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Ba Jin

Ba Jin (November 25, 1904 - October 17, 2005), male, Han nationality , Sichuan Chengdu Man, his ancestral home Zhejiang Jiaxing 。 Ba Jin's original name Li Yao Tang And another pen name, Pei pole, bliss, Black wave And the spring breeze and so on. translator , Social activist Patriotism without party affiliation Democratic personages 。 Ba Jin was born in November 1904. Sichuan Chengdu In a feudal bureaucratic family, The May 4th Movement After that, Ba Jin was deeply influenced by the new trend of thought and began his personal struggle against feudalism under the influence of this kind of thought. Ba Jin left home in 1923. Shanghai , Nanjing He began his career as a literary writer for half a century.

Ba Jin wrote after the cultural revolution. Random Thoughts Ba Jin is known as "the conscience of Chinese literature in the twentieth Century", which is simple and sincere, full of author's confession and introspection.

Paul Mauriat's History

Character experience

In November 25, 1904, he was born in Chengdu, Sichuan.

In 1920, he was admitted to Chengdu foreign language specialized school. During the period of reading, under the influence of the new thought of "54", we joined the progressive youth organization.

In 1923, he left Chengdu to study in Shanghai and Nanjing.

In 1925, August, graduated from Nanjing. Southeast University Attached middle school, ready to register for examination Peking University Due to illness, recuperation in Shanghai. In September, he joined the initiating anarchist organization of the Shanghai people's Union and published the "people" semi monthly publication. Some works of Kropotkin were translated in this period.

In January 1927, he went to France to study in Paris. On the one hand, reading western philosophy and literary works on the one hand; on the other hand, always concerned about China, and began writing " perish "

In December 1928, I returned to Shanghai. Engaged in literary editing and creation.

In 1933, Ren literary quarterly Editorial board

In 1934, he traveled to Japan.

He returned from Japan in 1935 and August. Presided over the editing of Shanghai cultural life publishing house. Literature series "Literature and life series" and so on.

In 1937, the war broke out completely. Salvation daily Editor in chief, CO editor of Mao Dun's "cry" (later renamed "beacon fire") magazine.

In 1938, February, finished spring " In March, he joined the Council and was elected a member of the Council.

Since July 1940, it has been tossing in Kunming. Chongqing Chengdu, Guilin, Guiyang Engage in Anti Japanese cultural propaganda activities.

In May 1944, he was in Guiyang with Xiao Shan. Huaxi Get married.

In 1945, he wrote in Chongqing. Fourth ward " He returned to Shanghai in November.

In July 1949, he participated in the first literary Congress and was elected a member of the Literary Federation.

In 1950, he was editor in chief of Binming publishing house, vice chairman of Shanghai Federation of literary and art circles, and chairman of Shanghai branch of China Writers Association.

In 1950 and July, he was elected vice chairman of the Shanghai Literary Federation. In November, he took part. Warsaw The second time World peace and security conference 。 Five subsequent visits Former Soviet Union 。

In July 1957, he was editor in chief of "harvest". In the same year, the 14 volume of Ba Jin's corpus was compiled and published in 1961.

In August 1966, the Shanghai branch of the China Writers' Association posted a big character poster that attacked Ba Jin. Shortly afterwards, Ba Jin was criticized and put into the "bullpen". In May 1967, People's daily "Published a signed article, Ba Jin was criticized by name. Then in Shanghai Fengxian county "57 dry school" labor for two and a half years.

In 1972, his wife Xiao Shan died.

1977, 1983 Chinese Writers Association Chairman.

1983 term CPPCC Vice chairman, chairman of China Writers Association. In March 2003, he was elected vice chairman of the Tenth CPPCC at the Ten Session of the CPPCC.

In May 1984, as one of the seven famous cultural celebrities in the world, he was invited to the forty-seventh international pen conference held in Tokyo, Japan.

Published in the mid 1980s. Random Thoughts "The" Disease set "," Untitled collection And other works.

Published essays in 90s. Rethinking Edited and published the complete works of Ba Jin (volume twenty-six).

