Anxi Tea Grand View Garden

Home Scenery 2019-01-02

Anxi Tea Grand View Garden in Quanzhou, Fujian Province is located in Fengguan Mountain on the north side of Fengcheng City. It covers an area of 11 mu. It is divided into three parts: tea cultivar garden, tea workshop and Fengyuan Garden. It is an encyclopedia of tea culture, which integrates science and interest.

Location of the Park

Tea Grand View Garden covers an area of 11 Mu and is divided into three parts: tea variety garden, tea workshop and Fengyuan Garden. It integrates science and interest, so that tourists can fully enjoy the pleasure of returning to nature, feel the temptation of tea fragrance and charm, and understand the unique charm of tea culture. It is an encyclopedia of tea culture.

Content of the Park

The tea Grand View Garden is located in the town of Tieguanyin, the Phoenix peak mountain in Beijiao County, Anxi. It was built in early 1998, completed in June 1999, including two parts of tea variety garden and phoenix garden. It is linked to Dongyue Temple, Town God's Temple and Fengshan steles. It forms Anxi's new tourist attraction Fengshan scenic spot. From the side of Dongyue Temple, you can see a stone arch and a Book "Tea Grand View Garden" not far away. The door is a statue of Lu Yu. Behind it is a tea variety garden. It has planted more than 50 tea varieties at home and abroad. There are 6 national, 6 provincial and 30 local varieties. At a glance, you can see the essence of tea trees in the whole country.

"Tea Workshop House", visitors can witness the whole process of Tieguanyin making world famous tea, and also can make a bubble of aromatic Tieguanyin by themselves.

"Folklore Museum" displays the production and daily necessities of Anxi people in various historical periods, from which we can understand human civilization and progress. In the International Tea Art Show Hall, visitors can enjoy the unique Anxi Tea Art as well as the ancient and modern tea art performances and tea songs and dances of Tang Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guangdong and Kunming.

There is also a tea restaurant in Fengyuan, where visitors can enjoy more than 50 exquisite Anxi tea meals and cakes and cakes; the Tea Museum shows the history of Chinese tea culture for 5000 years, including black tea, green tea, Oolong tea, black tea and other kinds of tea, tea sets, objects and related origins, production methods, as well as tea art and tea culture materials at home and abroad. Fengshan Stele Forest in the garden gathers the essence of famous calligraphers from all over the country, showing the exquisite art of Chinese calligraphy and the broad and profound Chinese culture.

Tea Grand View Garden is the epitome of Anxi tea culture. It concentrates on the great achievements of Chinese tea culture. Once you enter the tea Grand View Garden, everything related to tea will be available, which will open your eyes, make your eyes full, make your mouth full and forget to return.