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Back to back entanglement

Tongbei Bianquan, also known as Hongdong Tongbeiquan, is a complete and systematic set of traditional boxing. It combines the advantages of both inside and outside. It is divided into mother boxing and sub-boxing, as well as a variety of equipment routines and pair training routines, a total of four categories. Hongdong Tongbei Quan is composed of 108 movements of the mother boxing routine, and dozens of sub-quan routines to form a complete system, which has a strong practical nature, and completely preserved the Ming Dynasty anti-Japanese famous general Qi Jiguang's 32-power boxing, is the treasure of research and excavation Qi Jiguang's boxing, with great significance.

Tongbei Bianquan originated from the early excellent folk boxing and formed in the late Tang and early Song Dynasty. Among them, the mother boxing includes most of the boxing techniques in Ji Xiao Xin Shu, a famous general of the Ming Dynasty, Qi Jiguang, and has the same blood relationship with Chen-style Taijiquan.

Tongbei Bianquan was inherited and taught by Guo Yongfu in Qianlong Dynasty, and immigrated to Henan by Great Sophora Tree in Hongwu Dynasty in Ming Dynasty. It was also brought back by Guo Yongfu. Through the study and compilation of several generations and Wulin boxers, Tongbei Entangled Boxing has reached the stage of pure green. Tongbei Entangled Boxing has a history of nearly 200 years from inheritance to development, and it has developed to this day, perfecting hundreds of ways of wrapping gloves and instruments.

In May 1983, according to the spirit of excavating and sorting out the Martial Arts Heritage formulated by the State Sports Commission, the organizational forces of Hongdong County systematically excavated and sorted out Guo Yongfu's boxing method, and named it "Tongbei Bianquan". This boxing is highly similar to Chen-style Taijiquan's Confucian Classics and its score, and its movement emphasizes "winding". It takes skillful power to win over people as its main purpose and makes use of force as its method. It has similarities and differences with Chen-style Taijiquan, which shows that there is a close relationship between Hongdong Tongbeiquan and Chen-style Taijiquan with different names and bones.

On June 10, 2011, Tongbei Bianquan declared by Hongdong County was included in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Distribution area

Hongdong Tongbeiquan is popular in Shanxi, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Jiangxi, Hubei, Brazil and other places.

Technical system

Basic Skills Method

Sand bag, iron ball, sand insertion, sand bag throwing, hemp paper, iron sand palm, five-claw work, pile work.

Barefoot Road

The barefoot glove road is the main part of Hongdong Tongbei Fist. The barefoot glove road can be divided into mother fist routine and son fist routine. Among them, the mother boxing routines include nine rows (one hundred and eight strokes); while the son boxing routines are numerous, including four hands, push chest palm, twenty-four strokes, Qiquan secret tricks, progressive set, Arhat palm, hand-entangled, skill introduction, Vajra (sperm rod, sperm bone), string lotus, iron backhand (kicking the Bai rod), ghost pulling, and so on.

Mother's Quan: There are nine rows, totaling 108 potentials, of which the first 54 potentials are sky stars, the last 54 potentials are heaven and earth stars, heaven and earth are yang, earth is yin, and Yin and yang are two gases. There are eight King Kong, four great open hands, six-six-thirty-six cubits, thirty-six beats, thirty-seven falls, seven flashes, seventy-two grasps, twenty-four legs, twenty-four techniques and so on.

Ziquan: There are thirty-two routes of routines and twenty-seven routes of entanglement. During the 108-position drill, it is required that the movements should be relaxed and generous, the momentum should be thorough, the mind should be focused, calm and calm, the body and hands should be flexible, exerted properly, soft but not soft, rigid but not stiff, the tactics should be clear, the rhythm should be clear and not slow.

Instrument routine

"Instrument is the extension of the arm", and the apparatus routine is an organic supplement to the unarmed glove routine. Usually, after the unarmed glove routine is well practiced, the necessary apparatus routine exercises will be carried out. As far as Hongdong Tongbei Quan is concerned, the main equipment routines are mother and son whip rod, five tiger stick, mandarin duck axe, gold-bound mace, spring and autumn knife, double sword, Nanyang knife, machete, bayonet, double hook, double crutch, double knife, double knife, single knife, five tiger knife, white tiger whip, thirteen guns, six-joint gun, Luo Jiagun, Fang Tianbao, etc.