In November 2003, the Chinese State Council awarded Ba Jin the title of "people's writer".

In October 17, 2005 Shanghai He died at the age of 101.

Love and marriage

In 1936, Ba Jin and Chen Yunzhen, a patriotic female student in Shanghai, met Xiao Shan. Chen was the favorite of Ba Jin's works at that time, and the two people began to know about the work of communication. In July 1938, after graduating from high school, Xiao Shan followed Ba Jin to Guangzhou. It was not until 1944 that Xiao Shan, who was 40, married in Huaxi, Guilin. The two wedding ceremony was very simple, without any ceremony or dinner. 1945, victory in the war of resistance, daughter Xiao Lin Li Birth.

China The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Ba Jin was brutally persecuted during the period, and Xiao Shan was treated indifferently because of his relationship with Ba Jin. In July 1972, Xiao Shan was hospitalized for cancer, while Ba Jin was not allowed to visit the school. So Xiao Shan had to be treated alone in the hospital. After half a month, he passed away. 3 years after Xiao Shan's death, Ba Jin was able to win Xiao Shan's ashes. Ba Jin put his wife's ashes on his pillow and slept with him every night until Ba Jin died in 2005.


Bring illness into book

Ba Jin, a sick young man, has never read a university. At the age of 14, he managed to get his grandfather's permission to go to cram school. He just dropped out of school just a month ago. In 1925, he went to Beijing to prepare for Peking University. However, when he was in physical examination, he found that he had lung disease. Therefore, in Ba Jin's works, there are often descriptions of the heroines suffering from lung diseases or other diseases, and emotional and ideological changes due to illness. Write " perish "Ba Jin is the key to the treatment of lung disease and recuperation. The hero Du Du Xin was born with a lung disease and assassinated the warlords to relieve his pain.

Love for books

In 1936, Ba Jin became the idol of youth in his family, and many people pursued him. A female high school student wrote most letters to him. They had been communicating for half a year, but never met. Finally, the girl put it in her letter, "why is it so harmonious? Why can't we have an interview?" The girl sent a photo to Ba Jin, and then they met at a cafe. After 8 years of love and long-distance running, Ba Jin, the most puzzled year, joined the girl named Xiao Shan. Xiao Shan, 13 years younger than Ba Jin, was the first and only woman to make Ba Jin feel hot.

Love books for life

Ba Jin loves books and is famous in the cultural circle. On the eve of the liberation of Shanghai in 1949, the Ba Jin family had already been living in straitened circumstances, but he still wanted to buy books. One day, Xiao Shan, who had always followed him, could not help but say to him, "there is no money in the family." Ba Jin, who did not know whether there was money in his house and whether he could go on, said, "money is used to buy books. How to write a book? On the second day, he took the children to the bookstore again.

Interesting pen names

Although Ba Jin is famous at home and abroad, the origin of "Ba Jin" is not known to everyone, and it is often misunderstood by people who suspect that these two words come from Bakunin and Kropotkin. In his letter to Soviet Union writer Petrov in September 27, 1957, Ba Jin annotated her name: "in August 1928, I wrote the" ruin "to sign the original manuscript, and I wanted to find two words with fewer strokes. I was translating Kropotkin's ethics. I saw the word "Jin" and I wrote it down in my manuscript. At this time, I got a message from a friend who committed suicide. This friend is surnamed Ba, and I lived with him in Cha-teau-Thierry for a long time. He is the Chinese student in a preface to "the dead sun", "a friend of mine is committing suicide in hot water." We are not bosom friends, but in foreign countries, how much we value friendship. I thought of him at that time, and I added a "Ba" on the word "Jin". From then on, Ba Jin became my name.

personal works

short or long novel

"Death", "the monthly novel" Twentieth volume first, Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore, October 1929 edition.

