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Ao Bai

O Bai (about 1610) - 1669, Manchu: Oboi) Guwalgiya Manchuria is set in Huangqi banner. Mio Yuanhoon, Quan Chen, the son of Saul fruit of the tribal chieftain of the Qing Dynasty, the founding fathers of the Late Jin Dynasty. Fei Ying Dong Nephew, the eight governor, Wei Qi, is the third son.

Born in doors, proficient in riding and shooting. Follow Huang Tai Chi to fight the Quartet, conquer the skin island, take part in the battle of Song Jin, stabilize the peasant uprising, and set up the outstanding military achievements, becoming the most trusted warrior of the emperor Taiji, known as "the first warrior of Manchuria". After the death of Huang Tai Chi, he became king of the nine sons and became the Minister of political affairs. After the death of emperor Shunzhi, he accepted the imperial edict as the minister in charge of life and assisting the government. Kangxi The emperor is in Suo map. Huang Xi Gang , Wang Hong Jie He was arrested and arrested. He was sentenced to death in prison.

In fifty-two years, Kangxi read his old labor and restored his name. In the period of Yong Zheng, he gave sacrifices to the emperor, and the first emperor was defeated.

Paul Mauriat's History

Battle of leather Island

Ao Bai, born in the unknown year, was born in the door, and was proficient in riding and shooting. He served in the army from his youth. He had followed Emperor Taizong. hong taiji attack chahar Part and sign Korea They all have achievements.

Apocalypse During the year, Liaodong was defeated. Later Jin After that, Ming Jiang Mao Wen long Rate troops retreat Skin island (now North Korea Island), the Ming army in line with Ning Kuan, echoes and interacts with each other, harassing and holding down the forces of the latter Jin, so that the enemy will suffer from heavy losses. Hou Jin has always regarded skin island as a big worry. Nur Ha Che To Huang Tai Chi, they plan day and night to try to pull out the nail.

Chong de In two years (1637), Huang Tai is very lucky. Trustee and Kong you de , Zhong Ming Gong , Shang Ke Xi All will go to tapping island. Because of the long time of attack, Huang Tai Chi was the king of the British Empire. Al age Taking over, he went to the army. After discussing repeatedly with the public, he formulated the offensive plan of two armed forces and attacking the West: he took a positive attack from the big ship from the sea, and deliberately attracted the attention of the Ming army. Another way was to push forward with a strong canoe and directly into the dangerous position in the northwest corner of the island. The key to this attack is the following one. He asked Azig to join him and set up a military order with the Pagoda: "if I wait for the island, I will not come to see the king." I promise to return to the island.

At the end of the battle, the troops were attacked, but the Ming army had already been on the alert. The attack was frustrated and the situation was urgent. He fought bravely and rushed to the position of the Ming army. He launched a close combat with the artillery fire. Then the Qing army followed suit, ascended the epithelial Island, and lit the main force to attack. Leather Island conquered.

Spread the news Shengjing Huang Tai Ji was overjoyed. He personally wrote a memorial to Nur Ha Che to comfort his father in heaven. Huang Tai Chi thinks that although the island is a small island, the conquering significance is far from occupying the important city, so it is ordered to reward the officers and men. He took the first three men and gave him the number. Manchu title conferred on performer of great deeds "(Warrior).

Battle of pine brocade

Jinzhou was the military important town of the Ming Dynasty in western Liaoning Province, when Liaodong had lost its position and Jinzhou's position was even more prominent. South of Jinzhou City Matsuyama Castle Southwest of Jinzhou is Xingshan City, Xingshan southwest is ta Shan City, and Jinzhou West 200 Li is another important town Ningyuan. These fortress towns constitute the military defense system outside Ming Dynasty. And if the Qing army wants to enter the Central Plains, it must first take Ning, Jin and other cities. The war between Jinzhou and the Ming and Qing Dynasties was inevitable.