Practice routines

Pair practice is a good way of displaying skills, performing and training fighting skills in traditional Chinese Wushu. The main training routines of Hongdong Tongbei Quan are "plum blossom set" (up and down), four-way performance, white-handed sword grabbing, four-way split, brothers'sword splitting, dragon sword dancing and so on.

Basic Boxing Theory

A comparison of chess and boxing

"The marchers will see what position they are in and what position they are going to fight. There are temptations in battles, false and real fists, and flashes in chess. All three are important words. Nowadays, compared with chess boxing, trucks are used to ambush guns, cannons are used to ambush guns, pawns are used to ambush distant people, and close ones are attacked, but when watching horses move, generals exert their efforts. In comparison with Hongdong Tongbei Boxing and Chess, people's head is compared with Chinese chess, shoulder is compared with scholar, elbow is compared with scholar, wrist is compared with gun, hand is compared with pawn, knee is compared with horse and foot is compared with car. On the one hand, this method provides convenience for practitioners to understand Hongtong's boxing thought, on the other hand, it also makes it possible for practitioners to integrate boxing into chess and chess. Those who can understand this principle can not only become masters of martial arts, but also become masters of chess. Mr. Fan Zuozhou, the seventh generation successor of Hongdong Tongbei Boxing, is not only a famous master of Hongdong Tongbei Boxing, but also known as the "King of Chess in Southern Jin", which can be regarded as a model of chess and boxing.

Four Principles of Wujie

"Discipline should be emphasized in Wushu, otherwise the violent and indiscriminate pranks will be performed in society, and the strange images of cruelty and mutilation will also appear in the crowd. Therefore, it is necessary to take Wushu precepts as the golden rule in Wushu." There are four main "martial precepts" in Hongdong Tongbei Quan:

Jealousy: Jealousy of virtue, jealousy of ability, gentleman do not. There is no benefit for one's own growth, and one should refrain from being too narrow in the name of external limitations.

Fighting: Fighting bravely and fiercely, the most damaging loss of reputation, incurring hatred and resentment, adversity at home, bad people in the country, should be warned.

Greed: Woman's sex is harmful to people. There are clear signs in ancient times, wanton and disorderly sex, loss of life and death, and even national subjugation and loss of family, the most serious harm should be avoided.

Alcohol abuse: excessive drinking, disordered temperament, degraded personality, abandoned occupation, delayed major events, and because of the fight, contrary to the trip, should be warned.

These precepts should be rejected urgently. If they do not follow suit, they will cause great harm. Wushu experts know that: to abstain from jealousy, one must be open-minded; to abstain from fighting, one must have the virtue of gentleness; to abstain from greed, one must have the patience of reason and desire; to abstain from alcoholism, one must be resolute and resolute.

Eight Articles of Wude

"The practitioner first dunpin, the martial arts practitioner first attaches importance to morality, and the morality builder can restrain all misdemeanors and tend to the track of light and goodness". Hongtong Tongbeiquan attaches great importance to the importance of martial arts, so it has formulated the following "eight articles of martial arts":

Loyalty: To stand up and do things faithfully and wholeheartedly, if cunning, words and deeds go against each other, the way of deceiving and deceiving loyalty is totally different from the way of the Qin Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty.

Filial piety: Baixing filial piety is the first, the ancients said in detail, because the process of life from birth to maturity depends on the paternal paternity is very important, for the son, the family should be committed to strive to repay, this is the basis of self-support, if not repay, disobedience when added, it will be lost at all, let alone serve the society and the country.

Righteousness: People should first recognize the truth and decide by righteousness. They should not be defeated by courage of their blood. In the past, Mencius'public opinion had clouds and shrunk from them. Although it was broad and broad, I did not hesitate to shrug from it. Although tens of millions of people, I have done so in the past, that is to say, I have accomplished righteousness.