Home, Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore, May 1933 Edition

Spring, Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore August 1938 Edition

Qiu Ming, Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore, September 1940 Edition

" Trilogy of love "Fog" Shanghai Liangyou book company January 1936 Edition

Rain, Shanghai Liangyou book company, January 1933 Edition

Electricity, Shanghai Liangyou book company, March 1935 Edition

"Garden" Chongqing cultural life press 1944 Edition

"Fourth ward", Shanghai Chenguang publishing company, 1946 Edition

Cold night, Shanghai Chenguang publishing company, March 1947 Edition

" The dead sun Shanghai Kai Ming Bookstore 1931 Edition

Dream of the sea Shanghai new China Bookstore August 1932 Edition

Autumn in spring. Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore October 1932 edition.

Sardin, Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore, January 1933 Edition

Shanghai modern book publishing September 1933

New year, Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore November 1936 Edition

Li Na, Chongqing cultural life press, August 1940 Edition

The War Trilogy: one to three of fire, Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore December 1940 July 1945 Edition

Short Stories

Revenge collection Shanghai new China Bookstore August 1931 edition, Guangming Ji Shanghai new China Bookstore December 1932 Edition

"Electric chair collection" Shanghai new China Bookstore February 1933 edition, "rag collection" Beijing Xingyun hall bookstore April 1933 edition.

General collection, Shanghai life bookstore, August 1934 edition, silent collection, Shanghai life bookstore, October 1934 edition.

"Ghost, ghost, man", Shanghai cultural life press, December 1935 edition, "reduced collection", Shanghai Commercial Press, March 1936.

"Story of hair", Shanghai cultural life press, February 1937 edition, Long life tower Shanghai cultural life press, March 1937 Edition

"Little man's trifles", Chengdu cultural life press, June 1943 edition. Revive grass Shanghai cultural life press, December 1945 edition.

The story of heroes. Shanghai Ping Ming publishing house, September 1953 edition, pearl and Yuji, China children's publishing house, April 1957.

Li Dahai, author publishing house, December 1961 Edition

Collection of essays

"Haixing", "travel essay", " Ba Jin autobiography "Drip"

"Confession of life", "memory", "short note", "accusation"

"Dream and drunk", "travel newsletter", "feeling", "black earth"

"Untitled", "Dragon Tiger dog", "waste garden outside", "travel miscellany".

"Yearning", "the tragedy of quiet night", "the killing factory of Nazi" - Auschwitz.

The festival of Warsaw, the middle of heroes, and the people who defend peace.

"Happy days", "talk about Chekhov", "a battle to save life", "friendship collection".

"Hymn collection", "endless feelings", "Xian Liang Qiao side", "Dazhai line".

"Fire collection", "creative memoirs", "preface and postscript collection", "yearning collection", "letters from home" - Ba Jin and Xiao Shan's epistles.

"Rethinking" and " Random Thoughts "

Literary Translation

"Venus", Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore, early June 1928

For the sake of knowledge and freedom, the new universe bookstore in Shanghai was released in early October 1929.

Dance of bones. Shanghai Kai Ming Bookstore 1930 edition.

Death of Dandong: Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore July 1930 edition, prairie story, Shanghai Malaya bookstore, April 1931 edition.

Spring in autumn. Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore October 1932 edition, passerby flowers, Shanghai Kai Ming bookstore, June 1933 edition.

"Threshold", Shanghai cultural life press, May 1936 edition, "song of rebel", the first edition of Ping she publishing department.

"Night is not in the center" (Shanghai cultural life publishing house March 1937 Edition), "late blooming rose", Chongqing cultural life press, January 1943.

Father and son, Shanghai cultural life press, July 1943 edition, virgin land, Chongqing cultural life press, 1944 edition.

"Happy Prince", Shanghai cultural life press, March 1948 edition, "laughter" (Shanghai cultural life press, June 1948).

"Six people", Shanghai cultural life press, September 1949 edition, "Honghua", Shanghai publishing company, early November 1950.

Toad and rose, Shanghai publishing company, January 1952 edition, wood wood, Shanghai civilian publishing house, 1952 edition.