Chong de six years (1641), Jirgalang Enter Jinzhou. Governor of Ming Ji Liao Hong Cheng Cho He led the 130 thousand armies to aid in the early August and went to Songshan to defend the Jinzhou army. Zu Da Sheng The Ministry echoed and set fire to the Qing army. Under the offensive of the Ming army's heavy artillery fire, Zi M Ha Ron's command of the right wing of the Qing army failed. Azig, the king of Wu Ying, sent the elite guards to reinforce him. At that time, he led the flag guard of the yellow flag, and met the Ming army cavalry. At that time, he did not wait for military orders. He decided to win the battle and decided to win the battle of the Ming army. He fought against the battle and fought for five wars. meiren i janggin In August, Huang Tai Chi took charge of the army to help Jinzhou in the West. Hong Chengchou commanded the Ming army to break through and break out. Wu San Guo , Wang Pu , Tong Tong The troops were evacuated along the coast. The Qing army was intercepting from Jinzhou road to Tashan road. O and AI, Ni Kan When the equal rates were arranged to sea interception, the Ming army was defeated and defeated. The battle of pine brocade has a bearing on the survival of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Since then, the power of the Ming Dynasty has been weakened and the defeat has been decided. In June of next year, he was promoted to a commanding force and became a high-ranking figure in the Eight Banners generals.

The great victory of Song Jin laid the foundation for the Qing army to enter the country and seize the national sovereignty. Before and after entering the pass, he still has a lot of achievements and frequent promotion.

Battle of Xichong

After entering the pass, the main task of AI Bai was to pursue the peasant army. Shunzhi In the first year of (1644) October, he took the road to northern Shaanxi with Azig, the British general of the Jingyuan, and the attack was back to Xi'an. Li Zicheng The peasant army, the rate army from Inner Mongolia to northern Shaanxi, captured four cities and reduced thirty-eight cities. later dodo Rate troops into Tongguan, directly to Xi'an. Li Zicheng was forced to abandon Xi'an and return to Hu Guang. At the same time, he took the lead in the army to destroy the "bandit's remaining evil", and so on, and so on, and went to Henan and Dengzhou and Hubei in thirteen days, including Cheng Tian, de an and Wuchang. Shunzhi two (1645) in June, Li Zicheng was killed in Hubei's palace of Mount Gong. Da Shun The army collapsed. Before and after the Qing army, they were trapped in sixty-three cities such as Henan, Huguang, Jiangxi and Nanjing.

When Li Zicheng was defeated, the Qing army began to deal with it. Big West Army. Shunzhi three years (1646) in the first month, the prince of Yue and Prince su. Haug Equal rate attack Zhang Xian Zhong The great western peasant army. The Qing army learned that Zhang Xianzhong had returned to the Xichong area, and he was once again a pioneer and led the troops to snipe. When the two armies met, he was led by others and rushed forward. The Great Western army failed to resist and Zhang Xianzhong was killed in the battle. The Qing army destroyed more than 130 bases of the Great Western barracks, chopped the first tens of thousands, and got more than 12200 horses and mules. After defeating the main force of the Great Western army, he and so on went further and basically eliminated the peasant army in the Sichuan area. In the remaining part of the Western army, Sun Ke Wang and Li Dingguo led the retreat to the Yunnan Guizhou region and continued to fight against the Qing Dynasty. To defeat the Great Western army, he was the first to win the battle.

Against duer gun

He is not only a valiant warrior on the battlefield, but also a loyal confidant of Huang Tai Chi.

Chong de eight years (1643) nine in early August, Huang Tai Ji passed away, and Manchuria's pro and noble conflict occurred on the throne. Emperor Taiji's eldest son Prince Haug and Emperor Tai Chi's younger brother Dorgon Fight for standing. Huang Huang Qi and Huang Huang Qi, who were commanded by Huang Tai Chi, supported Haug, while the duer erward's white flag and white flag were supporting Dorgan. The situation is extremely severe.

The flag guards of the Yellow Banner, one of the core figures in the battle for the throne, were commanded by the army. He and other two ministers of Huang Qi. SONY , Tan Tai When the eight men gathered at Haug's mansion, they shared the oath of alliance and wished to die. In view of the tense situation at that time, such as the strict defense of Ding Shouwei and so on, the secret service soldier was put in place to guard against accidents.

In August 14th, Behalf of the good to Hall of worship Convene a meeting to discuss successor. On the morning of the day, Oahu made an alliance with the two yellow flag ministers. Great Qing Gate He firmly supported the son of emperor Huang Taiji, and ordered the two flag elite guards to be fully armed with the hall of environmental protection and worship. When the conference was debated, Bobby and a group of generals loyal to Huang Tai Chi left their seats. Before the sword, they said in a chorus: "our courtiers eat the first emperor's rice and wear the clothes of the emperor's first emperor. If we do not establish the son of the emperor, we would rather die from the underground. " In fact, the threat of Duke by force is not to covet the throne. In this situation, duer had to make concessions and put forward the ninth sons and 6 years old of Huang Tai Chi. Fuling Successor, himself and Prince Zheng Jirgalang Together with politics. This compromise is ultimately acceptable to both sides. Fuling ascended the throne and changed it next year to the first year of Shunzhi.

