April Eighth Girls Day of Miao Nationality

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April Eighth Girls Day of Miao Nationality

"Girl's Day" originated in memory of Yang Bamei, a heroine. Legend has it that in the Northern Song Dynasty, Yang Wenguang, a famous general, was ordered to be plain and barbarous. After defeat, he was trapped by court treacherous officials and imprisoned in prison. All the food sent by relatives to prison was eaten by prison guards and other prisoners. His younger sister Yang Bamei suddenly gave birth to a plan, using herbs and fragrant flowers to make white rice into black rice, so that prisoners fear poisonous food will no longer grab. Yang Wenguang had a good meal and gradually recovered his strength. Finally, on the evening of the eighth day of the eighth lunar month, his brother and sister escaped from prison together. Legend has spread to this day and has evolved into a traditional festival passed down from generation to generation by the Miao people.

In June 2008, the 48th Girl Festival in Suining County was approved by the State Council to be included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

In addition to eating black rice, the Miao people celebrate Girl's Day by drinking rice wine and singing songs. This day has also become "Valentine's Day" for young Miao men and women. During the day, they would exchange love songs and hearts in the tea shed in the secluded part of the forest. This kind of folk song in chorus form is called "song". Everyone in Miao Village can sing. It has been integrated into the daily life of the Miao people in our county.