Turgenev's collection of short stories, people's Literature Publishing House, June 1959 Edition

Transmission memory

"Pu Ning and bablin" Shanghai civilian publishing house, December 1949 Edition

Prison and escape: Guangzhou Innovation book May 1927 Edition

My life story, Shanghai cultural life press, August 1941 Edition

Russia under the ground. Shanghai Chi Chi bookstore August 1929 Edition

My autobiography, Shanghai Qiming bookstore, April 1930 Edition

The history of Russian nihilism movement, Shanghai cultural life press, August 1936 Edition

Prison record, Shanghai cultural life press, April 1939 Edition

Drama of a family, people's Literature Press, 1962 edition.

Twelve years in prison, Shanghai cultural life press, 1949 L2 Edition

Recollection of Chekhov, Shanghai civilian publishing house, January 1950 Edition

Recollection of Tolstoy, Shanghai civilian publishing house, April 1950 Edition

Recollection of Turgenev, Shanghai civilian publishing house, August 1950 Edition

The book of memoirs, people's Literature Publishing House, May 1959 Edition

"Past events and caprice" Shanghai Translation Publishing House, October 1979 Edition

Theoretical works

"How to build a truly free and equal society" in April 1921, "half moon" 17

Reconsideration of the dictatorship of the proletariat, news of the new era, learning lantern 1925 12fl 21

Lenin's theory, current affairs, new newspapers, learning lantern, December 29, 1925

Marx's selling the harlot, the news of the times, and the lamp of learning January 19, 1926

The tragedy of Chicago, San Francisco Ping she, May 1926 Edition

The pioneer of revolution, Shanghai freedom bookstore, May 1928 Edition

"Guillotine", Shanghai freedom bookstore, January 1929 edition.

"The ten ladies of Russia", Shanghai Pacific bookstore, October 1930 Edition

From capitalism to anarchism. Shanghai freedom bookstore July 1930 edition.

The history of Russian social movements, Shanghai cultural life press, September 1935 Edition

Theoretical translation

Shanghai bread and butter bookstore in January 1927

Bread and freedom Shanghai civilian bookstore August 1940 Edition

Philosophy of life: its origin and development. 1928-1929 edition of Shanghai free Bookstore

The origin and development of ethics. Chongqing cultural life press, June 1941 edition.

"The philosophy of life in Shanghai" bookstore 1929 Edition

Young man, Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore, June 1938 Edition

The happiness of thousands of people, Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore, May 1938 Edition

Blood in Spain. Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore July 1938 edition.

Dawn of Spain. Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore July 1938 Edition

The dawn of Spain. Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore March 1939 Edition

The struggle in Spain. Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore April 1938 edition, soldier Du Rudi, Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore, August 1938 edition.

Spain, Shanghai Ping Ming Bookstore 1939 4) 1 edition, an international volunteer diary. Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore, April 1939 edition.

The diary of Spain. Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore April 1939 edition, "Barcelona May incident". Shanghai Ping Ming bookstore April 1939 edition.

Editor's Journal

"Cultural life series" (1935 1952), "Literature Series" (1935 1949)

"Wen Ji series" (1939 1951), "small series of literature" (1939 1948 1)

Free monthly (January 1929 April), pre era (January 1931 July)

Literary quarterly (1934 issue 4), Wen Ji monthly (June 1936 December)

Wen Shu (1937 1939), flames of War (1937 1938)

" Literary monthly (1953, 1956), " Shanghai literature (1960, 1963)

" Harvest (1957, 2005)

Style of work

Theme of creation

As far as subject matter is concerned, Ba Jin's novels mainly depict family life and have strong autobiography. His short stories are diverse in subject matter and involve a wide range of subjects. In Ba Jin's works, the family is the society, the family is the cell of the social organism, and the family life is the epitome of social life. Ba Jin's creative practice shows that he likes to reflect the social life and its development through describing family life scenes. Especially his "trilogy of torrent" and "cold night". The torrent describes the decline of the high mansion from its prosperity and its collapse, reflecting the gradual decline of the feudal family, showing the historical trend of the inevitable collapse of the feudal autocratic system, and praising the awakening and rebellion of the youth. At the same time, Gao Gong's life is also written by the author's early family life as a prototype, with a strong autobiographical nature. The cold night reveals the darkness of the rear area society by describing the disintegration process of Wang family. The author focuses on the contradictions and conflicts within the small family, such as mother in law and daughter-in-law quarrel, and husband and wife's estrangement. Through the real and meticulous depiction of everyday life, we can see that the root of Wang's tragedy lies in the darkness and corruption of the Kuomintang government. This work once again embodies the characteristics of Ba Jin's creation, and takes the family as a miniature of society to depict the vicissitudes of the times with family life pictures. In addition, Ba Jin has excellent use of this theme in short stories such as "a couple", "pig and chicken" and "Reunion".

