unlike ordinary girls, they value their dignity more. Seventy percent off, there is such a dialogue:

Shang Shuyun:... You destroy the Custom without salt, and do the male tour nine counties and the women marry Sanfo.

Zheng Dan Yun: I am Pei Shaojun.

Shang Wu Nu Yun: not to say "female Mu Zhenjie, male talent only good"; "hire is wife, run to be Concubine". You are not going home.

Zheng Dan Yun: this marriage is also heaven sent.

Li Qianjin said that she only loved one person, saying that marriage is heaven's gift, which is nothing but a refutation of the slander of Pei Shang Shu, emphasizing the rationality of his actions and the purity of his personality. In the fourth fold, she refused to Pei family and son, refused to always dream of marriage, it is the victims of the struggle. She did not have no feelings for Xiao Jun, but in order to preserve her dignity, she even prepared to give up. In the play, the author shows people that Li Qianjin, who longs for love, is not just about love. Because Li Qianjin paid much attention to maintaining her ideal and personality, she dared to throw away feudal morality and feudal ethics, and grasp her fate in a firm manner, showing a strong and stubborn personality.

Stills 2

The artistic style of "wall immediately" is obviously different from that of "phoenix tree rain". "Phoenix tree rain" with deep artistic conception, "wall immediately" with a compact and lively plot arrangement to win. In this play, the author fully shows his ability to depict characters in theatrical scenes. In the case of Pei sun Shu, seventy percent off, he caught up with the double ninth and the end of the Gong, and woke up the sleeping public.

(Gong Gong woke up with a broom and hit the family.) (who is Shang Shuyun?) who is the two small family? (end to end cloud) is Pei Jia. (Shang Shuyun) is that Pei family? (Chongyang cloud) is Pei Shang's calligrapher. (who is not the garden of Pei Shangshu's family? (Zhong Yangyun) tell my mom and dad to go. (Gong Gong Yun) you picked two flowers and trees and told your father and mother to go. Jump up, your father-in-law to fight your mother! (two people walk in the courtyard, the courtyard public cloud) you two do not throw the front to walk, then goes behind! This drama depicts the innocence of the child and the embarrassment of the old man trying to hide it. In the face of Pei Shangshu's unassuming and suspicious attitude, the end of the house and the Double Ninth Festival were jumping up and down and telling the truth. This comic scene made people laugh. She made people sweat for Li Qian, and the image of characters appeared in the conflict of drama.

Appreciative Remarks

Phoenix Tree rain

Fourth fold appreciation of Bai Pu's "phoenix tree rain"

1, Tang Minghuang fled West and fled to Ma Po Po. The six army could not kill Yang Guozhong.

Hang Yang. An Shi rebellion After calm down, Tang xunzong Back to Changan, retire to Nishinomiya to provide for the aged. He has lost love and power; he has not protected his love by power, nor has he preserved his power by sacrificing love. In the case of two loss of love power, he was worried, and every day the pain of Yang Fei's portrait was unbearable. These ninety percent off twenty-three tunes are the sad feelings of Tang Ming emperor's missing Yang.

to five songs write Tang Xuanzong face Miss Yang's true memory caused by the memory and sentimental. There are also Beijing trillion Half a year's lonely narration. There are also new white hairs. Become as emaciated as a fowl Portraits of portraits, high voices, high voices, high thoughts, and tears of rain and tears. A happy event which pleases one's mind -- a cheerful disposition and a happy event There are also mourning for the death of love in life and death. There are regrets that have never been fulfilled in the vow of divine judgement, and there is no alternative to lamenting the resignation of the throne. Tears and tears fully show Tang Xuanzong's complex mental state. When Tang Minghuang faced the sad portrait of Yang Kuei Fei, he could not dispel it. Xiang Xiang Ting Leisure and frustration. The site was converted from the palace to the pavilion. Shen Xiang Ting was once a place for Tang Minghuang and Yang Kuei Fei to take a feast, eat litchi and dance neon. Now how can we not see things, people, touching the scene. The five song of to is to write Tang Xuanzong's memory of Yang's concubine on the side of the pavilion and the sorrow of being killed. "To see Hibiscus in the face, to meet willows in memory of the waist" is from the song of Everlasting Sorrow. Hibiscus is like a face like a brow. "Evolved". The author uses ingenious. analogy With rich associations, Tang Xuanzong wrote about his past singing and dancing, his glory and glory, and his thoughts of Yang. But at the moment, "green grass" is full of grass and fragrant trees. The air is not good for the well. Through the contrast between the past and the past, dramas express the infinite sadness of Tang Ming Huang's past prosperity.

