Appreciation of short sleeve cheongsam

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How to wear short sleeve cheongsam

Appreciation of short sleeve cheongsam

In the late summer and early autumn, the weather is chilly in the morning and evening. As long as you put on some thin shawls, you can wrap some cloth shawls and tighten them on your chest.

I didn't know before that Qipao could also be matched with windbreaker. I saw it on the Internet by chance. I had to marvel that Qipao can also be worn in a different style, with windbreaker and boots on, elegant and wild.

In late autumn, I put on a thick coat outside the cheongsam to make it warm. Watching the TV drama "love in a fallen city", I found that the heroine, a black cheongsam and a small white coat, is very classic.

When you put on a plush cloak, winter is coming. It's fit and warm. It's also a style to dress up.

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