Ashatu Stonehenge Tourist Area Chifeng City Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Home Scenery 2018-12-02

Ashatu Stonehenge Tourist Area, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Keshkten Stone Matrix (formerly Ashatu Stone Forest) is located in Keshkten Banner of Chifeng City. Ashatu is a Mongolian language, translated into Chinese as "steep rock". It is situated in the transitional zone from the remnants of the Great Hinggan Mountains to the western grasslands. The mountains on the grassland show typical hilly topographic features, with steep surroundings, while the top of the hill is gently undulating, and the iceberg forest is particularly prominent in this flat hilly area. According to expert analysis, the Ashatu Stone Forest is mainly formed by the erosion of glacial melt water formed by the erosion, excavation and melting of glaciers, so it is called "Glacier Stone Forest". There are four major scenic spots. At present, the first, second, third and fourth scenic spots are normally open to the outside world.

On October 17, 2018, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism publicized nine national 5A-level tourist attractions, including the Ashatu Stone Forest.

Keshiketeng Banner of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, is located in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia Plateau, the southern margin of the Great Hinggan Mountains and the eastern end of Hunshandake Sandy Land. It is the junction of the three geomorphic regions, known as the "Saisheng Golden Triangle". Within the scope of more than 20,000 square kilometers, there are many natural landscapes, such as grasslands, lakes, forests, seas, sands, stone forests and so on. They are called "treasure boxes" of Inner Mongolia scenery.

As a result of the long-term fine carving of Quaternary glaciers, the Ashatu Icestone Forest is a unique and mysterious natural landscape with the precipitousness of the Huashan Mountain, the beauty of the Huangshan Mountain and the magnificence of Mount Tai. Here mountains are linked with mountains, peaks are linked with peaks, mountains have their own characteristics, mountains are different, peaks are different. Ashatu Iceberg Forest is a rare "Iceberg Forest" with beautiful scenery and charming scenery. There are many types of stone forests in Ashatu with various shapes. Some are like "stone pillars", "stone clusters", "stalagmites", "stone pagodas", "stone walls", "beautiful women looking at the moon" and "leaning tower of Pisa".

Ashatu Stone Forest has a variety of shapes, few of them have the same shape, and it is thick and rough, standing suddenly in the wilderness, very eye-catching. Local people have seen it for a long time, and they can see the famous hall. So the names of Genghis Khan's horse-tied pillar, Swordstone, Nantianmen, Goddess Stone, Sister Stone and so on have appeared in the stone forest. Ashatu's high mountains, flowing water, strange rocks and beautiful trees make visitors and photographers linger and forget to return. A stone scene, viewing from different directions, will produce different visual effects. Under different light, it will produce different associations and imaginations. At this time, you will be filled with emotion for the great and magic of nature.

Near the Stone Forest of Ashatu is Baiyin Obo Nature Reserve, which has hills, forests and grasslands with beautiful scenery.