After dregan Regency, the party was the same as the other. He first attacked his contending opponent, Haug and his supporters. He was a strong supporter of Haug, and he did not attach to duer, and was also brutally attacked. During duer's Regency, there were three major persecution of OPI.

The first time was in the early years of Shunzhi. In the first year of Shunzhi, Azig and the prince of England, who had been defeated by the prince of Shaanxi, and Li Zicheng, had made great achievements. Shunzhi two years in August, Azig was punished because he did not give timely instructions to the class teacher and lied about his exploits. Azig is uncle of Shunzhi, who is rude to others, despises small emperors, and privately calls "children." The imperial order is the yellow flag. Solid mountain forehead true Tan Tai Together with the guards, he called on the Ministry of the people to call Azig's "to be a child". Tan Tai took account of the feelings of the prince of England. He also did not follow the instructions of Tan Tai. He not only failed to take Li Zicheng's military skills, but also was punished by 100 two. Later, Tan Tai and SONY attacked each other and attacked each other. Aobai was again convicted of asylum SONY, and several were dismissed.

The second occurred in Shunzhi five years (1648). In February of that year, the Haug army of Zhang Xianzhong, the commander of the Great Western army, returned to Beijing in triumph. Hill was punished for taking advantage of his merits, and he was also criticized for being misled. He should be dismissed and fined 100 silver two. March, the shell Tun Qi It was reported that Zi M Ha Ron, a prince of Zheng, had all sorts of accusations against Haug, and then harboring Haug. The fact that all the princes of the Empire were seeking to establish princes were also reported at the same time. Duer Gang rose this way to raise the prison. Finally, aobai, who wanted to set up Haug and vow with others, died on purpose. In April, the bodyguard stepped out and told him that he was "no soldier at the door" at the death of Huang Tai Chi, and once again died, he wanted to change his duty to serve the people. Although he was triumphant in triumph, he had been killed two times in just a few months.

The third hit by AI Bai was seven years in Shunzhi (1650). In July of this year, duer was sick, suggesting that the son of Xi Han wanted to invite emperor Shunzhi to visit himself. Xi Han followed his idea "please come lucky," and duer Gang took the crime of "violation of the law" and investigated for the crime of protecting it. It was in November of this year that duer was dead and Shunzhi's family rule.

After the rule of the rule of law, he was praised by oabai and SONY. Since then, he has been directly involved in the management of all kinds of affairs in the country, such as discussing the approval process of this chapter and contacting Mongolia. Horqin Prefecture The relationship between the Empress Dowager and the emperor, the memorial ceremony for the death of the concubine, the concubines of the king, and the prison for assisting the trial, and the proposal to "read the martial arts", and teach the Wu Jinshi to shoot and so on. In the thirteen year (1656) of Shunzhi, he returned to bed and was bedridden. Shunzhi fourteen years (1657) winter, xiaozhuang (Huang Tai Chi wife) Borjigin Seriously ill, Shunzhi takes care of him. He sat in the palace all day and night, unable to take care of himself to rest and eat. Shunzhi Emperor Appreciation.

Power in old age

Shunzhi eighteen years (1661) eight at the beginning of the month, young Fu Lin died. Shunzhi made the imperial edict, designated by Emperor three son Xuan Ye Si (Kangxi emperor). SONY , Su Saha , Ebilun He is the Assistant Minister of government. After the death of Shunzhi, the four assistant government ministers once made a pledge in front of Shunzhi Ling, saying that they were of one heart and one mind to help the Little Emperor Xuan Ye. Although this oath is of great significance, it is proved that the four ministers can not be united and loyal.

SONY, the leader of the four ministers, is the four generation of elder statesmen. He has a high reputation, but he is old and ill. He is afraid of accidents. The sak Saha is a white flag, originally attached to duer. After the death of DOR Gang, he changed his position, and Sue Saha came out to report that he had just died. So he was reused by Shunzhi and ranked second in four auxiliary ministers. Because he was split from duer, SONY was despised by others. Although AI and sak Saha are in laws, the two often argue with each other because of their disagreements. In the name of third, he was born from the famous gate, but he was a cowardly man. When he had no idea, he was a yellow flag. Although Abe is at the end of the four auxiliary ministers, but because of his old qualifications and high military skills, he often takes the initiative to win the battle, but he is able to gain the right to self weight and become arrogant.