Ba Jin's short stories are rich and varied, but they can be summed up in six categories. First, works written on foreigners' lives are concentrated in revenge collection and electric chair collection. These works depict many foreigners' stories and create many vivid images of foreigners. Second, it reflects the miserable life of peasant workers, intellectuals, small civil servants, revolutionaries, and other strata of the people and their struggle against resistance. Third, it is the four fairy tale collected in the tower of life. Long life tower "The secret of the tower", "invisible pearl" and "able tree", the author expresses his view of social reality by means of fairy tales. The fourth is the three historical novels collected in silent collection (two), namely, the death of Marla, the sadness of Dandong, and the secret of Robles. These three works reflect the social life of the French Revolution and summarize the lessons of that history. Fifthly, describing the daily life of the little people in 40s, showing their unfortunate experiences. Story of hair Some of these works reflect the transformation of Ba Jin's writing style. Six, it reflects the life of volunteers, that is, works of war theme, collected in the story of heroes, pearl and Yuji, and Da Hai Li And so on. These works are the last fruits of Ba Jin's novels, and they are important contributions of the old writers to the new China literature.

In addition, the themes of Ba Jin's novels are varied. perish "New life", "love Trilogy", " Dream of the sea "Works" reflect the lives of young revolutionaries. Garden And so on are the works of feudal family life. "Sand Ding" and "budding" are novella that reflects the life and struggle of miners. Fourth ward "Cold night" reflects the miserable life of the small and small civil servants in the Kuomintang ruled area. The fire trilogy is a novel that depicts the Anti Japanese activities of all strata of the people. In short, the themes of Ba Jin's novels are varied and colorful. His novels reflect the living conditions of all the social strata of modern Chinese Du Hui society, and show the historical process of the development of modern society.

style of language

Ba Jin's language style is obvious. Generally speaking, his language is warm, bright and simple. However, the influence of emotion on language can be divided into two phases. In the early days, it was known for its youthful passion and lyric language style, and was highly infectious. home The novels represented by the young people are warmly sought after, while the novel " Garden For the later works of the node, the language began to turn from hot to cold, and the tone became deep, sad and melancholy. In the cold night, the tragic language art was refined to its peak. The momentum and rhythm of Ba Jin's early works language are agitated and vigorous, unable to move back to euphemism, and to regulate it by implicit and condensed. This kind of language, which shows "sentence and life are integrated into one", has strong appeal. It burns like a fire and burns others. However, Ba Jin is by no means just indulgent in writing, unrestrained, and rough. In controlling this kind of plain, frank and hearty writing, Ba Jin paid attention to the change and extension of the mood to arrange the syntactic structure, the collocation of rhetorical devices and the length of syllable, so that the language could naturally become the cadence and melody of the cadence in a lively and bright atmosphere, and produce a musical aesthetic feeling of flowing back and forth. Such as works Autumn in spring "I lift up my hot face, look at the blue sky, and welcome the free wind. My eyes were filled with a pair of big eyes and two long eyebrows. The big eyes are full of love, spring love and southern love. This sentence does not use neat rhymes, nor does it pay attention to the tone and tone collocation. This beautiful language is an important feature of Ba Jin's lyric style.

From " Garden At the beginning, Ba Jin gradually "concealed" his feelings and put them outside the written language. Within the plot, he did not directly reveal his inner feelings like the "rapids" in the earlier stage. Instead, he began to use coldly coloring words to reveal his feelings in a cool and calm way, so that he could move people without "Noticing". Cold night "For example, the color words used in the novel are dark and pale, which give us a heavy sense of depression, which adds to the tragic feelings of the works. The gloomy tone of language is slow and the tone is low, so that the theme and lyric content of the work are highly unified, making the tragedy of the work suddenly, and the tone more sad and melancholy.