Tang Minghuang went back to the temple, and the time had come from day to night. The scenery is more decayed, the tone is darker, and the mood of the characters is more melancholy. to Huang Huang Zhong, the thirteen songs express the dream of the Tang emperor's bedroom. The author takes the concrete image as metaphor, and writes the sadness of Emperor Xuanzong.

The first three songs wrote the Tang emperor's loneliness and anxiety before his dream. The works render a unique atmosphere to foil the protagonist's mood. A faint string of smoke, a dusky galaxy, a noisy autumn insect, a dark cloud on the ground, a violent westerly wind, a fallen leaf, a Lang bell bell, a rustled bamboo curtain, a tinkling iron horse, causing a desolate, tragic and anxious atmosphere, which effectively set Tang Minghuang's loneliness, melancholy and restlessness. The author uses trickle, puncturing, and ignoring. Lulu The sound and form of the onomatopoeia and the shape words depict the sounds and forms of the scene, increasing the image and expressiveness of the language.

[if you are a scholar, you will write dreams directly. Tang Minghuang had just fallen asleep and dreamed that Yang asked him to give birth to the banquet hall. Yang's life and the old Rong Huafugui appeared before him. But in a flash, sleep was awakened and everything was illusory. "A good dream will become a surprise. Shark (mythical legend of the shark's weaving, generally referred to as gauze). After the dream, my heart is more sentimental.

In search of the reason for his dream, Bai Pu concentrated his vision on a focal point -- Indus rain. The following few songs tried to describe the natural scene of "autumn night phoenix tree rain", which created a sad and desolate mood, expressing the mood of Tang emperor's loneliness, sadness and disorder. The author painstakingly painstakingly devoted all his efforts and talents to various kinds of artistic techniques and rhetorical devices. Imagery Works depict the Indus rain, with the head of the building crossing the wild goose, under the steps. Cold spell Before the eaves, the jade horse and the rack. Golden Rooster do Contrast Yang Liu Yu, Mei Zi Yu, Apricot flower Rain, Pear Blossom In contrast, rain, lotus rain and bean flower rain contrast, with "ten thousand pearls in the jade bowl", "a few clusters of song and dance before the daisy banquet", "the first spring of cold spring floating in the green rock", "embroidering the flag under a few faces", "the fountain, the beast is facing the double marsh", "eating Ye Chuncan filled with the foil", "Hua Nu Jie drum tune", "the tooth tooth Narcissus fuck" as the metaphor, "wash the yellow flower, moisten the hedge; stain the moss; pour the corner of the wall; Shushan mountain; gargle the stone orifice; soak up the dry lotus, Ke Numa" to make parallelism, dazzling, dazzling. The description of rain in Wu Tong Yu can be compared with the description of the ninety percent off pairs of piano sounds in the Western chamber. In particular, it is noteworthy that the description of works is not isolated and dissociated, and the author is always at the moment.

Both make the description of scenery conform to the expression of the feelings of the characters. The psychology of characters is both the starting point and the foothold of scenery description. At the end of each song, the protagonist's thoughts and feelings are regarded as the destination of scenery description, and the psychological feelings of the protagonists caused by natural scenes are described, and the evolution process of the hero's emotions is described progressively. If the first thing is to blame the rain and dream, "worry the people will be cruel," and then annoy the rain, "the people who are worried about it" will be annoyed by the rain, and then hate "rain and people close together". Meng said Shun said well: "just say the rain, and worry about hate thousands of ends, such as flying water sprayed waterfall, pour for a while." These songs are written in rain, using scenery as a foil to the feelings of the characters, and using empathy to smear the characters. Emotional color From the scene to the emotion, the scenery is born, the scenery is in line with the emotion, and the emotion in the scene creates a mood and blend of artistic conception, fully displaying the hero's inner world. In a large number of portraits of Indus rain, the author also took the Indus tree as the condition of Lenovo, and interspersed a poem of "rolling a ball of Hydrangea" to write Tang emperor's love. Today's desolation is arranged by past clubs. Lead a luxurious and dissipated life Cause today's death. Tang Minghuang was devouring his own bitter fruit. This is a high generalization of the theme. It is also a profound revelation of the details of life and has a strong allegory.