Bravery: bravery is courage, so the purpose of Wushu is to defend the country with strong physique, magical technology, to protect the people, to do production, to correct, to eradicate social injustice, to fight against themselves, to retreat from fear, so bravery is the spirit of nature, that is, the spirit of fearlessness.

Knowing: Knowing the right and wrong, discerning the right and wrong, is called wisdom, so the progress and retreat of things, all with knowledge as the main body. For example, we cannot achieve the goal of perfection without knowledge in promoting the advantages and eliminating the disadvantages, helping the world through the state, and in all matters of great or small size.

Benevolence: Love life and death, love people and cherish things, one word of benevolence is all-embracing, originated in conscience, attributed to morality is benevolence, Han Wengong Yun's philanthropy is benevolence, Lu Lulun said that people with lofty ideals do not survive to harm benevolence, there is life to kill benevolence, the power of the word "benevolence" is great, so when suffering, to the people without advice, to help the Ze and the King of withered bones. Popularization of virtue, the three sides of the network, the Enlightenment of the soup is vast, the spring breeze is vast, and the autumn spirit is desperate to violate the benevolence, so we should work with people's intentions and never go against the benevolence.

Modesty: Modesty benefits, there is a clear lesson in the past. The meaning of modesty is that if there is no truth but modesty, if you can ask for what you can't, if you ask for more, then you can be modest and auspicious, not arrogant and not proud, and you can collect the effect of thinking in a broad sense.

Peace is the right way to stabilize a society and a country, and it is the key factor to live in the world. No matter what the cause is, peace can be achieved without rigidity. It's not easy to build peace without falling down. It's easy to make up for my shortcomings with people's strong points. It's also kind and gentle in speech. When it's no wonder that it's unruly, arrogant and melting into one's whole life, people can't avoid it. What's the pleasure?

According to the above, honesty is the principle of self-reliance, the line is smooth, the distance is contrary, martial arts practitioners should pay attention to this.

Top Ten Essentials

The name of Si Quan is Tongbei, which is actually the total origin of boxing art. There are a hundred singles and eight momentum. Among them, the magic is infinite change, and all of them are skilled in performing.

Squan always includes pulling, hugging, supporting, hugging, closing, Teng, carrying, chopping, pushing, hitting, splitting, pressing, hooking, bracing, supporting and fastening. Precious but not many, few are easy to use, many are difficult to refine, proficient, familiar is skillful.

For the purpose of Si Quan, it is not necessary to push hard, pull hard, strike horizontally and horizontally. It is also necessary to use flashing surprise, move sideways, overcome vigorously with a small force, and overcome vigorously with a weak force. It is also the method of winning four or two broken kilograms by surprise and flexibility.

Squan has a virtual reality, is well-known, all with ingenuity to win. Sun Tzu's Art of War said: "Know your friends and know your enemies, win every battle; know your friends without knowing them, win or lose every battle; people don't know me, I know you, and you are invincible."

When Si Quan is used, it rises with height and falls with height; when I go up and down, I go up and down, I appear and disappear, always taking eyes as the first thing.

Siquan strikes West in the east, attacking right in the left and assisting left in the right; rotating left and right, running up and down, can have the magic of circumfluence.

Siquan's "hand, eye, body and footwork" and "mind and mind" are all in the middle of the legs, with gestures like ten fingers grasping the ground, and head in the shape of the sky, the footwork should not flicker too far away, for fear of falling.

Boxers, eyes and body are the most important. When attacking and defending, they should have the power of mind and vision. The strength of arms and wrists is the result of manipulation. As far as body law is concerned, the strength of crotching legs is also concerned. Care and caution are always the key points.

Squan can be divided into upper, middle and lower parts. Head, face, neck and shoulder are the upper part, chest, heart, threat and waist are the middle part, crotch, abdomen, knee and foot are the lower part. It is impossible to do this when you have to.

The main taboos of Si Quan include holding on to the strong and bullying the weak, advocating competition, ruthlessness, disdaining the law and so on. They should be based on Military Morality and precepts.


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