Literary thought

The core of Ba Jin's literary thought is truth and goodness. Between these two points, "true" is the life and core of Ba Jin's literary thought. "Good" is the basis and value of Ba Jin's literary thought. The goodness in Ba Jin's literary thought is the absolute free pursuit of human values, which is mainly due to his early contacts. Anarchism Thought. Anarchism advocates self-help relationship among individuals and focuses on individual freedom and equality. The death of Ba Jin's debut is a very passionate expression of his anti autocratic hatred and the two sides of human love, and the later "home" more directly reflects his relentless accusation of feudalism which restricts individual freedom. Later, the trilogy of fire, the fourth sick rooms, the garden of retreats, and the cold night reflect the darkness of Chinese society in 40s. The direct description of the war of resistance against fire, the dark exposure of the fourth wards to the bottom of society, the reflection of "the garden" on the unequal society, and the cold night's accusation against social darkness. In the late period, Ba Jin's thought of "good" is more clearly defined. This connotation is mainly reflected through the reflection of the cultural revolution, that is, against cultural autocracy, opposing the will of the governor, opposing the reality of whitewashing, and repenting the weakness of his own spirit. He believes that the whole nation should repent and reflect. So he also loudly raised the need to establish the Cultural Revolution Museum.

Ba Jin's view of truth is more directly reflected in his works. Because Ba Jin is different from the systematic and theoretical characteristics of Mao Dun and other writers when he finished his works, his works only seek truth, move with truth and win by "truth". In the early works of Ba Jin, he devoted himself to the feelings of youth's antagonism to their parents. The truth of the writer lies in the excavation and refinement of this feeling, as he said in the general order of the torrent. office " "I have seen many things in the meantime, and I know a lot of things. I am surrounded by boundless darkness, but I am not alone and not hopeless. Everywhere I see, I see the torrent of life in turmoil, creating its own path, through the rubble of the mountains. The writer feels the pain of love and hate felt by his more than 20 year old youth's eyes, which is embodied in the true feelings of the Ba Jin style, which is the true feelings of the youth. Here, violating the torrent of life is false. To adapt to the torrent of life is true. It will be reflected in the trilogy of the torrent by Ba Jin. In the later period of Ba Jin's creation, this view of reality has changed. The change lies in its rational choice, namely, the thinking of the Chinese society in the 40s and the feeling of this kind of thinking. " Cold night "Is a typical example. The crux of the cold night lies in its authenticity. This truth can be said to be cruel reality, that is, the cruelty of life is reflected by the good man's kindness to the good person, and the tragedy between the good man and the good person is created.

Social evaluation

Celebrity evaluation

Bing Xin "The most lovable and admirable writer" "why do I put the loveliness on the front?" Because I love him just like my own brother. His admirable place is his sincerity. Wen Chao and I also think that what he most admired is his seriousness and specificity in his attitude towards love and marriage. In short, he is a man who loves human beings, loves the country, loves the people, and pursues light all his life. He is not a writer who writes for his writing. "

Xiao Qian "Ba Jin's greatness is to deny himself."

Lu Xun "Ba Jin is a writer with enthusiasm and progressive thoughts, among the few good writers."

Shen Congwen "One is too fond of reading the history of French Revolution. One is that you are too susceptible to feelings on the side. The former increases your superstition and the latter increases your pain. Your emotions are too hot, and when reason and emotions are opposite, they are often victorious by emotions. "

pen name of Wan Jiabao "I miss the three door of Beiping, the humble house you live in. At that time, I was just a nameless college student who didn't know the sky. Thunderstorm The manuscript in the drawer nearly a year's manuscript, is you see this young man also can be, prompted the publication of the script. You introduced me to the literary and art circles. After every manuscript, you read the manuscript and publish it. How many times have I said this? However, I can't finish it. Because it is not easy to know a horse, it is even harder to understand. "

Shu Yi "He said," when people live, they say and do things in accordance with each other. They can not be achieved. If we fail to do so, we must do so. This society can become bright. "

Jin Yong "Ba Jin is a great writer in China."