Prosperity has gone, the magnificent scenery is no longer lost, the lost is lost forever, leaving only the regrets and plaintive feelings of loneliness and solitude. The tragedy of the vicissitudes of life, which is full of ups and down, is especially breathtaking through the story of Li and Yang. Although emperors can enjoy the riches and riches that ordinary people can not reach, they can envy people, but they can not avoid the pain that ordinary people will encounter. The more joy we have in the past, the more painful we are after losing.

Bai Pu is worthy of being a great master. He can handle a well-known historical story with profound meaning. But the reason why "Wu Tong Yu" is so moving is that it has merged into the author's experience of the tragic life of war, and expressed his feelings through the characters in the play. Therefore, he can write Tang Minghuang's sad thoughts and unprovoked indignation when he is lonely.

The dripping rain of the parasol tree is very dismay.

2, the ninety percent off artistic conception is extraordinary and ingenious. The custom of Yuan zaju is "first off, then the other."

"Fourth fold is the end of a happy ending. This discount is different. It has neither many appearances nor ups and downs, nor sharp and complicated conflicts. Characters in addition to eunuch Gao Lishi Only Tang Minghuang himself is actually the ninety percent off single play. All the lyrics are the inner activities of Emperor Tang. If the seventy percent off Ma Ma mutiny is the logical climax of the evolution of the plot, these ninety percent off are the emotional climax of the plot development. All the folds come from the poetry of "everlasting regret" and "autumn rain tree leaves fall", and they are famous dramas. With his unique artistic conception, Bai Po set up a typical environment for Tang Minghuang to miss yang. Xiao Su The coldly deep palace. There used to be Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei. The seventh evening of the seventh moon The place where the vows and banquet songs and dances are now deserted, and only a painting axis faces. How can Tang Minghuang not feel sad? The author takes the portrait as the object of the protagonist's feelings and dreams to write feelings. The painting should not be turned into a dream, but a good dream will come and be caught by the rain. Wu Tong rain is not only a foil for Tang Minghuang's sadness, but also an object of his feelings. So that Tang Minghuang's inner grievances poured out like a fountain, so that the scenery description and the feelings of the characters blend harmoniously and harmoniously, creating a strong tragic atmosphere, which can be called a masterpiece. The fourth fold of "phoenix tree rain" and the fourth fold of "Han Gong Qiu" are similar. Meng Cheng Shun Comment on "phoenix tree rain" cloud: "this play is the same as" the lonely goose Han Gong Qiu ", but CI Hua is also an enemy. One is sad and the other is proud, the other is sad and bright. Make readers angry. I do not know why the tears are so strong. Wang Guowei Also said that "Han Gong Qiu" "heroic", "phoenix tree rain" "solemn and stirring", may also call "the eternal outstanding product". They all praise "phoenix tree rain" and "Han Gong Qiu". It is this unique artistic achievement that made "phoenix tree rain" listed as Four tragedies in Yuan Drama One of.

Reasons for creation

During the growth of Bai Pu, a man had a very important influence on him, that is Yuan Hao Wen. Nanjing was attacked in 1233.

After the fall, a piece of shouting and killing sound was held in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty. He asked him to embrace the prodigy Bai Po, who was regarded as "Yuan Bai Tong Jia Jiu, Zhu Lang Ren Xian", escaped from the capital city. Since then, Bai Puyou lived for a long time in his side. Bai Pu was intelligent and eager to learn at a young age. At that time, Yuan Haowen, who was asked by the University, had made great progress in his studies. He had made brilliant progress in his teens and became famous. But when he was born in troubled times, the pain of breaking away from his mother's childhood was not confined to his chest, so he had no intention of making contributions to his career, and refused to recommend his friends. The choice of the way of life has made a less cautious official in the world. Bai Pu had wandered all over the country. He visited the metropolis two times (now Beijing), and also visited Shun Tian (now Baoding area). Shou Chun (now Shouxian County, Anhui), Huai Prefecture (now Henan Qinyang) and other places. With many talented scholars and celebrities traveling among poetry and wine, most of them were famous dramas or prose writers at that time, and Bai Po's creation began at this time.

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