Fei Yang Gu The son of Kangxi, who was a bodyguard beside him, did not behave very courteous to oboe before the imperial court. In the three year (1664) April, Kangxi took the death of oboe and others to ride the horse and take the bow and shoot the deer. Fei Yang hated Abe, and he also killed him and his son NAH Kan and Sahal, and gave birth to his family. Mu Li Ma (brother of AI BAI). Fei Yanggu was a victim of family destruction. However, this is the intention to fight. Su Saha The miscalculation led directly to his resignation.

He did not expect that three officials who were not afraid of death would dare to defy their requests for land change. He wrote to the Ministry of housing. Su Na Hai Governor of Zhili Province Zhu Chang Jie Governor Wang Deng Lian Three people are very angry, respectively, with Su Na Hai "despise the fate of", delay the plot, Zhu Changzuo and Wang Denglian "more absurd play" charges, all on the death penalty. Although Kangxi was young, he knew Su Nahai and other three people did not have a serious crime, but only because he had angered him and was accused of being guilty. He summoned four ministers to ask for advice. He insisted that three people should be sentenced to death penalty. SONY and chime lung agreed. Su Saha knew that he would be silent if he opposed it. However, the emperor did not allow him to play. He only approved the punishment prescribed by the Ministry of justice. The three men would be whipping one hundred and confiscating their family property. He was totally careless, and finally he tried to kill three people. Then, he forced the land exchange.

Kangxi died six years in June (1667) in June. Although SONY failed to curb the power of Ao Bai during his lifetime, his action before death made a good turn for him to solve the problem. This year, Emperor Xuan Ye was 14 years old. In his letter, SONY asked the emperor to follow the precedent of emperor Xi Shunzhi's 14 year old pro administration and start his own affairs. In July, Kangxi was in charge of his family affairs. The emperor had already been in office, but he could not cope with the threat of Ao Bai. He was asked to relieve him of his duties. He would like to protect the mausoleum of Shunzhi in Zunhua. This move does not mean that since Su Saha has been out of office (at this time he is number one), then the two people should be resigned. This approach touches on the key of Ao Bai, but he does not want to withdraw from the political arena. So he gave the 24 accusations of fraud, long ambitions, bullying, and unwilling to return to politics. Kangxi also knew that he was not supposed to kill. Although he had already been in office, he still could not save his life. He fought fiercely, but before he went to the throne, he was "hanging his arms forward and playing hard." The killing of Suk Saha led to a sharp rise in the contradiction between the rival and Kangxi.

At this point, the late SONY was killed by Su ksaha, and only four Daisuke ministers left an insignificant dragon. Although Kangxi had been in office, he did not want to return to politics. A French missionary in the court of Kangxi. Joachim Bouvet The record says: "when Kangxi was fifteen and six years old, the most influential Prime Minister of the four regents, namely, the emperor, took control of the conference of Ministers of government and six of the real power and exercised the authority of emperor Kangxi at will. Therefore, no one has the courage to challenge him. " At this time, AI Bai has posed a serious threat to Kangxi's imperial power.

Kangxi decided to eradicate the group. The party members of the party have spread throughout the court, and their actions are somewhat careless. Kangxi decided not to show his voice, so he chose a group of strong and strong relatives to practice in the palace all day. Sebuku For drama. He saw that the emperor was young and indulged in pleasure, not only for his own sake but also for himself. Kangxi in eight (1669) May, Kangxi first sent all his followers to the city and left the capital, and he used his own confidant to master the garrison of the capital. Then he called him to the palace. It was not surprising that he had often been in and out of the palace. This call came to him without warning. Before that, Kangxi summoned the young guard who was practicing the cloth store nearby, and said, "you are all my old brothers. Are you afraid of me or are you afraid of AI Bai?" Everyone said, "afraid of the emperor." Kangxi then set out to arrest him. By the time Kangxi came to the palace, the young men rushed to the palace.

Then, Kangxi, Emperor's minister of state, and other ministers questioned him. The ministers declared that the 30 crimes were to be dismissed and dismissed. According to the French missionary Bai Jin, at that time, he asked to see Kangxi and let Kangxi see the scar he left to save Kangxi's grandfather Huang Tai Chi. As a result, numerous wounds and achievements of the last two emperors finally saved him. Kangxi read that he had been in power for many years and had no traces of killing. He was lenient to him, and he was free from death and imprisonment. Soon, he died in the forbidden place. Kangxi died in eight years (1669).