Wang Meng "He is our banner and an example."

Wen Jie Luo "I think if Ba Jin does not know Xiao Qian, Ba Jin is Ba Jin, but if Xiao Qian does not know Ba Jin, it will be different."

Jia Pingwa "Ba is always a great master of contemporary Chinese literature. His morality and articles are a banner of contemporary writers."

Bi Shu min "He is a great litterateur. His integrity and brilliance, including his proposal to build the Museum of Cultural Revolution, let the whole nation reflect and introspection. I want to learn from Ba Lao, be a writer with conscience, and learn from him that he is a spiritual spark.

Grass baby "The most ardent emotion of Ba Lao is the most sincere love for the working people, especially the deep sympathy for the lower class people."

1983, French President Mitterrand He came to visit China and personally awarded the medal of honor to Ba Jin in the banquet hall of the Shanghai exhibition hall. He considered him "one of the great writers in the contemporary world". His "liberal, open and broad thinking" has made him one of the great witnesses of this century.


1982 Italy " Dante International Award "

1983 Medal of honor legion of France

1984 Chinese University Hong Kong Honorary doctorate of literature

1985 Honorary Fellow of the American Academy of literature and art

In 1990, the former Soviet Union's "people's friendship Medal" and "Fukuoka Asian Culture Award" were awarded.

1993 Asian Chinese writer foundation of literature and art, "senior writer consolation Award"

1998 Shanghai literature and Art Awards Outstanding Contribution Award

2003 The State Council Awarded the honorary title of "people's writer"

Character influence

For half a century, Ba Jin has enthusiastically participated in the construction of modern Chinese culture with his own speech and artistic creation. It is mainly manifested in the following: under the guidance of the idea of "the purpose of literature is to make people better", a series of artistic models with rebellious character and servile personality have been created. In order to "establish people", from "telling the truth" to "writing the truth", it has always been consistent with all his life experiences and creative activities. He emphasized many times that "I say that I write as if I were living, and that the highest state of writing is the consistency of writing with life, which is the consistency of writers, and the main idea is not to lie." At the same time, Ba Jin also contributed to the "two congruent" typicality methods and the "realistic living" character of the real realism aesthetics theory; to pursue the truth, to confess piously and painfully in the random thoughts, to analyze his soul, to criticize Feng Jianlun's moral philosophy fiercely, to dig the servitude of the soul of the Chinese people, and to participate in the construction of modern ethical culture with the charm of personality. He provided strong and subjective lyric novels. Mao Dun , Lao She Together with the objectivity and realism of the novels, it constitutes the artistic peak of the second ten novels and novels in the modern literature. The "youth world" created by Ba Jin's novels is the most attractive part of the art gallery in 30s. Ba Jin has made an irreplaceable contribution to expand the influence of modern literature.

Character Memorial

Former residence of Chengdu

Ba Jin's former residence in Chengdu is located in 98 Chengdu, Chengdu. It is a deep house complex, also known as Li Jia yard. Ba Jin was born in 1904. Except for two years with my father. Guangyuan County Ba Jin lived here until he was nineteen years old. He spent his youth and youth here. In the spring of 1923, Ba Jin left here to study in Nanjing. This former residence is the prototype of Gao Gong residence in the novel "home". In 1971, the former residence of Chengdu was demolished. 2013. The Chengdu municipal government set up the site of Ba Jin's former residence at the original site for tourists to visit.

Former residence of Shanghai

Shanghai Wu Kang Road No. 113 is the last residence of Ba Jin in Shanghai. It is also the longest place where Mr. Ba Jin settled in Shanghai. The small building was built in 1923 and served as the representative office of the Soviet Union. Since 1955, Ba Jin and daughter Li Xiaolin have lived in the three story small building. The courtyard is covered with magnolia, and Ba Jin has lived in this building for more than 40 years.


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