Arctic Village Tourism Scenic Area

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Arctic Village Tourist Scenic Spot: National AAAAA Class Tourist Spot, the most attractive scenic spot in 2014, and the northernmost scenic spot in China.

Located in Linjiang Town, Mohe County, Heilongjiang Province, at the foot of Qixing Mountain at the north foot of the Great Hinggan Mountains, the Arctic Village is the only best place to observe the northern lights in China, the location of the "first post in the north" of China, and the northernmost town in China.

Villagers in the Arctic are simple, quiet and fresh, rich in local flavor, and well-preserved in vegetation and ecological environment. Every time the polar day before and after the summer solstice occurs, midnight looks northward, the sky is white, like evening, like dawn. People can play chess and basketball outdoors. If they are lucky, they can see the magnificent and colorful Aurora borealis.

The Arctic Village is not only an ancient town with a long history, but also a symbol and coordinate. Every year, many people come from all over the world to experience the northernmost happiness.

Her ancient style is simple, quiet and fresh, rich in local flavor, vegetation and ecological environment are well preserved. In spring, beautiful birds fly in the green forest, and their song is pleasant. Hingan azaleas blossom all over the mountains, like clouds floating around the hillside; in summer, the exotic flowers in the green grass, brilliant, golden wild poppies, pink wild roses, red lilies, White Pearl plums, etc., are fragrant and colorful. Late autumn, frost-stained mountains, colorful leaves, a Yinhong, a pale yellow, a verdant green, mountains like Tiangong paintings, known as "Wuhua Mountain". In winter, there is snow everywhere. The big forest is like a crystal palace, carrying a shotgun and riding a horse and ploughing to hunt in the snow mountains, forests and seas.

Whenever around the summer solstice, 24 hours a day is almost day, looking north at midnight, the sky is white, like evening, like dawn. People can play chess and basketball outdoors. If you are lucky, you can see the magnificent and colorful Aurora borealis. The vast black dragon river flows by the village. There are many precious cold-water fish, such as Zheluo, fine scales, heavy lips and gill, in the river. Stewed with river water, the delicious taste of river fish, the beauty of its feelings, unparalleled. You can also use silk nets to hang fish and fish by the river. It's a lot of fun. Cutting hard ice on the ice-covered River in winter and dragging fresh fish out of the ice eye with wire mesh adds to the taste of North China.

Take a picture at the North Frontier Pavilion. Know the history of Mohe River in front of the ancient well, and guard the northern frontier of the motherland with the "Northern Frontier Sentinel". Russian farmyard to understand the Arctic village folk customs. There are also scenic spots such as the northern border of China and the Shenzhou Arctic, which make tourists linger and forget to return.

Throughout the year, tourists from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, the United States and all over the country come to the Arctic Village on foot, by bicycle and by car. Some tourists celebrate New Year's Day and Spring Festival with the people of the Arctic Village, to taste the midnight meal with the characteristics of the Arctic Village, and to experience the unique life characteristics of the Arctic Village by sleeping in the warm fire.

Arctic Village (formerly Mohe Village) began to be inhabited in 1860 (Ten Years of Qing Xianfeng). In 1866, it developed into a Jiangshang Post Station leading to Yanzhigou. In 1914, it was the residence of a government bureau. In 1917, it was upgraded from a government bureau to a second-class County seat. After the liberation of 1947, it was merged into Huma. In 1981, Mohe was rebuilt as a county. Linji Town in West China was chosen as the county site and Mohe Village as the seat of the present Mohe Township Government.

Latitude as high as 53 degrees 33'30', across the river from Igna Eneno village in Amur, Russia.

Friendly Reminder

The most suitable season for tourism to Jicun, Hebei Province, is June to December. Every summer solstice in the Arctic Village can enjoy the aurora landscape, this time of year is the shortest time of night in the Arctic Village, only a few hours.

Summer tour of the Arctic Village, you can stay in the local farmhouse hotel, very cheap, very folk characteristics, you can pick green and pollution-free vegetables in the farmer's garden, cook in person, only a small processing fee can be. They can also eat their home-cooked meals with local farmers. Cold-water fish in Heilongjiang Province is a local feature, but the price is slightly higher.

To visit Arctic villages in winter, we need to make full preparations for the cold. The minimum temperature of Arctic villages in winter lasts for a long time - above 40 C. We need to wear down clothes, cotton caps, cotton gloves and so on.

The Christmas Post Office in Arctic Village is the northernmost post office in China. Postcards with special commemorative stamps can be purchased at the post office to send warmest wishes to relatives and friends.