Character evaluation

Kangxi claimed the imperial edict: "to pretend to be the Minister of life, to steal authority."

In the forty-five years of the Qianlong emperor's extradition, he said, "on the day of the day, he took care of the government's authority, and he was willing to monopolize the law, invite the party members, and destroy the ministers. The crimes are numerous and difficult to enumerate."

Prince of harmony Aixinjueluo Jesu And so on, "he is the Minister of state and the first emperor. Arbitrarily rampant. Deceit the right. Civil servants and officials go all out. "

Ke Xiu "When he was in the country, he was very powerful. He had no choice but to act with the emperor."

Aixinjueluo Sho " Xiao Ting Miscellany "In the early days of the country, when Wei came to assist the government, every time Wei Fu did his best."

" Draft History of Qing "Four, when Daisuke was in office, he would change his regime, and he would take Tai Zu and Taizong as his speeches. However, Shi Shu paid three rates in the Ming quarter, and then returned to the field when he was four assistant ministers. What is the meaning of this non Tai Zu and Taizong old system? SONY has always been loyal to the victims. Su Saha, who saw the same thing, was overruled. It is more difficult than ever to arrest the party. AI Bai killed many innocent people, and did not hide his guilt. The emperor is not to blame, Woon Yuki.

Loner "He's obstinate, narrow minded, influential and arrogant."

Yu Mu Twelve ministers of the Qing Dynasty "As an important general in the Yellow Emperor's banner," he was loyal and loyal, and always insisted on his son as the heir to the throne after the death of Huang Tai Chi, and even at the end of his battle to win the battle. For this reason, he took revenge against Prince Rui duer, who suffered many cruel attacks during the latter's Regency, and died three times. The yellow flag minister who had taken an oath at that time had already broken down and changed his original intention to turn to dhargon, such as Tan Tai, to gain a lot of benefits. The emperor Tai Chi has already passed away, and his son Fuling has been able to take the throne. At this time, he can fully serve the personal interests and the party attached to Dorgan. This is a common occurrence in the officialdom of the past and present. But in the face of such a dangerous situation, he remained indomitable and never catered to Dorgan. In this regard, as a member of the early Qing Dynasty, he was a straight, stubborn and daring fighter. He was loyal and sincere to his old emperor, and he always held the ministers' duty to Shunzhi, and he was regarded as a rare courtier. In the film and TV dramas, the image of OAI's image is left to the people who are arrogant, arrogant, greedy and lawless. The truth of his loyalty is still unknown.


According to the notes of the South Pavilion, "emperor Kangxi called in the South study room to speak, and he was asked to sit in the chair with his feet folded. Life gives a cup of tea. First, it is boiled in the bowl, so that it is extremely hot, and the grilled hand falls to the ground. Emperor Kangxi called out: "worship is very disrespectful." Jian Tong learned to seize it.

Family members

Uncle: Fei Ying Dong In the early years, he followed Nur Ha Che, who was the founding fathers of the Qing Dynasty.

Father: Wei Qi , Fei Ying Dong The ninth younger brothers are in charge of Tai TSU. Following the rate of troops such as Tel Jin and so on, five hundred families were returned; At the beginning of Tian Chun, he followed Emperor Taizong's Ming Ming and cut down Zunhua. The emperor commanded the army to go out and always let Wei Qi stay in Shengjing, and served as the eight admiral. Pao, Shun Zhi's posthumous title "end Qin".

Younger brother: Drobte, Emperor Taizong served as an official. In the eight year, he took offense from brother AI and took the post. Sixteen years. Seventeen years, pawn; posthumous "Wu Xiang".

Younger brother: Murima, The nephew of AI Bai was born by the There are sons and daughters. Dafoe The official to the scattered ministers and forwards command. The other son, after that, was confined to the same place.


Be located Chaoyang District Heping Street thirteen District Northeast, building destroyed in 1958.

Historical records

Qing Dynasty manuscript. Biography thirty-sixth. See also: Draft History of Qing Biographies 1, " Qing Shi Lu - Kangxi Chao Shi Lu, Qing Shi Lu - Yong Zheng Chao Shi Lu, Qing Zhao Zhao Xiao Ting Miscellany Qing and Xu Ke Barnyard note "


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